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Greyhound Litterates List

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Littermates List

***First line of each entry represents Tattoo No.s of Left Ear (LE) & Right Ear (RE)

If LE #. is not available, please search by Dogs Race Name

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fyi American and Australian dogs LE/RE Tattoos will be up to 5 numbers (0-9)

UK (Overseas) dogs LE/RE Tattoos will be letters (A-Z)


LE 79977 RE 39C

Midge Moore AZ (WA)
Lunch Lady (Lady) female DOB 3/24/99
(NGA Owner: G E Clarke Jr)
Sire: Flying Callaway and Dam: KB's Sweet Katie

Buggs male
Exit Ramp male
Miss Marla female

LE 79906 RE 39B

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Brown Bag (Sheba)

Sire: My Borona and Dam: Put On A Smile


Iceman Cometh male

Wall Street Bull male

LE 79892 RE 399A

Jackie Vlcek FL (FL)
Boss Clancy Boom (Clancy) female DOB 3/18/99
Sire: King Cameron and Dam: Westpark Lassie

(NGA Owner: LuAnn M Carden)


Boss Patty O female

Swarni Sez female

Boss Mary Malone female

Boss MacKenzie male

Boss Pot Of Gold male

Boss Easymoney male

Boss Harrigan male

LE 79868 RE 39B

David & Diane Jorns (IL)
Greys Octagon (Octagon) male DOB 3/27/99
Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: Greys Fostoria

Greys Obstructor male RE 39I (adopted by David & Diane Jorns)
Greys Off Ramp female RE 39C (adopted by David & Diane Jorns)
Greys Obstinate male (adopted by Patricia Bunton IL)
Greys Orchid female (adopted by Patricia Bunton IL)
Greys Octane male (adopted in IL)
Greys Off Limits male (adopted in IL)

Greys Oasis female
Greys Odd Ball male
Greys Oceanside female

LE 79859 RE 39B

Anne Wolf KS (IL)
SE's Buzzin Oak (Oak) male DOB 3/28/99
Sire: Flying Oak and Dam: Buzz One


SEs Buzz Free female

SEs Oak Tree male

LE 79851 RE 19E

Karen Barnett FL

Classys Classic female DOB 1/18/99

Sire Eds Racing Eddit and Dam: Classy Chassy

Eds Earnhardt male

Eds Little Girl female

LE 79832 RE 39E

Rob Seguin CO,FL,NH (Ontario)
Slatex Wade (Camper) male DOB 3/26/99
(NGA Owner: George H Harlan)
Sire: Randy Handy and Dam: Bonsai Betsy

Slatex Brenda female
Slatex Chris male
Slatex Elvis male
Slatex Maureen female
Slatex Supergirl female
Slatex Uptown male

LE 79827 RE 39D

Karen Kuss & Len Schultz AZ (San Diego, CA)
Shata Scooter (Scooter) male DOB 3/20/99
Sire:  Sand Scorcher and Dam: Pa's Dixie Bell

Shata Scandal male
Shata Scuffle male

LE 79811 RE 39H

Joy Riley FL/AL (GA)

TXs Pageintime (Paige) female DOB 3/23/99

Sire: My Broadway Joe and Dam: BJ Bismo

(NGA Owner: Carolyn Thompson)


TXs Pamela female

Renegade Red male

TXs Patty Joe male

TXs Philthebill male

TXs Polly female

TXs Priceisrite male

LE 79796 RE 39H

BJ Nash (Nashville, KY)
A Major Presence (Major) male Whelped 3/1/99

Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: Pro's Chaka Kahn
(NGA Owner: Earl Rettlenmeirer & Joe Lent)

Its Within Reach male
Pay As You Enter female
Another Connie T female
Nickerbacher male
No Not Really female
I Gotta Have It female

LE 79784 RE 39F

Jen Boyd-Morin (MD)
Dear Ms Star (Neyla) female DOB 3/11/99
(NGA Owner: Trudy Neely)
Sire: Waubun Kid Zach (adopted) and Dam: Golden Darcy (adopted in MI)

Dear Ms Brandy female (adopted)
Dear Mr Edison male
Waubun Mr Mike male
Waubun Mr Moses male (Moses adopted by Jeanni Kistler-Davis PA)

LE 79776 RE 29C

Betsy Chermin Verb

RR Dixie Double (Dixie) female DOB 2/11/99

Sire: Flyng Highball and Dam: GGB Dixie Pride

(NGA Owner: James Sutton, Walter Schram)


Ms Laceiba female

RR Dixiehighball female

RR Flying Dixie female

RR Shellys Pride female

LE 79774 RE 29C

Becky Stamper WI

JNS Mojo Justus female Whelped 2/1/99

Sire: Jet Set Mr Tea and Dam: Reds MacBeth

(NGA Owner: John Henry Jr)


JNS Mojo Java female

JNS Mojo Jedda female

JNS Mojo Jock male

LE 79758 RE 39A
Erica & David Puopolo CT  (NJ)
Minaki Raven (Raven) female 3/24/99
(NGA Owner: John T Jensen)
Sire: Greystatesman and Dam: Minaki Moon

Howlatthemoon female
Minaki Riot female (adopted Erica?)
Minaki Royal male

LE 79743 RE 39D
Marlene & Louis FL (MD)
Forbes Moonbeam (Haley) female DOB 3/14/99
Sire: P's Raising Cain and Dam: Kerrigan
(NGA Owner: Forbes Kennel Inc)


Forbes Nitro male
Forbes Swahieley female
Forbes Take Back male RE 39A DOD 11/30/04 (Ollie adopted by Janet Powell VA)
Forbes Finkley male
Forbes Fireball male
Forbes Hezlip male

LE 79725 RE

Jamie Atkinson VA (TN)
Annette Mon Ami (Cricket) female DOB 3/8/99
(NGA Owner: Barbara Anderson)
Sire: My Rooster and Dam: La Stampa

Cloud Burst female
Counting On Me male
Fabled Legend male
First Delivery female
My Name's Larry male
Sparkle Stamp female

LE 79683 RE 39E

Roberta Mikkelsen CT (NY)
Chip Mc Grath (Chip Mc Grath) male DOB 3/10/99
(NGA Owner: Carl Sarney & Arthur Fortunato)
Sire: P's Raising Cain and Dam: Holly D

Fran's Big Mike male
Hooper's Hooch male
Kookoo Kachu female

LE 79682 RE

Susan Lundberg

Ms Fund Raiser male DOB 3/99

Sire: Ps Raising Cain and Dam: Ms Bertha Heart


Ms Flag Raiser male RE 39C (Flagger adopted in Ontario)

Ms Raisingdough male

Ms Red Heart female

LE 79621  RE 39A

Jacqueline Dornhoefer (NJ)
Carolina Imagine female Whelped 3/10/99
Sire: Rm's Davey and Dam: Southern Atari

Carolina Dream female

Carolina Illusion female

Carolina Mirage female

Carolina Vision male

Carolina Wish female

LE 79605 RE 29C

JoAnn Cotter & Pat Barney (NY)

Vie Moody female DOB 2/28/9

(NGA Owner: Lois Smith)
Sire : Buzzin Fly and Dam: Vie Jan
Vie Muskogee female
Vie Oklahoma female
Vie Wagoner female

LE 79602 RE 39B

Susan Lundberg (MD)
(Monte) male DOB 3/99

LE 79594 RE 39E

Nancy Halliwell CT/FLA (NJ)

Prime Rib (Patrick) male DOB 3/4/99

Sire: Molotov and Dam: Jasmine Notyours

(NGA Owner: George Reich & MG Porter)


Delmonico female

Filetmignon Rare female

London Broil male

Porterhouse male

Sirloin Rare female

Top Sirloin male

LE 79580 RE 39A

Paula McVann TX (MO)

Keeper Trujazz (Misha) female 3/4/99

Sire: Rapido Truman and Dam: GT's Sedona

(NGA Owner: Green Smith)


Keeper Trujock male

Keeper Trujet male

Keeper Trujim male

Keeper Trujill female

LE 79561  RE 39B

Jacqueline Dornhoefer (NJ)
Waltz Over female Whelped 3/11/99
Sire: Fortress and Dam: Miss Mia

(NGA Owner: Ryan Farms)

Bolivar male

Cold Harbour male

Kayla's Away female

Salute female

LE 79531 RE 29A

Barb Smith WI,WV (PA)
JR's Lucy (Lucy) female DOB 2/28/99
(NGA Owner: Lela M Ballard)
Sire: San Tan Smash and Dam: Ice Princess

JR's Grand male
JR's Hi Pro male
JR's Smash male
JR's San Tan male

LE 79469 RE 39A

Calay & James Swift AZ (CA)
RD's Doc (Doc) male DOB 3/6/99
(NGA Owner: Gloria Dorsey)
Sire: P's Raising Cain and Dam: RD's Valeria

RD's Bashful female
RD's Dopey male
RD's Happy female
RD's Sleepy female

LE 79443 RE 39C

Valerie Togher (East Windsor, NJ)

Ensign Blue (Casey) male Whelped 3/1/99

(NGA Owner: S Lester Raines)

Sire: Fortress and Dam: Shes My Leader


Wicklow Royalty female

Son of Danzig male

Iglesias Pantin male

Bigwhipindeal male

LE 79429 RE 29H

Kim Burnett (St. Louis, MO)
Callie Walker (Callie) female DOB 2/28/99 

Sire: Flying Highball and Dam: Cross Bay
Carl Lee Walker (adopted and living in MI)

Chester Walker

LE 79386 RE 39D

Matthew & Holly Reese KS,CT (Fairfax VA)
Royce Sullivan (Emma) female DOB 3/2/99
(NGA Owner: Paul L Stewart)
Sire: Benny Landeros and Dam: M's Pup Talk

Hey Jingle male
Shoeless Benny male

LE 79366  RE 29H
Chris Mitchell (Kansas City, MO)

P's Kee Dee (Kee Dee) female DOB 2/15/99
Sire: P's Skidway and Dam: P's Katz
(NGA Owner: David Petzold)


P's Cashway female

P's Excel male

P's Funtime female

P's Keyway female

P's Reeves male

P's Safeside (Sara) RE 29G (adopted by Shannon Schaffer in VA)

P's Spacey female

P's Windfall female

LE 79336 RE 29G 

Teri Rogo AZ (AZ)

Figs Dixie Babe (Dixie) female Whelped 2/17/99

Sire: Morning Bob and Dam: NF Bridy

(NGA Owner: Dick Figurilli)


Figs Tether female

Figs Lyndon male

Figs Nite Glow female

Figs Don Bob male

LE 79322 RE 29C
Shannon Kozeny KS (MO)
M's Crazy Legs (Kale aka Kramer) male DOB 2/25/99
Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Flying Gold Mine

Lg's Shelly female (brood 2004)

Mr Vacation male RE 29H (BindyBood adopted by Paula Brown)

