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Greyhound Litterates List

Greys At The Rainbow Bridge


If you have lost a beloved Greyt friend and would like to learn why or share experiences with other Grey Owners who have experienced the same loss, or would like to know if your Grey’s health problems are in it’s family history, please join the ‘Greys At The Rainbow Bridge


Please include as much of the following regarding your Greyhound’s past:


Left Ear and Right Ear Tattoo Numbers

Your Name, E-Mail Addy, State/Province Living In

Race Name, (Pet Name), Sex, Date of Birth/Date of Death

Cause of Death (natural or euthanasia)

Symptoms (for example: Cancer (type); Strokes; Seizures; Kidney Failure)



LE 14321 RE 32A

Laura Hawkins (Anaheim Hills CA)

Mary Who female DOB 3/3/92 DOD 12/29/05

Cause of Death : Natural old age 13 yrs 8 mos

Symptoms: Possible mass behind kidneys, couldn't do biopsy as her blood would not coagulate at all.

LE 95687 RE 51A

Tina & Bob Wiepert NH,CT (NH)

Rnr Cofax female DOB 5/9/01 DOD ?

(NGA Owner: Craig Alan Reynolds or Carol D)

LE 47269 RE 45C

Tina & Bob Wiepert (NH)

Evader (ReRun) male DOB 4/18/95 DOD 4/19/07

Symptoms: heart tumor

LE 29407 RE 33E

Sharon & John Kelleher (IL)
Jeti Pushbutton (Pushbutton) female DOB 3/21/93 DOD 7/18/06

LE 86465 RE 20B

Eric & Jenny Horn AZ (San Diego CA) Contact Linda/Vicky
Notorious Viva (Dottie) female DOB 2/3/00 DOD 8/13/06
Symptoms: Cancer

LE 43121 RE 104I

Chris Klimecko (NY)
Expert Gaze (Maggie) female DOB 10/94 DOD 5/25/06
Cause Of Death: Euthanasia
Symptoms: Bone Cancer

LE 68840 RE

Carol Snyder (FL)
Eileen's Clown (Elly) female DOB 6/19/1997 DOD 6/26/2006
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: Bone Cancer

LE 44964 RE 124B

Kristy & Tom Walker (MI)
Napanee (Cheyenne) female DOB 12/25/94 DOD 8/26/05
Cause Of Death: Euthanasia
Symptoms: Bone Cancer

Kristy & Tom Walker (MI)
Osh Kosh Effect (Diego) male DOB 9/26/89 DOD 12/26/99
Cause Of Death: Euthanasia
Symptoms: Bone Cancer

LE 47153

Nancy & Scott Crawford & Holyk (ON)
Hey Smitty (Duke) male DOB 4/95 DOD 1/1/06
Cause Of Death: euthanasia

LE 63711 RE 37C

Patricia Arel (MA)
Gentle Bingo (Bingo) male DOB 3/1/97 DOD 4/18/06
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: metastatic nerve sheath tumor of the left rear leg

LE 80465 RE 49C

Joan Hammer (AR)
BB's Whassup (Toby) male DOB 4/16/98 DOD 4/5/06
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: Severe Bone Cancer of right leg. Lasted 3 weeks from day of diagnosis

LE 19521 RE 72C

Ken Kuznicki (IL)
Pat C Detroit (Detroit) male DOB 7/7/92 DOD 9/13/05
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: Bone cancer

LE 15273 RE 92E

LeAnn & Sam Williams (Escondido CA)

Nimby Angel Eyes (Jada) DOB 9/25/02 DOD 3/23/06

Cause/Symptoms: Went to vet for routine x-ray of a paw.  Did a dental.  Jada woke from anesthesia.  Was active for an hour.  Vet techs were going to remove the catheter and frightened her.  Went limp and died

LE 20473 RE 63B

Sandy Arnold (MD)
SPS Bellagio (Bellagio) male DOB 6/28/03 DOD 2/1/2006
Cause Of Death: natural
Symptoms: hit by a speeding car

