Greyhound Litterates List

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Littermatesí List

***First line of each entry represents Tattoo No.s of Left Ear (LE) & Right Ear (RE)

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fyiÖAmerican and Australian dogsí LE/RE Tattoos will be up to 5 numbers (0-9)

UK (Overseas) dogsí LE/RE Tattoos will be letters (A-Z)


LE 69948 RE 117?

F A Addison CA (AZ)

ARís Ronda female (Lexie) DOB 11/28/97

Sire: JRís Cassius RE and Dam: ARís Lovee

(NGA Owner: Ruth Staggs)


ARís Patrece female

ARís Littlelovee female

LE 69935 RE 117G

Neil & Chris Davis
CTW Swingin Away (Stacy) DOB 11/25/97

Sire: P's Raising Cain and Dam: Rapido Away
Always Jigsaw
Away Kelly
Away To Go
Away Hitman
Away Posse
Faraway Cain
Fire Away
Twist N Away

LE 69921 RE

Evelyn Gilleland TX

Choice Lassie (Cleo) female Whelped 12/97

Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Chelsey's Choice

(NGA Owner: Charles Lusco)

Gaitlin female
Big Joey male

LE 6992 RE 61F

Kay Krug FL (Shelbyville KY)
Lulu Walls (Zulu) female DOB 6/20/91 DOD 9/20/01
Sire: Rbís Ruler and Dam: Oriental Pat P

(NGA Owner: Anthony Irle Jenkins)


Flashback Blues male

Ubangi Stomp male

Illegal Smile male

One Red Rose female

Great Compromise male

LE 69918 RE 117C

Jennifer C Voorthees CO (Spokane WA)
Mr Ceppy (Ceppy) male DOB 11/26/97

Sire: Fortress* and Dam: Aquamarine

(NGA Owner: Norman L Rader)
Mr Boog male RE 117B (Hobbs adopted by Laurie Merndoza CO)

Mrs Purdy female (retired)

LE 69916 RE 117F

Maggi Smith (Pasadena MD)

Twilite Omen (Omen) male Whelped 11/26/97

Sire: EJ's Douglas and Dam: Oneco Kate

Twilite Charlie male RE 117H (Charlie Adopted by Lyn Abissi in MA)

Twilite Lyric female (Adopted by Judy Botsford in MA)
Twilite Can Do female
Twilite Creed male
Twilite Omar RE 117E male (Adopted in MA)

Twilite Tama RE117A female (Adopted in MA)

LE 69881 RE 117D

Debbie Gray FL (NC)
Boss Airmen (Boss) male DOB 12/97
(NGA Owner: Debbie Gray)
Sire: Eltex Jimmy Jack and Dam: Tupelo Maggie


Boss Autum female

Boss Fitz male

LE 69879 RE 117A

Kevin & Amy Barhorst WV (Canal Winchester OH)
HJS Patch Ferris (Patch) DOB 11/23/97

Sire: Flying Highball and Dam: AMF Mary Ann

(NGA Owner: HJ Sparkman)
AMF Zombie RE 117G (living in NYC)
AMF Tom Collins
AMF Screwdriver
AMF Pink Lady
AMF Martini
AMF Fuzzy Navel
AMF Daquiri RE 117E (living in NYC)
AMF Bloody Mary

LE 69868 RE 117D

Kate & Todd Brodeur NH (MA)
PA's Jayhawk(Kansas) male DOB 11/20/97
Sire: Jimbo Profit and Dam: China Deon

Pa's Bogart male
Pa's Oklahoma female

LE 69866 RE 117A


Ion Boomer male 11/23/97

Sire? Dan Chandler and Dam? Ion Rare Wine


LE 69817 RE

Amber Spisak TX (Los Angeles, CA)
RW No Limit (Pinto) female DOB 11/21/97

Sire: Ion No Doubt and Dam: Lzís Miss Quicky

(NGA Owner: Raymond S Washington)
RW Bodicous male
RW Master P male
RW Waco Flash male

LE 69816 RE 117B

Jessica Roberts TX,AL,OR (BC)
Jetta Tutu (Jackson) male DOB 11/20/97
(NGA Owner: Bitterman & DuBois)
Sire: FMC's Wake Up and Dam: Sw Molly Bea


Jetta Barbara female

Jetta Downing male

Jetta Molly Bea female RE 117D (adopted)

Jetta Wakeup male

LE 69805 RE 117F

Barb Carnahan (Hatboro, PA)
Miz Keeler (Keke) female DOB 11/22/97
Sire: ML Torpedo Run and Dam: Hobie Bobie

(NGA Owner: Champions Racing Team Inc)
Miz Kirby female

Miz Ranee female

Hey Torpedo Jack male
Miz Keene female
Hey Guy male

LE 69782 RE 67B

Cherie Hartery (St. John's, NFLD)
Thatza Bumper (Sasha) female DOB 8/16/97

Sire: American Vogue and Dam: Dixie High

(NGA Owner: Michele S White)
Thatza Automatic
Thatza Compack
Thatza Designed
Thatza Effort

LE 69778 RE 49G
Robert Frazier & Julie Tucker WV (Baltimore, MD)
Pleasant Sarge male Whelped 4/11/89 died 4/30/02
Sire: Levi Jet and Dam: Okie Delta


LE 69656 RE 117E
Michele Rockwell AZ (WA)
Elaine Vanson (Penny) female 11/14/97
(NGA Owner: Carl S Livingston Jr)
Sire: Dorys Blacknick and Dam: Vickie Van Go
(NGA Owner: Carl S Livingston Jr)


Arlette Vanson female

Chilly Vanson male

Doreene Vanson female

Henry Vanson male

Barbie Vanson female

Fargo Vason female

Joey Vanso male

LE 69613 RE 117F

Catherine Shannon & David Sorensen (Tulsa, OK)

(Sundance) (didn't race) DOB 11/8/97

Sire: Demanden and Dam: Carbonated


Dalton Tanner male

Dear Hannah female

Fester N Amus male (adopted in Michigan)

Sexy Siamese female

LG's Hannah female
LG's Herby male
LG's Huey male

LE 69567 RE 117D

Laura Austin (TX)
Rodeo Mac (Brady) male DOB 11/7/97
(NGA Owner: Robert Saucier)
Sire: Shindig Sam and Dam: Rodeo Kate


Rodeo Sweet Pea female

Rodeo Sam male

LE 69550 RE 117D

Lesley & Jessie Ferguson NH (ON)

Las Lonnie male DOB 11/97

Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Roco Splash


Laís Larry male RE 117E (adopted)

Laís Ann female

Laís Lynn female

Las Lauren male

LE 69486? RE

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Rapido Torro (Torro) male DOB 11/1/97?

Sire: Rapido Rambo and Dam: Rapido Aldora?

(NGA Owner: Lynda Marshall)


Rapido Tallulah female

Rapido Tobasco male

Rapido Tooter female

Rapido Topeka female

Rapido Travis male

Rapido Tupelo male

Rapido Tocama female

LE 69429 RE 77D

Kathleen Walsh
Gone Fishing (Aztec) 7/5/97

Sire: Anguish and Dam: Intrigue Mosaic
Fireball Gol
Live Alive
Tonka Ton
Gone Today

LE 69424 RE

Kate Binder
Ion Movie Star female - Looking for her Litter of 11/1/97 with Sire: Flying Highball

(NGA Owner: Thomas A Ferris)
AMF Rising Star
AMF Shining Star
AMF Shouting Star

AMF Shootingstar RE 117B (adopted)
AMF Superstar
Hjs Pal Moon
AMF Fallen Star

LE 69384 RE

Dell Hagan
Rocky Arky male

Sire: Trojan Episode and Dam: McKees Rocky Katy
(NGA Owner: Gerald L Kruger)

Lady Katie female
McKees Foxy Lady female
Sassy Cassie female

LE 69380 RE

Jennifer Costa
JRP Anniversary (Prancer) & brother
Katsu Burning (Comet) DOB 11/5/97

Sire: Tojan Espisode and Dam: Shogun Blanding
Alan's Checkmate male
Charro Episode male
Katsu Extended male
Katsu Go Go Go male
Katsu Huge Win female
Katsu Trojan male

LE 69372 RE 107D

Bobbye & John Stegen FL

Where's Vida (Carmen) Female DOB 10/26/97

Sire: Design Time and Dam: Velvet Royalty

(NGA Owner: Melvin Drayton)


Wereís Via female

Hy Golden Girl female

Whereís Vander male

Whereís Vanna female

Whereís Via female

Whereís Viva female

LE 69367 RE 117B

Jennifer Watkins

Wallace Lou (Wallace) male DOB 11/5/97

Sire: Annaís Special and Dam: Lou Ann Diller

(NGA Owner: Alva Flynn)


Jean Ann female

Special Scars male

Brindle Lad male

Anna Low female

Nolen Lee male

LE 69359 RE 117A

Cathy & Jack Munro CO (WA)
Kid's Joe Smith (Joey) male DOB 11/1/97
(NGA Owner: Mark Ryan)
Sire: Bara Buzz and Dam: Tuacca Terri

Kid's Violet female (adopted WA)
Kid's Brigham male
Kid's Cindy female
Kid's Danish
Kid's Fraidy Cat female (adopted WA)
Kid's Pinky
Kid's Spicy

LE 69305 RE 107J

Christine Neziol FL (Burlington, ON)
DH Fancy Lady (Cleo) female Whelped 10/20/97

Sire: Sizzlindh Albert and Dam: AOK Dutchess Kev

(NGA Owner: Donald Wilson or Harrel Smith)


DH Annie Oakley female

DH Bell Starr female

DH Red Flame female

DH Ice Man male

DH Echo male

DH Major Can male

DH Mirage male

LE 69280 RE 107A

Cheryl & Jim Lawver CT/W VA

Flying Spider Male 10/27/97

(NGA Owner: Thomas A Ferris)

Sire: Black Streaker and Dam: Westmead Moth


Flying Bumble Bee Male

Flying Butterfly Female

Flying Beetle Male

Flying Cricket Female

Flying Dragon Fly Male

Flying Tarantula Male

Flying Wasp Male

Flying Mosquito Female

LE 69258 RE 107A   

Jenifer Hodgdon NH

Surprised (Prize) male DOB 10/11/97

Sire: Cy's Kid Kyle and Dam: Silk Surprise   

(NGA Owner: Calvin O Cobb)


Surprise You female

Silk Hondo male

LE 69254 RE 107B

Gordon L Goreham CT (Shelb Co, NS)

Texoma Planet (Lazer) male DOB 10/22/97

Sire: Utica Twister and Dam: Texoma Fancy

(NGA Owner: Jim Nail)

LE 69215 RE 107G

Jessica Lanier AK (KY)
Bee Finished (Bella) female DOB 10/17/97
(NGA Owner: Ronald G Beckner)
Sire: Dutch Dugan and Dam: Bland Bee

Bee Dugan
Bee Bland M
Bee Glad

LE 69194 RE

Vicki Strykowski

Blue Whelped 10/24/97

Dam: Eur A Actress and Sire: LPD Makers Mark
DM Andy Dandy male (adopted Sugar Grove?)
DM Candy female (adopted living in KY?)
Woods Showtime male
? female

LE 69170 RE 107A
Eva and Tim Andrews KS (London, ON)
Bold Carrier (Carrier) male DOB 10/13/97
(NGA Owner: Ronald Beckner)
Sire: Bold Lad and Dam: By Red

Bold Shape (Bailey) female RE 107G FL (adopted by Eva & Tim Andrews)

Bold Match male

Bold Talk male

Bold Statement

Bold Cargo

LE 69152 RE 107C

Debbie Schmidt CT (NY)
Shannon Chariot (Charlie) male DOB 10/97
(NGA Owner: Patrick Guerin)
Sire: Trojan Episode and Dam: Chosen Beauty

Shannon Ample male
Shannon Bow female
Shannon Dusty male

LE 6911 RE

Angela Wall (NC)

Wikiwiki Alapake (Big A) Male 04/06/91

Sire: Jeremys Jaguar and Dam: Kwik Kyleen
(NGA Owner: Fredericks Kennel & P Miller)
Leahs Jaguar Male
Wiki Wiki Bud Male

Wiki Wiki Alapak Male

Wiki Wiki Hoku Male
Wiki Wiki Kololia Female

LE 69103 RE

Betty Christian

Andy's Bestbuddy (Lily) female Whelped 8/24/97

Sire: Grey's Statesman and Dam: Working Fire
(NGA Owner: Lois C Henry)

Action Acton female
Dr. Barr male
Earls Pearl male
Jordans Ride female
Keegan male

Itís a Given male
Silly Girl female
Zacks Pal female

LE 69086 RE 107H
Karen Snow Iowa/AL (FL)
Tippy Dip (Tippy) DOB 10/97
Sire: Kelton Quick and Dam: My Lady Z
(NGA Owner: Ken & Mary LeFebvre)


Lady Quickpick Female
Logic Cash Female
On A High Male
Run N Room Male
So Im It Female
Steppin Easy Male
Win for Fame Female

LE 69024 RE 107E

Kay Brown KS (KS)

RRís Busy (Lee) male DOB 10/14/97

(NGA Owner: Ronald Phillips)

Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: Lively Layla


RRs Animated female

RRs Livewire male

RRs Pep female

RRs Rowdy male

RRs Vigorous male

RRs Vivacious female

LE 69004 RE 107A
Louis & Marlene Hall FL (MD)
Tutone Apache (Apache) male DOB 10/97
Sire: Allen McKenzie and Dam: Ellie G. Hogg
(NGA Owner: Carl S Livingston Jr)


Tutone Comanche male
Tutone Delaware male
Tutone Euchee male
Tutone Kiowa male

LE 68983 RE 107A

Catherine McGovern (FL)

Spatches (Grace) female Whelped 10/6/97

(NGA Owner: James E Knowles)

Sire: By Tar and Dam: No Fruits


Conch Fritter male

Island Angel female

Whalehead male

LE 68879 RE 107D

Barb & Terry Herlein (Belleville, IL)

(Cloudy) Cals Dark Gable male DOB 10/7/97

Sire: Fortress and Dam: Intensive Action

(NGA Owner: Joseph E Calabro)


Cals Bigbad John male

Cals Puma Pam female

LE 68877 RE 107E

Suzan Gieser

Kamikazi Bill male Whelped 10/97

Sire: P's Raising Cain and Dam: Keota Rosie

(NGA Owner: Anthony Reno or W R Bernard)


Kamikaze Bette female

Kamikaze Cat male

Kamikaze Dan male

Kamikaze Charlie male

Kamikaze Hawk female

LE 68875  RE 107I

Kelly Sullivan FL (PA)
Sheer Impact (Dixie) female DOB 10/7/97

Sire; P's Raising Cain and Dam: Sheer Lace

(NGA Owner: Denton G Jones)

Sheer Bloom female
Sheer Cain male
Sheer Dejavi female
Sheer Ego  male
Sheer Finesse female
Sheer Jasmine female
Sheer Maven female

LE 68840 RE

Carol Snyder

Eileenís Clown (Elly) female DOB 6/19/97 DOD 6/26/06

Sire: Woods Dustbuster and Dam: Hlh Shesnojoker

(NGA Owner: Crowe Kennels or Rae M Bird)

Basement Bertha female

Cece Cherokee female

Peggys Clown female

Walts Aaron male

Woods Dusty male

Cape Town Fringe male

Wall Of Fame female

Woods Bubba male

LE 68754 RE 107B

Heather Droen WI (MN)
Alter Ego (Ego) male DOB 10/1/97
(NGA Owner: Bernie Collette)
Sire: Dutch Dugan and Dam: Jump For Joy

Emphasize female
Wikki Wikki female
Goldschlager Girl female
Joys Boy Toy male
Joy to the World female

LE 68740 RE 97G

Elaine Raby CT,WV (ON)
P's Highpoint (Gunner) male DOB 9/21/97
(NGA Owner: David Petzold)
Sire: P's Skidway and Dam: Brook Honey

P's Easyway male
P's Timewatcher female
P's RiskFree female
P's Skim The Top male
P's Skipperdee female

LE 68739 RE 107A

Dana L VanAbbema NH? (MD)
MDM Wildthang (Kona) female DOB 10/97

Sire: Pís Skidway and Dam: Pís Beta Star

MDM River male

MDM Rowdy male

MDM Starshine female

LE 68730 RE

Janet Ansert
Cyber Head (Simon) male DOB 9/23/97
(NGA Owner: Robert C Lorber)
Sire: Bogus Buddy and Dam: Fireball Gal

Cyber Buddy
Cyber Gal
Cyber Guy

LE 68707 RE 49J

Sarah Jones (FL)

Bell E Button (Belle) DOB 4/21/89

Sire: I Tickle Easy and Dam: Bankie


Bashful Brigett (Brigette) female RE 49A (adopted by Sarah)

LE 68654 RE 107C

Gayle Shriver OR (OR)
Stomp Out Loud (Niki Blue) female DOB 10/1/97
(NGA Owner: Patricia Ann Young)
Sire: MPS Donnie and Dam: MPS Rosa Lynn

Steel Shark male

Naked Stage female

Fever Lake female

LE 68619 RE 97C

Carol Scarpino FL (Massillon, OH)

Dewey Sheisalady female (Lily) Whelped 9/10/97

Sire: My Rooster and Dam: Dewey Shady Lady

(NGA Owner: Carla Ann Patternson)


Dewey Daddysgirl female

Dewey Miraculous male RE 97C (Jethro adopted by Jim Burns NJ)

Dewey Shadysbay female

LE 68613 RE 97I

Lynda Seed FL (ONT)
System Gertie (Flirty) female DOB 9/19/97
(NGA Owner: Hermitage Kennels Inc)
Sire: System Henry and Dam: Stella King


System Bradley male

System Emmy female

System Herbie male

System Ivy female

System Nellie female
System Fenton male

LE 68590 RE 97B

Joan James CT (NY)
Live Recital (Samantha) female DOB 9/12/97
(NGA Owner: Concepta Stapleton)
Sire: M's Jakes Light and Dam: Sues Finale

Live Action male (adopted)

LE 68582 RE 97B

Pat & Marianne Liston (Peoria, IL)

Cy's Jordan (CJ) male Whelped 9/1/97
Sire: LPD Outlaw and Dam: Cy's What Socks

(NGA Owner: CY's Kennel)


Cyís Knight male

Cyís Robin female

Cyís Shotzy female

Cyís Candy female

Cyís Colt (?)