LE 79293 RE 29D

Mary McNally KS (MO)
Sly Speed (Maeve) female DOB 2/20/99
(NGA Owner: Gary L Scott)
Sire: My Broadway Joe and Dam: Sly Betty

Sly Blazer male
Sly Hawk male RE 29B (Rorschach adopted by Erica Mueller MA)
Sly Thrill female

Yorktown male

LE 79285 RE 29B
Kevin & Annie Craige NH (Dingmans Ferry, PA)
SEs Punky Flare (Cody) male Whelped 2/99
(NGA Owner: Steven A Ward)
Sire: Blazin Blitz and Dam: Arjo Punk
SEs Punky Shine female

Arjo Edys Mistake female

SEs Punky Blaze female

SEs Punky Spark female
SEs Punky Flame female

LE 79222 RE 29F

Nancy Madigan AZ/Mexico

WDs Octavia Freida Dye (Freida) female DOB 2/23/99

Sire: Carl Dye and Dam: Harriet Sue


Calvin Dye male

Geraldine Dye female

LE 79218 RE 29B

Denise Moll CT (VA)
Hallo Birdie (Birdie) female DOB 2/18/99
(NGA Owner: BTW ENT & J E O'Donnell)
Sire: Bomb Threat and Dam: Starlight Emily

Hallo Watson male (adopted)

LE 79216 RE

Brian Surette FL (MA)
Penrose James (James) male DOB 2/15/99 DOD 12/248/04
(NGA Owner: Nick S De Salvo)
Sire: Unruly Thomas and Dam: Penrose Shams

Penrose Barney male
Penrose Carmen male RE 29G (Bowie adopted by Christipher & Allison Lantieri Las Vegas, NV)
Penrose Colten male
Penrose Ginny female
Penrose Pauline female
Penrose William male (William adoted by Justin Busby)

LE 79197 RE 29I

Jennifer Jao WI (IL)

Cinema Chick (Brin) female DOB 2/15/99

(NGA Owner: Frank J Defino Sr)

Sire: P's Raising Cain and Dam: Kacy Cornhusker


Sugar Boppie Male

Cinema Maximus male

Cinema Storm female

Cinema Corn male

Cinema Dude male

Cinema Gracie female

LE 79109 RE 29B

Dennis L Trimmer FL (Port Royal, SC)

Legs Anita (Anita) female DOB 2/9/99

Sire:  Nita's Snow Ball and Dam: Legs Topaz

(NGA Owner: Lloyd E Green)


Legs Annette female (Adopted by Dennis)

Legs Alpine female

Legs Abner male

LE 79101 RE 29I

Mike Horan WI (IL)
Delhi Dude (Ace) male DOB 2/10/99
(NGA Owner: Brian Scott)
Sire: Cheyenne Boomer and Dam: Coldwater Cheer


Delhi Annie female

Delhi Baby female

Delhi Bubba male

Delhi GC Boy male

Delhi Quigley male

Delhi Roo female

Delhi Sampson male

Delhi Victor male

LE 78979 RE 29D

Alison Westrich (TN)
Fortlisas Luther (Luther) male DOB 2/8/99
(NGA Owner: Wayne R Ward)

Sire: Fortress* and Dam: Shalako Lisa


Fortlisas Lacey female

Fortlisas Lion male

Fortlisas Lana female

Fortlisas Lark female

LE 78918 RE 29F

Rhonda Binnebose

Little Red male Whelped 2/1/99

Sire: Gable Chevy and Dam: Run Bun
CCs Moody Blue (Adopted June Houston)

CCs Adoism male

CCs Baby Blue female

CCs Don Quixote male

CCs Sexy Sadie female

LE 78916 RE 29I

Jenn Daly (DE)
Shoe Z (ShoeZ) female DOB 2/1/99
Sire: Tuffolo and Dam: Ibex Nello Fire


Ibex April Sue female

Ibex Donna Joy female

Ibex Jimmy Ha Ha male

Ibex My Patches male

Ibex Powerman male

Nellie Ears female

LE 78871 RE 29E

Julie O'Donoghue FL (WA)

System Rok Salt (Scooby) male

Sire: Rocksteady Eddie and Dam: System Shortstop

(NGA Owner: Hermitage Kennels Inc.)


System Rok Stop female

System Rok Wok female

System Rok Spot male (Adopted Penny)

LE 78806 RE 119B

Bev Ulp

RTs Little Joe male DOB 1/25/99

Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Rts Laddie


RTs Big Moe male

RTs Caninameone female

RTs Mellow Dee female

RT;s Miss Ellie female

Rts Sassy Sue female

Rts Whichwaynow female (Alice)

LE 78792 RE 19I

Nancy Halliwell CT/FLA (NJ)

Fortified Heart (Chance) male DOB 1/23/99

Sire: Fortified Power and Dam: Hondo Prism

(NGA Owner: Deborah L Strickland)


Fortified Beast male (deceased)

Fortified Fancy female (adopted)

Fortified Fire female

Fortified Sass female

Fortified Pro male (adopted)

Fortified Rocket male

Fortified Jazz male RE 19J (Seamus adopted by Nancy Halliwell)

Fortified Savvy female

Fortified Talent female (Tally adopted by Chris Hasselberger)

LE 78779 RE 19A

Patricia Jason WI (IL)
Greta's Pollyann (PollyAnn) female DOB 1/1/99
(NGA Owner: Larry Wadlington)
Sire: Marque Mathis and Dam: Australian Dream

Greta's Pistol male
River Tilt male
River Mark male

LE 78768 RE 19E

Kristin McAllister NH
Valley Egg Nog (Valley) female Whelped 1/30/99

Sire: LZs Mr. Quick A and Dam: Ps Ziploc
Valley Butter male
Valley Cream female
Valley Velveeta male
Valley Yogurt male

LE 78743 RE 19C

Edward Overby CO

Stormcatcher female DOB 1/99

Sire: Pat C Dublin and Dam: Aftershock

(NGA Owner: Gary Crozier)

LE 78739 91A
Kelli Olsen CT&MA (NJ)
Ein's Ride Hard (Quincy) Male DOB 9/21/99
(NGA Owner: Betty E Gladden)
Sire: My Broadway Joe and Dam: Okie Carmel

Ein's Blue Duck Male

LE 78730 RE 19F

Vicki Silvis TX (TX)
Bobbyes Smoke (Abby) female DOB 1/16/99
(NGA Owner: Gary Alexander)
Sire: AZ Limo Lee and Dam: Slofley Tip Toe


Bobbyes Bye Bye female

Bobbyes Firedup male

Bobbyes Goldye female

Bobbyes Limo male

Bobbyes Streak female

LE 78709 RE 19A

Robin Fichtner KS (CA)
B Mac's Elvis (Max) male DOB 1/24/99

(NGA Owner: Pauline McMillan)
Sire: Winning Kick and Dam: Easy Ellie

B Mac's Boomer female
B Mac's Crafty female
B Mac's Hotstuff male
B Mac's Poolboy male

B Macs Wokdwok male

LE 78707 RE 19D

Terilyn Bradbury (WA)
Heidi Blair (Heidi) female DOB 1/22/99
(NGA Owner: Carroll C Blair)
Sire: P's Raising Cain and Dam: Holly Like Me

Harmony Blair female
Hayley Blair female
Hilary Blair female

LE 78690 RE 19I

Cindy Campany FL (NC)
Turn Me Loose (Loose) male DOB 1/14/99
(NGA Owner: Armstrong Kennels)
Sire: Fantastic Memory and Dam: Wright Fairday
Rule The World male
Bring It On Now male
All Lit Up female
Likely Story female
Chasing The Mail female
Secret Squirrel female
Black Day female
Fantastic Angel female

LE 78674 RE 10B

Kathy Malewicki FL (MA)
MPS Blondebabe (Pearl) female DOB 1/10/90 DOD 11/00
(NGA Owner: Myrtle Piper)
Sire: Swift Kick and Dam: Dangerous Choice


Mps Alexandria female

Mps Dangerouskik male

Mps Donnie male

Mps Easypenny female

Mps Fancydancer female

Mps Moneyhoney female

Mps Swiftchoice female

LE 78657 RE 19F

Kelley Cerny (MI)

Ashleys Angel (Heaven) female DOB 1/9/99

(NGA Owner: James Lovely Seastrom Kennels)

Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: Buy Chic


Brave Lil Toasta female

Ghetto Cowboy male

Ghetto Superstar male

Moe Thugs male

Thug Queen female

LE 78603 RE

Laura Matthews AR,FL (TN)
Baba's Joe (Joe), Baba's John (John) & Baba's Fred (Fred) males DOB 1/16/99
(NGA Owner: Ronald Beckner)
Sire: Molotov and Dam: Baba's Rita


Babas Tom male

Babas Ben male

Babas Dixie female

Babas Rose female

LE 78596 RE19F

Paul Mills FL (Philadelphia, PA)
Magic Robyn (Lucy) female 1/12/99

Sire: Unruly Storm and Dam: Magic Misty Eyes
(NGA Owner: Haber Kennels)

Magic Juliana female
Defenderone female
Magicthingamajic female
Roy's Goforit female

LE 78591 RE 19B

Linda Mackay (Burnaby BC)
WW Kiowa Gallup (Scooter) male DOB 1/13/99
(NGA Owner: Kay Smith or Wayne Ward)
Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Kiowa Bel Isle


WW Kiowa Gregory male

WW Kiowa Gusto male

WW Kiowa Gypsy female

LE 78532 RE 19G

Shannon Schaffer VA
Be Nimble (Jack) male DOB 1/8/99
(NGA Owner: Anthony Tutalo or Kenneth Richard)
Sire: Be Complete and Dam: Be Signed


Be Little female

LE 78515 RE 128H

Kate Wrightson & Joe Merlino NH (Boston, MA)

Vie Carious (Django) male Whelped 12/31/98

Sire: Bigelow and Dam: Vie Charisma

LE 78493 RE 19F

Jessica Ghrairi FL (NC)
Redhot Rochelle (Toot-Toot) female DOB 1/4/99

(NGA Owner: Les Ackerman or Wm Lockha)

Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Brentwood Way*


Redhot Razz female

Redhot Red Eye male

Redhot Red Raven male

Redhot Richard male

Redhot Rip female

Redhot Rita female

Redhot Ritzy male

LE 78490 RE 19H

Denise Grossman  WI
Rainier Restive (Brooke) female DOB 1/1/99

Sire: EJ's Douglas and Dam: Rinier
(NGA Owner: Joseph J or Cae S Sullivan)


Rainier Rapartee female

Rainier Ruthless male

Rainier Reveille female

Rainier Rankle male

Rainier Raucous male

Rainier Ravage male

LE 78450 RE

Nancy A Lassiter (Anderson, SC)

Airborne Lil (Adopted) female 29/08/93

Airborne Lils Litter Whelped: 12/27/98 with Sire: Trogn Episode

(NGA Owner: Craig J Tasens)