LE 25432 RE 122F

Julie Lawrence (Escondido CA)
Lord Franklin (Tukan) male DOB 12/24/92 DOD 4/1/06
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: Tukan's body just wore out.  He became wobbly and was having trouble with maintaining his urine & bowels.  Typical old age

LE 25432 RE 122F

Julie Lawrence (Escondido CA)
Lord Franklin (Tukan) male DOB 12/24/92 DOD 4/1/06
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: Tukan's body just wore out.  He became wobbly and was having trouble with maintaining his urine & bowels.  Typical old age

LE 2950 RE 41H
Steven (Stavros) Phillips WI (Chicago IL)

Fancy Fellow (Jack)
DOD 3/6/05

LE 24560 RE 122C
Steven (Stavros) Phillips WI (Chicago IL)

Kiowa Knight (Knight)
DOD 10/30/04

LE 9800 RE 91D

Steven (Stavros) Phillips (Chicago IL)
Frenchie Zoo (Frenchie)

LE 13922 RE 32F

Cheryl Zemany (PA)
Boligee Cricket (Cricket) female DOB 3/1/92 DOD 3/1/06
Cause Of Death: Euthanasia
Symptoms: Stroke, paralyzed limbs, unable to breathe

Don Decker (FL)
Jo's Highland (Highland) female DOD 10/02
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: Liver Cancer (I did not save a lot of old records as I will always remember her in my heart. She was the perfect dog)

Don Decker (FL)
CAT male DOD 3/04
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: Leukemia (As with my other Grey" Highland "I did not keep old records as I want to remember him as he was (FUNNY)

LE 31734 RE

Roxy Rifken (WA)
Cover Me In Gold (Goldie) female DOB 8/3/93 DOD 3/14/06
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: pancreatitius

LE 72965 RE

Gail Batitto (NJ)
Drop The Bomb (Tobi) DOB 4/29/98 DOD 12/7/05
Cause Of Death: natural

Symptoms: stroke

LE 44153 RE 114I

Margaret Johnson (CO)
Oshkosh Thorne (Thorne) male DOB 11/22/94 DOD 2/9/05
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms:Recurrent osteosarcoma, Congestive heart failure due to mitral valve regurgitation , survived 26 months after amputation and chemotherapy for ostersarcoma in left hind leg

LE 28193 RE 43C

Margaret Johnson (CO)
RRC's Code Man (Cody) male DOB 4/23/93 DOD 11/18/03
Cause Of Death: natural
Symptoms: Diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy and atrial fibrillation, had congestive heart failure, suddenly died

LE 95981 RE 61F

Loretta Hamilton (PA)
Yah (Yah Yah) male DOB 6/3/01 DOD 11/29/05
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: severe intervertibral disk disease. Onset very sudden nothing the vet could do.

LE 38726 RE 54G

Holly O'Donnell (NY)
We's Thrutraffic (Izzy) male DOB 5/3/95 DOD 12/8/05
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: bone cancer

LE 44772 RE 124C

Joanne Steffen (CT)
Sports Cyclone (Phoenix) male DOB 12/21/94 DOD 8/22/05
Cause Of Death: trouble breathing at end, so then euthanasia
Symptoms: Vet could never find the cause of his death.

LE 68590 RE 97B

Joan James (NY)
Live Recital (Samantha) female DOB 9/12/97 DOD 5/21/05
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: Idiopathic neurological disease that took Samantha from us within 9 weeks

LE 67868 RE 87B

Joan James (NY)
Scrappie (Scrappie) female DOB 8/17/97 DOD 11/12/05
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: Cancer, in-operable Nerve Sheath Tumor located between C6 & C7

LE 27437 RE 33E

Barb Abney FL (FL)
OT's New Style (Style) female DOB 3/1/93 DOD 6/15/05
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: Bone cancer

LE 17756 RE

Barbara & Edward Lefebre (FL)
Brown Blur male
DOB: 5/1/92 DOD: 8/3/05
Cause Of Death: Euthanasia
Symptoms: Right thigh  transparent  and hip socket deteriorated. Lameness started in June and she declined rapidly. Almost lost her in July but vet saved her. Pain severe and removal of leg at hip would have only given her a couple of more months, we were told. She was 13 1/2 years old. She was also on RX renal dog food the last 4 months