Cyís Kim (?)

LE 68569 RE 87C
Pat & Marie Coleman Alabama (PA)
Oneco Shadow (Shadow) male DOB 8/29/97
Sire: Oneco Doug and Dam: I Say Miss
(NGA Owner: Patrick Begley)

Oneco Rex male

Oneco Robtoy male

LE 68542 RE 97D

Bonnie Benson WI, WV? (OH)

Breezin Louie (Louie) male Whelped 9/1/97

Sire: Move On Passion and Dam: Summ Starbright

(NGA Owner: D Ward or L Shopmyer)


Breezin Huey male

Breezin Dewey male

Breezin Oreo female

Crazy Cookie female

LE 68508 RE

Jay & Deb Aukamp FL (PA)

Born Snowing (Aren) female Whelped 9/17/97

Sire: P's Raising Cain and Dam: Belso

(NGA Owner: Ronald G Beckner)
Baxwell male
Binding Down male
Black Duchess female
Blake Shake male
Bob White male

LE 68504 RE 97E

Wanda G Thach Bright

PWs STAT Clark male DOB 9/1/97

Sire: Evening Memory and Dam: Hondo Charbaby

(NGA Owner: Roger L Sifferman)


PWs Stat Joey male

PWs Stat Allie female

PW's Stat Tawana female

LE 68465 RE 97E

Kelly McFerron Iowa (OH)
Ag's Diana (Cleo) female DOB 9/6/97
(NGA Owner: Gloria Sanders or Arthur L Yates)
Sire: P's Raising Cain and Dam: Melissa Gilbert

Ag's Charles male
Ag's Fergie female

Agís Anne female

Agís Elizabeth female

LE 68447 RE 97D

Lorie Broomhall

Where's Gwen (Didi) female DOB 9/1/97

(NGA Owner: Melvin Drayton)

Sire: Kiowa Warmack and Dam: Gallant Esther


Where's Gumbo male

Where's Gatlin

Where's Gladys

LE 68417 RE 77C

Linda MacEachern CT (Toronto ON)
Clark Tick Tock (Ozzy) male DOB 7/26/97
(NGA Owner: Dr Carl Ward)
Sire: Rocksteady Eddie and Dam: Onaga Vera


Clark Empress male (adopted)

Clark Fanny female RE 77F (adopted)

Clark Final Faze male

Clark Girlfriend female RE 77J (adopted)

Clark Skywalker female RE 77E (adopted by Ellen & Bob Twible)

Clarks Best male RE 77G (adopted)

Clark Dorun male RE 77I (adopted)

Clarks Georgia male RE 77D (adopted)

LE 68415 RE

Kate Shue

Outlaw Amber female Whelped 9/1/97
Sire: Great Son and Dam: Justin Chris

(NGA Owner: Outlaw Racing Team)


Outlaw Casey female
Outlaw Jay male
Outlaw Rosiedoll female
Outlaw Ty male

Outlaw Harley male

Outlaw Byrd male

LE 68368 RE 79B

Mary Anne & Gerald Marble IW,CT (WA)
Tell the Judge (Bob) male DOB 7/21/97
Sire: Groovy Durango and Dam: Chase This Champ

(NGA Owner: Connie E Callagan)


Brindle Boy male RE 79D (adopted Nashville)

Lolas Littleone female

Lolas Pride female

Tjs Pride male

LE 68355 RE 97C

Jennifer Watkins

Reko Madonna (Madonna) female DOB 9/8/97

Sire: Mo Kick and Dam: Be Admired

(NGA Owner: Recko Enterprises Inc)


Reko Priest male

Reko Sinbad male

Kandi female

LE 68350 RE 97E

Mary McNally (WI) MO

Jrs Comet (Comet) male DOB 9/11/97
(NGA Owner: Mitchell R Ballard)
Sire: My Rooster and Dam: RI Designer

Jrs Rooster male
Jrs Quest male
Jrs Dizzy female
Jrs Dixie female
Jrs Designer
Jrs Daisy female
Jrs Amigo male

LE 68224 RE

Joan Steindl
Riley Tammy female DOB 9/4/97

(NGA Owner: Larry V Crawford)
Sire: and Dam:

Riley Tan male
Riley Tim male
Gch's Ismarelda female

Gch's Jaws male
Gch's Mango male
Gch's DarlinRE 97A (adopted)

LE 68221 RE

Kathy Darfler

Klassic Moondust (Moonie) female DOB 8/96

Sire: Greenane Slippy* and Dam: Klassic Stevie


Klassic Savannah female

Klassic Miracle

LE 68200 RE 87F

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Burn Rate (Burner) male DOB 8/1/97

Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Eat Dust

(NGA Owner: Plum Creek)


Fevered Pitch female

Surfacing female

Souls Core male

Patch ADams male

Miseducation female

Leftofthemiddle male

Zarafu female

LE 68158 RE 87E

Jackie Vlcek FL (FL)
Bd's Headliner (Linus) male DOB 8/30/97
Sire: Sorrento Warrior and Dam: Sleepy Sally

(NGA Owner: William S Denton)

Bd's Thelma Lou female
Bd's Zodiac male
Bd's Uncanny male
Bd's Compulsive male

LE 68132 RE 28A
Bonnie Kraft NH (Wilmington, MA)
La De Dah Time (Shayna) female Whelped 2/27/98
Sire: Gg Prime Time and Dam: Ta Ra Boom de A
(NGA Owner: Richard Reel)
Yada Yada female (Contact Bonnie)

Boom Boom Dancer female (Contact Bonnie) 
Prime Time Tux male

Prime Time Sting male

LE 68090 RE 97H

Mike Kulkusky FL (Carroll Valley, PA)

Husker Hangout  (Hannah) female DOB 9/14/97
Sire: Circus Chopper and Dam: Husker Alison

(NGA Owner: Don Abernathy Inc)


Husker Agitator female

Husker Chadwick male

Husker Darin male

Husker Ella female

Husker Farin male

Husker Grant male

LE 68072 RE 87C

Gene Dickey FL,IW (NC)
Desire to Win (Winnie) female COB 8/26/97
(NGA Owner: John C Hardison)
Sire: Blazing Desire and Dam: Kelly Owen

Desire to Run female
Kelly Kratz female

LE 68061 RE 87E

Leslie Csokasy OR (WA)
Fabled Hoppie (Hoppie) female DOB 8/97
(NGA Owner: Joey Lingle)
Sire: P's Raising Cain and Dam: Fabled Huh Cr

Fabled Jana
Fabled Lari
Fabled Taylor
Fabled Toni

LE 68050 RE 87B

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Flying Quinter (Quinter) DOB 8/1/97

Sire: Flying Mars and Dam: Flying Silver


Flying Colby female

Flying Grinnell (Nellie) female RE 87A (adopted Paul & Jane VanDeVelde Kewanee, IL)

Flying Oakley female

LE 68045 RE 87B

Melissa Galernik (Rossford, Ohio)

KB's Flying Mac (Mac) male 8/25/97

Sire: Black Streaker and Dam: Brownside Pear

(NGA Owner: Kenneth Biehle)


KB's Flying Bic

KB's Flying Tim

KB's Flying Gold

LE 6807 RE 71C

Jean Wehrman TX

Kiowa Cacho (Maggie) female Whelped 7/1/91

Sire: Crimson Falcon and Dam: Kiowa Nanica

(NGA Owner: La Verne Hibbs)


Kiowa Boudeau male

Kiowa Davenport male

Kiowa Holiday female

Kiowa Murff female

Kiowa Sawyer male

Kiowa Weaver male

Kiowa Wyatt male

LE 68007 RE 87H

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Mark Ward (Mark) male DOB 8/22/97

Sire: Bo Rae Me and Dam: MDM Miz Showtime

(NGA Owner: Scott Staggs)


Dallas Dewees female

Troy Dunn male

Cody Hancock male

LE 67971 RE

Kandi Norrell

Lucky Scotty (Scott) male DOB 3/1/89

Sire: Energy Issue and Dam: Endless Chimes

(NGA Owner: WH O'Donnell)


Sparkleberry female (died)

Zugaro male

LE 67958 RE

Craig Laginess FL (MI)
Pa's Eric (Eric) male DOB 8/16/97
(NGA Owner: Pierre Amstoy)
Sire: Pa's Black Fury and Dam: Santa Fe Yippi


País Lewis male

País Fury Carl male

País Fury Lin female

País Jaybird male

LE 67935 RE

Kathy & Tim Wollin (Blissfield MI)
Wunder Ray (Ray) male 8/20/97

Sire: Kenton Quick and Dam: Wunder Mary

(NGA Owner: David Ungs)
Lil Harry Lewis male (Harry adopted by Vicki Frederick)
Ramblin Ralph Q male

LE 67916 RE 87E

Ann Wennberg WV (Columbus OH)
JD's Toe In (Toe) male DOB 8/18/97
(NGA Owner: John D Clark)
Sire: Westmead Hazzard* and Dam: JD's Ebony Moon

Jd's Cabo Wabo male
JD's Intimidator male
JD's Jac N Gille male
JD's Magic Shoes female

JD's Sandy Angel female
JD's Aaron Brown (adopted ?)

LE 67895 RE 87C

Allison Phears FL/WV (Atlanta, GA)

HJS Mosen Rath (Big Mose) male Whelped 8/12/97

(NGA Owner: HJ Sparkman)

Sire: Flying Gunman and Dam: HJS Wind Dancer


HJS Runwithluck male

Kís Twinkle Toes female

HJS Better Times female

LE 67868 RE 87B

Joan James CT (NY)
Scrappie (Scrappie) female DOB 8/17/97
(NGA Owner: Cynthia N Cox)
Sire: Twilite Chance and Dam: Catriona

Shotz female (adopted by Joan James)
Black Tights female
Blankie female

LE 67853 RE 87B

Stephanie Maniscalco (St. Louis, MO)
Oshkosh Fiendish female Whelped 8/19/97

Sire: Oshkosh Treasure and Dam: Oshkosh Shifty

(NGA Owner: Larry Pollard)

Oshkosh Floyd male

Oshkosh Fanny female

Oshkosh Fuzzy female

Oshkosh Frisky female

LE 67784 RE 87F

Jill MCBeath (Surrey, BC)

Pat C Fleming male 8/1/97

(NGA Owner: Pat Collins)

Sire: WD' s Santiago and Dam:  Pat C Jonesy


Pat c Jillana female

Pat c Jariath male

Pat c Jed male

Pat C Jobina female

LE 67777 RE

Nancy A Lassiter (Anderson, SC)

Dam: High Spirit Pup (Adopted) with Sire: Noble Blue Boy
(NGA Owner: Charron M Hatfield)

Damís Litter Whelped 7/1/97:
Spirit O Midnite female
Spirit O Twilite female

LE 67763 RE 87B

Beth Zielinski

Rainier Recap (Peter) Whelped 08/97

Sire: Molotov and Dam: Cute Annie*
Rainier Recoup (Paul? Died at about a year old)

(Mary? Adopted in Indiana, race name may be Rainier Recoup?)
Lil Steviewonder 12/14/96 or 97?

LE 67712 RE 87C

Kim Leuyer FL (NJ)
Reward Rose (Rose) female DOB 8/8/97

(NGA Owner: Carl Ward)
Sire: Cee Jay and Dam: Rumba

Reward Cha Cha female
Reward Destiny male
Reward Feature female
Reward Jamaica male
Reward Mexicali male
Reward Rio male
Reward Salsa male

LE 67702 RE

Tavette and Dennis Easler

GK's Dorothy female

GKís Dorothy was Dam to this Litter with Sire: Chump Change Whelped 8/1/97
(NGA Owner: Charron M Hatfield)

Dreamolostechoes female
Spirit O Elmo male
Spirit O Elvira female
Spirit O Evita female
Spirit O Toby male

LE 67686 RE 87F

Andrea Dalmyn NH (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Hay Tans Jean (Jeanie) female DOB 8/7/97

Sire: Dungaree and Dam: HK Whippet

(NGA NGA Owners: Odie L Hopkins or Jay A Seawright)

Hay Tans Dixie

Hay Tans Mercy

Hay Tans Nugget

Haytans Jackson

LE 6767? RE 87I

Heather Powers AL (MS)
Solitary Slacker (Poopie Dog) male DOB 8/97

LE 67679 RE 87C

Liz & David Ardell KS (Missouri)
Hanover Power (Power) male DOB 8/97
Sire: Unruly Thomas and Dam: Cosmic Lightray

(NGA Owner: Calvin Kuglar)

Hanover Parnell male (adopted?)

Hanover Paxton

Hanover Petta female

Hanover Pro

Hanover Preston male

LE 67664 RE 77E

Mike Kulkusky CT (Carroll Valley, PA)

Blue Eyes (Devin) female DOB 7/23/97

Sire: Pís Raising Cain and Dam: Rancho Big Job

(NGA Owner: Linda Jensen)


Cryouttothe Lord

Gingerbread Boy (adopted living in Buffalo, NY)

Majestic Chic female

My Reedemerlives female (adopted living in Ballston Spa, NY)

Seek Ye The Lord

Trademark (adopted by Lesley & Jessie Ferguson living in ON)

Worship The Lord

LE 67659 RE 77F

Melissa Sutton Boos CT (NJ)

Nodak Skidway (Bear) male DOB 7/22/97

Sire: P's Skidway and Dam: Real Sweet Deal


Nodak Butterfly female RE 77A

Nodak Ice Girl

Nodak Manson

Nodak Milkyway female

Nodak Real Deal

Nodak Sleet female

Nodak Sweet Deal

LE 67642 RE 87G
Cheryl Carroll WS (Springfield IL)
Odd Speed (Sable) female DOB 08/13/97
Sire: Speeds The Key and Dam: Odd Coin
(NGA Owner: Jack & Linda Jones)
Odd Francesca female
Odd Grasshopper female
Odd Gromet male
Odd Jerry male
Odd Neva male

LE 67616 RE 77C

Meredith Squires & Greg Paulencu (Burlington, ON)
Frank's Snap Shot male (Snappy) Whelped 7/31/97
Sire: EJ's Douglas and Dam: Crohane Mist

LE 67584

Karen Karas (NJ)

AMF Ellwood (Zak) male DOB 7/26/97

Sire: Wigwam Wag and Dam: AMF Dr Crusher

(NGA Owner: Thomas Ferris)


AMF Jollette Jake male

LE 67564 RE 117D

Jennifer Watkins (KY)


LE 67552 RE 87F

Lisa Bielicke TN (St. Louis MO??)