Airborne Episode female

Clemens female

Nyy Riviera male

Susans Ballet male

Susans Chance female

Sustans Storm male

Susans Stride male

Trogan Hoss male

LE 78429 RE19B

Bonnie Baron (LA, CA)

WD'S Kiev (Ranger) male Whelped 1/4/99

Sire: WD'S Santiago and Dam: Dees Lorraine

(NGA Owner: Kathleen Collins)

WD's Atlantis male
WD's Sailie female
WD's Tannis male

WDs Alantis male

WDs Aerodynamic male (adopted by Julia Sayre Phoenix AZ)

WDs Captain male

WDs Spring female

LE 78408 RE 19A

Adam Mann (Mississauga ON)

Hallo Murphy (Doug) male DOB 1/2/99

Sire: Panama Darrell and Dam: Starlight Roslyn


LE 78360 RE 29B

Karen Chandler

Ldees Babycakes female DOB 2/9/99

Sire: Blazing Desire and Dam: SKIs Lizzie


Blazing Alyssa female

DMDs Ben Hur male

DMDs Nephertite female

Ldees April male

My Mister Sean male

Rund Sean Run male

Seanthehandyman male

Seanthetrackman male

LE 78335 RE

Rachel Hopple (FL) OH
Bet Often (Rosie) female 12/22/98
(NGA Owner: Edward M Ramsey? Ronald G Beckner?) 
Sire: Fantastic Memory and Dam: Betsy Affran

Bet All female
Bet On Time male
Bet Pat male

LE 78330 RE 19F

Kris Hanson Iowa (WI)
Twilite EZ Mark (Loki) male DOB 1/15/99
(NGA Owner: Twilite Kennels LLC)
Sire: Twilite Reward and Dam: Karmatic


Twilite Batik male

Twilite Kaw male

Twilite Penelope female

Twilite Burn One male

Twilite Dolce female

LE 78309 RE

Sue Burkhard (Benton Harbor, MI)
No Prisoners (Brittany) female DOB 12/31/89

Dam: Aristacite and Sire: Dutch Bahama

(NGA Owner: Daniel H. Langfield)
Asto Dee male
Neal Dee male

LE 78309 RE

Sue Burkhard (Benton Harbor, MI)

No Prisoners (Brittany)
Her puppies from different Litters are:

(NGA Owner: Joseph Or Cae Sullivan)
Rainier Razor male
Rainier Reiner male 4/21/97 (Sire: Aus Ready Freddy*)
Rainier Rajah female
Rainier Reassure female
Rainier Raccoon female
Rainier Rammer male
Rainier Ransack male
Rainier Rectify female

LE 78290 RE 128G

Audrey Lochansky FL (NC)
Lil Ally (Ally) female DOB 12/22/98

(NGA Owner: Randy Ward
Sire: Stoneage Fred and Dam: Down the Pike

Freddy Lee male
Our Miss Jewel female
Guy Tucker male
Texas Terry male
Miss Maddy female
Papa Duke male

LE 78245 RE 128E

Anne Thimm CT (VA)
Frank Keating (Tigger) male DOB 12/24/98
Sire: Flying Manhattan and Dam: M's Amanda

Shoeless Corona female
Shoeless Ransom male
Zero Tranquility male

LE 78239 RE 128E

Lin & Garth Davies (NM)

Kiowa Vate Vate (Veda) male DOB 12/26/98

Sire: Kiowa Motivate and Dam: Elementarymydear

(NGA Owner: Kate Smith)


Kiowa Vate Val female (Val adopted the Fergusons)

Kiowa Vate Van male

Kiowa Vate Ven male

Kiowa Vate Vic female

Kiowa Vate Vod male

LE 78233 RE 128B

Joni G. Gldenpfennig Iowa (Iowa)

Two Timin Trace (Trinity) female DOB 12/23/98

Sire:  Unruly Thomas and Dam: TD Shandra

(NGA Owner: David N Combs)


Time for Tess female

Ty One On Again male

LE 78228 RE 118A

Colleen Gonzales (Tempe AZ)

CJs Spirit Girl (Maggie) female Whelped 11/9/98

Sire: Western Spirit and Dam: Twilite Soproud

(NGA Owner: Claire J Sisk)


CJs Lite Spirit female

CJs Sprite Lite male

LE 78213 RE 118B

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Reko Tzipporah (Zephyr) female DOB 11/1/98

Sire: FMCs Wake Up and Dam: Reko Jessica

(NGA Owner: Reko Enterprises Inc)


Reko Parisian female

Reko Angola male

LE 78189 RE 128D

Wanda Abeyta AZ (CA)
Bella Top Gun (Toppy) male DOB 12/24/98
Sire: Flying Train and Dam: Bevs Best

Bella Tisha female
Bella Tohono male
Bella Tomoi female
Bella Top Deck male
Bella Train male
Bella Trezza male

LE 78162 RE 118A
Andrea & Derek Bird Arkansas/FL (Almonte, ON)
Legs Silver (Silver) male DOB 11/26/98
(NGA Owner: Lloyd E Green)
Sire: My Quicksilver and Dam: Ar's Loretta

LE 78126 RE 128D
Linda Miller (St. Louis, Missouri)
Mom's Mandy (Mandy) Female DOB 12/12/98
(NGA Owner: Linda G Miller)
Sire: Push and Dam: Winona Mary
Mom's Elaine Female

LE 78124 RE 128G

Dawn Cooke FL (VA)
SI Stardust (Stardust) female DOB 12/26/98)
(NGA Owner: Ivan Harrall & Shane O'Daniel)
Sire: P's Raising Cain and Dam: JL Mae


SI Miss Cain female

SI Miss Mac female

SI Princess female

SI Miss Fulbrite female

LE 78118 RE 128H

Nancy Greer (Jacksonville Beach, FL)
BP Jambalaya (Mariah) female Whelped 12/19/98

Sire: Budweiser Man and Dam: PJ's Angel
Bp Nite So Long Female
Bp Crawfish Pie Male
Bp DrinknDreamn Male

Magic Brett Bud Male
Brett Peters Male

LE 78113 RE 118D

Kirsten Maguire (ON)
Hallo Bobby (Bob) male DOB 11/17/98
(NGA Owner: James E O'Donnell Jr)
Sire: Star Light Jake and Dam: Starlight Cherry


Hallo Blackie Oh male

Hallo Chickie female

Hallo Dynamight male

Hallo My Flame female

Hallo Spike male

Hallo Tycoon male

LE 78068 RE 128F

Jeff Rae CT (Fairfax, VA)

PS Final Episode (Ollie) male DOB 12/14/98

Sire: Trojan Episode and Dam: Kelsos Melinda

(NGA Owner: Phyllis A Skinner)


Jas Episode female

BK Pushbutton female

Awesome Episode female

Blaze By Episode male

Designer Episode male

Booming Episode female

Silent Episode (adopted Kate Shue)

LE 78064 RE 128A

Pat Nelson (Madison, CT)

CC Step It Up female DOB 12/11/98

Sire: Sorrento Warrior and Dam: Elsies Pop Tart

(NGA Owner: Callahan or Murphy)
CC Cher female
CC Big Bird male
CC Hot Copy male

LE 78036 RE 128D

Kim Silverman (FL)
RW's Dallas (Dallas) male DOB 12/17/98
(NGA Owner: Roy G White)
Sire: My Rooster and Dam: Unanimous Vote


Dews Agnes Ann female

Gold Legend male

RW's Emily female

LE 77957 RE 128B

Beverley Craig TX,NH (ON)
Dust Devil (Devil) male DOB 12/8/98
(NGA Owner: Robert M Childs or Patricia G Stover)
Sire: BJ Dust Buster and Dam: Sparkys Rhapsody

Red Devil male

LE 77939 RE 128B

Marsha S Roe (AZ)

Excalibor Zee (Tziki) male DOB 12/8/98

Sire: WDs Early Lad and Dam: Fleas Fluse


Excalibor Diego (Diego) male RE 128D (adopted by Kyla Winters CA)

Excalibor Zorro male RE 128A

LE 77934 RE 118E

Ed Maxwell MA (NH)
Hallo Bongo (Eric) male DOB 11/11/98

Sire: Panama Clinton and Dam: Island Music

LE 77930 RE 108A

Chrissy Burdette CT (NJ)

CTW Kingofthesea (Benny) male Whelped 10/2/98
Sire: Flying Neptune and Dam: Ring U Babe

(NGA Owner: Margaret A Cummings)

CTW Ring My Bell

Ctw Sea Maiden female
Ctw Sea Shell female (adopted)
Ctw Sea Witch female
Janelles Pick female

LE 77898 RE 128C

Jenny & Eric Horn AZ (San Diego CA)
Here's Maxim (Maxi) female DOB 12/04/98
Sire: Unruly Thomas
Dam: Barb Wire Babe

Get Pacific male

LE 77894 RE 128H

Marsha ONeil KS

Mr. Colin male DOB 12/98

Sire JRs Racingshoes and Dam: Justice Japan

(NGA Owner: Luther Crawford)


Elvira Wish female

Elviras Rocket male

LC Moist Blend male

LC Ocean Prince male

LCs Little Lady female

LCs On Edge female

LE 77893  RE 128B

Jim & Ronda Corey (WA)

DK's Romper (Romper) male DOB 12/7/98

Sire: Dutch Sweeny and Dam: Hartland Thumper


DK's Amy Bell female RE 128A (Amy adopted by Holly Birge WA

DK's Dougie male
DK's Jojo male

LE 77888 RE 108G
Nancy Smith AL
A Star Design female Whelped 10/01/98
Sire: Design Time and Dam: Destiny n Power
(NGA Owner: Gail Shook)
A Star Destiny female
AStar of Chris's
Astarofthefuture male
Astar of the sun female
Astar oftheworld
A star time

LE 77887 RE 128C

Brooks & Janet Liddiard WI (NY)
Bada Boom (Boomer) male DOB 12/9/98
(NGA Owner:  Randy or Judy Loring)
Sire: Evening Memory and Dam: Paris Spirit

Cocktail Kitty female
Crystal Raindrop female (adopted by Kristen & Fred?)
Ran the Lure male

LE 77886 RE 128A

Linda Hestianna KS,CT,NH (NH)
Lotta Revenue (Lottie) female DOB 12/5/98
(NGA Owner: Carol D Reynolds)
Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Red Nitro

Wall Street Heat male
Press Review female

LE 77678 RE 118G

Stephanie McLaren WI (IN)
Jigger of Sherry (Jiggy) male DOB 11/23/98
Too Much Sherry male EOB 11/23/98

(NGA Owner: Edward & Lana Trow)
Sire: Wigwam Wag and Dam: Smiley Sherrie
Cookinwithsherry female
Sip of Sherry female
Taste of Sherry male (Stitch adopted by Heather King OH)