LE 19194Y

Barbro Lindberg (Gavle Sweden)
Q.Mantaraye (Ida) female DOB 14/21/97 DOD 2/9/05
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: Autoimmun deaseses. It was a massive infection in her left elbow that finally was to much. She was diagnosed  some 10 months earlier and with prednisolon and flagyl as her lifelong best buddies that she couldn't live without. I did as much as I possibly could. But she was my babygirl and I couldn't force my will for her to make it through this ordeal, it was time to let go. So with tears lots and lots of them I let her runover the bridge to a happier painfree existence.With love always

LE 72180 RE 38F

Richard & Elise Woolfort (MO)
Unbelievably Tuf (Tuf) male DOB 3/28/98 DOD 7/5/05
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: Mengitists

LE 30648 RE 73E

Karen Chandler (NC)
Lady Lightninbug (Ladybug or Bug) female DOB 7/7/92 DOD 11/11/00
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: Run over by a truck. Driver did not stop. A neighbor put her out of her misery and then called me.

LE 22611 RE 102D

Karen Chandler (NC)
Ultra Perfect (Evan kennel name Sarge) male DOB 10/15/92 DOD 9/5/01
Cause Of Death: natural
Symptoms: Osteosarcoma in front leg; surgery; bled out during the night

LE 91515 RE 100G

Emily Gleason (MI)
RK Pressing News (Press, Presley) male DOB 10/2/00 DOD 10/4/05
Cause Of Death: Natural
Symptoms: While at home alone, Presley had a grand mal seizure died.  He had a known seizure disorder.

LE 70389 RE 127F

Rachel Michak (VT)
Far Out Fletcher (Fletch) male DOB 12/19/97 DOD 1/22/04
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: unpredictable aggression

LE 10516 RE

Lisa Swartz (CO)

Multi Bert (Timber) male DOB 10/91 DOD 9/9/05

Cause Of Death: Complications caused by a bleeding disorder

LE 41217 RE

Neil Calabro (MA)
Starlight Vajo (Vajo) male DOB 7/29/94 DOD 9/18/05

Cause Of Death: Euthanasia
Symptoms: Probable Osteosarcoma in left front shoulder & left hip. We wanted to amputate front leg but he was a poor candidate due to rear leg problems. He was suffering badly at end & likely had less than a week or two to live when euthanized. He refused treatment (really) & refused to stay in hospital & refused to take medication & fought effects of medication (e.g., sedation). When he was admitted for biopsy, he became very upset & gave himself what amounted to heat stroke. He just wanted to be at home with us. He was the sweetest dog ever & we miss him! We looked at old pictures of him & realized how much of muscle-bound old Vajo had faded in the past couple years & especially past couple months due to cancer. We hope he is pain free & playing with his friends & cousins on the bridge!

LE 44342 RE 124B

Russ & Nancy Passage (FL)
Elegant Brianne (Sundance) male DOB 12/2/94 DOD 8/25/04
Cause Of Death: Euthanasia
Symptoms: Arthritis

LE 77163 RE 108A

Kirk & Doreen Price (ON)
Jahoda's Bomber (Bomber) male DOB 10/27/98 DOD 8/22/05
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: Cancerous tumor (hemangiosarcoma) on the heart muscle ruptured.  No prior symptoms before the "end" symptoms.

LE 74196 RE 68B

Karen Christensen (FL)
Maineway Quay (Quay) female DOB 6/9/98 DOD 8/8/05
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: paralyzed after a stroke or brain tumor

LE 20800 RE 62H

Lisa Swartz CO (CO)
Iona Michael H (Mikey) male DOB 8/16/92 DOD 8/2/05

Cause Of Death: Congestive Heart Failure & Pulmonary Endema

LE 50565 RE 55D

Jeanne Pangburn (CA)
Easy's Aali (Wells/Angel) male DOB 7/11/95 DOD 3/31/05
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: Osteosarcoma left rear leg