Oshkosh Equalize female Whelped 8/1/97

Sire: Oshkosh Racey and Dam: Oshkosh Fancy

(NGA Owner: Wm F or Larry Pollard)


Oshkosh Electra female

Oshkosh Emmy female

Oshkosh Enduro male

Oshkosh Enforce male

Oshkosh Enigma female

Oshkosh Eskimo male

Oshkosh Ethan male

Oshkosh Exempt male

LE 67545 RE 87B

Neil & Chris Davis
HH Harmonize female Whelped 8/1/97

Sire: Birror and Dam: Bohemian Angel

(NGA Owner: Jo Ann Holomek)
Bohemian Chorus female
Bohemian Intone male
HH Belt Out male
Bohemian Whistle (Adopted by Christine Adolph) female

Dv Mirror Image female
Shawnas Angel female

LE 67540 RE 87A

Deb Gauley TX,FL (Ontario)
EJ'S Slam Dunk (Slammer) male DOB 8/1/97
(NGA Owner: Jim Bogle)
Sire: Flying Elite and Dam: Royal JBís Rita


Ejs Elitest

Ejs Gaterade male

Ejs Six Pack

Tempo Elite male

LE 67513 RE 77C

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

IWA Cricket (Cricket) female DOB 7/27/97

Sire: Flying Brewer and Dam: Flatwater Q Tee


IWA Cutie female

IWA Jag male

IWA Pee Wee female

LE 67505 RE 117E

Jennifer Watkins (KY)


LE 67478 RE 77D

Sheila (Bridgeport CT)
Manuel's Man

Sire: Way of the Dragon and Dam: Onyx Style

BB Wild Steve RE 77C (adopted by Sheila)
BB Wild Amy female
BB Wild Pammell female

LE 67437 RE 17A
Kevin Fenzi CO (CO)
Fired Up Pup male DOB 7/1/97

Sire: Pat C Cloudburst and Dam: Don't Compromise (Lizzie adopted by Kate Bressler KC, MO)
(NGA Owner: Meisen Mok)
Devin's Irish male
Dual Trust
Takes Awhile

LE 67430 RE 57F

Lisa Swartz CO (CO)
CRRI Ded I (Dee) female DOB 7/97
(NGA Owner: Clifford Robins)
Sire: Shiver Me Timberand Dam: CRRI Carmen

CRRI One Lite female

CRRI Pope Joe male

LE 67393 RE 77E

Holly Steinhauser KS (Colorado Springs)

Lobo Diego (Diego) male DOB 7/25/97

(NGA Owner: Bill A Elliott)

Sire: Town Lover and Dam: Lobo Lady


Lobo Jed male

Lobo Cinder male RE 77A (Cinder adopted by Pam Stephens KY)

Lobo Whitney

LE 67380 RE

Joan Stoler (Boston, MA)
Pennys Pal (Terry) (1997)

Sire: Panama Leo and Dam: Northern Delta
(NGA Owner: Patsy L Green)


Pickleís Pal female
Legs Panama
Legs Peso male

Legs Pirate
Legs Prudence
Legs Purdy
Petes Pal

LE 67373 RE 77C

Terri Lamm (Burlington, NC)

Shannon Cross male whelped 7/24/97

(NGA Owner: Patrick Guerin)

Sire: Warrior Ablaze and Dam: Shannon Wish


Shannon Duffy male (adopted)

Shannon Emma female (adopted)

Shannon Hunter male (adopted)

Shannon Island female (adopted)

Celtic Buddy male

Jdbs Wet Paint female

Shannon Alstar male

Shannon Buster male

Shannon Flashy female

Shannon Grace female

LE 67341 RE 77D

Candice Tidwell CT (Hamilton, NJ)

Driven By Energy female DOB 7/19/97
Sire: Driven By Design and Dam: Shandra
(NGA Owner: Michael Nogiewich)


Driven By Reno

Pws Hard Copy

LE 67331 RE 67B

Linda Hess AZ (CA)
Bnd's Leigh (Sara Leigh) female DOB 6/18/97

(NGA Owner: Brandon West or Olsker Kennel)
Sire: Rapido Carizo and Dam: Nevada Sunshine

Bnds Ash
Bnds Bay male

Honk N Hollar

LE 67330 RE 67E

Nancy & Craig Miller FL (Gambrills, MD)

Hortons Bout It (Teemu) male DOB 6/13/97

Sire: Anna's Special and Dam: Isa Miss Mo

(NGA Owner: Hortons Greyhound Inc.)


Hortons Bambino male

Hortons Back Up male

Hortonsbigpaybak female

Hortons Banker male

Hortons Bantam male

Hortons Brass female

LE 67310 RE

Pam Hart KS
SV's Little Girl Whelped 7/21/97

Sire: Task Balsam and Dam: Roro SnowFlake
(NGA Owner: Gerald E Rodman)

Vic's Rocket female
Roro Jessie female
Good Golly Molly female
Money Order

LE 67295 RE


Irish Sir male DOB 2/1/89

Sire: Jock's Steeler and Dam: Irish Ranger

(NGA Owner: Charles A Lusk)


Irish Redhead female

Irish Winter male

LE 67260 RE 77C

Jason Waggoner (Mesa, AZ)
Emmitt Day (Emit) male DOB 7/23/97

Sire: Catch Catbalu and Dam: Emma Gale

(NGA Owner: Ron Mack)
Emma Dole
Eva Bates female

LE 67252 RE 67D

Heather Radick AL (PA)
Donce Dana (Violet) female DOB 6/28/97
(NGA Owner: Donald Maucher)
Sire: Donce Elbert and Dam: Donce Ashley

Donce Elsie female (Amber adopted)

Donce Ace male

Donce Butch male

Donce Casey female

LE 67242 RE 77G

Leslie Carr MX (Huntington Beach, CA)
WD's Taboule (Harpo) male Whelped 7/18/97

Sire: WD's Commando and Dam: Leapin Leslie

(NGA Owner: W D Collins)
Wd's Calypso female
Wd's Kahlua male
Wd's Passport male RE 77F (Passport adopted by Brian Lapinski WA)
Wd's Sangria female
Wd's Southwest male

Wdís Spreckles female

Wdís Galliano male

LE 67226 RE 77A

Kevin Parker FL (MD)
Don L's Elaine (Belle) female DOB 7/29/97
(NGA Owner: Isreal Loiterstein)
Sire: Chevy Montecarlo and Dam: Val's Robin

Don L's Chevygal (adopted?)
Don L's Kostanza
Don L's Kramer
Don L's Newman

LE 6721 RE 77C


Party Runner (Belle) female DOB 7/1/97

Sire: Deanís Party and Dam: Eves Allison


Annes DeSire

Deanís Flash

Deanís Moonshine

Face It Fast

Running Factor


LE 67196 RE 77A

Rachael Capizzi CO (CO)
EJ'S Three Putt (Abe) male DOB 7/23/97
(NGA Owner: Robert Feathers)
Sire: Unruly Thomas and Dam: Quiet Bostoneddy

EJ'S Big Ruth female
EJ'S Hardway male

EJís Feldman male

LE 67192 RE 87B

Angela & Ken Moyse (St. Johnís, NFLD)

HG Lucky (Apollo) male DOB 8/1/97

Sire: Flying Whiskey and Dam: Exclusive Darliní

(NGA Owner: Patsey L Green)


GH Loman male

GH Lester male RE 87A (adopted)

GH Lacey female

GH Lance male

GH Lawton male

GH Lima female

GH Lola female

LE 67185 RE 67H

Therese Skinner KS (MO)

Hannah (unregistered,2 sisters unregistered) female DOB 6/1/97 DOD 5/26/00

Sire: Run For Jim and Dam: Tierra The Great

(NGA Owner: Mountain Greyhounds)


Run For Danny male

Nebo Bronco male

Nebo Cardinal male

Nebo Jaguar male

Nebo Saint female

Nebo Viking male

LE 67181 RE

Nancy Beach (Hillsborough, NC)
All I Can Be male (Idol) DOB 7/18/97
Sire: Grand Passit and Dam: Gracious Stride

(NGA Owner: Sharon L Williams)

Gracious Owen male
Tally Charm female
Thisishow Wedoit male
Tide of Victory male
Trevor's Edge male
Whats Your Rush male

LE 67155 RE 77D

June Baldwin FL

Katsu Dragon (Buddy) male DOB 7/15/97
(NGA Owner: Nobuhiro Katsuzaki)
Sire: Rodney Ramm and Dam: Shogunoranepark
Katsu Buffalo female
Katsu Czar male
Katsu Hades male
Katsu Innocent male

LE 67096 RE

c/o Flo Rink (Adopted by Chuck & Katherine Lemoine Folsum LA)
QV Excalibur 7/97

Sire: P'S Raising Cain and Dam: Downing Classic
(NGA Owner: TC Shackett or R Chandler)

Classic Cain
QV Belagio male
QV Golden Nugget male
QV Luxor
QV Mirage male
QV Sassy Sally female

LE 67092 RE 77C

Jill Ditton

Kings Copper (Cooper) male DOB 7/15/97

Sire: Fifty Sev Chevy and Dam: Kings Polka Dot

(NGA Owner: Noel Godinez)


Kings Barbie

Kings Derrick

Kings Fergie

Kings Gerri

Kings Hope female

Kings Parnell

Kings Kosiba

LE 67062 RE 77C

Susan Argyrides NH (NY)
Yopon Alan Wag (Alan) maleDOB 7/16/97
Sire: Wigwam Wag and Dam: Whytell Lovebug


Yopon Maggie Wag

Yopon Tutall Wag

Yopon Wanda Wag

LE 67051 RE 77D

Jill McBeath (Surrey, BC)

Pat C Darcy female 7/8/97

(NGA Owner: Pat Collins)

Sire: Chrisse's Twelve and Dam: Pat C Karma


Pat C Cristopher male

Pat C Koressa female

Pat C No Knock

Pat C Side Bar male

Pat C Timepiece

Pat C Twelvefold male

Pat C Wyatt male

LE 67015 RE 77D

Dean & Barbara Dalpe (NH)

Doc Bernardo (Hootie)

Sire: Cab's Pauly and Dam:  Make E L Rich
Blowin By You male
Jesta Gittin It male
When male

LE 67013 RE 77D

Tina West
Two Star General (Garion) male DOB 7/5/97

Sire: Two Step and Dam: Pros Roberta C

(NGA Owner: Bruce or Dorothy H Caldwell)
Buyonegetonefree male
Two Edged Sword male
Twotimin Tootsie female

Two For The Show male

Itsatwowaystreet male

LE 67006 RE 67A

Kathy Holtz (CA)

Tish Dole (Pokey) female DOB 6/97

LE 67005 RE 67C

Ellen Partridge NH (Providence, RI)

My T Mambo (Mambo) female DOB 6/29/97

(NGA Owner: Vincent H Scott & Billie A Vincent)

Sire: Commander Power and Dam: Pepper Upper


Hivvey Divel (Doc adopted by Scott Siddon)

My T Be Bop

My T Tango

My T Cha Cha

My T Smoky

Shokin Eet

LE 66994 RE 77B
Kandi Norrell
Amazeme Shianne (Shianne) female DOB 7/8/97
Sire: Blendway and Dam: Dutch Sonora
(NGA Owner: M Hasty or J Haynes)
Dutch Charlie male
Amazeme Jeff male
Amazeme Jeno

LE 66977 RE 77C

Workinclass Hero (Maggie) female DOB 7/97

Sire: JK Tito and Dam: Rancho Cookie


Mikes Redthunder

Ps Tito Cookie female

Ps Tito Frieto female

Ps Tito Joe male

LE 66933 RE 67E

David Campbell WS (MI)
Pat C Booker (Cody) male DOB 6/24/97
(NGA Owner: Patrick Collins)
Sire: Pat C Dublin and Dam: Pat C Panache


Pat C Antonio male

Pat C Irish Rose female

Pat C Ivy Sue female

Pat C Rocko male

LE 66912 RE 67E

Barb Fields
Levi Strauss DOB 6/29/97

Sire: Dungaree and Dam: Miss Honey Bear

(Possible NGA Owner: Raymond A Dion Jr)
Guess Jeans female
Bongo Jeans female
Jordache Jeans female

LE 66908 RE 77B

Midge Moore CO (WA)
Kiowa WW Tonka (Tonka) female DOB 7/1/97
(NGA Owner: K E Smith or W R Ward)
Sire: Flying Train and Dam: Flying Tuition


Kiowa WW Tape female RE 77A (adopted MI)

Kiowa WW Toole female RE 77E (adopted)

Kiowa WW Team female

Kiowa WW Toy female

Kiowa WW Tuition male

LE 66898 RE 77C
Ginger Klein CT
Mj's Twister (Lucy) female DOB 7/9/97
(NGA Owner: Mike Carroll)
Sire: Rodney Ramn Dam: Mj's Brenda

Mj's Chopper male

Mj's Honey female

Mj's Hershey female

LE 66894 RE 77D

John & Barb Bradley FL (Lansing, MI)

Witsend Baby (Heidi) female DOB 7/5/97

Sire: Groovy Durango and Dam: Witsend Beuaty

(NGA Owner: Ben C Willard MD)


Witsend Beulah

Witsend blaze

Witsend Blossom

Witsend Bomber

Witsend Boomer (Adopted)

LE 66887 RE 77C

Sheri Pisaturo (GA)
Mega Maria (Maria) female DOB 7/3/97
Sire: Mega Fritz and Dam: Debby Dabster

(NGA Owner: Max E Gessler)

Mega Mario male

Check Exchanger female

LE 66882 RE 77B

W Fred Shotwell CT (PA)
PS's Crosspoint (CP) male DOB 7/10/97
(NGA Owner: David Petzold)
Sire: Bara Buzz and Dam: P'S SKE Gal


Pís Lite Cap male

Pís Red Bud male

Pís Wheatly female

LE 66877 RE 77D

Dee & Steve Clark (NY)

KK Eldorado (Beau) male DOB 7/3/97

Sire: Say It Loud and Dam: Sparkyís Daydream

(NGA Owner: John V Denton)


KK Easy Go male

KK Elpaso male

KK Explosive male

KK Electra female RE 77C (adopted)

KK Elvira femaleRE 77A (adopted)

KK Express male

KK Extra female RE 77E (adopted)

LE 66840 RE 67?

Halise & Martha

Basement Bertha (Floradora) DOB 6/19/97

Sire: Woods Dustbuster and Dam: HLH Shesnojoker
Eileens' Clown
Peggy's Clown
Woods Dusty
Walt's Aaron

LE 66814 RE 47C

Millicent Smith

Topper Fire (Ana) female Whelped 4/7/97

Sire: Mahogany Fire and Dam: Art's Top Choice
Choice Firedog
Choice Tumble
Dancin Red Rover
Top Clown

LE 66807 RE 67A

Wendy Goldenthal (PA)
SE'S Flyin Roxie (Roxie) female DOB 6/21/97
(NGA Owner: Steven A Ward)
Sire: Epic Rock and Dam: Arjo Peppygal


SEíS Flyinrocker male

SEíS Flyinnicke female

SEíS Flyinrickie female

SEíS Flyinrock male

SEís Flyinrocket male

LE 66802 RE 77E

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Hustlin Evilina (Evie) DOB 7/3/97

Sire: EF Gen Norman and Dam: Vegas Babe


Hustlin Jeorge (George) RE 77G male (Adopted)

Hustlin Bee Gee female

Hustlin Franny

Hustlin Ida Mea

Hustlin J Bird

LE 66784 RE 77H

Jennifer Watkins

Esquire Style (Sue) female DOB 8/4/97

Sire: Voyage Seeker and Dam: Farfetchedstella


Big N Bold male

Full Capacity male

Stella Seeker female

LE 66773 RE

Irene Zaidi CO (CO)
System JoJo (JoJo) male DOB 5/1/97

Sire: Rocksteady Eddie and Dam: King Josephine

(NGA Owners: Hermitage Kennels Inc)


System Flo Jo female

System Jo Bella female

System Jo Betty female

System Jo Boa female

System Jo Bob male

System Jo Eddie male

System Jo Katy female

System Jo Pretty female

LE 66761 RE 77C

Barbara Robertson FL (IN)
Pedo Disguise (Petey) male DOB 7/6/97
(NGA Owner: Peter D Purvis)
Sire: Ryan's Parade and Dam: Pedo Zizi

Pedo Ambush male
Pedo Contra male
Pedo Evasion male
Pedo Leah female
Pedo Vampire female
Pedo Veto male
Pedo Vixon female

LE 66726 RE 77A

Michael Mace (WV)

Jís Darla (Faith) female DOB 7/3/97

Sire: Starlight Jake and Dam: Jís Sammi

(NGA Owner: John Cargal)


Jís Cricket female

Jís Burly male

Jís Samuri female

LE 66721 RE 77F

Betty Crumpler KS (West Plains MO)
Buzzer Back (Snickers) female DOB 7/1/97
(NGA Owner: Ronald G Beckner)

Sire: Nickelbackbingo Dam: Buzzer Ringer


Buzzer Bingo female

Buzzer Humor male

Buzzer Legal male

Buzzer Manpower male (adopted Coeur díAlene Idaho?)

Buzzer Memo male

Buzzer Notes male

Buzzer On female (Ginger adopted ?)