Too Much Sherry male

LE 77670 RE 118E

Angela Spencer FL (Owings Mills MD)
Hortons We Good (Gromit) male DOB 11/21/98
(NGA Owner: Melvin Drayton)
Sire: DLB's Codybegood and Dam: Zekes Flyer

Hortons Be Good female

Hortons Is Good female

Hortons Do Good female

Hortons All Good male

Hortons So Good male

Hortons Mo Good male

LE 77663 RE 118C

Brian & Kristyn Lewis FL (OH)
Fuzzys Monsoon (Monsoon) male DOB 11/16/98
(NGA Owner: Joseph M Frenette)
Sire: Fortress* and Dam: Fuzzys Swindler

Fuzzys Thunder female
Fuzzys Mudslide male
Fuzzys Cyclone male
Fuzzys Typhoon female
Fuzzys Hurricane male
Fuzzys Tornado female

LE 77749 RE 118B

Jessica Tack (OH)
Little Chic (Boo) female DOB 11/22/98

Sire: Great Son and Dam: Chic Connection
(NGA Owner: Van Winkle Greyhounds Inc)


Just Chicky (Alice) (Adopted Jessica)

LE 77734 RE 128E

Mary Bales NH (PA)
Jyux (Monty) male DOB 12/1/98
(NGA Owner: WH O'Donnell)
Sire: Norva and Dam: Condo Leeza

Afishant male
Ayesha female
Dynella female
Kasina female
Letter Bee male
Nadejda female
Nuala female

Tabieta female

LE 77731 RE 118G
Jessica Barabe AL (MA)
KF Astro (Astro) female DOB 11/27/98
Sire: Unruly Thomas and Dam: Tiawah Gigi
(NGA Owner: Klontz/Fickett)
KF Bluescity female
KF Classyred female
KF Geegee female
KF Phantom male
KF Teasin female

LE 77715 RE 118?

Lisa Swartz (CO)
Fliowa Ferrari (Ferrari) male DOB 11/98 DOD 10/13/01
Sire: Fortress* and Dam: Jimbo Threespots


Fliowa Auto male

Fliowa Bus female

Fliowa Car female

Fliowa Drag female

Fliowa Eclipse female

Fliowa Getaway female

LE 77661 RE 118E

Joan Kaman RI/CT (NJ)

Shannon Evening (PAXX) female DOB 11/18/98

(NGA Owner: Patrick Guerin)

Sire: Nastar Racer and Dam: Oshkosh Qu


Shannon Ambro female

Shannon Calesa female

Shannon Fancy female

LE 77629 RE 118E

Tricia and Joe Adkins (Proberta CA)
Coldwater Webb DOB 11/23/98

Sire: Flying Highball and Dam: Coldwater Frolic
(NGA Owner: Oscar Henderson or Georgia Medis)
Coldwater Marana
Coldwater Merced
Coldwater Verice

LE 77616 RE 118A

Tricia &Tom Neary (Catonsville MD)

Safari Astroid (Zeus) male DOB 1998

Sire: Pat C Dublin and Dam: Safari Moonglow


Safari Doubleup female

Safari Eclispe

Safari Galaxy female

Safari Comet male (Adopted by Penny)

LE 77573 RE 118F

Stephanie Marrero (NJ)
JJ's Firestarter (JJ) male DOB 11/22/98
(NGA Owner: Raymond C Thurber)
Sire: FH Fire And Ice and Dam: Flying Allure

LE 77558 RE 118B

Jayme Hudgins
(Rama) Ramalamadingdong female DOB 11/22/98

Sire: Evening Memory and Dam: Lee's Cianci

(NGA Owner: Randy or Judy Loring


Sweetblackcoffee female
Almond Joyous female
Athlete's Feet male
Cover My Tracks female

LE 77556 RE

Chrissie Gregory NH
Brian Cooper DOB 11/18/98

Sire: Braddy and Dam: Greys Spotlite
Air Ride Male (found)
Dennis Boy Male
Kelsey Lee Female
Lucky Ray Male
Lucky Steven Male
Lucky Tony Male
Lucky Vin   Male

LE 77542 RE 189C

Renee Thornton TX (GA)

Boo Van Dyke (Blitz or Blitzie) female Whelped 12/1/89

Sire: My Cut and Dam: Army Girl

(NGA Owner: Ann T Nienow)


Jo Don Baker male

Stone Bill male

Polo John male

My Saint Mary female

LE 77514 RE 108D

Patti Lynch FL (FL)
Sandrannadana (Sandy) female DOB 10/28/98
(NGA Owner: John Chiozza or CE Mullen III)
Sire: Unruly Thomas and Dam: La Cabana Lady

Conductor Jim male
Erotte male
Flea Bite
Kit Hoover female
Lil Swig
Ms Royal Flush female
NoOpenContender male

LE 77505 RE 98D

Rick & Shannon Lorenz AZ (AZ)

Akins Liz N Ed (LexieAnne) female DOB 9/9/98
(NGA Owner: Donald & Cynthia Payne)
Sire: Coastal Delivery and Dam: Sallisaw Betty

Akins Chad N Ed male

LE 77479 RE 98D
Nina Howe CO (Alberta)
Hallo Acid (Allegra/Allie) female DOB 9/10/98
(NGA Owner: James E O'Donnell Jr?)
Sire: Star Light Jake and Dam: Leo's Poison

Hallo My Desire female

Hallo River Lady female

Hallo Little Kei female

LE 77468 RE 118F

Ms. Kathryn Bylica Iowa (Lexington, KY)

Tiowa Perry (Perry) male DOB 11/19/98

(NGA Owner: Darrel Pranke or Robert Holman)

Sire: Rapido Rambo and Dam: My Roz


Tiowa Penelope female

Tiowa Pixie female

Tiowa Pauline female

Tiowa Prankster male

Tiowa Pistol male

LE 77466 RE 118F

AMF White Knight (Knight) male DOB 11/24/98

(NGA Owner: Thomas A Ferris)

Sire: My Rooster and Dam: Miss Haveyourway


AMF White Dove female

LE 77451 RE A88

Kathy Claycomb (Tonawanda, NY)

Just Rosie (Rosebud) female Whelped 11/3/98

Sire: Santa Fe Rufus and Dam: Justa Teaser

(NGA Owner: Violet Seastrom Trust)


Justa Rookie male
Justa Roxie female RE 88E? 
Just Relax male

Roxie Roker female

LE 77436 RE 118B

Steve Burt AZ (CA)
Nasspeed (Sam) male DOB 11/8/98
(NGA Owner: Olsker Kennel Corp)
Sire: J's Woof and Dam: Radillac

Lottie Dottie female

LE 77431 RE 118E

Catherine Coburn

Runaway Win (Rumer) female DOB 11/13/98

Sire: Heavy Z and Dam: Black is Rich

(NGA Owner: Sharon L Williams)


Dont Lie male

Space Ranger male

Tiger Lillian female

Beatrice Beat female

LE 77384 RE 118A

Kevin & Tricia Jones (Aplpena MI)

MCPs Ceaser male DOB 11/10/98

Sire: Twilite Westy and Dam: MCPs Andi

(NGA Owner: Harold Farmer)

LE 77355 RE 118F

Karen Crassi MA (Buffalo NY)
Kola Craze (Kola) male 11/9/98
(NGA Owner: Thomas Denton)
Sire: Sorrento Warrior and Dam: Hazardous Curves

Go Brightside female
Kola Galaxy female
Kola King male
Kola Prince male
Kola Spot female

LE 77371 RE 118H

Fern Houser (PA) 

Riveting Reba (Reba) female DOB 11/5/98

(NGA Owner: Andrew Sarras)

Sire: Flying Bookie and Dam: Mohican About


TM Calloway male

TMs High Tech male

Tms Lady Lace female

TMs Simply Silk female

LE 77350 RE 118C

Felicia Nunley-Wright AL (Knoxville TN)

Libby Q Bart (Krissy) Female DOB 11/13/98

Sire: Arjo Penn and Dam: Liberty Drive

(NGA Owner: Charles D Bartram)


Mong's Zeny male

Nora Bart female

Arjo Timsmacey female

Arjo Timspride male

LE 77268 RE 118A

Martha (Kansas)

TLC Connie May (The Countess Miss Connie May) female DOB 11/9/98

Sire: Unruly Thomas and Dam: Dulys Lori

(NGA Owner: Scott A Dulohery)


TLC Cameron male RE 118C

TLC Justin male RE 118D

LE 77256 RE 119B

Susan Schwarz (MD)

Windy's Biggie (Sam Browne) male DOB 11/24/89 DOD 7/8/02

Sire: Fabled Rodney and Dam: Upwind

(NGA Owner: R. Lexford Williamson)

LE 77251 RE 118C

Cheryl Carroll

Dewey Tamara (Cammi) female DOB 11/1/98

Sire: EJs Douglas and Dam: Foxy Fushia

(NGA Owner: Carla Ann Patterson)

Dewey Gearjammer male

LE 77246 RE 118A

Paul Mills FL (Philadelphia PA)
Eminem female Whelped 11/9/98

Sire: Molotov and Dam: If Only Ida

(NGA Owner: Nanci Lee Caswelll)


Cant Resist male

If Only Ouida female

Volume 2000 female

LE 77226 RE 118B
Laurie Lampe KS

Brinks Vixen (Vixen) female Whelped 11/1/98
(NGA Owner: Carlis Brinkley)
Sire: King Zee and Dam: Brinks Princess


Brinks Meteor male

Brinks Potential male

Brinks Galaxy male

Brinks V Eight male

Brinks Y Two K male

LE 77163 RE 108A

Doreen & Kirk Price NH (Ontario)
Jahoda's Bomber (Bomber) male DOB 10/27/98
(NGA Owner: Jahoda's Racing Kennels)
Sire: Unruly Storm and Dam: DLB's Missy Lee

Jahoda's Rascal

LE 77152 RE 88F

Laila Barber NH (ON)
Far From Normal (Rex) male DOB 8/17/98
(NGA Owner: Peter L Schnell)
Sire: Task Haughty Do and Dam: Gifted Jane

Away We Go male
Boca Dream female
Prideofcleveland male
You Got My Ok male

LE 77077 or 77877 RE 119D

Angela Wall OM (NC)

Air Shaquille (Griffin) Male Whelped 11/1/89

Sire: Classical Act and Dam: Little Miss G

(NGA Owner: Ben Silberman)
Db's Sully Male
Dilligas Son Male
Elusive Johnson Male
Miss You Mom Male

LE 77069 RE

Karla Harris & Herb Jordan (Vienna VA)
Kiowa Dark Dino (Dino) male DOB 10/28/98

Sire: Lpd Makers Mark and Dam: Kiowa Bet Dark

(NGA Owner: Wayne Ward or Kay Smith)


Kiowa Dark Dita female RE 108B (Gracie Lou adopted by Susan M Boyd Dalton, GA)

Kiowa Dark Dan male

Kiowa Dark Dina female RE 108A (Dina adopted by Erik & Canarissa Martin Berea KY)