Don Decker (FL)
(CAT) male DOB 1/92 DOD 3/04
Cause Of Death: Euthanasia
Symptoms: Cancer lukemia

LE 50565 RE 55D

Jeanne Pangburn (CA)
Easy's Aali (Wells/Angel) male DOB 7/11/95 DOD 3/31/05
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: Osteosarcoma left rear leg

Don Decker (FL)
(CAT) male DOB 1/92 DOD 3/04
Cause Of Death: Euthanasia
Symptoms: Cancer lukemia

Don Decker (FL)
Jo's Highland (Highland) female DOB 5/90 DOD 10/03
Cause Of Death: Euthanasia
Symptoms: Liver Cancer

LE 75262 RE 99D

Gretchen Smith (CO)
Greys Denver (Denver) male DOB 9/21/89 DOD 5/30/97
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: Hemoragic gastroenteritis, multiple organ failure

LE 76185 RE 98A

Dorothy Madden (NJ)

M's Lyman (Albert) male DOB 9/9/98 DOD 5/2/05
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: Cancer

LE 43716 RE 114E

Cathy Riopko (NC)
Dia's Volunteer (Tigger) male DOB 11/1/94 DOD 11/17/04
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: Autoimmune/Kidney Failure. Tigger was adopted at 9 years old as a special needs boy. He was loved dearly and pampered for his last 10 months. We miss you wiggy woo-woo....and treasure the time we had together.

LE 49268 RE 65F

Paula Bernoski (NY)
P's Ban Tee (Banter) male DOB 6/6/95 DOD 5/7/05
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: osteosarcoma

LE 9602 RE

Pam Lewis (IL)
SEK Black Likrish (Buddy) male DOB 10/3/91 DOD 6/20/01
Cause Of Death:
Symptoms: cancer

LE 36632 RE 24A

(Grace) Debbie Larsh (MI)

Papa Zos (Andy) male DOB 2/20/94 DOD 9/21/04
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: Tumors on his spleen caused an irregular heart, he was not a candidate for surgery. His illness started early in the am I woke up at 5:30 to find him down on the kitchen floor by 12:30 after ekg, lab, ex-ray, ultra sound he was diagnosed and put to sleep.  He never seemed to be in any pain even at the end, not even a wimper.

LE 75752 RE 109C

Debbie (Grace) Larsh (MI)
Ve Tough Cookie (Cookie) female DOB 10/1/89 DOD 12/23/03
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: old age stopped eating drinking unable to stand, weight loss all within 4 days  but never seemed in pain.

LE 44642 RE 57G

Pamela & Fernand Samson (ON)
Hello Sheila (Seashell, Shell) female DOB 5/87 DOD 12/15/01
Cause Of Death: Natural (old age)
Symptoms: Hind-end weakness loss of appetite, much weight loss possible kidney failure


Beth Zielinski (IN)
Cute Annie (Annie) female DOB 1/21/94 DOD 12/8/04
Cause Of Death: Euthanasia
Symptoms: Cancer- Osteosarcoma:  Front Left Humerous which was amputated and followed with chemo.  Annie seemed to be doing well then came home on 12/8 to find her unable to walk.  Right front had snapped due to cancer (that was present the entire time, as with xrays it showed up but was small and wasn't the leg causing trouble).

LE 8153 RE 51D

Angie Villeneuve (Ontario)
MH Pony Boy (Pony) male DOB 5/20/91 DOD 5/24/02
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: seizure

LE 59765 RE 86C

Gary Shapiro (CO)
Fortress Lady (Dot) female DOB: 8/18/96 DOD: 4/13/04
Cause Of Death: natural

LE 34426 RE 66H

Pamela Samsono (ON)
Fire 'N Ice (Icer) male DOB 6/86 DOD 9/19/98
Cause Of Death: kindey failure/vet negligence
Symptoms: Kidney levels off chart/ throwing up

LE 62999 RE 17A

Sheri Lapienes (ON)
Beach Street (Tex) male DOB 1/15/97 DOD 4/17/05
Cause Of Death: natural