Buzzer Work female

LE 66702 RE 67E

Shirley Trusky (OH)
Spotty Design (Spotty/Potter) male DOB 6/17/97
(NGA Owner: Lee Forzly)
Sire: Design Time and Dam: Ryan's Unicorn

Iím Just Matrix male
Iím Justaspotter male

Satellite Design female
Naomi's Snow male

LE 66689 RE

Kelly Graham
Dam: (Goldie) HJS Golden Dust and Sire: Dungaree

(NGA Owner: H J Sparkman)

Goldieís Litter Whelped 6/1/97:
CTW Gold Brick
CTW Gold Digger
CTW Gold E Locks female
CTW Gold N Rod female
HJS Pegasus male

LE 66684 RE
Dave & Linda Zurawski
Yasou Americas male Whelped 6/1/97
Sire: P's Raising Cain and Dam: Molie Quen
(NGA Owner: Mike or Grace Lagoudakis)
Jp's Danielboone male
Jp's Racin Mason male
Grand Old Man male
Galvez Robn Can male

LE 66674 RE 77F

Sharon Smith FL

Subtle Breeze (Rory) male DOB 7/1/97

Sire: Kunta Kinte and Dam: Subtle Form

(NGA Owner: Symbioum Farms)


Subtle Action male

Subtle Effort (Baja) male RE 77C (adopted by Lynne Dilsaver, CA)

Subtle Control female (adopted)

Subtle Energy female (adopted)

Subtle Explosion male RE 77G (Echo adopted by Sheila & Krista FL)

Subtle Scream female

Subtle Storm male

LE 66662 RE 67D

Lesley Dupuy WI (MI)
Devie's William (William) male DOB 6/97
(NGA Owner: Robert Mackey)
Sire: Oshkosh Racey and Dam: Hh Buttercup


Devieís Diana female

Devieís Phillip male

Devieís Fergie female

Devieís Margaret female

Devieís Charles male

LE 6666l RE 77C 

Shirley Searles
A's Krista (Heidi) Whelped 7/1/97

Sire: Hey Vern and Dam: Dutch Anita

LE 66648 RE 67A

Joanne Norris FL,NH (NJ)
Rambler NGambler (Gambler) male DOB 6/25/97
(NGA Owner: Bruce L Caldwell)
Sire: Boligee Duke and Dam: RR's Irish Linen

Unfetterednalive male
Dancewiththelady female
Freeman In Paris male
Champs D'elyses male

LE 66621 RE 67B

Pat Grunwald (St. Louis)

Tuff Turning (Darby) male DOB 6/22/97

Sire: Black Streaker and Dam: Oshkosh Mover

(NGA Owner: Robert Kreiser)



Hunky Punky

Moving Streaker (Riley) female RE 67A (adopted by Jane Alexander, ON) 

LE 66615 RE 77F

Catherine McGovern FL (FL)

Marvel At Me male (Spencer) Whelped 7/1/97

Sire: Santa Fe Rufus and Dam: You So Crazy

(NGA Owner: Joseph J Correia)


Marvelous Angel female

Marvelous Brooke female


Plane Marvelous male

Quite Marvelous male

Truly Marvelous male

You So Marvelous female

LE 66612 RE 67C

Bobbye & John Stegen FL

Ramons SnowStorm male DOB 6/19/97

Sire: T Mc's Broker and Dam: Nita's Snowhite

(NGA Owner: Jose R Blanco Jr)


Ramons SnowMan male RE 67E  (adopted by Janis, Jonesboro TN)

Ramons Snowbunny female

Ramons Snowhite female

Ramons Snowonder male

Ramons Snowwhere male

LE 66567

Rich & Kathy Hoynes (IL)
Muleninum (Millie) male DOB 1/20/89

Sire: Wincarnis and Dam: Anntex
Wintex female

LE 66559 RE

Kate Shue

Native Nate Whelped 6/19/97
Sire: Pís Rising Cain and Dam: Mr. Nicoboli (Hazel Adopted)

(NGA Owner: Harvey D Maupin Jr)


Natural Nigel male
Neighborly Newt
Nervous Neal male

Neurotic Nikke female
Noticeable Nick male

Naked Neville male

LE 66552 RE 67D

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Bungalow (Brindle) female DOB 6/17/97

Sire: Kiowa Motivate and Dam: Betsy Affran


Beauregard male

Bequeath female

Binoculars male

Brilliant female

Brittle Blue female


LE 66543 RE 67D

Janet & Elliott Stewart WV (KY)

Moon Mt Floyd (Floyd) male DOB 6/26/97

Sire: Keota Dan and Dam: MNS Lovely

(NGA Owner: Jerry Kates)


Moon Mt George

Moon Mt Jack male

Moon Mt Lanora

Moon Mt Pacer

Moon Mt Blister female

Moon Mt Sally female

LE 66539 RE 67E

David & Penny Andrews

Milo Lil Eddie male DOB 6/24/97

Sire: Keota Dan and Dam: Milo Macy

(NGA Owner: Michael D Sutter)


Milo Action male

Milo Blake male

Milo Lacy female

Milo Sidney female

LE 66529 RE 67B

Melanie Bryan CT (VA)
Mercy Taylor (Taylor) female DOB 6/25/97
(NGA Owner: John Taylor)
Sire: Cactus Super Jet and Dam: Roach's EZ Ebony

Big Pun Taylor male
Grace Taylor female RE 67D (Gracie adopted by Kimberly Crossman)

LE 66512 RE 67D

Stephanie Lee TX (TX)
Ramon's Snowwonder (Jose) male DOB 6/9/97

(NGA Owner: Jose R Blanco Jr)

Sire: System Henry and Dam: T Mcís Broker

Ramon's Snowwhite female RE 67A (adopted)
Ramon's Snowbunny female RE 67E (adopted)

Ramonís Snow Man male

Ramonís Snowstorm male

Ramonís Snowwhere male

LE 66437 RE 67B

Marc & Cindy TX (TX)

River Chippewa (Pepper) female DOB 6/18/97

Sire: River Design and Dam: River Topper

(NGA Owner: LB Kasberg)


River Scooter male

River Diamond female

River Rexx male

River Soxx male

LE 66429 RE 67A & I

Jennifer C Voorthees AZ(Spokane, WA)
Ambitious Amy (Amy) female RE 67A DOB 6/1/97 & Atomic Ice Queen (Icy) female RE 67I

Sire: WD's Santiago and Dam: Honest Angel

(NGA Owner: Howard Marshall)


Atomc Blurr male

Atomic Dream female

Charity Blaze female

Echo Junction male

Fantasy Flair female

Goodnite Gracie female

Hilarity Blaze female

LE 66378 RE 67A

Jen Armstrong NH (NH)
Patsy Fagen (Patsy Fagen) male DOB 6/20/97
(NGA Owner: Karen King)
Sire: Great Son and Dam: Kelso's Magnolia

LE 66369 RE 67D

Jeanni Davis FL (North Eastern PA)

CY's Tia  (Tia) Female Whelped 6/1/97

Sire: Anna's Special and Dam: Kin Calamity

(NGA Owner: CY's Kennel)


CY's Pepper Male

CY's Bell Star Female

CY's Raggy Annie Female

CY's Gabby Female

CY's Lolla Female

CY Dumbo

CYís Ghost River

LE 66336 RE 17E

Laura Austin FL,TX (TX)
No Mans Sidney (Sidney) female DOB 1/1/97
(NGA Owner: Judy Holder)
Sire: Becham Pay Day and Dam: Pay Lucky Lucy


No Mans Ashley female

No Mans Audrey female

No Mans Bailey female

No Mans Meghan female

No Mans Noah male

LE 66254 RE 67F

Julie Lawrence AZ (Escondido CA)

Ld Chinos (China) female DOB 6/7/97
Sire: Dungaree and Dam: Janie O Command

Ld Bibbs female
Ld Bloomers female
Ld Dockers
Ld Knickers female
Ld Major Power male
Ld Wrangler male

LE 66247 RE 57G

Teri Rogo AZ (AZ)

Talk To The Boss (Eric) male DOB 5/97

Sire: Pat C Dublin and Dam: Betweenthesheets

(NGA Owner: Stephen A Johnson)


Bunker Mentality

Ashen Lady Female

Tawney Peakes Female

Utter Chaos Male

Full Denial Male

Nice Putt Alice Female

LE 66242 RE 67D
Anne Postic NH (Ontario)
Pat C Devil Dog (Ricky) male Whelped 6/10/97
Sire: Pat C Revolution and Dam: Westpark Fly Off
(NGA Owner: Patrick Collins)

Pat C Aphrodite female

Pat C Resolve female

Pat C Revre male

LE 66222 RE 67A

Kathy Claycomb TX/NH (Tonawanda, NY)
Little Elipse (Elipse) female Whelped 6/1/97

Sire: Flying Absolut and Dam: Elipse

(NGA Owner: Jack Seeley)

LE 66216 RE 67F

Janice Mosher AZ (WA)
Rapido Roslyn (Roslyn, Rosy) female DOB 6/14/97
(NGA Owner: David Blair)
Sire: Rapido Temper and Dam: Doinittoit

Rapido Rover male
Rapido Rebecca female
Rapido Ricardo male
Rapido Rosie female

LE 66193 RE 67G

Jennifer Asaro
Everready DOB 6/1/97

Sire: Trojan Episode and Dam: Wright Fairday

Color Me Cool Female
Even Flow Male
Hang Tough Male
Black Gold Jewel Female (Baby Adopted by NGA Owner) 
Right Advantage Female (Abby Adopted by Jennifer)
Total Oblivion Male (Chucky Cheese Adopted by Jennifer)

LE 66117 RE 67I
Kathy & Tom Bellomy WV (Ohio)

WR'S Rampage (Page) male DOB 6/7/97
(NGA Owner: Waneta E Ratica)
Sire: Beckam Pay Day and Dam: Seneca Helen

Seneca el Zorro male

Seneca Jordan male

Seneca Mariah

Seneca Sunshine female (adopted by the Price family?)

Wrís Cooldixie female

Wrís Knightout

Wrís Mygirl female

LE 6615 RE 67B

Julie Harrington TX (San Antonio TX)
Dg's Baby Rambo (Mayfe) female DOB 6/3/97
Sire: Rapido Rambo and Dam: Dg's Riteonebaby

Dg's Rightonbaby female
Dg's Baby Blue
Dg's High Five
Dg's Sisco
Dg's Speed Zone
Dg's Voodo Daddy
Dg's Zepplen

LE 66098 RE 57C

Mindy and Bill Norris AZ (WA)
Bow Product (Dolby) DOB 5/26/97
Sire: Glengort Jones Dam: Eob Nitewind
(NGA Owner: David Blair)


Bow Price Male

Bow Pro One Female

LE 66077 RE 47C

Jennifer Watkins

Sunrise Station (Sunrise) female

Sire: Epic Prince and Dam: Hailey


Brittany Hill female

LE 66059 RE 67C

David Ehlers NH (Dover DE)
Sly Waco (WACO) male DOB 5/2/97
Sire:  Flying Train and Dam: Broadway Class

(NGA Owner: Gary L Scott)

Sly Arrow male

Sly Belle female (adopted?)

Sly Executive male

Sly Hawkeye male (adopted?)

Sly Liza female (adopted?)

Sly Snappy female (adopted?)

Sly Sweetie

LE 66033 RE 57B

Cathy Munro AZ (WA)
RD's About Time (Time) male DOB 5/1/97

LE 66020 RE 57C

Wendy Sanderlin (FL)

Wigwam Diamond (Donner) male DOB 5/31/97

(NGA Owner: Keeter's Kennel)

Sire: Wigwam Wag and Dam: Rileys Marymary


Wigwam Dillinger male

Wigwam Dixon male

Wigwam Drumond male

LE 6607 RE 71B

Jackie Wright-Minogue (NJ)
Bege Oscar (Oscar) DOB 7/15/91

Sire: Frank Shurden and Dam: Maggie Mimosa

(NGA Owner: B Berry)


Bege Ozzie

Bege O My Gosh

LE 65983 RE 57?

Karen Nolan FL (TN)
Forbes Fantasy (Fantasy) female DOB 5/27/97
(NGA Owner: Forbes kennels)
Sire: Fantastic Memory and Dam: Scintillate


Forbes Alonzo female

Forbes Fraction female

Forbes Subzero male

Forbes Topnotch female

Forbes Flambay male

LE 65972 RE 67A

Lynne Dilsaver AZ, CO, WI (CA)
Mort (Chewey) male 06/05/1997
Sire: Western Spirit and Dam: Twilitejustababe
(NGA Owner: Roy A Sisk Jr)

Samuel Spirit male
Sprits Rising male

LE 65929 RE 57A

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Fancy Foot (Queenie) female DOB 5/24/97

Sire: Kiowa Motivate and Dam: Beckam Fast Flo

(NGA Owner: Michael R Lewis)


Emerald Avalon female

Emerald Tall Boy male

Emerald Titanic male

Emerald Tracer male

Emerald Trigger male

LE 65906 RE 67A

Rachel Hopple Wisconsin (OH)

Hard Dog Humbled (Puccini) male DOB 6/1/97
(NGA Owner: Robert Kreiser)
Sire: Speeds the Key and Dam: Oshkosh Diana

Ruby Two Shoes female

LE 65904 RE 57F

Barb Abney FL (FL)
John Edward Dash (Pharaoh) male DOB 5/1/97
(NGA Owner: Alevizos Greyhounds)
Sire: Loxahatchee Dash and Dam: Take a Puff

Alex John Dash male
Elizabeth Dash female
Joy Dash male
Katherine Dash female
Lauren Dash female
Margaret Dash female
Nicole Dash male

LE 65865 RE 57C

Nancy Shook (Mississippi)

Bag of Bets (Tiger) male DOB 5/26/97 DOD 11/12/04
(NGA Owner: R G Beckner)
Sire: By Tar and Dam: Blanch By

Princess Rain female
Red Fox Rain female

LE 65857 RE 67A

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Jg Pathfinder (Path) male DOB 6/1/97

Sire: Ejís Douglas and Dam: Lz Miss Quick G

(NGA Owner: Joe Gosselin)


Jg Annabelle female

Jg Homerun male

Jg Iceman male

Jg Rough Cut male

Jg Showdown male

Jg Sugartime female

LE 65851 RE 57A

Carmen Lyons FL (England from NC)
MH Peppercorn (Merlin) male DOB 5/27/97
(NGA Owner:  Haven D Williams)
Sire:  Knuckles Up and Dam: Brinks Bobbi Sue

MH Basil male

MH Chili Powder male

MH Nutmeg male

MH Paprika male

LE 65835 RE 37H

Felicity Hollister (Alvord, TX)

Patches male

Sire: Dungaree and Dam: T MCís Bonfire

(NGA Owner: Eddie McDonald)


TMCís Banjo male

TMCís OíSuzanna female

TMCís Bo Jangles male

TMCís Get Along male

TMCís Velvet male

TMCís Hambone male

TMCís Porkchop male

LE 65832 RE 57G

Erin Schommer WI (WI)
MVP Sammy (Homer) male DOB 5/26/97
(NGA Owner: Frank J Defino Sr)
Sire: Oshkosh Racey and Dam: Chelseas Mystery


Sosa Mirmosa female

Mystical Fire female

Mystical Mama female

Mystical Racey female

Mystical Bocelli male

LE 65800 RE

Jacki (OH)

Wpís Bell (Ebony) female 5/18/97

Sire: Craigie B There and Dam: Different Action

(NGA Owner: Wesley L Parvin)


Wpís Baxter male

Wpís Beckett male

Wpís Bentley male

Wpís Betty female

Wpís Billie female

Wpís Bodine male

Wpís Bonnie female

LE 65685 RE

Emma Hymas  (Durham, NC)

Rich's Bent Wood (Woody) Male Whelped 5/23/97

Sire: Rapido Rambo and Dam: Karma Bound

(NGA Owner: John Richardson)
Rich's At A Boy male
Rich's Buterbean female
Rich's Pasqualli male

LE 65673 RE 57J

Lorraine Hess AZ (Oceanside CA)
Looks Like Joe (Joey) male DOB 5/7/97
(NGA Owner: Doug M Wilson)
Sire: Oxford Shoes
Dam: Wr Lets Go Mama

Bankin Bobby male
Bennie Back Spot
Climbing Ike male
Elite Edy female
Hoppin Harry male
Magic Runt female
Pgs Necklace female
Spotted Heddy female

LE 65664 RE 17F

Terry Overbeek (MI)

Rebel Shell female 1/1/97

Sire: Groovy Rebel and Dam: Old Sue

(NGA Owner: Don Jairett)


Regall Razamataz male

Dís Rebelrouser male

Rebel Pebble female

Rebel Jane

LE 65648 RE 57I

Jennifer Watkins

Greys Daringstar (KY) Star female DOB 5/26/97

Sire: Greys Bustnloose and Dam: Greys Stargazer

(NGA Owner: Ernest J Butler)

Greys Battlestar female

Greys Hasty Star female

Greys North Star female

Greys Astro Star female

Greys One Star male

Greys Unrulystar female

Greys Aspen Star female

LE 65645 RE 57A

Laura Renke (Waton, KY)

Honey Boy Fler male Whelped 5/197

Sire: Good News and Dam: Brisbane Sheila

(NGA Owner: R E D Dogs)

LE 65609 RE

Punkie Bagdon FL,OR (WA)
Imminent Danger (Harley) male DOB 5/22/97

(NGA Owner: Wayne R Ward)

Sire: Dark Danger and Dam: Shalako Desire


Danger Zone

Dangerous Games female

Dangerous Time female

Dangerously Sly female

Swift Danger male (adopted)

WW Danger Girl female

WW Danger Zone male

LE 65603 RE 57C
Gwen Blumenauer (Ohio)
Carolina Jazz (Jazz) WV DOB 5/14/97
(NGA Owner: Charles Rink)
Sire: Rm's Davey and Dam: Aynor Combo
Carolina Beat male
Carolina Boogie female
Carolina Jive (adopted contact Gwen) male
Carolina Rock male

LE 65589 RE 57D

Paul Grace MA, NH (Providence RI)

Epard Cute (Little Sister) female DOB 5/9/97

Sire: Brookline and Dam: Matchable


Epard Gem

Epard Jazz female

Epard Homer

LE 65588 RE 57A

Brian Thomas CT/FL (CT)
Kings Crystal (Crystal) female DOB 5/11/97
Sire: Butter Lite and Dam: Back Swing

LE 65570 RE 57I

Pauline & Kevin Bernoski (NY)
To the Point (Hunter) male DOB 5/19/97
Sire: Great Son and Dam: Just Happened

Heaven Sent female RE 57C (adopted North Texas)
Great Happening female
Bellerose female
Wreak Havoc male
Estabrook female
Haddie female
Just Happened female

LE 6556? RE

Shelly Werth

Becbob Squealer (Wheeler) male Whelped 7/1/91

Sire: Oshkosh Tease and Dam: Homespun Sadie
(NGA Owner: Bobby W Davis)

Becbob Bandit female
Becbob Caesar male
Becbob Demon female
Becbob Lindsay female
Becbob Sam male
Becbob Sisco female

LE 65540 RE 57?