Kiowa Dark Dionn male

LE 77041 RE 108C

Jennifer Elson NH (London ON)
Milatov (Milly) female DOB 10/24/98
(NGA Owner: Thomas Masciarelli)
Sire: Molotov and Dam: Switzler Ballou

Romatov male

LE 77020 RE 108D

Kim Hartson NH (Vermont)
BB Magee (BB) male DOB 10/23/98
(NGA Owner: William J Chamness)
Sire: Double Bogey Kid and Dam: Onyx Style

Bianca Style female
BB Reds Kelton  male
BB Jaybeth female

LE 77008 RE 108C

Joyce Wienand WI (IL)
Bring In Eddie G (Eddie) male DOB 10/26/98
(NGA Owner: Sharon Wray Kelly)
Sire: Be Complete and Dam: Bajax


Cks She Goes female

Cks Snowstorm male

Cks Thunderstorm male

Forloveofthegame male

Here's The Deal male

LE 76992 RE 108B

Dana Harrington WV (Berea KY)

Blazin Brenda female Whelped 10/14/98

(NGA Owner: H & A Enterprises Inc)

Sire: Blazin Blitz and Dam: Kansas Heather


Blazin Big Mack male RE 108C (Mack adopted by Barb Schueneman IN)

Hasty Heather female

LE 76984 RE 108A
Lisa Elrod CO (NM)
System Cb Tootle (Hana) female 10/22/98
Sire: System Carl and Dam: System Could Be
(NGA Owner: Hermitage Kennels Inc)

System CB Toots female
System Cb Candy female
System CB Sasha female

System CB Tootie male

LE 76940  RE 108A         
Cynthia Romaniello FL (Covington GA)

KB's Black Bart (Bart) male Whelped 10/1/98 
Sire: Mo Kick and Dam: KB's Secured Gal
(NGA Owner: Kenneth Biehle)


KB's Admiral male

KB's Twiggs female

LE 76925 RE 108A &?

Sue Blair Iowa (NY)

Big Impression male DOB 10/24/98

Big Chet Gee male RE 108A DOB 10/24/98

Sire: Flying Train and Dam: Streakin Bare

(NGA Owner: Robert V Rider)


Going Digital female

Last Embrace female

Mailbag male

LE 76922 RE

Theresa Boles TX,IA (MI)
U S Durante (Durante) male DOB 10/20/98
(NGA Owner: John H Taylor)
Sire: Molotov and Dam: Poison Rose

U S Deniro male
U S Pachino female (adopted Lindemanns in Melvindale MI)

U S Streep female (adopted?)

U S Midler female (adopted?)

Stat U S Streep female

U S Pfeiffer female

LE 7691  RE 81B
Laura Hart

Katina (Megan) DOB 8/5/91
Sire: Vaporize and Dam: Finessed

LE 76895 RE 108

Jim Higby FL (MI)

(Baby Girl) Magic Brite Lite female Whelped 10/1/98

(NGA Owner: Haber Kennels Inc)


Magic Brooke Female
Andy's Love (Desmond) Male (Adopted in MI)
Last Born Male
Tech Art I Be Male

LE 76871 RE 98H

Jennifer Watkins

Calling All Cars (Kramer) male DOB 9/1/98

Sire: Scs Mask Rider and Dam: Oakies Defiance

(NGA Owner: Homan Racing Greyhounds)


Masked Maggie female

Man In The Mask male

Donald Mahorney male

LE 76867 RE 108G

Ronda & Jim Corey (WA)

Preludetostardom (Star) female 1010/98

Sire: Unruly Thomas and Dam: Ballroom Blitz


Ally Fire female

Reload N Fire male

Universal Champ male

Utility Shield male

LE 76858 RE 108B

Lisa Alexander CO (Oakland, CA)

NW Jon Valjon (Bacci) male DOB 10/17/98
Sire: Evening Memory and Dam: Flying Gold Cup
(NGA Owner: NW Ashford)


NW Javare male

NW Fawnteen female

Mareous male

Eponone female

LE 76842 RE 88D
Molly Williamson Iowa
Oneco Dreamcatchr male DOB 8/30/98
Sire: EJ's Douglas and Dam: Oneco Cera
(NGA Owner: Patrick Begley)
Oneco Charisma female
Oneco Dreamy male
Oneco Reflection female
Oneco Windchimes male RE 88A

LE 76823 RE 108B

Jennifer Watkins

MCPs Bernice (Brie) DOB 10/19/98

Sire: My Rooster and Dam: MCPs Brenn

LE 76818 RE 108B

Jennifer Watkins

Pat C So Close (SoSa) male DOB 10/20/98

Sire: Great Son and Dam: Pat C Hellodolly

(NGA Owner: Patrick Collins)


Pat C Up Close male

LE 76816 RE 108A

Joey Knopp WI (MO)
RL Scooby Doo (Scooby) male DOB 10/18/98
(NGA Owner: Ray or Louise Ballard)
Sire: Wigwam Wag and Dam: Rl Abie Gail

RL Qualcomm male
RL Seluester male

LE 76797 RE

Heather L Epperly

System Smokin Male 10/9/98

Sire: System Carl and Dam: System Smoke
(NGA Owner: Hermitage Kennels)

System Mo Smoke Female
System Mr Smoke Female
System Blo Smoke Female
System Smoker Female
System Lil Smoky Female
System Old Smoke Male
System Sho Smoke Female

LE 76753 RE 108D

Barbara Brooks LE (NC)
Rapid Sandi Blue (Sandi) female DOB 10/1/98
(NGA Owner:  Alva Flynn)
Sire: Rapido Rambo and Dam: Sandi Quick

Rapid Ebony male
Rapid Hercules male

Rapid Indigo female
Rapid Kelton male
Rapid Quick male
Rapid Wham male

LE 76705 RE 108A

Diane Harvey WI (WI)
Raze Jackie (Jackie) female DOB 10/9/98
(NGA Owner: Raymond K. Anderson
Sire: EJs Douglas and Dam: Eastok Bonnie

Raze Tyler male
Raze Bobbi Magee female
Raze Angie female
Raze Trisha female
Bouncy Dance female
Raze Janis J female
Raze Deone

LE 76665 RE 108G

Shanna Smith WI (MI)

KK Hangon (Cowboy) male DOB 10/16/98

(NGA Owner: John V Denton)

Sire: My Rooster and Dam: Husker Ada


KK Homerun male

Pleasant Alicia female

Pleasant Melisa female

LE 76644 RE 108H

Dee & Steve Clark CO (NY)

Wolf's Hurry On (Rusty) male DOB 10/8/98

Sire: Pat C Whats Best and Dam: Bobbie Racoon

(NGA Owner: Carl S Livingston Jr)


Wolfs Adam male

Wolf's Charly male

Wolf's Deidra female

Wolf's Eduardo male (Rocky adopted)

Wolf's Friend male

Wolfs Freida female

LE 76643 RE 108F

Pam Porter Stephens Ark/AL
(Ellie) Barts Roulette female Whelped 10/6/98
Sire: Flying Train and Dam: Eyebrows*

(NGA Owner: Rick D Bartley)

Night Train Male
Barts Blackjack Female
Barts Keno Male

Barts Box Cars Male

LE 76619 RE 108A

Marnie Karger WI (WI)

Hustle Bustle (Jack) male DOB 10/1/98

(NGA Owner: Lois C Henry

Sire: Minaki Zeke and Dam: Working Fire


Able Sable female

Zeke O male

Yancey female

LE 76581 RE 681

Mary Willmer Iowa (VA)
Iowa Karol Kame (Bailey)

Sire: Sorrento Warrior and Dam: Trouper Kim

(NGA Owner: James D Merritt)
Iowa Kissamee
Tonys Bandit
Tonys Phantom
Iowa Kayla (Adopted?)
Iowa Kernal
Iowa Keepsake (Adopted?)

LE 76565 RE

Gail Hill

Hallo Cutie Cash female DOB 9/98

(NGA Owner: T&L Greyhounds)

Sire: Leos Midas and Dam: Cuties Lady


Hallo America male

Hallo Cutie Gal female

Hallo Derby Dog male

Hallo Lioness female

LE 76548 RE

Annmarie Chiarini FL
Twilite Tate male (Primo?)
DOB 9/3/98

Dam: My Daylily and Sire: Twilite Testy

(NGA Owner: Twilite Kennels)


Twilite Throop male

LE 76506 RE108C

Diane Tothero
Valley Oak (Tia) female DOB: 10/4/98

Sire: P's Raising Cain and Dam: Clay Pistol

(NGA Owner: Rick L Decker)
Valley Willow female
Valley Aspen female
Valley Maple female (living in PA)
Valley Birch female (living in PA)

LE 76504 RE 98E

Kim King FL (OH)
Burble (Ernie) male DOB 9/30/98
(NGA Owner: RG Beckner)
Sire: Montechina and Dam: BuzzGal

Burst female
Burrow female
Burdened male

LE 76430 RE 98E

Jean Wehrman TX

Nina's Qutie (Lucy) female DOB 9/24/98

Sire: Molotov and Dam: Oshkosh Lois


Nina's Gambler male

Nina's Jetta female

Nina's Lucky Liz female

LE 76401 RE 98C

Dee & Steve Clark NH (Fort Edward NY)

GNC St.Clare (Abby) female 9/18/98

Sire: Dungaree and Dam: All Apologies


GNC King Dan male RE 98A (adopted by Regina & Angel Alvarado?)
GNC Prince Jon male

Anns Three Boys male

GNC Grecian Zip male (Zap adopted by Dee & Steve)

GNC Domino male RE 98A (Domino adopted by Dee & Steve)

LE 76398 RE 39C

Gina Mieczkowski FL (CT)
Ion Yahoo (Yahoo) male DOB 9/1/98
(NGA Owner: Susie Packer)
Sire: Sante Fe Rufus and Dam: Ion Sugar Plum


Ion Madison Ave female

LE 76345 RE 98G

Sheila Squier FL/CO (Delaware)
Cajun Rancho (Rancho) male DOB 9/1/98
(NGA Owner: Alvin Staggs)
Sire: P's Raising Cain and Dam: My Deeny

Cajun Jubilation female
Cajun Di Maggio male
Cajun Garbo female
Cajun Rhythm female
Cajun Royal Ace female

LE 76335  RE 40F

Ronda & Jim Corey (WA)

Dr. Doogie (Doogie) male DOB 4/90

Sire: Journalist Jicha and Dam: Pattim Penny

(NGA Owner: Patrick Sanders & K Floyd)


Gyration female

Jichapeny female

Rn Sally Mae female

LE 76281 RE 98F

Patricia Roes WI (PA)
JCs Happy Heart (Shelby) female DOB 9/18/98

(NGA Owner: Trendsetter Kennel)

Sire: JC'S Laughter and Dam: JC'S Doing Good


JCs Spiritsmile female

JCs Kaila Rule female

JCs Super Cody male (adopted ?)