LE 37642 RE 34C

Barb Tollestrup (ON)
Nodak Savage (Phantom) male DOB 3/26/94 DOD 11/00
Cause Of Death: Euthanasia
Symptoms: Kidney Failure

LE 52555 RE 105H

Barb Tollestrup (ON)
Fast Hunter (Niles) male DOB 10/17/95 DOD 5/01
Cause Of Death: Euthanasia
Symptoms: Seizures

LE 84247 RE 99B

Laura Hawkins (CA)
Kid's Phantom (Jett) male DOB 9/27/99 DOD 11/23/04
Cause Of Death: Euthanasia
Symptoms: Cancer Osteosarcoma in right rear femur above knee.  My Big Black Boy as only with me for 9 months to the day.

LE 37094 RE 34C

Laura Hawkins (CA)
CBK Caesar (Cyrus) male DOB 3/18/94 DOD 2/22/04
Cause Of Death: Natural
Symptoms: Became paralyzed from neck down after a fall while running - had neck surgery but he had developed pneumonia while he was incapacitated.

LE 85803 RE 129E

Donna Deskin

DG’s Sling Shot (Richochet)

Cause Of Death : Malignant Tumor or the spine

LE 61892 RE 116J

Karen Hodgson (ON)
Hit the Buzzer (Buzz) male DOB 11/20/96 DOD 1/17/05
Cause Of Death: Euthanasia
Symptoms: Cancer - lymphoma of bowel which spread to intestines, kidneys, spleen

LE 73654 RE 58A

Ellen Karp (AZ)
NR's Moody Blues (Streak) female DOB 5/20/98 DOD 2/25/05
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: cancer osteosarcoma front right shoulder

LE 31867 RE 83F

Lisa Swartz (CO)
RC's Bumper Blue (Bumper) male DOB 8/93 DOD 6/19/01
Cause Of Death: Euthanasia
Symptoms: Osteosarcoma

LE 77715 RE 118?

Lisa Swartz (CO)
Fliowa Ferrari (Ferrari) male DOB 11/98 DOD 10/13/01
Cause Of Death: Euthanasia
Symptoms: Training injury-back legs paralyzed

LE 18029 RE 62A

Lisa Swartz (CO)
Ionarailer (Ray) male DOB 6/92 DOD 4/30/04
Cause Of Death: Euthanasia
Symptoms: Extra skeletal osteosarcoma

LE 59750 RE 76F

Lisa Swartz (CO)
Foxy Roxy (Roxy-Grace) female DOB 7/96 DOD 5/04
Cause Of Death: Euthanasia
Symptoms: Lymphoma

LE 65865 RE 21C

Nancy Shook (Mississippi)
Bag of Bets (Tiger) male DOB 5/26/97 DOD 11/12/04
Cause Of Death: Euthanasia
Symptoms: Cancer - Osteosarcoma - Above right front ankle

LE 9169 RE 91E

Doti Lianne O'Shea (OR)
Beck Bob's Sunbird (KC) female DOB 9/91 DOD 9/04
Cause Of Death: natural
Symptoms: had some seizures

LE 59497 RE 96C

Carol Scarpino (OH)
Rainbow Reflex (Bruno) male DOB 8/1/96 DOD 5/4/03
Cause Of Death: natural
Symptoms: Actually unknown, possible stroke or heart attack, very sudden and unexplained

LE 18095 RE 52K

Carol & Peter Mentasti (Clintondale NY)
Stat Morgan (Madison) female DOB 5/20/92 DOD 3/8/03
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: kidney cancer which spread to other vital organs

LE 34740 RE 113G

Christine Johnson (NY)
LL Power Dancer (Pepper) female DOB 11/9/93 DOD 11/15/03
Cause Of Death: Natural
Symptoms: Tumor on the heart

LE 26024 RE 13E

Christine Johnson (NY)
Aruba Dick (Parris) male DOB 1/13/93 DOD 8/23/04
Cause Of Death: Euthanasia
Symptoms: Grand Mal Seizures & Lumbar Sacral Stenosis