Donna West AR (IN)
Come On Blair (Blair) female DOB 5/5/97
(NGA Owner: Randle Blair)
Sire: Archbishop and Dam: Cynthia Garvey

Whatever Blair female
Shorty Blair male
Arch Blair male
Charlie Blair male
Stan Da Stooge female
Cynthia Blair female

LE 65482 RE

Katharine J Stiffler (Dansville, NY)
Kyle's Boone (Sir Toby) Male DOB 4/28/97

Sire: Tella Winner and Dam: Wilcliff Melissa
(NGA Owner: Kyle Wilson)

Kyle's Akira female
Kyle's Emory male
Kyle's Hombre male
Kyle's Lil Bear male
Kyle's Sledge male
Kyle's Tamika female

LE 65460 RE 57A

Kathy Claycomb (Tonawanda, NY)

Nitro Ninja (Cheetah) male Whelped 5/5/97

(NGA Owner: Alan Piper)

Sire: Homey Dont Play and Dam: Chicks Erin


Nitro Breeze female RE 57B (adopted in Tonawanda, NY)

LE 65445 RE 57D
Beverly Ulp WV (PA)
Greys Slick Pete (Slick) male DOB 5/5/97
Sire: Solution and Dam: Greys Slicknquik
(NGA Owner: Donald J Grissom)
Greys Slick Fox female
Greys Slick Ice female
Greys Slick Nick male
Greys Slick Rush male
Greys Slick Sand female
Greys Slick Sand female
Greys Slickshark male
Greys Slickshoes male

LE 65435 RE

Laura Nelson Mexico (Madison, OH)

Jamies World (Jake) male DOB 5/1/97

Sire: Kudlow and Dam: Ima Carnish Hen

(NGA Owners: Earl Rettenmeier & Joe Lent)


Ten After Terry male

Ima Rogue male

Ima Amy female

Ima Brett male

Ima Connie female

Mr. Wee Bear female

Sara Kappa female

LE 65423 RE 57A

Larry Luening KS (ON)

Nimby Sister (Nimby) female DOB 5/6/97

Sire:  Bickle and Dam: One Night Heddie

(NGA Owner: Hancock)

LE  65361 RE 57F

Sharon Diebel AZ,CO

Akins Awesome (Awesome) male Whelped 5/8/97

Sire: Aussie Iago and Dam: Hillary Clinton

(NGA Owner: Donald R Payne/ Akins Inc)


Akins Bandit male

Akins Misbehavin female

Akins Amber female

Akins Ambush male

Akins Hannibal male

Akins Cheetah

Rietas Aussie male

LE 65328 RE 47B

Annette Doerr  (NY)

Black Pan (Indy) DOB:4/25/97 female

Sire: Everybodys Pride and Dam: Pansey Cat
(NGA Owner: S Lynn Anderson)


Norm's Jenks male

Coby's Lil Dawg male RE 47H (adopted)

Wp MIss Shirley female

LE 65322 RE 57E

Sylvia Kivley (NH)

Kings Erika (Erika) Female Whelped 5/4/97

Sire: My Mr. Bocephus and Dam: P's Fussy Lady

(NGA Owner: Noel S Godinez)


Kings Amy female

Kings Red Flash

Kings Bocephus

Kings Brandy

LE 65308 RE 57E

Sherry Parr (Seattle, WA)

Jami Time female DOB 5/97

Sire: Greenane Slippy and Dam: Kristy Brinkly

(NGA Owner: Philip M Pruett)


Antone Malone male (adopted contact Sherry)

Greenane Cary On male

Eugene Mean male

LE 65279 RE 57E

David Campbell KS (MI)
LJR's Eve (EVE) female DOB 5/7/97

(NGA Owner: Janet Diercks, Tony Mills?)
Sire: Knuckles Up and Dam: LJR's Cuge


LJRís Andy male

LJRís April female

LJRís Carr female

LJRís Dot female

LE 65271 RE 47G

Angie Grelling CT
Move On Kerry (Shazam) female DOB 4/22/97

Sire: Move On Passion and Dam: Forbes Princess

(NGA Owner: James Byrnes & Daniel P Greene)
Move On Fast
Move On Jim male
Move On Nora
Move On Galway
Move On Darald male
Move On Jack male
JRs Titanic male

LE 65224 RE 47B

Cristina Martinez (Chicago, IL)
Okie Dreamchaser (Penny)

Sire: Lightning Lester (deceased) and Dam: Okie Diamond
Rainier Ramrod male
Rainier Refined female
Rainier Risque female

LE 65203 RE

Jack & Helen Thompson (Binghamton, NY)

Kiowa Fort Katie (Kent) Male DOB 5/6/97

Sire: Fortress and Dam: Mohican Gambler

(NGA Owner: Kay E Smith)
Kiowa Fort Myles
Kiowa Fort Trey
Kiowa Fort Riley female
Kiowa Fort Tyler

Kiowa Fort Sill female

LE 65179 RE 47D

Laura Dinsdale (Macomb Twp., MI)
Sport Flyer (Danny) male

Sire: Wigwam Wag and Dam: Indio No
Kilmanjaro Flyer male
McKinley Flyer female
Wahoo Flyer female
C Driver male

LE 65178 RE

Charlene & Brent Lockwood
Nodak Fullmoon (Casey) male Whelped 5/4/97

Sire: Nodak Polk and Dam: Glory Rush

(NGA Owner: Marvin Opp or Raymond C Thurber?)
Nodakharvestmoon Female

LE 65167 RE 57E

Donna Klein (Holly, MI)

Flying Tuesday (Tuesday) male Whelped 5/1/97

Sire: Flying Pluto and Dam: Run On Mist
Flying Saturday female
Flying Sunday female
Flying Wednesday male

LE 65164 RE 119F

Jennifer Watkins (KY)


LE 65161 RE 47G

Katie Davidson AR (TN)
Hey Zack (Zack) male DOB 4/24/97
(NGA Owner: Walter L Gribben)
Sire: Loxahatchee Dash and Dam: Miz Gracie Allen


Hey Zaffer male

Hey Zeke male

Hey Zink male

Hey Zobo male

Hey Zipper male

Hey Zoril male

Miz Zola female (adopted by Scott Baran)

LE 65151 RE 57C

Michael Nemetch RI (VA)

Beginagain Fin (Jitterbug) male DOB 5/5/97

Sire: Itsa Sompin and Dam: LJRís Cutie

(NGA Owner: Robert C OíConnor)


LJRís Nick male

Austins Aggi female

Comeback Rose female

Lady in Waiting female

Oake Downunder male

LE 65132 RE 47C

Dean & Barbara Dalpe (NH)
Hallo One O Two (River) male DOB 4/30/97

Sire: Dutch Dugan and Dam: She's A Fever
Hallo Good Day
Hallo Hot Fever
Hallo Mrs. Cool
Hallo One O Four
Hallo One O One
Hallo Sweet Lady

LE 65126 RE 47H

Wanda Abeyta AZ (San Diego CA)
Henry (Henry) male DOB 4/9/97
Sire: Sorrento Warrior and Dam: Rj's Crooz Along

Bernie Beign male RE 47G (adopted by Arroyo family Long Island, NY)
Crooz Muffin female
Frank An Sense
Palmer male
Walt Weiss male

LE 6511 RE 57E
Beverly Kehs FL (Bucks County, PA)
AM Sandra (Sandra)

LE 65090 RE 57B

Della Wireman
West Virginia's Hattie (Hattie) DOB 5/1/97 female

Sire: Molotov and Dam: Smiley School
West Virginia's Sarah
West Virginia's Smiley's Last
West Virginia's Alto
West Virginia's Hazel

LE 65040 RE 128B

Jennifer Watkins
K's Away We Go (Brody) Whelped 12/10/88

Sire: K's Moon and Dam: K's Tough Enough
K's Chandra female
K's Gabrielle female (adopted since passed away)

LE 65029 RE 47I

Stephanie Aebersold FL (Boca Raton, FL)

Katsu Espn (Sport) Whelped 4/22/97

Sire: Be Complete and Dam: Katsu Taipei
Katsu Bonus
Katsu Cindy
Katsu Deborah RE 47D (adopted)
Katsu Eva
Katsu Fay
Katsu Gina
Katsu Peanuts

LE 65014 RE 47D

Jacqueline Morgan Sharkey FL (PA)
Alarm Clock (Payne) male DOB 4/1/97
(NGA Owner: H L Swartendruber)
Sire: Exonerated and Dam: Trip the Light

Critter male (adopted)
Expect Magic female
Just Havin Fun female
Little Surefoot female
Mo Hotter male
Special Squeezin female
St. Paulie Girl female

LE 64980 RE 47D

Bonnie Baron Mexico (LA, CA)
Shot Glass (Chaz) DOB 4/25/97

Sire: Flying Whiskey and Dam: Fuel Fixer
Dotty Grey
Ann Grey
Carol Grey
Brenda Grey
Farris Grey

LE 64975 RE 47D

Morris Weller CO (Iowa)
Scrappy Shelly (Shelly) female DOB 4/12/97
(NGA Owner: Daniel Zenner)

LE 64958 RE 47C

Patricia Klishevich FL (PA)
Sd Dodge (Sd Dodge) male DOB 4/1/97
(NGA Owner: Lawrence D Henry)
Sire: Flying Gunman and Dam: Safe Date

Sd Behold female

Sd Celebrity male

Sd Excel female

Sd Fiero male

Sd Grand male

Sd Hydrogen male

LE 64904 RE 47A

Dawn & John Parkinson MA (Middlefield, CT)

País French (Frenchy) male DOB 4/6/97

Sire: Fortress and Dam: Rudy Dee

(NGA Owner: George Benjamin)


País Flippo male

LE 64879 RE 27F

Maggi Smith (Pasadena, MD)
Kip's Banner (Kharma) Whelped 2/14/97

Sire: Greys Councilman and Dam: Bird's Shee
Kip's Buddy male
Kip's Kate female
Kip's Mickey male
Kip's Pepper male
Kip's Wonder male (deceased)

LE 64840 RE 47A
Kimberly Miller FL (Battle Creek, MI)
Corina Corona (Corina) female DOB 4/13/97
Sire: Boligee Hoss and Dam: Boligee Pualine
(NGA Owner: Bruce L or Dorothy Caldwell)

Buckie Moosehead male
Heidi Heine Can
Tiger Steinlager male
Michellemichelob female

LE 64834 RE 47G

Felicia Nunley-Wright AL (Knoxville TN)

Wildcat Kayla (Kayla) Female DOB 4/12/97 DOD 4/21/02

Sire: Flying Gunman and Dam: Tanner's Debut

(NGA Owner: Bobby L Hibbs)


Wildcat Karen female

Wildcat Kathi female

Wildcat Kay

Wildcat Kelli

Wildcat Kim

Wildcat Kirk

Wildcat Kory male

LE 64731 RE 47C

Pamela & Henry Thompson FL (Savannah, GA)

Task Bebackby (Bebe) female Whelped 12/22/97

Sire: By Tar and Dam: Task Be With Me

(NGA Owner: Thomas or Karen Ferrell)


Task Be Bow Blur

Task Be Busy Bee

LE 64722 RE 47C

Paula McVann FL/KS

PA's Skip Stone (Stoney) Male DOB 4/16/97

Sire: Stoner Creek and Dam: Call Her Later

(NGA Owner: Pierre Amestoy)


Pa's Burr Creek male

Pa's Creekstone mal

Pa's Cross Creek male

Pa's Stoney Dan male

Pa's Stoneygal female

Pa's Swift Creek male

Pa's Water Wheel male
Pa's Trout Creek (Chance) RE 47F (adopted by Jeannie Kenny MI)
Pa's Centrycreek male

LE 64716 RE 97E

Barbara Zino (MA)

Twilite Stoney male DOB 2/7/97

Sire: Keota Dan and Dam: Twilite Jericho

(NGA Owner: Twilite Kennels LLC)
Twilite Electro male
Twilite Reba female
Twilite Teel female
Twilite Teri female
Twilite Tilley female
Twilite Tori female

LE 64713 RE

Angela Parker
Keota Tyler male DOB 4/1/97

Sire: Twilite Chance and Dam: Keota Jade
Keota Chelsea female
Keota Alicia female
Keota Gregg male

LE 64707 RE 17E

Connie Hilker (Fredericksburg, VA)

Alabama Emma (Emma) female DOB 1/27/97

Sire: Aussie Iago and Dam: Just Empty

(NGA Owner: Phillip J Grummer)


Alabama Agnes female RE 17A (Aggie found-Connie in PA)

Alabama Goodie female RE 17G (adopted)

Alabama Judy female

Silverhawk Angel female

Alabama Happy female RE 17H (Happy found ĖConnie- Jerry Calhoun GA?)

Alabama Dude male RE 17D (Dude found Ė Connie, PA?)

LE 64651 RE 37G

Susan Wheat FL (FL)
L's Pretender (Tigger) female DOB 3/3/97
(NGA Owner: Paul M Levy)
Sire: PS Ebony Rocket and Dam: Lís Radioactive

Lís Monica female (adopted?)
Lís Nibbles female (adopted?)
Lís Pretty Boy male (adopted?)
Lís Shy Girl female (adopted?)
Lís Bigfoot male (adopte?)
Lís Waterdog male (adopted?)

LE 64625 RE 47A

Pat McArdle CT (NJ)

Global Impact (Maggie) female

Sire: Dark Danger and Dam: Skylar Pines

Cd Lady
Cd Lightning
Cd Nonstop male 
Cd Pine female
Cd Rebecca female
Cd Sara Sara female
Cd Sis female

LE 64613 RE 97F

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Reko Karrida (Karrida) female DOB 4/8/97

Sire: Bara Buzz and Dam: Dusty Deb

(NGA Owner: Reko Enterprises Inc)


Reko Khaliah female

Reko Elias male

Reko Khawanna female

Reko Salaam male

LE 64566 RE 37B

Suzanne Ricci

Nels Ginger Girl female Whelped 3/3/97

Sire: Louís Lilbigman and Dam: Problematic


Nelís Gale Force male

Nelís Guber male

LE 64565 RE

Donna & Bill Smith NH

Nel's Guber male DOB 3/3/99 DOD 2/16/04

Sire: Lou's Lilbigman and Dam: Problematic

(NGA Owner: Christopher Palmieri Jr)


Nel's Gale Force male

LE 64551 RE 47A

Nancy & Scott Lassiter (Anderson, SC)
Bud's Lady Jean (Jeany) DOB 4/5/97

Sire: Faster Gun and Dam: Bud's Lady

(NGA Owner: Michael Steven Obi)
Peter the Gun (Petey) male (Adopted living in Orlando)
Bud's Lady Jayne female (Adopted living in MD or VA)
BB's Mariline female
My T Bud male

LE 64543 RE

Riva Johnson (FL)

Urbanís Mai Tai (Mia) female Whelped 4/1/97

Sire: Mad Dog and Dam: Urbanís Mary

(NGA Owner: Ursula G Urbanowicz)


Urbanís Daze female

Urbanís Gigi female

Urbanís Madmary female

Urbanís Sarah female

LE 64494 RE 37H

Barb Johnston FL (Niagara, ON)

Blum Georgeous (Sally) female

Sire: Big Tar and Dam: Miss Blum

(NGA Owners: R D Stonestreet Sr & Jr)


Big Blum male

Grand Charmer male

Pecos Gambler male

Powerful Goer male

Sherri Girl female

Sweetest Sherri female

Venerable Leader male

LE 64449 RE

Kris Burkel
CE's Redline male DOB 4/3/97

Sire: Jj Andrew and Dam: CEís Red Charter

(NGA Owner: Claude Edward)

CE's Red Baron male
CE's Red Rock male
CE's Red Zone female
CE's Red River female
CE's Red Sky

LE 64398 RE 47G

Margaret Haven (VA)
Kunta's Kashlee (Kash Kow) male DOB 4/2/97
Sire: Kunta Kinte and Dam: Iced Soda*

(NGA Owner: Steve P Haenel)


Crimson Soda female

Flying Kiowa Eve female

Kinte Ice female

Kuntas Dylagogo

Kuntas Tombo

Ljs Vince B male

LE 64380 RE 37B

Nancy Hunter FL/AL (LA)

Pretty N Proud (Pretty) female Whelped 3/1/97

Sire: Unique Design and Dam: Flying Hazelnut

(NGA Owners: Joseph T Kelly or Gail K Toenges)