LE 76272 RE 98C

Neil & Chris Davis
Rainier Runalong Whelped 9/12/98

Sire: Rainier Raquet and Dam: Okie Diamond


Rainier Runabout male

Rainier Runforit female

Rainier Runaround male

Rainier Runthru male

LE 76262 RE 98D

Jessica Boof Sizemore

JNB My Lady Love (Sera) female Whelped 9/20/98

Sire: JNB Hard Design and Dam: My Nite To Howl

(NGA Owner: Joyce L Burford)


My Nite Life male

Mycup Of Tea male

Myown Memory female

LE 76259 RE 98A

Jessica Tack (Toledo OH)

Ron Ott (Buddy) male DOB 9/13/98

Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: In A Heartbeat

(NGA Owner: Ronald Kendig)

Pearl Ott (Adopted OH?) female

Paulene Ott female

Pauline Ott female
Peggy Ott female

Able Ott male RE 98E (adopted by Vanessa Sawatzke in Wisconsin)

LE 76207 RE 98B

Barb & Terry Hertlein (Belleville IL)

(Blush) Blush female DOB 9/13/98

Sire: By Tar and Dam: Be Listed


LE 76190 RE 98G

Kelly Wilden FL (Hawaii)

AB Jolly Actress (Dagny) female DOB 9/12/98

(NGA Owner: Harold Fisher)

Sire: Trojan Episode and Dam: Jolly wit

AB Jolly Jet male

AB Jolly Texan male

AB Jolly Time male

AB Jolly Rocket male

AB Jolly Warrior male

AB Jolly Printer male

LE 76189 RE

Edward Stephans  (Warren, OH)

Atascocita Helen (Sugar) female DOB 9/11/98

Sire: Trojan Episode and Dam: White Ruffles

(NGA Owner: Atascocita Racing or RJ Ward)


Atascocita Delos male

Atascocita Mukno male

Atascocita Zeus male

Izz Our Spice female

LE 76185 RE 98A

Dorothy (Dot) Madden
M's Lyman (Albert) DOB 9/9/98 DOD 5/2/05

Sire: Bontebok and Dam: Linas Line

(NGA Owner: Marion Currier)
M's Lucan Male
M's Blue Lilac Female
M's Lida Rose Female
M's Liza Female

LE 76121 RE 88K

Steve Berthiaume MA (MA)
A Bar Catie (Molly) female DOB 8/22/98   
Sire: Greys Councilman and Dam: Song Of The Past


LE 76064 RE 98A

Suzanne Hagner CT (WA)
Mesa Tracy (Tracy) female DOB 9/9/98
(NGA Owner: Mark C Adams)
Sire: P's Raising Cain and Dam: Mesa Holly


Gypsy In My Soul female

Mesa Lauren female

Mesa Raisincain male

LE 76037 RE 98C

Ann Doyle CT (Ontario)
Limestone Linda (Belle) female DOB 9/2/98
(NGA Owner: Max Friedman)
Sire: Mulligan's Wish and Dam: Cameo Crush


Bedrock Burt male

Gravestone Gill male

Tombstone Tim male

LE 76027 RE 88D

Becky Robertson NH (Toronto, ON)

Hammer Hank male DOB 8/22/98

Sire: Newton To Win and Dam: Tina Hammer


Hammer Hit

Hammer Slammer

LE 76012 RE 98A

Teri Rogo AZ (AZ)

Curious Georgie (Georgie) DOB 9/8/98

Sire: LPD Makers Mark and Dam: Expressway Edie


Fear This

Mace Windu male

LE 75908 RE 88E

Allison & Christopher Rynne CO, AZ (San Diego CA)

Valley Rachel (Roxy) female DOB 8/24/98
(NGA Owner: Rick L Decker)
Sire: Santa Fe Rufus and Dam: Tia Bland Valee

Valley Rummy male

LE 75863 RE 88H

Joe & Tricia Adkins AZ

Efs Hes Gone male DOB 8/17/98

(NGA Owner: Leslie Erwin)

Sire: Lz's Mr Quick A and Dam: Hester Fields


EFs Francis male RE 88F (Storm adopted by Ronda & Jim Corey WA)

LE 75851 RE 98B

AnneMichelle Radcliffe AK,WV,NH (NY)
Crystal B True (Belle) female DOB 9/3/98
(NGA Owner: GE Bauer or RM Childs)
Sire: Fortress and Dam: Gemini JK

Crystal B Clever
Crystal B Great
Crystal B Nice
Crystal B Smoke
Crystal B Strong

LE 75848 RE 88C

Deb Chadbourne (CA)
Destiny Calls (Duncan) male DOB 8/26/98
Sire: Flying Gunman Dam: Rj's Crooz Along


Croozin Faye female

India female

Manula female

Prince male

Sad Sandra female

LE 75845 RE 98A
Tom and Trish Neary CT (Catonsville MD)

Suzy Girl (Suzy) female DOB 9/2/98

Sire: EJ's Douglas and Dam: Mastery Program
Regall Ruby female
Regall Tigar Man male

LE 75841 RE 88H

Jill Sundberg WI (MI)
JC's Dynamic Gal (Dyna) female DOB 8/13/98
(NGAOwner: Yvonne Childs)
Sire: Rapido Elijah and Dam: Rapido Nana


JCs Awesome Me male

JCs Drifter male

JCs Ima Rapido female

JCs Sierra Star female

LE 75777 RE 39A

Cheryl Zemany (PA)
Oneco Orphan (Orphan Annie) female DOB 3/99

Sire: Santa's Gift and Dam: Dalcash Echo*

LE 75769 RE 88D

Judy Losey CO (TN)
Live It Up Drive (Emmy) female DOB 8/24/98
(NGA Owner: Gary Timm
Sire: Reebok Drive and Dam: Lasting Drive

Lip It Out Drive male
Laff it Up Drive female

Line It Up Drive female
Mrs. Butterworth female
Lag It Up Drive female

LE 75765 RE

Lisa Smith FL (Tallahassee FL)
Pa's Expectation (Tate) male DOB 9/1/98
(NGA Owner: Pierre Amestoy)
Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Exceptional Girl*


Exceptional Bid female

Ladys Gypsy female RE 98C

Ladys Red Rose female

Magic Lee male

Pas Precious female

Pas Rare Lady female

Pas Unique Girl female

Ths Greys Love female

LE 75735 RE 38A

Jessica Muzzarelli (MI)
(Pharaoh) male DOB 10/1/89?

(NGA Owner: Jack Kahn)

Sire: Ks Maximum and Dam: Ks Tough Enough


Ks Enuf Is Enuf male

Ks Enuf Said male

Ks Made Usa male

Ks Mandalay female

Ks Marine male

Ks Mary female

Ks Tuff Talk male

LE 75681 RE

Linda RBauman (PA)

Our Josie Stone (Rosie) female DOB 8/26/98

Sire: Strideaway and Dam: Mairead Farrell

(NGA Owner: Glenna R Berry)


Our Jamie female

Our Jennie Jones female

Our Joanie female

LE 75674 RE 88G

Lawren Jones CT (VA)

Minaki Laser (Laser) male DOB 8/25/98

(NGA Owner: Debs Racers Inc?)

Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Minaki Mama


Minaki Loon female

Mnj Minnie Mama female

NXS Old Spice male

NXS Spumante male

NXS Valentine female

LE 75643 RE 88E

Heather & Matt Purkiss AZ,MX (CA)
Earline Hogg (Cumhea) female DOB 10/10/98
(NGA Owner: Carl Livingston Jr)
Sire: Earl G Hogg and Dam: Powder Mckenzie

Abeline Hogg male
Carl Hogg male
Florida Hogg male
Georgia Hogg male
Joplin Hogg male
Serena Hogg female

LE 75635 RE

Cheryl Kuck
Never Walk Alone female DOB 8/98

Sire: Jet Set Mr.Tea and Dam: Bandera Bordeaux
(NGA Owner: Seastrom Kennels)


Heartbreak Hotel female (Adopted by Cheryl Kuck)

Cryininthechapel female
Fools Fall Inluv female
In The Ghetto male

LE 75606 RE 88B

Shawn Neupauer (PA)

JA Mighty Brazen (Brazen) male DOB 8/17/98

(NGA Owner: Jim C Conger)

Sire: P's Raising Cain and Dam: JA Easygoing


JA Mighty Deeann female

LE 75600 RE 88B

Ann & Mike Wasuck FL (GA)
Dory's Go Away (Dory) male DOB 8/8/98
Sire: Moonshine Scott and Dam: Dory's Shalimar

Dory's Go Now female
Dory's Go Crazy female
Dory's Go On Now male

LE 75590 RE 88B

Cheryl Zemany (PA)
Loco (Loco) male DOB 8/98
Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Tms Easy Now

Allisonautomatic female
Barney Gumble male
Clover's Luck female
Rollie female
Small Fry female

LE 75558 RE 69A

Julie Lawrence AZ (Escondido CA)
Coldwater Swick (Swick) male DOB 8/17/98
Sire: Coldwater Guv and Dam: Coldwater Kisses

Coldwater Havana female
Coldwater Rorey female

LE 75504 RE 88C
Nina Howe AZ (Alberta)
C Ray's Sunlite (Sunny) female DOB 8/16/98
Sire: PJ's Why David and Dam: Abby Kissed Me
C Ray's Moonbeam male
C Ray's Moonlite female
CJ's Raindancer female
Scar Rice male

LE 75487 RE 88A

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Ripley Ranger (Ranger) male DOB 8/9/98

Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Ripley Fantana

(NGA Owner: Robert E Ruggles)


Ripley Ina Romp female

Ripley Rusher (Rusher) RE 88F male (Adopted)

Ripley Traveler male

LE 75475 RE

Peggy & Bill Russell WI (IL)
Bohemian Aloha (Bo) male DOB 7/98

Sire: Bomb Threat and Dam: Hh Dancing Dot


Bb Fire Dancer female

Bb Moon Dancer female

Bohemian Ciao female RE 78I (Ciao adopted by Cyndi Napolitan)

Bohemian So Long female

Dv Steel N Lace female

Hh Farewell female

Lunatic Fringe male

LE 75474 RE 88A

Cheryl Carroll FL (IL)
Kiowa Kay Rose (Rose) female DOB 8/18/98
(NGA Owner: Randall J or Deneen Teresa Ward)
Sire: Strideaway and Dam: Sassy Rosie

Kiowa Kay Gale male

LE 75413 RE 88F & RE 88E

Michelle Espino WV (PA)

Iruska Cameron (Cameron) male DOB 8/8/98
Iruska Capri (Capri) KS female

(NGA Owner: Bob or Marena Riggins)
Sire: P's Raising Cain and Dam: Iruska Valeska
Iruska Camille female
Iruska Cara female
Iruska Carlyn female
Iruska Calypso female

LE 75389 RE 88F
Lisa Richards MA (Great Mills, MD)
System RV Bobbet (Bobbie) female DOB 8/1/98
(NGA Owner: Hermitage Kennels Inc)
Sire: Rocksteady Eddie and Dam: Iruska Vanna

System RV Steady male
System RV Betty female

System Rv Peggy female

System RV Ready male

System Rv Rustia female

LE 75351 RE 88E

Kelli Olsen CT (NJ)
BJs Lil Red (Zara) female 8/1/98

Sire: Agent Geno and Dam: Ivey

(NGA Owner: Mike Carroll)
Gramma D female
BJs Holliepop female

LE 75324 LE 88B

Joseph Przybylski WI (PA)
JCs Ante Up (Annie) female DOB 8/4/98
(NGA Owner: Gulf & Bay Kennel)
Sire: Viv's Enforcer and Dam: JC's Jokers Wild


JCs Mixed Deck male

JCs Bingo Bell female

JCs Wild Card male

LE 75304 RE 68C

Nancy Hunter FL/AL (LA)

Lildirtneverhurt (Zoe) female DOB 8/2/98

Sire: Montechina and Dam: Secretariat Mary


Digupdadirtdonna female

LE 75292 RE 88E

Linda Greene IA (Omaha, NE)
Henrytothehook (Henry) male Whelped 8/4/98

Dam: No Way Curly Sue and Sire: LPD Makers Mark

(NGA Owner: Richard Wilhite)


Might Not Mindy female
Woe Joe male
Pauls Murph male
Playmistyforme female

Beaver Sure male

Beavure Sure male???