LE 71005 RE 127

Gordon Dexter FL (Montana)
Bravo Carlee (Bravo) male DOB 12/28/97 DOD 8/27/04
Cause Of Death: Natural
Symptoms: ECOLI


Sherry Kaminski (MA)
Cool Buffer (Minstrel) male DOB 7/26/95 DOD 6/22/04
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: kidney failure

LE 79743 RE 39A

Janet Powell (VA)
Forbes Takeback (Ollie) male DOB 3/14/99 DOD 11/30/04
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: Kidney failure

LE 64494 RE 37H

Barbara Johnston (ON)
Blum Gorgeous (Sally) female DOB 3/6/97 DOD 6/28/04

Cause Of Death: Euthanasia
Symptoms: Inflamatory Bowel Disease and Lymphangeictasia

LE 31545 RE 53A

Theresa Naude (KY)

Pete,Petie, PT Barnum, Big Man male DOB 5/93 DOD 10/23/04 3:32pm EST
Cause Of Death: euthanasia at home
Symptoms: Hemangiosarcoma no eating couldn't walk or stand, uncontrollable fever (also cervical disc prolapse) we had 3 days from start to end, he didn't have a hope

LE 60480 RE 96E

Vicky Gates & Jim Wiley FL (Toronto, ON)
MPS Gideon (Champion) DOB 9/14/96 DOD 6/24/04

Cause Of  Death: euthanasia

Symptoms: woke up paralyzed suspected spinal trauma.  Autopsy was inconclusive.

LE 63110 RE 17E

Lisa Yakub (PA)
WW Shooter (Shooter) male DOB 1/30/97 DOD 11/2/04
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: liver failure, vomiting and lethargy

LE 42300 RE

Mimi Baumgartner (IL)
Daring Casanova (Casanova) male DOB 9/6/94 DOD 9/28/04
Cause Of Death: Euthanasia
Symptoms: Cancer

LE 26178 RE 23G

Karen Dannenhauer (IL)

Pa's All Purpose (Stan) male DOB 2/27/93 DOD 5/26/03
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: Survived osteo, had a stroke or brain tumor, paralyzed. Euthanized after 2 days

LE 91424 RE 21B

Karen Dannenhauer (IL)
Hi Cath (Maggie May) female DOB 12/20/90 DOD 7/19/04
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: Seizure, probable stroke or brain tumor

LE 24637 RE

Jeff Gold (GA)
Kanesha (Polo) female DOB 12/93 DOD 11/13/02
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: Polo died of stomach cancer just shy of age 10. I am looking for sibs.  I will miss her forever


Janet Ansert (NJ)
DLB’s Curt (Jasper) male DOB 7/94 DOD 5/31/04
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: liver cancer spread to lungs

LE 12039 RE 121G

Lance Pedersen (Montana)
Bud's (Budweiser's) Boss (Boss) male DOB 12/14/91 DOD 7/20/04
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: Boss had bone cancer in his left rear leg

LE 58974 RE 76C

Cheryl Zemany (PA)
Where's Norris (Norris) male DOB 7/1/96 DOD 7/27/04
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: Lymphoma

LE 63110 RE

Zip Around (Zip) male DOB 1/97 DOD 2004
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: Cancer

LE 85636 RE 70?

(Patricia) Tissie Wunderlich (NC)
JRM'S ROUSTABOUT (Roscoe) male DOB 7/1/90 DOD 2/2/04
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: Bone cancer

LE 80635 RE 119I

Tami Oachs (MN)
Indio Starr (Joe) male DOB 1/89 DOD 8/01
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: Lymphoma

LE 27116 RE 33D

Loretta Hamilton (PA)
Ace Of Spades (Missy) female DOB 3/2/93 DOD 9/23/03
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: Complications from a severely broken leg, in turn caused her to dislocate her hip at the hospital. Her health declined rapidly.

LE 8850 RE 91E

Lorean Love (WA)
Stride Taker (Tigger) female DOB 9/2/91 DOD 6/6/98
Cause Of Death: Tick disease.

LE 76140 RE 109D

Sara & David Barnett (WI)
NSK Special Up (Sandra Marie) female DOB 10/19/89 DOD 6/13/04
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: tumor in throat, lameness in hind end.