Proud To Be male

LE 64362 RE 47E

Sarah Boudreau (Nahua, NH)

Kelsoís Shadow male DOB 4/6/97

Sire: Evening Memory and Dam: Shavaughn


Dustin Your Face

Dustins Fire Fly

Dustins Memory female

Kelsoís Memory male

LE 64312 RE 37G

Phil & Cindi Allen AZ (Denver CO)

Coldwater Newell (Newell) male  3/13/97

Sire: Dungaree and Dam: Coldwater Sanity

(NGA Owner: Oscar Henderson)


Coldwater Milano male

Coldwater Tante female

Coldwater Tormay male

Coldwater Russo male

Coldwater Ussen male

Coldwater Janene female RE 37H (Kadee adopted by David Miller Tucson AZ)

LE 64306 RE 37C

Arthur & Sharon Stefanski WI (Chesterton, IN)

Kacy Rooster (Roody) male DOB 3/22/97

Sire: My Rooster and Dam: Kacy Jody

(NGA Owner: Vana Moore Hawkins)


Kacy Lennox female

Kacy Rheem female

LE 64263 RE 47D

Jennifer Watkins

Tri City Pest (Simon) DOB 4/1/97

Sire: Evening Memory and Dam: Garontee


Rini Belle

Sams Dawn

Sommers Rose

Talors Toy

LE 64220 RE 37C

Danielle Ring CT (VA)
Kickin it Up (Whisper) female DOB 3/19/97
Sire: Rodney Ramm and Dam: Bonnie R

Bill Giovanni male
Billys Clown
Cant Dance
Fire Mistress
Moueho Poucho

LE 64214 RE

Donald R & Shari Jennings
Native Conch (Nat) male DOB 3/1/97

Sire: Sorrento Warrior and Dam: Sierra Judy
(NGA Owner: G Gayle Darville)
A Conch Among Us
A Conch Forever female
A Conch Moment female
Conchy Homeboy male
Island Conch
Sly Warrior male (found lives in MI)
Texas Stud Conch female

LE 64201 RE

Pam McCullough WV (TX)

Poca Dot Donna (Donna) female DOB 3/19/97
Sire: Flying Ace and Dam: Aunt Agatha


Aggieís Memory female

Arnold The Ace male

Big Edwardo male

Fingers McGee male

Hexter Dexter male

LE 64198 RE 37E

Judy & Michael Stroup
Gofore The Help male (Gopher) DOB 3/27/97

Sire: Kelton Quick and Dam: Goforit Amy

(NGA Owner: Joe Lent & Earl Rettenmeier or Betty Stein)
Keepin Up Withjo male
My Boy Roy male
Bleacher Bum male

LE 64190 RE

Tara Garza

Shata Kelly female DOB 3/29/97

Sire: Knuckles Up and Dam: Sheís A Pirate

(NGA Owner: Clifford F Smith)


Shata Kandi female

Shata Kash

Shata Klass male (died 2 weeks after retiring, heart failure DOD 9/27/02)

Shata Kutup male

Shata Kwik

LE 64097 RE 27E

Martha (Kansas)

Okie Jade (Her Royal Highness Miss Jade) female DOB 2/26/97

Sire: Traveling Conan and Dam: Okie Gwen

(NGA Owner: Gaylan L Edwards)


Okie Bomber male RE 27G (retired)

Okie Dudley male RE 27B

Okie Jeri female RE 27H

Okie Landy female RE 27C

Okie Taz male RE 27F

Okie Treva female RE 27A

LE 64092 RE 37F

Kate Knapp (Nebraska)

Perky Nickey (Nikki) female DOB 3/97

Sire: Affordable Smile and Dam: Jetset Joan

(NGA Owner: Adrian Brown)
Wild Bill Hickok
Indian Head Penny
Rainbow Rowell

LE 64041 RE 27D

Carole Buckman (KY)
Pat C Drop Zone DB male DOB 2/26/97
(NGA Owner: Patrick Collins)
Sire: Pat C Montecarlo and Dam: Pat C Alicia

Pat C Approach female
Pat C Beulah female

Pat C Commotion male

LE 64005 RE

Derek Manna

Riley Eden female DOB 3/11/97

Sire: Bold N Brazen and Dam: Expressly Yours

(NGA Owner: Wayne R Ward)


Riley Ernie male

Riley Envy female

Riley Ebony female

LE 64004 RE 37C

James White AZ (San Diego CA)
Coldwater Yvonne (Morgan) female DOB 3/11/97
Sire: Dutch Dugan and Dam: Cheyenne Robbi


Coldwater Colton male

Coldwater Dyana female

Coldwater Lurana

Coldwater Onita

Coldwater Vietta

LE 63995 RE

Nancy A Lassiter (Anderson, SC)

Dam: Shotgun Liz

Shotgun Lizís Litter Whelped 1/27/97 with Sire: Arron Bowman

(NGA Owner: Henry Miller or Pat Ball)

Spirit O Foxfire female (Adopted)
Spirit O Mary
Spirit O Mexico
Spirit O Nevada
Spirit O Oregon
Spirit O Utah
Spirit O Alaska (Adopted)

LE 63993 RE 118D

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

MP's Helens Girl (Helen) female Whelped 11/1/88

Sire: Powersville Jet* and Dam: Dangerous Choice

(NGA Owner: Robert Ruggles)
Irish Luck male?
MP's Emieschoice female
MP's Jet Travel male
MP's Rubylite female
MP's Ruth female
Mpgirlofmychoice female

LE 6398 RE 37H
Mike & Shannon Malat CT

Tns Tri Power (Buddy) male Whelped 3/8/97

Sire: Kail and Dam: Piper Lee

(NGA Owner: Tommy L Travis)
Tns Dakota male
Tns Destiny female
Tns Katie female
Tns Lacey female
Tns Robin female
Tns Tara female
Tns Traveler male
Tns Wrangler male

LE 63870 RE 27D

Nancy Ort FL (Bellefonte, PA)
Shibren Emily female DOB 2/18/97
Sire: Oshkosh Racey and Dam:  Shibren Chelsie

Racey Rocky

Shibren Racey

Road Cones female RE 27E (Amy adopted by Nicholas Matyevich North Tonawanda, NY)

LE 63868 RE 27B

Kay Krug ME, WV, AL (Shelbyville, KY)
Ripley Race Me (Racer) male DOB 7/3/97

Sire: Oshkosh Racey and Dam: Ripley Rendova


Ripley Miss Me (Trinity) RE 27C (Adopted)

LE 63858 RE 37G

Donald & Cynthia Zember WI
Pazzo Gallentine (Gally) male DOB 3/2/97

Sire: Dungaree and Dam: Pazzo Greta

(NGA Owner: Gail Toenges)
Pazzo Garvey male
Pazzo Gibson male
Pazzo Gillette female
Pazzo Grace female
Pazzo Groten male
Pazzo Georgie

LE 63848 RE 37G

Ashley Su (Toronto ON)
SL Slip Shot Sol (Dasher) male DOB 3/5/97
(NGA Owner: Sharon A Lewis)
Sire: Twistin Bufus and Dam: Arlene My Love

Boysatthebar male
Dl's Friend Kay male
SL Onearmbandit male
SL Personique male

LE 63846 RE 27H

Steven Phillips FL,KS,WV,WI (Chicago IL)

Kiowa Surfrider (Surfrider) male DOB 2/28/97

Sire: Big Tar and Dam: Flying Chucker

(NGA Owner: Terry Weber)


Kiowa Deer Rund female

Kiowa Peppertree

Kiowa Sea Scape

Kiowa Tanglewood male

Kiowa Water Wood male

LE 63844 RE 27I
Neile Jane Di Nitto RI (RI)
Tony D Clint (Argos) 2/24/97

Sire: Dungaree and Dam: Penrose Shams
(NGA Owner: Nick DeSalvo)

Penrose Austin
Penrose Cleve
Penrose Mia
Penrose Selma
Penrose Shania female
Penrose Trace
Total Ascent
Total Sue Quan

LE 63824 RE 37E

Rebecca Doersam (Utah)
Edee Quick (Edee) female DOB 3/14/97
(NGA Owner: Alva Flynn)
Sire: Kelton Quick and Dam: Lou Ann Diller

Aley Diller
Barney Quick male
Dennis Quick male
Gracey Quick female
Harry Hurry male
Light Flint
Orvis Kelton female

LE 63790 RE 27C
Mike & Bobbye Fisher TX, FL
Chez Lovely (Chez) female DOB 2/5/97
(NGA Owner: Gary Alexander)
Sire: Brass and Sassy and Dam: AJ's Goldenglo
Az Flashy Sassy female (adopted San Antonio?)
Az Golden Glass

LE 63711 RE 37C

Patricia Girouard FL/NH (Leominster, MA)

Gentle Bingo male DOB 3/7/97

(NGA owner: James E O'Donnell Jr)

Sire: Montechina and Dam: Starlight Sonja


Gentle Hound male

Gentle Irish male

Gentle Lady female

Gentle Playboy male

Gentle Speedy

Gentle Style

LE 63659 RE 37H

Bryon and Melissa Schwartz  (Frederick, MD)
Wheres Zoe (Ramsey) male

Sire: JK Blue Cougar and Dam: Afton Nora

(NGA Owner: Melvin Drayton)


Where's Zany female

LI Blue DeSire: female

LI Blue Walty female

LI Cougar Pride male

LI Cougar Style male

LI Blue Mystic

LE 63636 RE

Jay & Deb Aukamp FL (PA)
Twister Classie (Classie) female 12/31/96

Dam: Mine N Moms and Sire: Boston Ace
(NGA Owner: C Don Godby)

Twister Dragon male
Boston Rustler male
Wicked One female (adopted living in KY?)
Rural Speeddemon male
Boston Joy female

LE 63574 RE 27I

Francoise Addison AZ (CA)
Wds Camille (Brecky) female DOB 2/14/97
(NGA Owner: Kathleen Y Collins)
Sire: WD's Santiago and Dam: Wd's Shenandoah

Wd's Angelo male
Wd's Bold One male
Wd's Bottero male
Wd's Cross Point male
Wd's Indarra male
Wd's Radiance female
Wd's Rioja male
Wd's Rum Tugger male

LE 6354 RE 35D

Pam Cook (TX)
A Bar Baby Face (Faith) female DOb 3/95
Sire: Oshkosh Schemer and Dam: Muffin Minnie

A Bar Bodacious
A Bar Dagger female (adopted)
A Bar Gunslinger male
A Bar Hammertime
A Bar Hedgehog male
A Bar Mojo male
A Bar Skat Kat female
A Bar Voo Doo female

LE 63534 RE

Lynanne Furlong WI (St. Johnís, NFLD)

Silverhawk Lad male DOB 1/27/97
Sire: Snowy Mountain and Dam: Nanjo's Pertgirl

(NGA Owner: Tom Thomas)
Alabama Bugsy male RE 17B (adopted)
Alabama Classy female RE 17C (adopted)
Alabama Duke male
Alabama Evelyn female
Alabama Fran female
Alabama Gertie female
Alabama Harry male

LE 63527 RE 89G

Lisa Gilmer FL (SC)

AMF Gunslinger (Ginger) female

Sire: Grey's Statesman and Dam: AMF Abba


AMF Archer female

AMF Sniper female

AMF Unibomber female

LE 63482 RE

Meredith Hocking (MO)
Horton's Eileen (Porsche) female DOB 2/17/97

Sire: Pís Raising Cain and Dam: Kc Autumn Glo

(NGA Owner: Hortonís Greyhounds Inc)


Hortons Attorney male

Hortons Autumn female

Hortons Balboa male

Hortons Blue Sea male

Hortons Champion male

Hortons Gunner male

Hortons Move female

Hortons Paine male

LE 63472 RE

Kate Shue

PS Disco Classic male DOB 2/14/97

Sire: Hm's Flamboyant and Dam: Kelso's Melinda

(NGA Owner: Phyllis A Skinner)

Robert Plant male
Hi Rollin Barney male
Dueling Daisy female
Bk Ozzy Osbourne male
Keen Dancer male
BK Pink Floyd
PS Ramblin Rose
PS Whitelightnin

LE 63460 RE 27E

Linda Seed (Ottawa, ON)
Y Knot Bulova (Lexus) female DOB 2/15/97

Sire: Sanbar Shifty and Dam: Fair Roisin
Y Knot Casio female
Y Knot Gucci male
Y Knot Rolex male
Y Knot Seiko male
Y Knot Timex female
Y Knot Zodiac female

Y Knot Elgin female

LE 63437 RE 27B

Tooz Runner FL, WI (OH)

My Belle Adel (Belle) DOB 2/1/97

Sire: Hang Eleven Dam: Bushnell Tina

(NGA Owner: Phyllis Winters)


Tina Katarina

LE 63435 RE 17F

Jennifer Watkins

RJís Mallard (Mallory) female DOB 1/26/97

Sire: LPD Makers Mark and Dam: Disco Dez


RJís Cavasback female

RJís Pintail male

RJís Teal male

RJís Wood Duck female

LE 63385 RE

Matthew and Carrie Noar
(Treat) Adios Treat female DOB 2/5/97

Sire: K's Roadmaster and Dam: Pyrmid Monique

(NGA Owner: Les Ackerman or Willima Lockhart)
Adios Taurus Male (died?)   
Adios Terror Male
Adios Tiger Male
Adios Treasure Female
Adios Try Me Female

LE 63381 RE

c/o Flo Rink (Adopted by Daniel & Jennifer Adams Baton Rouge, LA.)
Dave's Cain 2/1/97

Sire: P's Raising Cain and Dam: DV's Yazoo Heat
(NGA Owner: David H Harris)

LE 63371 RE 116G

Lou Chianese

Lucky Lacy (Lucy) female DOB 11/27/96

Sire: Opus Cruse and Dam: Lucky Leisure

Grin N Wear It
Driving Me wild
Lucky Gesture

LE 63344 RE 27L (I?)

Barb Tollestrup FL (ON)
Itsa Share (Eden) female DOB 2/9/97
(NGA Owner: George Medchill)
Sire: Granada Mystery and Dam: Itsa Rush

Granada Matic male (adopted by Ian & Kathy Buckley)
Granada Raider male
Granada Rush male
Itsa Gremlin male
Itsa Screamer female
Mystery Midge female

LE 63310 RE 27G

Laura Pike CT, NH, WV, FL (Buffalo, NY)

Jakes Winner (Winner) male Whelped 2/7/97

Sire:  Star Light Jake and Dam:  Starlight Impala

(NGA Owner: Laura Pike)
Jakes Girlie female (Girlie Adopted by Diana Weiss)
Jakie Jake male
Oklahoma Elect male
Oklahoma Hound male
Oklahoma Jackie female
Oklahoma Jake male
Oklahoma Jess female
Oklahoma Special female

LE 63301 RE

Matthew and Carrie Noar
(Hawk) Stat U S Hawk DOB 1/30,/97

Sire: Epic Prince and Dam: Quit Shoving

(NGA Owner: John H Taylor or R Sifferman)
Stat U S Buffy Female
Stat U S Villa Female (Adopted) 
Stat U S Husker Male
Stat U S Mizzou Male (Adopted by Gordon & Sue Finley, MI) 
Stat U S Shocker Male (Adopted by Kevin and Tricia Jonas, MI)
Stat U S Tiger Male

Stat U S Wildcat

LE 63295 RE 27C

Elizabeth Cygan TX (TX)
Ben That (Britney) female DOB 2/1/97
(NGA Owner: Ronald G Beckner)
Sire: Ben Sure and Dam: Bland Bee

Ben Bland female
Ben Holding male
Ben Rite male

LR 63291 RE 27C

Kevin Piatkowski KS (MI)
Arctic Pilot (Kurt) male DOB 2/3/97
(NGA Owner: Robert J Rogers)
Sire: Kiowa Motivate and Dam: Superiors Jean D


Ldís Bobbie Sue female

Ldís Maggie female

Ldís Party Doll female

Lds Boo Boo ?

Lds Rascal ?

Pinto Princess female ?