Breadwinnerbrad male

Lite Em Up female

LE 75286 RE 78G

Jessica Tack (OH)

Lady Mae Paula (Paula) female DOB 7/1/98

Sire: Flying Neptune and Dam: Luv Liz

(NGA Owner: Mae Ingargiola)


Bacopa Big Mac male

Bacapa Sammy male

Bacapa Wizard male RE 78H (Herbie adopted by Jackie Kyles SC)

Bacopa Stitch male

Lady Mae Fancy female

Lady Mae Alice female

LE 75279 RE 78B

Lisa Newbold WI (PA)
Maple Longshot (Bean) male DOB 7/27/98
(NGA Owner: Earl Rettenmeier)
Sire: Santa Fe Rufus and Dam: Molli Van Buren

Maple Girl female
Maple Pride female
Maple Runaway female
Maple Stinky male

Maple Zipity male (adopted Zippy by Mickey Miller, Iowa)

LE 75262 RE 99D

Gretchen Smith CO (Rifle, CO)

Greys Denver (Denver) male Whelped 9/21/89 died 5/30/97

Sire: Flanagan Dam: Tessie M

(NGA Owner: Ernest Butler or Paulette ODonovan???)

LE 75194 RE 78G
Traci & Gary Engle CT (PA)
Kelsos Kevin (Guinness) male Whelped 7/27/98
(NGA Owner: John Kelly)
Sire: Trojan Episode and Dam: Kelsos Magnolia
Kelsos Insignia male
Kelsos Bold Move male

Kelsos Cranberry female

Kelsos Insignia male

LE 75179 RE 78B
Brad Wright WV (Clayton NC)
Blue Water (Blue) male
Sire: Mocan Speed and Dam: Blue Gun
(NGA Owner: Ronald G Beckner)

Blue Fire Female

LE 75158 RE 78F

Jill Hilderbrand CT (OH)
Jags Doc Judy (Judy) female DOB 7/26/98
(NGA Owner: Alan Ryder)
Sire: Kiowa Day Jumbo and Dam: Okie Cruiser


Emerald Durango female

Emerald Expresso female

Emerald Jumper male

Emerald Viper male

Emerald Freddy male

Jags Relentless male

LE 75155 RE

Melissa Jones
Tyville Impact male DOB 7/25/98

Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Ringside Suzy

(NGA Owner: Tyville Inc)
Tyville Dreamer female
Tyville Handfull male
Tyville Bell female
Tyville Fly Free male
Tyville Tug male DOD 09/01

LE 75149 RE 99?

Terrill Schukraft (Hershey, PA)

Show Band (Handy) DOB 9/17/89 DOD 4/5/00

Sire: Quick Comeback and Dam: Dark Gold

(NGA Owner: Roland McLery)

Red Cadence (Froggy) (adopted by Terrill 9 total in Litter?)

LE 75147 RE 78F

Laura Murray CT (PA)
Honey I'm Winnin (Winner) male DOB 7/26/98
Sire: Better Butch and Dam: Smooth Form

Wonder Boy male

LE 75121 RE 78G

Debbie Alexander
Jitterbug Jen female DOB 7/24/98

(NGA Owner: Donald Connolly?)

Sire:  Comanche Sport and Dam: Lindsay's Love


Bruiser Brett male

Darting Don male

Lucky Larry male

Quick Kyle male

Mailbox Mary female

LE 75109 RE 78C

Heather Grossman AZ,MX (CA)
RD's Jabobs (Gracie) female DOB 7/27/98
Sire: RD's Speeds and Dam: RD's Scruples

RD's Gambo male
RD's Liotta female
RD's Torgy female
RD's Trayber male

LE 75071 RE

Colleen McGraw FL (SC)
Reward Horn (Reward) male DOB 12/97
(NGA Owner: Dr Carl E Ward)
Sire: Pressure Drive and Dam: Please Kathy

Reward Drive male
Reward Hawk male
RV Taylor female

LE 75053 RE 78I

Wendy Dowrey MA (NH, MA)
Mango Muffin (Muffin) female DOB 7/20/98
(NGA Owner: James E Knowles)
Sire: Trojan Episode and Dam: Grand Kid's Pick


Burnt Ground male RE 78G (adopted Smith family FL)

Drexel male

Marily Igo female RE 78B (adopted Williams family FL)

Seaside Scampi female

LE 7504 RE 71I

Marylynne & David AL (KY)

FJ Wesson (Olive) female DOB 7/30/91

Sire: Bebe Le Strange and Dam: Pefect Figure

(NGA Owner: Skywood Kennel)


LE 75033 RE 78A

Sarah Commons AZ (Sun City CA)
Coldwater Vanessa (Vanessa) female DOB 7/18/98

Sire: Flying Highball and Dam: Coldwater Sassy

LE 75016 RE 78D

Jennifer Gomez NH (NY)

Sly Brin (Zach) male
Sire: Pat C Monte Carlo and Dam: Cheyenne Charter

Chi Mona female
Sly Jay Pat male
Sly Kool female
Sly Mike male

LE 74992 RE 78G

Theresa Intini NH (NY)
John M Buddy (Buddy) male DOB 7/27/98
Sire: Blendway and Dam: John M Snowlady

John M Busy male

Rv Boston Banker male
Rv Fresno Felony male

LE 74990 RE 78E

Lynne Dilsaver AZ, CO, WI (CA)
Branger (Chica) female 7/98

LE 74963 RE 78E

Wanda G Thach Bright

Go Princess Erin female DOB 7/5/98

Sire:  Epic Prince and Dam: Erin Go Braugh

(NGA Owner: Violet Seastrom Trust & Tracy Wildey)


Kabutops female

Nido King male

Nidorina female

LE 74852 RE 78C

Patricia Hall (Ayr, MA)
KD Rich Chick (Chick) female DOB 7/18/98

Sire:  My Rooster and Dam:  Bad Mood

(NGA Owner: Kim B or Deb LaFuse)


Fwd Moodyrooster female

Honeysuckle Rd male

KD Banty Rooster male

KD ChickenHawke male (adopted in Sugar Grove, IL?)

KD Ibstruttin male

LE 74834 RE 38B
Diane Krall Alabama/Arkansas (OH)
Lone Guzzler (Jordan) female Whepled 3/28/98
(NGA Owner: Seastrom Kennels)
Sire: Lone Lobo and Dam: Bibetz Me Fuzzle

Daddy Mack male

LE 74809 RE 78G

Patty Tustin FL (NJ)

Mix Your Own (Rosie) female DOB 7/17/98

(NGA Owner: Paul Finn)

Sire: Flying Train and Dam: Leaders Alisha


Barnum Bailey male

Bobby Bear male

Briggsnstratton female

Musical Bean female

LE 74794 RE 78C

Nicole Butler (TX)
Lover's Lane (Laney) female DOB 7/7/98
(NGA Owner: GE Clarke
Sire: Flying Train and Dam: Odds and Ends

Chief Exec female
Depot Dillie female
Maxie Cupid female

LE 74791 RE

Emma Hymas  (Durham NC)
Reko Explorer (Chutney) male DOB 7/?/98

Sire: Flying Bookie and Dam: Be Admired (adopted Marietta GA Gail)

(NGA Owner: Reko Enterprises & Reggie Kennon)

Reko Navigator male
Reko Nadia female (still racing 7/17/03)
Reko Progressive male
Reko Saniya female
Reko Lexus female
Reko Blazer male
Reko Reddog male

LE 74784 RE 78C

Wanda Abeyta TX,AZ (San Diego CA)
Rapido Webb (Webb) male DOB 7/4/98
Sire: Our Davy and Dam: Nevada Whitney

Rapido Waver female
Rapido Wendy female
Rapido Will male

Rapido Wonderful female

LE 74775 RE 78D

Jason Dickey FL (NC)
Flying Waterford (@Waterford) male DOB 7/16/98
(NGA Owner: Bahama Mama Greyhounds)
Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Westmead Date

Flying Bavarian male
Flying Bohenian female RE 78F (adopted by Dan Lafferty?)
Flying Italian male
Flying Lalique female RE 78B
Flying Tipperary male (adopted)

LE 74743 RE 78C

Julie Hebbard CO (WA)
Banjo String (Banjo) male DOB 7/7/98
(NGA Owner: Leshe Erwin)
Sire: Be Orderly Boy and Dam: Bok Tower       

Banjo Luer male
Banjo Picker male

LE 74693 RE 78E

Michelle Allen FL (OR)
Mps Oswald (Ozzy) male DOB 7/1/98

(NGA Owner: Myrtle Piper)
Sire: Nastar Racer and Dam: Mps Butternut


Mps Evangeline female (adopted)

Mps Boleone male

LE 74653 RE 78C

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Cs Silver Charm (Serena)

LE 74644 RE

Pat Parsons WV (Missouri)
Sidekick Singer (Kicks) male DOB 7/6/98
(NGA Owner: Tony or Sam Burdette)
Sire: Oh Bobo and Dam: Annapest

Soapsuds Sid male
Ob White male
Cinderella female

LE 74624 RE 78J

Monica McGrath FL (ON)
Twilite Taze (Taze) male 7/5/98
(NGA Owner: Phillip/Betty Harris)
Sire: Twilite Reward and Dam: Twilite Halfway


Twilite Trappe male
Twilite Tulia female
Twilite Tye male

Game Breaker male
Nine or Ninety female
Quickie female
Yes Indeed female
Zonie male

LE 74583 RE 78C

Pam Hart TX (FL)
Rex O'Million (Rex) male DOB 7/8/98
(NGA Owner: Holman Racing Greyhounds)
Sire: Cyber Optic and Dam: Char Red Robin

El Patron Grande male
Bitter Pill female
Hostile Winess male

LE 74533 RE 78E
Pamela Korte NH (Rochster, NY)

Manic Kayla female Whelped 7/2/98
Sire: US Dickery Doc and Dam: Rodeo Timer


Manic Dewalt male (Sisco, adopted by Cheryl Zemany PA)

Manic Makita male

Manic Sterling female

US Pudgie male

LE 74483 RE 78G

Lori & Charlie Harlan NH,MA,RI (NJ)
Rikisai (Jasmine) female DOB 7/1/98
Sire: Molotov and Dam: Apsley


Ambishush male
Elixir male RE 78D
Jyima male
Tizzified male

LE 74471 RE 78C


Not named female DOB 7/98

(NGA Owner: Mark D Stravos)

Sire: FMCs Wake Up and Dam: MNs Highway


MNs Betsey Fox female

MNs Loose End male (adopted?)