LE 68025 RE

Nadine Caldwell (NC)
Midnite Guide (Eclipse) male DOB 8/21/97 DOD 2/6/03
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: kidney, liver failure


Terry Hoffman (RI )
Snowie female DOB 1994 DOD 1/10/99
Cause Of Death: natural
Symptoms: Seizures, Stroke

LE 57494 RE 56D

BJ Robertson (IN)
Rainier Rystal (Crystal) female DOB 5/12/96 DOD 10/18/03
Cause Of Death: natural
Symptoms: Un explained kidney failure

LE 46211 RE 35?

Lauri Nader (MI)
Kiowa Snakeriver (River) female DOB 3/1/95 DOD 8/16/03
Cause Of Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: Bad legs failed due to severe arthritis, and spinal damage, she no longer could use her back legs, and was in alot of pain

LE 73199 RE 58H

Karen Ward (Ontario CAN)
Kiowa My Dodie (Cody) male DOB 5/10/98 DOD 4/12/04
Cause Of Death: natural
Symptoms: presumed heart attack with aneurysm. Died in my arms

LE 59732 RE 86C

Kelly & Anibal Martinez (NY)
Greek Odyssey (Ody) male DOB 8/11/96 DOD 12/13/02
Cause Of  Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: Inoperable tumor on the spinal cord

LE 81498 RE 59D

Michael & Noreen Marshall (NY)
JC ITS CERAH (Cerah) female DOB 5/22/99 DOD 7/18/02
Cause Of  Death: natural
Symptoms: Not sure of what caused her death - possible heat stroke from coming up on a hauler for 24 hours from Florida on a 93 degree day

LE 61780 RE 116G

Michael & Noreen Marshall FL (Orchard Park NY)

Canada’s Gabby (Audrey) female DOB 11/8/96 DOD 3/22/2007

Cause Of Death: Euthanasia

Symptoms: Severe Bone Cancer in her right hind leg which resulted in a broken femur as well as bone cancer in her spine

LE 44518 RE 114I

Maria Leger (Ontario)
Cbar Gena (Callie) female DOB 11/10/94 DOD 12/30/03
Cause Of  Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: cancer osteo

LE 02502 RE

Sue Groh (CO)
Chances R (Nelly) female DOB 7/19/87 DOD 3/15/98
Cause Of  Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: Large pieces of a fake bone shredded her duodenum

LE 30553 RE 73A

Barbara Donaldson (NJ)
JNJ  BETT  ON  LES (JJ) male D)B 7/5/93 DOD 10/30/03
Cause Of  Death: euthanasia due to 12 month battle with cancer
Symptoms: Hemangioscarcoma

LE 7439 RE 61D

Sara & David Barnett (WI)
Isa Comander To (Bruiser) male DOB 6/23/91 DOD 11/20/03
Cause Of  Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: Osteosarcoma (bone cancer)

LE 4312 RE 61D

Amy Sheneman (NY)
Indy Black (Indy) female DOB 6/91 DOD 11/28/03
Cause Of  Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: Kidney failure and liver disease

LE 6511 RE 57E

Beverly Kehs (PA)
AM Sandra (Sandra) female DOB 5/97 DOD 11/21/03
Cause Of  Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: Osteosarcoma

LE 74203 RE 88E

Marsha Roe (AZ)

Eric Zee (EZ) male DOB 8/21/89 DOD 8/19/97
Cause Of  Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: Cancer

LE 24000 RE 102F

Marsha Roe (AZ)
Ole Prime Time (Prime) male DOB10/26/92 DOD 1/23/02
Cause Of  Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: Cancer

LE 60175 RE 78B

Maryann Protz NJ
M's Bugle Boy (Magic) male DOB 7/26/88 DOD 1/5/01
Cause Of  Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: Hemangiosarcoma

LE 82134 RE: 20B

Marylynne & David Kitson (KY)
Waycross Atlanta (Lanna) female DOB 2/ 2/90 DOD 8/18/03
Cause Of  Death: euthansia
Symptoms: Bladder Tumor

LE 27761 RE 43?