LE 63272 RE 17B
Meredith Eriksen FL (MD)
Pa's Salty Move (Willow) female DOB 1/26/97
(NGA Owner: Pierre Amstoy)
Sire: Flying Neptune and Dam: Riley Rocket
Pa's Coffee Cake female
Pa's Deep Sea male

LE 63234 RE

James D VanDerMark

Riki D's Money (Ricky) DOB 1/22/97
Sire: Dutch Dugan and Dam: JMís Gina Marie

(NGA Owner: Wm R Rogers)

Riki D's Fireone female
Riki D's Kickin male
Riki D's Roadhog female
Riki D's EZRider male
Riki D's Hardroc female
Riki D's Hello female
Riki D's Star female
Riki D's Starwar female (Rocky adopted by Susan Via)
Riki D's Cashin

LE 63228 RE 27B

Jennifer Watkins

Full Tilt Tango (Tango) female DOB 2/4/97

Sire: Ion Flashback and Dam: Sixtyfive Dive


Ambitious Hunk

Betme Donít Petme male

Bombshell Kiss female

Veiled Fantasy

LE 63191 RE 17B

Summer Owens (SC)
Tough World (Tuffy) female DOB 1/19/97
NGA Owner: John Seastrom/ Seastrom Kennels)
Sire: Epic Rock and Dam: Tough Tennessee

Tough Race male
Tough Race female

LE 63110 RE 17G

Eric & Melissa Painter WI (PA)

Ww Streamline (Buddy) male DOB 1/30/97

Sire: Molotov and Dam: Beacon B Quick

(NGA Owner: Ed Zeroski Jr)


ZipAround male (Zip adopted by Lisa Reilly Pittsburgh PA)

Crusade male

Hillary Spunk female RE 17L (Spunk adopted by Susan Joiner-Brouhard MO)

Havannah female (brood moma)

Banana Peel female

Ww Shooter (adopted by the Yakub family)
Ww Streamline male
Ballasera female (brood mom)
Bomb Scare
Centrifugal female (died)
Ww Stonewall
Ww Stampede male

LE 63106 RE 17E

Betsy Appelbaum (Scottsdale, AZ)
NS Stardust (Dusty) male DOB 1/24/97

Sire: JK Tito and Dam: Mastrangelo

(NGA Owner: Patricia G Stover)
SN Starfox female
NS Starfire
NS Starlight female

LE 63102 RE 17C

Tami & Michael Oachs WI, CO (MN)
Switzler Festus (Festus) male DOB 1/1/97

Sire: Switzler Forces and Dam: Switzler Shy

(NGA Owner: Helen Stout)

Switzler Momma female

Switzler Lookout male RE 17E (Lookout adopted by Elizabeth Walters)

Switzler Minuet female

LE 63101 RE 108H
Cindy Cooper
Princely Sum (Clayton) male DOB 10/3/88
Sire: Beau Boogie and Dam: Fire Liz
Luv Ya Liz female
Mighty Liz female
Twilite Lacyliz female
Our Man male

LE 62974 RE 17F

Sami Abate-Hall CT (Vineland, NJ)
Twinkleofaneye (Starry) female DOB 1/16/97
Sire: Fmc's Wake Up and Dam: Barbs Elizabeth


Exclusive Choice

Im Tuff Kutt

My Country Gold

Quality Built

Simple Solution

Simply Fabulous

Toledo Devil

Watch The Action

LE 62952 RE 17E

Lori Hertzan (NYC)

Nicole Bale (Bailey) female DOB 1/97
Sire: Nambia Bale and Dam: Jocelyn Nicole

Kate Rose Bale

Courtney Bale

Jenny Bale

LE 62920 RE 17E

Donna Clark
Twilite Kiss female born 1/9/97
(NGA Owners: Twilte Kennels)

Sire: Kiowa Dan and Dam: Twilite Paisley


Twilite Halfsail

Twilite Highsail

LE 62886 RE 17C

Genevieve Labadens
NXS Man O Man (Manny) male whelped 1/9/97
Sire: P's Raising Cain and Dam: Minaki Mama

(NGA Owner: Frances Moffatt)


Audacious Audie

Mama Wiggles female

Minaki Jester

Nxs Red Hot Mama female

LE 62884 RE 17C

Jude Edling WI (MN)
M's Andy Cee (Danny) male DOB 1/16/97
(NGA Owner: Mona S Carey)
Sire: Rodney Ramm and Dam: Pretty Susie Q

Mj Tika Michelle female
Mj Wendy Lynn female
Mj Preppy Allen male
Mj Crazy Cheryl female

LE 62877RE 126B

Pat McArdle CT (NJ)

What Goes Tara (Tara) female

Sire: Pat C Whats Best and Dam: X's Annabelle

What Goes Annie
What Goes Best
What Goes Elvis male
What Goes Okie

LE 62707 RE 17D

Keri Tomsic FL (GA)
Ed's Top Adventur (Tippy) female DOB 1/7/97
(NGA Owner: Ed Litgot)
Sire: Ed's Adventur and Dam: Bara Buzz

Ed's Firewalker male
Ed's Sky Diver male
Ed's Supermodel female

LE 62696 RE 117E

Jessica Mangum FL (NC)
Yanna (Yanna Mary) female DOB 11/17/97
(NGA Owner: Mildred Walters LLC)
Sire: BB's Indian Scout and Dam: Lisbonna

Jiff's Magic male
My Partner male
Overspend male
Pinewood male
Slade male

LE 62686 RE 17E

Lori Ludwick CT (VA)

Nodak Neil (Bamboo) male

Sire: P's Raising Cain and Dam: Nodak Flicker


Nodak Fidel
Nodak Dylan
Nodak Lewis

LE 62678 RE 17E

Jennifer Watkins

Bello Skidmark (Skidmark) male DOB 1/5/97

Sire: Pís Skidway and Dam: Billi Tara


Bello Callen female

Bello Chump male

Bello Flynn male

Bello Mousie female

Bello Munchin female

Bello Twospot female

Carmens Carmel female

Carmens Cory female

LE 62670 RE 17A


Normís Neecie (Daisy) female Whelped 1/1/97

Sire: Forgetful Joey and Dam: Linny Rae

(NGA Owner: Courtlyn L Oviatt)


Normís Girly female

Normís Jumper male

Normís Murph male

Normís Noly Poly male

Normís Rebel male

Normís White Sox male

LE 62663 RE 126E

Brenda & Drew Nichol (OR?)

Stagecoach (Pharaoh) male

Sire: Pís Raising Cain and Dam: High Spirited

DD's Powerdrive male
DD's Cain Mutiny
DD's Windsong
DD's Highrisgal

BRís Jewell

Ddís Ruffnready male RE 126C (Lacey Powers-Wesley)

LE 62609 RE 126B

Mike Abeyta AZ (San Diego CA)
Pj's Win David (David) male DOB 12/4/96
(NGA Owner: Paul J Margaritis)
Sire: Pj'Why David and Dam: Pj's Hi Jackie

Pj's Hey Hey female
Pj's Hi David male
Pj's Hi Hollis male
Pj's Jackie Why female
Pj's Lone Wolf male
Pj's Why Shelly female

LE 62603 RE 17E

Valeri Wallace CT (CT)
AA Speedster (Speedster) male DOB 1/5/97
(NGA Owner: Valeri Wallace/Bob Geoghegan)
Sire: TB Lakota Chief and Dam: AA Doogie Style

AA Trojan male
AA Rebel male
AA Traveler male
AA Dolly female
AA Charmer female

LE 62595 RE

Sarah Payok Iowa (MI)
Amazeme Ebony (Ebby) male DOB 1/97
(NGA Owner: Mickey Hasty)
Sire: Great Son and Dam: Twilite Zip N Go

Amazeme Chase male
Amazeme Pongo male
Amazeme Twilite female
Amazeme Zipper female

LE 62494 RE 126K

Tracy & Mike Moniz (GA)
Imokie Rustler (Mercury) male DOB 12/2/96
(NGA Owner: Clinis Harrison)
Sire: Clay Dumplin and Dam: Keota Flash

Imokie Bobo male
Imokie Dallas male
Imokie Fran female (Fran adopted by Bill & Peggy Russell IL)
Imokie Gemstone male
Imokie Juanita female
Imokie Lydia female
Imokie Milo male
Imokie Paydirt male
Imokie Searay male

LE 62489 RE

Gary L Shapiro
TV Allan (Allan) male Whelped 12/24/96

Sire: TV Darrel and Dam: TV Blossom

(NGA Owner: Maxine Willis)
Tv Allan Be Male
Tv Blast Off Male
Tv Cindy Female (Cindy adopted by Anne Sanders)
Tv Crow Male
Tv Go Rhonda Female
Tv Hayleys Way Female
Tv Heather Female
Tv Ivadell Female

LE 62462 RE 126B
Jessica Barabe NH (MA)
Mike Popp (Mikey) male DOB 12/26/96

LE 62407 RE 126C

Laurie Drew AZ/RI (Pasadena, CA)

Wyco Sapphire (Sapphire) female

Sire: Bickle and Dam: Golden Tina


Wyco Topaz male

LE 62392 RE 126D

Heather Powers RI, CT (MS)
Nodak Brooks (Brookie) female DOB 12/96
(NGA Owner: Marvin Opp)

Sire: Greenane Slippy* and Dam: Opps Hope


LE 62376 RE

Kathy Claycomb (Tonawanda, NY)

Silly Goose (Athena) female Whelped 12/21/96

Sire: Maggs and Dam: Lady Sonnet

(NGA Owner: M B Kasdin & P J Hoehn)


Hensley Maggs male (adopted living in AL)

Tonya My Love female

LE 62368 RE

Ed Becker
Jailhouse Tammy female Whelped 12/17/96
Sire: Black Streaker and Dam: Brentwood Way

(NGA Owner: Les J Ackerman)

Jailhouse Paws female
Jailhouse Jerry male
Jailhouse John male
Jailhouse Cherl female
Jailhouse Joy female

Jailhouse Jeff male

LE 62336 RE

Melody Linder
Sly Jokes (Cairo) female DOB 11/2/96

Sire: Chrisse's Twelve and Dam: Cheyenne Venom
(NGA Owner: Dean Brienzo)

Sly Music female (Adopted by Susan Aptaker)
Sly Lucky Star male RE 116E (Sly adopted by Patti Trakney FL)
Sly Ezella (Adopted by Susan Aptaker)
Sly Snoopy male (Adopted ?)
Sly Lou male RE 116F (Royal adopted Jennifer & Jim Fallon)
Sly Metro female (adopted ?)

Deanos Desire male (Phantom adopted Anne Greene Cincinnati OH)

LE 62331 RE 126C
Shelly Schultz WI (Lafayette, IN)
Jets On Fire (Jet) male 12/20/98
(NGA Owner: Betty Eileen Gladden or Robert Pincus)
Sire: Anna's Dream and Dam: Jams


Sabine Jet female

Gennie Jetson

LE 62314 RE 116K

Tony & Kati Giannasi AL, FL (LA)
Whistlin Bill (Sonny) male 11/1/96

Sire: Keepers Sneeker and Dam: Honorarium
Sepia Sigher
Lets Invest
Keb Fleet Feet

LE 62295 RE 67C 

Catherine Shannon & David Sorensen (Tulsa OK)

(Jules)  didn't race DOB 6/11/97

Sire: Tigerman McGee and Dam: My KB

(NGA Owner: Sam & Shawnie Burdette)


KB Streak male (Adopted living in KY)

KB Stephanie female

KB Romeo male (Adopted living in MI)

KB Juliet

KB Manley male

KB Ladybug female

KB Licorice male
KB Matilda female

LE 62279 RE

Stacey Ruffin (Jackson, MS)
Okie Whisper (Whisper) male Whelped 12/6or8/96

Sire: Let Loose and Dam: Hali's Style

(NGA Owner: Gaylan L Edwards)
Okie Bree Female
Okie Hotzy Male
Okie Skip Male

LE 62253 RE 69E

Liz Keenan IA (ON)
Spooky Kail (Ethan) male DOB 6/23/99
(NGA Owner: Thomas M. Manning)
Sire: Okie Kail and Dam: Spooky Girl

Manning's Mna female
Pog Mo Thoine male
Slainte Spot male
Tom's Devon mal

LE 62197 RE 126G

Cupid Style (Cupid) female DOB 12/1/96

Sire: LPD Makers Mark and DAM: Onyx Style
Call Me Pug female
Elk female
Makers Onyx female
Kobe male
Maker's Style female
Sachel Charge female
Scott male

LE 62193 RE

Lynn & David Roick NH (Toronto, ON)
Zeke's Walter (Walter) male DOB 12/4/96

Sire: Minaki Zeke and Dam: Model Life
(NGA Owner: Philip Pruett)

Eleanor's Victory female
Zeke's Cane male
Zeke's Lanier female
Howie male

LE 62141 RE 126A

Teddi Clarke (CT)
Lahoma Freedom male Whelped 12/11/96

Sire:  Anna's Special and Dam: Coast's Freedom
Lahoma Delight Female
Lahoma Doll Female
Lahoma Flare Female
Lahoma Flash Female
Lahoma My Reward Male
Lahoma Trouble Male
Lahoma Wind Cut Male

LE 62124 RE 116G

Kris Metz

Cheyenne Phoebe (Phoebe) DOB 11/4/96

Sire: Chrisse's Twelve and Dam: Cheyenne Shasta
Cheyenne Leisha
Cheyenne Pilot
Cheyenne Taryn
DV Sudden Impact

LE 62111 RE

Louisa ††FL, IA

Iowa Aaron male DOB 12/6/96

Sire: Comanche Sport and Dam: Sunset Sadie

(NGA Owner: James Dean Merritt)


Iowa Abraham male (Adopted in MD moving to Hawaii)

Iowa Ace male

Iowa Adventure male

Iowa Amber female

LE 62103 RE

Donna & KeithWest AR (IN)
Odd Verdell (Dell) male DOB 12/6/96
(NGA Owner: Jack Jones
Sire: Lone Lobo and Dam: Odd Coin

Odd Brittnee female
Odd Rhoda female
Odd Nickel female RE 126B (adopted by Jill Holland)
Odd Dudley male RE 126D (Dudley adopted by Helen & George RI)

LE 62009 RE

Sherry Neiderhiser
Rare Gold male Whelped 11/16/96

Sire: Kiowa Motivate and Dam: Ima Pebbles Two

(NGA Owner: Arden L Phifer)


Daring Gold male

Prospectors Gold male

Forever Gold male

Count On Gold female

Spectacular Gold male

LE 61999 RE 116C

Marina Greene NH
Eastside Taylor (Hayley) female DOB 11/15/96
Sire ? and Dam?

(NGA Owner: John D Taylor)


LE 61974 RE

Colleen McGraw FL (SC)
RV Wednesday (Wednesday) female DOB 11/96
(NGA Owner: Robert C Nadort)
Sire: Bara Buzz and Dam: RV Devine Jenny

RV Cinderella female
RV Flashback male
RV Tuesday female

LE 61950 RE 116C

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

BL Sampson (Sampson) male DOB 11/20/96

Sire: My Broadway Joe and Dam: My Olivia (Adopted)


BL Walkin Spirit male RE116D (Adopted)

BL Chisk Ko

BL Rolling Noah

BL Silver Moon

LE 61930 RE 116E

Angela Spencer FL (Owings Mills MD)
JP Match Play (Wallace) male DOB 11/16/96
(NGA Owner: Jack A Smith)
Sire: On Wisconsin and Dam: Sunwhirl

Rocket Milan male
Sunspice female

Suntastic female

LE 61854 RE 116B

Cheryl Zemany (PA)
Neibaur (Neibaur) male DOB 11/96
(NGA Owner: )
Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Choosy Slip

cs Marianne
Sean Man male
Tillary female

LE 61848 RE 116A

Kathy Lynch (NY)

NS Go Alfalfa (Alphonso) male DOB 11/18/96

Sire: Unruly Rascal and Dam: Backsplash
NS Go Buckwheat
NS Go Darla

LE 61832 RE 116E
Diana Hoskinson WV
Craigie Royal (Tucker) male DOB 11/22/96
Sire: Epic Prince and Dam: Craigie C Riley
(NGA Owner: Stephen A Boyd)


Craigie Cee Gar male

Craigie Peekaboo female RE 116G (Peekaboo adopted by JJ Johnson TX)

Craigie Price male

Craigie Shastra female

Craigie Susan female

Craigie Mis Lil female

Craigie Persil female

LE 61786 RE 116B

Kimberley Yates (WA)
Nodak Keisha (Kellen) female DOB 11/12/96

Sire: My Rooster and Dam: Nitas Carolina
(NGA Owner: Marvin Opp)

Nodak Kade
Nodak Kami
Nodak Kane
Nodak Kenzi
Nodak Kiki

LE 61780 RE 116G

Michael & Noreen Marshall FL (Orchard Park, NY)

Canadaís Gabby (Audrey) female Whelped 11/8/96 DOD 3/22/07

Sire: Fortress* and Dam: Clarina

(NGA Owner: Bob Seekle)


Canada's Asterik male

Canadaís Capri female

Canada's Dakota male

Canada's Emerald female

Canada's Felix male

Canada's Brisko male

LE 61749 RE 116B

Patricia Tustin CT (NJ)

PJís Black Magic (Magic) male DOB 11/8/96

(NGA Owner: Peter Cardillo)

Sire: Stay Back Jack and Dam: Hi Girl


Dfs Black Jet male

Drís Black Rose female

Drís Blackvelvet male

DRís C Me Go female

Drs Black Demon male

LE 61623 RE 116D

Laura Reinstatler (Ellensburg WA)
Ole Call Tostall (Tostie, Tostall) male DOB 11/3/96
Sire: Wigwam Wag and Dam: Lightning Lizza

(NGA Owner: Gregory Wood)

Ole Cat Claws female
Ole Twice As Nice male

Ole By My Rulz female

Ole Camera Shy female

Ole Pitch Inn male

Ole TopnBottom male

LE 61614 RE

Judy Matthis
November Kiss (Precious)

Sire: Sorrento Warrior and Dam: Gun Buster

(NGA Owner: Tsuyoski Shibusawa)
Black Speed
Bt's Lisa
Buster Kick
cc Black Angel
Just a Hero