Dee Hansen (GA)
Berdoc's Bubba (Bubba) male DOB 4/93 DOD 10/31/03

LE 38078 RE 44C

Blanche Fedor (NC)
CU Freebird (Freee) male DOB 4/17/94 DOD 7/20/01
Cause Of  Death: Autoimmune disease

LE 14723

Tami Backlinie (NC)

Montana Mike (Pharaoh) male DOB 3/18/92 DOD 5/18/03

Cause Of  Death: Osteosarcoma

Symptoms: Bone cancer along spinal cord, paralysis

LE 44669 RE 124B

Tami Backlinie  (NC)

Black Cougar (Loki) male DOB 12/20/94 DOD 8/30/03

Cause Of  Death: Heat Exhaustion

Symptoms: Panting, Elevated Temperature

LE 79861 RE 39A

Shannon Lorenz (AZ)
Criminal Motion (Jeffrey) male DOB 3/27/00 DOD 8/16/03
Cause Of  Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: Complications from Valley Fever (Coccidiodomycosis)

LE 19441 RE 62C

Laura Pike (Buffalo, NY)
Airs Action Shot (Action) male DOB 6/18/92 DOD 9/13/00
Cause of  Death: After a cluster of seizures

LE 86181 RE 70H

Jamie Johnson

Sports Charm DOB 7/29/90 DOD 2/02

Cause of  Death: Kidney Failure

LE 74320 RE
Deborah Williams

Rancho Pronto (Pronto) female DOB 8/89 DOD 5/23/02
Cause of  Death: Bone Cancer


Marina Greene NH
Fruit Tart (Ginger) female DOB 12/1/91 DOD 7/5/01
Cause Of  Death: natural
Symptoms: Mesenteric twist - not related to bloat

LE 64190

Patricia Hill

Shata Klass (Klass) male DOD 9/27/02 (9/14/02 Retired)
Cause Of  Death: A fatal heart arrhythmia

LE 49778 RE 75E

Tricia Gorden (CA)
Cajun Howdy (Hawley) female DOB 7/13/95 DOD 6/1/00
Cause Of  Death: euthanasia
Symptoms: Fever of unknown origin.  Tested for everything but never found out what was causing the fever.  She quit eating

LE 38234 RE 44C

Michele Thompson

SJ'S Crown Prince (Princess) DOB 4/11/94 DOD 5/28/02

Cause of  Death: Pinched Nerve?

Symptoms: Throwing up, sore back, legs

LE 19554 RE 62C

Julie Sager

Noisy Gambler male DOB 6/23/92 DOD 8/01

Cause of  Death: Lymphoma

LE 82544 RE

Glory Jacumin
Vamosse Kid (Brat) female DOB 4/90 DOD 12/6/02

Cause of  Death: Inoperable tumor in rear leg nerve

Symptoms: Could not walk, dragged her one rear leg, exhaustion

LE 82940 RE 50E

Dan Krapf  (Santa Cruz, CA)
Smooth Jon Rand (Trailways) male DOB 5/18/90 DOD 10/24/02

Cause of  Death: Blown Disc in his back

Symptoms: He began limping

LE 77256 RE 119B

Susan Schwarz (MD)

Windy's Biggie (Sam Browne) male DOB 11/24/89 DOD 07/08/2002

Cause of Death: euthanized

Symptoms: Suspected spinal tumor or injury to spinal column. After having minor trouble with his back legs for about six months he lost all motor control, walking on the tops of his feet as often as not.

LE 5856 RE 61B

Susan Schwarz (MD)

Sassy Hawk (Amber Brown) female DOB 6/91 DOD 11/17/2002

Cause of Death: euthanized

Symptoms: Oesteosarcoma. Four months after the amputation of her left rear leg she gave up the fight.

LE 8981 RE 81G
Dennis & Kris Danner
Rynite male DOB 8/9/91 DOD 8/24/02

Cause of  Death: Osteosarcoma, cardiac block & sudden heart failure

Symptoms: Suddenly unable to stand or move his back legs, so it very well may  be that he had involvement of his spine as well

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