LE 61610 RE 116H

Lauralee & John Benson CT (NS)

Generous Milly (Jenna) female DOB 12/5/96

(NGA Owner: T Waller/J Haynes)

Sire: LPD Makerís Mark and Dam: Ski's Cricket


Run Buffy Run female

Winnig Sooner male

Winning Out Come female

Mystic Moves male (Jumbo adopted by David Dagg)

Magnificent Max male

Magnificentmoves female

Gertrude female RE 116B (adopted)

Winnig Winnie female

LE 61513 RE

Holly Priestley (PA)

Roro Alice DOB 10/26/96

Sire: P's Raising Cain and Dam: Dream Date

(NGA Owner: Gerald E Rodman)
Kís Eat My Dust male

Kís Sugar Cain female
Roro Becky female
Roro Freddy male
Roro George male
Kís Sunnyprospect
Kís Punch It (Adopted in PA)
Kís Give It Up (Adopted in PA)

LE 61489 RE 116B

Irene Ullmann
John M Johnny (John E)

Dam: John M. Molly and Sire: Chevy Montecarol
John M Big Boy
John M Big John
John M Junior
John M Riviera (Shiloh adopted in NJ)
John M Rose
John M Sonny

LE 61463 RE 106A

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Cinnamon Kiss (Sabree) DOB 10/24/96

Sire: Santa Fe Rufus and Dam: Merry Ellie


Myreah (Myreah) RE 106G (Adopted)

Can N Will

Chair Rocker male

Sr Seventy One

Zipper male

LE 61447 RE 116C

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Hjs Ruby Tuesday (Ruby) female DOB 11/1/96

Sire: Black Streaker and Dam: Nippy Carol

(NGA Owner: H J Sparkman)


Hjs Dark Destiny male

Hjs Highkick male

Hjs Ranger Red male

Hjs Westwind female

LE 61443 RE 106J

Victoria Mulder WI (MI)
Lightingrod Ann (Annie) female DOB 10/16/96
(NGA Owner: Randell Shrider)
Sire: RJS Jet Heat and Dam: Golden Muffin

Mudkicker Maria female
Bdk's Incontrol female
Bdk's Up John male
JFT Idontcare female
JFT Justnameit male
Itchin To Go male
Burch Run male

LE 61429 RE 106E

Jennifer Watkins

Lesters Legend (Lester) male DOB 10/1/96

Sire: Lightning Lester and Dam: Sparkys Phantom

(NGA Owner: David Ungs & Don Hansel)


Joyce File Crazy female

Snowwhite Miss female

Princess Jenny female

Investin Katie female

LE 61398 RE

Judy and Greg Laws AZ
WD's Sierra (Happy/Haps) female Whelped 10/26/96

Sire: Dutch Dugan and Dam: Buffieís Pet
(NGA Owner: W D Collins)

Wds Bingoplayer female
Wds Crispy female
Wds Dodger female
Wds Rhapsody male
Wds Tom male

LE 61376 RE 96BorD

LuAnne Back WV

Loverboy male

LE 61367 RE

Karn (Jacksonville, FL)
Divine Miss M (Blue Girl) female Whelped 10/22/96

Sire: Forbes Romeo and Dam: Circus Nikki

(NGA Owner: Relief Kennel Inc/ Bahama Momma Greyhounds Inc)
Amten's Pride (Henry) male
Atlantis Rising (Parvo) male
Elegant Carol female
Idgie Thredgood Betty female
No Problem Abs female 106A (Gabby Adopted by Lori & Garrry Kriz in St. Paul MN)
Smackwater Jack (Fatboy) male


LE 61367 RE

Karn(Jacksonville FL)

Tuff Ben (Tuff Ben) Male 8/1/88

Sire: Paristo and Dam: Tip Toe Mary
(NGA Owner: H P Dixon)

LE 61360 RE 65B

Bonnie Lee FL (NY)

Mps Miss Emily (Emily) female DOB 9/7/95

Sire: Chevy Montecarlo and Dam: MPís Easy Patty

(NGA Owner: Myrtle I Piper)


Mps Georgia Dee female

Mps Almond Joy female

Mps Bastian male

LE 61335 RE

Laurie Lampe WI (MO)
JR's Profit (Rhemus) male DOB 10/23/96
(NGA Owner: Louise Ballard)
Sire: Profit Dandy and Dam: Precious Moment

JR's Cash male
JR's Hi Velocity male
JR's Dandy male
JR's Vice Versa male
JR's Destructor male
JR's Warrior male

LE 61303 RE 106A

Veronica Masuhr

Th Cujo (Cujo) male DOB 10/25/96

Sire: Pís Raising Cain and Dam: Flying Sweden


Th Mac Attack male

Th Pepper female

Th Puff Daddy male

Cujo male

Th Red Rider male

Th Blew By You male

Th Brassy

Th Follow Me female

Th Go Girl Go female

Th Nutty Buddy female

Th See Ya female

Th Shy Shy female

LE 61302 RE 106D

Jen & Steven Arrington

Speedo Chili (Ripley) female DOB 10/96

Sire: Oshkosh Schemer and Dam: Speedo Bert


Speedo Cherry

Speedo Lovergirl

Speedo Pepper

LE 61187 RE 106C

Edie & Ed Gutierrez AR (Olympia WA)
MC Charlotte (Charlotte) female DOB 10/19/96
(NGA Owner: Lawrence D Henry)
Sire: Chrisse's Twelve and Dam: Marble Cove


MC Aloha male

MC Baltimor male

MC Dallas female

MC Elizabeth female

MC Falcon female

MC Galveston male

MC Halifax female RE 106H (adopted Kansas City?)

LE 61179 RE 106F

Jennifer Watkins

Roro Lucy (Darcy) DOB 10/17/96

Sire: Big Tar and Dam: KC Go Dancer Go


Roro Beauty

Roro Bullet

Roro Flipper

Roro Freckles

Roro Zeke

LE 61077 RE 106K

Monica McGrath FL (ON)
Becky Kaye (Becky) female DOB 10/14/96
(NGA Owner: Don Jarrett)
Sire: Budweiser Man and Dam: Dt's Destiny

Baptism By Fire male
Corrhead male
Dt's Maestro male
Dt's Magic male
Georgina Rosina female
Loretta Michelle female
Miss Muddy Paws female
Val's Ashley female

Frank And Bonnie male RE 106C

LE 61062 RE 59D

Krisztina Mikkelsen TX

LL Visa Charger (Charger) mail DOB 5/12/99

Sire: LLVisa Trip and Dam: Beach Bum Helen

(NGA Owner: H V Langham)


LL Visa Check female

LL Visa Cruise female

LL Visa Card female

LE 61041 RE 106C

Jeff Dinerman
Nodak Eddie (Eddie) 10/96

Sire: E.J's Douglas and Dam: Iza Wanna Bee
Nodak Ann
Nodak Bertha
Nodak Emil
Nodak Frank

LE 61024 RE 106H

Mike & Sharon Palm Iowa (Peoria, IL)

Big Kahuna Joe male 10/9/96

Sire: Forgetful Joey and Dam: Task Nichol Mire

(NGA Owner: Ronald LeFebvre)


Shy Jeannie female (adopted)

Little Buns female (brood 6/13/03)

Calie Baby female

Ya Hootie male

Rackets male

Big Bonkers male (died)

LE 61??? RE 66E

Pat Jeanschild (Norton, MA?)

Easy's Epi (Scoobie Doo) DOB 6/5/96

Sire: Voyager Two and Dam: Ocelot Episode
Krazy Kat Man? (Leeloo) (found in CA)

LE 60997 RE 106A

Kathleen Helm FL & WI (MI)

Buzz N Magic Gal (Ginger) Whelped 10/11/96

Sire: Great Son and Dam: Mesa Gofar Gal

(NGA Owner: Greg A Schipull)


Artic Wind male

Great Heart female

Artic Storm

LE 60995 RE 106J

Kathy Keads AZ (Fillmore CA)
Coldwater Monica (Monica) female DOB 10/3/96
(NGA Owner: Oscar Henderson Or Georgia Medis)
Sire: RD's Banker Boy and Dam: Coldwater Jolene

Coldwater Arvil male
Coldwater Dabney 
Coldwater Gaston
Coldwater Lummus male
Coldwater Needle female
Coldwater Reding  Male
Coldwater Shem male
Coldwater Statue
Coldwater Tricia female

LE 60955 RE 103F

Kip Wassink AZ (WA)
Coldwater Reding (Red) male DOB 10/3/96
(NGA Owner: Oscar Henderson or Georgia Medis)
Sire: RD's Banker Boy and Dam: Coldwater Jolene

Coldwater Dabney female

Coldwater Lummus male
Coldwater Arvil male
Coldwater Shem male
Coldwater Needle female
Coldwater Tricia female

Coldwater Gaston male

Coldwater Monica female RE 106J (adopted by Kathy Keads)

Coldwater Statue mal

LE 60953 RE 78D

Sarah Jones (FL)

Dusty Didit (Dusty) DOB 7/11/88 Died 10/13/99

Sire: Keefer and Dam: Colorful Printer


Arrogant Apache male

Honey Bee Good female

LE 60912 RE 106B

Sandra & Dave Wolven (Caistor Center, Ontario)

Iruska Barbette DOB 10/7/96

Sire: Ion Flashback and Dam: Bar Ella

(NGA Owner: Marena & Bob Riggin Riggin)
Asti Bahama male RE 106C (adopted by Sandra & Dave)

Iruska Barbary

Iruska Barbra

LE 60748 RE

Nora Rutter
Dars Bengee DOB 10/5/96

Sire: Dars Big Duke and Dam: Dars Snoopy
(NGA Owner: Joseph A Puccio)

Dars Duketwo male
Dars Joshua male (adopted by Debbie Wilson)
Dars Melisa female (adopted by Gary & Connie Holder)
Dars Snoopytwo female (adopted by John & Nancy Galusha)

LE 60707 RE 86F

Richard & Elise Woolfort (St. Charles, MO)
SRís Kathleen female DOB 8/22/96

Sire: Pat C Montecarlo and Dam: SRís Betty

(NGA Owner: Carl Detricone)
Black Candy female
Black Enamel female
Coffee Bean
Covert Operation RE 86G (adopted by Lynn H Barrett NJ)
SRís Black Carlo female
SRís Black Chevy
SRís Carla
SRís Carrie

Srs Kathleen

LE 60689 RE 96G

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Vans Blue Babe (Whisper) female DOB 9/26/96

Sire: Fifty Sev Chevy and Dam: Vanís Pearly MS


Vans Tin Lizzy female

Vans V Eight male

Vans Monte C male

Vans Black Foot male

Vans Comet female

Vans Folsom male

Vans Lucinda female

Vans Rowdy male

Vans Star female

LE 60671 RE 76A

Barb Abney FL (FL)
Travelin Belle (Daisy) female DOB 9/96
Sire: Groovy Durango and Dam: Travelina

Groovy Fig Newt male
Groovy Grossman male
Groovy Mac male
Groovy Maudin female
Groovy Missy female

LE 60653 RE 96C

Colleen Stevens KS (MA)
Imported female Whelped 9/1/96

Sire: Kountry Hank and Dam: Sabana

(NGA Owner: Donald Grisson)
Avocation male
Bondra female
Dancer female
Shady Image

LE 60641 RE 96I

Jennifer Watkins(KY)

AKís Bobbie Jo (BJ Adopted)

LE 60574 RE

Penny Zwart

Ms Shoreline Star female 8/1/96

Sire: Fortress and Dam: Jocks Madison
(NGA Owner: John W Smith)

A Light To Shine female
Armistad female RE 86A (adopted)
Bass male RE 96F (adopted)
Black Butterfly female RE 86B (adopted)
Details female (Noel adopted by Joseph Fitzpatrick)
Father Panik male

LE 60507 RE 96B

Patricia Kelley NH (NJ)
Creative Flair (Flair) female DOB 9/20/96
(NGA Owner: Matthew Kelley)
Sire: HB's Prince Red and Dam: Mystic Rose

Anna Christie female
Elijah Lee male
Gypsy Tipper female
Lily Dale female
Major Blitz male
Strong Hold male

LE 60480 RE 96E

Vicky Gates & Jim Wiley FL (Toronto, ON)
MPS Gideon (Champion) DOB 9/14/96

Sire: Mayor Johnny and Dam: MPS Fancydancer
(NGA Owner: Myrtle I Piper)
MPS Dwayne male

MPS Ingram male
MPS Edwin male
MPS Erica female
MPS Hebrew male

LE 60463 RE

Doreen A Peterzak (PA)
Rx For Liz Whelped 9/8/96

Sire: Seek the Speed and Dam: Owinco Carmel

(?NGA Owner: Jeffrey L Zappin)
Rx For My Barber

LE 60396 RE 96D

Bonnie Searles (NC)

Ray Saul (Ray) male DOB 9/13/96

(NGA Owner: Bonnie J Searles)

Sire: Rodney Ramm and Dam: Darling Run


Youdo Vodoo female

Checks Rollin male

Home Runner male

Joans Art female

LE 60385 RE 96E

Joy Riley FL (GA)

Rís El Nino (Nino) male DOB 9/9/96

Sire: Solitary Runner and Dam: Charminí Cruiser

(NGA Owner: Richard Maddock)


Rís Black Widow female

Rís Doublenickel male

Rís Smokester male

Rís Star female

LE 60379 RE 75G


Ardi Yenom Boy (Ardi) male

Sire: Traper Zeke and Dam: Recbob Robin


Be Here Now male

Elaine Bennet female

Hard To Remember female

Iím Tess female

Quality Check female

LE 60378 RE 69D

Paul Boynett NH (Ont)
Vampire Style (Odessa) male DOB 9/10/96
Sire: Panama Leo and Dam: Starlight Vana

Leo's Music
Vantastic Leo

LE 60317 RE 86F

Iris Decker
RJB's Quinque (King) DOB 8/26/96

Sire: Keota Dan and Dam: Desperatemeasure
RBJ's Uno
RBJ's Duo
RBJ's Tres
RBJ's Quatro
RBJ's Seis
RBJ's Septem

Green Bay Ray RE 86C (adopted)

LE 60271 RE

Jenny Z (Auburn, NY)
PW's DixieQuick (Lucy) DOB 9/13/96

Sire: GreysQuickneasy and Dam: Dixie Blue Lady
(?NGA Owner: Melvin Draytor or Frank Travers Finch III)
Where's Nollie female
Where's Nowell male
Where's Norell male
Frank's Quicken male
PW Quickneasy male

PWís Quickndixie male (Jack Adopted by Anita in NJ)

LE 60241 RE 96C

Laurie Keyser FL (OH)
Pop the Clown (Mig) male

Sire: Bara Buzz and Dam: Db's All Star

(NGA Owner: Gregory J Agganis) 

Dial N Digits Female 

Geri Bald Deanie Female

Nana Banana Female 
Punchinthe Clown Male

Star Sixty Nine Female 

Watsupsweetpaper Male

LE 60218 RE 96?

Karen Nolan AL (TN)
P's Sandy (Saundra Dee) female DOB 9/2/96
(NGA Owner: Dave Petzhold)
Sire: By Tar and Dam: P's Stardust


Pís Gortex male

Pís So Free female

Pís Ringby male

LE 60175 RE

Maryann Protz (Carteret, NJ)
M's Bugle Boy (Magic) Whelped 7/26/88

Sire: Rooster's Spur and Dam: M's Hastyone (Magic died1/5/01)

(NGA Owner: Marion W Currier)

LE 60161 RE 96C & 96?

Denise Netzel

Wez Bushey (Bushey) male & Wez Breeze (Breeze) Whelped 9/5/96

Sire: Fortress and Dam: Wez Yo Badge

(NGA Owner: Edward Trow)


Wez Boogey male

Wez Bullwinkle male

Wez Brittany female

LE 60149 RE 86E

(Grace) Debbie Larsh FL (MI)
Power Booster (Boo) male DOB 8/18/96
(NGA Owner: as of 1/26/99 self)
Sire: TH Hercules and Dam: Mocan Energy


Boost Of Energy male

Calvin Longlegs male

Family Tie female

Golden Tale female

Hot Energy female

It Takes Courage female

Mercenary male

Opportune Moment female

LE 60148 RE

Jonathan Marut
GRB Brakiosaurus (Braki) female 9/1/96

Sire: Minaki Zeke and Dam: Camille Plus
Grb Brontsaurus female
Grb Tee Rex male (Adopted)

LE 60087 RE 86C

Betty Christian
BB's Cheyenne (Cheyenne) female Whelped 8/13/96

Sire: BB's Indianscout and Dam: Bss Nora Can
BB Indianblanket

BB's Bows Arrow
BBs Dark Apache
BBs Dreamcatcher
BBs Elkarunning
BBs Firewater male
BBs Jajoba
BBs Runen Horse

LE 60039 RE

Jayne & Bill (Hamilton, ON)

Jr's Karate Kid 6/5/96 male

Dam: Oshkosh Jealousy and Sire: Nambia Bale
(NGA Owner: Mary Reedy)

Jrs Rojo
Mystic Bale female

Nambia Thunder female

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