MNs Luck Man male

MNs Boss Man male

MNs Honeymooner female

MNs Orbit female

MNs Rockaway female

MNs Wage of Sin male

LE 7443 RE

Wendy Case Conn. (Syracuse, NY)

Freckles Cowboy (Boaz) male Whelped 8/1/91 died

Sire: Jock's Cowboy and Dam: Chick's Betty
(NGA Owner: Ricky C Cargal)

Barkau female
Buckskin Cowboy male
Minter male

LE 74332 RE 78E

Brian & Kathleen Moake TX (Carrollton, TX)
Skylar Light male DOB 7/2/98

Dam: Fast Snapple and Sire: Dungaree
(NGA Owner: Jason B Johnston)
Light A Fire male
No Limits male

Zenith Wind female

LE 74298 RE 68B

Cathy & Jack Munro CO (WA)
Sweet Clover Rose (Rose) female DOB 6/1/98
Sire: Elegant Eli and Dam: LS's Rose

Sweet Clover Ray male

LE 74250 RE 68C

Maria Leger NH (Woodstock, ON)
Valid Reason (Sunny) male DOB 6/21/98

Sire: Pros Ali Kahn Dam: Red Hill Jam

(NGA Owner: Troy D Stiles & Richard D Brindle)
Valid Doubt male
Valid Response male
Valid Rush
Valid Money female
Valid Pump

LE 74257 RE

Nora & Jeff Rutter WI (Bolinbrook IL)

JRs Whitney female DOB 6/98

Sire: Toe Jammin and Dam: Ice Princess (adopted by Nora & Jeff)


LE 74197 RE 68B

Shanna Smith AR (MI)

Okie Scat (Bandit) male DOB 6/22/98

(NGA Owner: Gaylan L Edwards)

Sire: Okie Norman and Dam: Angies Express


Angie's Baby female

Okie Bryan male

Okie's Beerman male

Okie's Girl female

LE 74196 RE

Sheila & Chuck Squier FL (DE)
Maineway Gem (Ruby) female DOB 6/1/98
(NGA Owner: Maineway Farm)
Sire: Pj's Unruly Spur and Dam: System Chinastar

Maineway Fonda female
Maineway Piper male
Maineway Quay RE 68B female (Quay adopted by Karen Christensen FL) DOD 8/8/05

LE 74195 RE 68E

Jen Lawson AL/FL (GA)

EO's Jigmo (Travis) male DOB 6/8/98

Sire: Mo Kick and Dam: EO's Windingroad

(NGA Owner: E O Petrich)
EO's Jagmo male (adopted)
EO's Chi Chi Mo male
EO's Diehard Mo male
EO's Dusty Mo female

LE 74172 RE 68B

Stacie Disotell AL (Louisiana)

Santa Fe Blake female DOB 6/18/98

Sir: Chrisse's Twelve and Dam: Chevy's Best Bet

(NGA Owner: Steve Nelson)


Bow Justine female

Bow Jemiah female

Santa Fe Lizbeth female

LE 74129 RE 68J

Veronica Masuhr

HJS Tangerine (Summer) DOB 6/20/98

Sire: Ps Raising Cain and Dam: Thicket Suskind


HFS Blue Star female

HJS Cadet male

HJS Diane female

HJS Rusty Red male

Ks Big Al male

Ks Con Con male (Conner adopted by Carla Trottier)

Ks Gladys female

Ks Karen female

LE 74128 RE 68D

Angela Wall (NC)

N Darcy female 1998

Sire: P's Raising Cain and Dam: Dominatrix

(NGA Owner: Bob Seelke)


N Anna female

N Beth female

N Eilleen female

N Foster male

N Grace female

N Harley male

N Irene female

N Jolene female

LE 74114 RE 68C

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

JNB Yellow Robin (Robin) female DOB 6/1/98

Sire: Yellowstone Jim and Dam: Flashy Robin

(NGA Owner: David T Torgerson)


JNB Yellow Rock male

JNB Yellow River male

JNB Yellow Road female

LE 74108 RE 58G

Stacey Richardson (WA)
Jam Tonight (Ginger) female DOB 5/98
Sire: Harvey B Jammin and Dam: DDs Della


Star Bright female

Enthusiasm female

Iamlightonmyfeet female

Icangroveandjam female

Icanjitterbug male (adopted by Debbie & Lloyd Stray; DOD 1/21/03 bone cancer)

Iliketogetdown female

LE 7410 RE 81J

Deborah & Mark Hope (Idaho)
Mixed Message (Shea) male DOB 8/7/91
Sire: DG's Tu-Tu and Dam: Emerald City

(NGA Owner: Terry L Washburn)


Bluffin male (Fritz adopted by Norman Smith)

Elegant Dancer female

Royal Tea female

Clinched Fist male

Gourmet Wish female

Rude Awakening male

Ruffled Feathers male

Travesty male

Sand Queen female

LE 74083 RE 58F

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Crusin Cody (Cody) DOB 5/1/98

Sire: Great Son and Dam: Crusin Kiwi


Crusin Candy (Miss Queen B Candy adopted living in McDonough GA, Gail)

Crusin Carly

Crusin Cassidy

Crusin Conan

LE 74073 RE

Linda Traylor (IN)
Velvetash Vicky (Vicky) female DOB 6/15/98
Sire: Abita Simon and Dam: GR's Velvet Ash


Simons Velvet female

Velvetash Vango male

Velvetash Velma female

Velvetash Vince male RE 68H (Vince adopted by Cindy Martin MI)

Velvetash Vivet male (adopted by Sherri Slater MI)

Velvetashvictory male RE 68D (adopted living in MI)

LE 74053 RE

Cyndi Kippur FL (NJ)

PA's Ultra, female DOB 6/9/98

Sire: Grey's Ambassador and Dam: Boligee Lynx

(NGA Owner: Pierre Amestoy)


Pa's Balto male

Pa's Goliath male

Pa's Sheba female (in Monticello, FL?)

LE 73967 RE 68E

David & Karie Roberts AZ (CA)
KK's Leo (Leo) male DOB 6/6/98
(NGA Owner: Kenneth or Kathleen Swetman)
Sire: TV Avery and Dam: KK's Gena

KK's Clinger male
KK' Daisy female
KK's Dudley male (Phoenix, Betsy Dicken Fall City WA)
KK's Fast Freddy male
KK's Freckles male RE 68A (Freckles, Cheryl & Steve Cook Canyon Co CA)
KK's Gomer male (Jet, Sue & Craig Jacintho AZ)
KKs Gomer male (Jett, Betsy Dicken, Fall City WA)

KK's Jacob male
KK's Lily female
KK's Sarah  female

LE 73965 RE 58?

Lynn Villarreal AZ (CA)

Friendly Cuss (Sophie) female DOB 5/18/98
(NGA Owner: Carolyn Clarke Or Gene Cowart)
Sire: Cutarut and Dam: Field of Fame*

Balm female
Bugaboo male
Catelope female
Climber female
Hillcrest Haven female RE 58H (Cher adopted by Lynn)
Jilted Jill female
Stormy Kate female

LE 73964 RE 68B
Lori Ito Hardenbergh AZ (AZ)
TV Buckeye (Paco) male 6/13/98
(NGA Owner: Maxine Willis)
Sire: TV Darrell and Dam: TV Blossom

TV Blue Lindsay female

TV Black Beauty female

TV Darma female

TV Echo female

TV Happy Pam female

TV Snake Creek male

TV Aye Klossem male

LE 73930 RE 68H

Stephanie Lee TX (TX)
Yopon Chantilly (Francie) female

Sire: Katsu Giddo and Dam: Yopon Kate

(NGA Owner: Lee Morton)


Back Bay Bob male

Yopon Dirtdobber male

Yopon Muddobber male

Yopon Sandobber male

LE 73841 RE 68B

Tiffany Harde (FL)
White Wave male 6/4/98
(NGA Owner: John Thompson)
Sire: Fantastic Memory and Dam: Darling Run
Part Time Jeff male
Ot Bonnie female
Nessa Contessa female
Merry Tootsie female
Jasoni Too male

LE 73804 RE 48B

Tammy Holmstrom Davenport TX (TX)
Bob's Cruz (Cruz) male DOB 4/23/98

Sire: Evening Memory and Dam: Bob's Salina

Bob's Brinkman male
Bob's Alex male
Bob's Chari female
Bob's Groesbeck male

LE 73777 RE 68J

Caroline E MA (NY)
M's Yvonne (True) female DOB 6/1/98
Sire: Chevy Montecarlo and Dam: MS Blue Lass

Country Chevy female
M's Barney Matt male

M's Chevy Red female

M's Chevy Wanda female

M's Chevy Hazel

M's Chevy Lass female

M's Chevy Nick
M's Hubert Matt male

LE 73762 RE 58E

Tracie Faircloth AL/FL/WV (NC)
SMA's Duke Ed (Houdini) male DOB 5/27/98
(NGA Owner: SMA PC Inc)
Sire:  SMA's Rocketdog and Dam: Proper Kits


SMA's Queenjean female
SMA's King Ed -male
SMA's Prince Ed male

LE 73F RE 3050--??

Sarah Regan Snavely (Morehead, MN)
Sterling male St. Croix? May 1995?

LE 73751 RE 58F

Judi Mallinson FL/CT

KGB Pawnee (Quade) male DOB 4/23/98
Sire: Bedtime Bear and Dam: Whisper Light

(NGA Owner: Kenneth G Bayard)

BL's Andy male

BL's Wisper Boy male

BL's Casper female

KGB Choctaw male

KGB Cheyenne male

KGB Chickaswa male

KGB Shawnee male

LE 73668 RE 58C

Wanda Abeyta AZ (San Diego CA)
RD's Panic (Panni) female DOB 5/23/98
(NGA Owner: Gloria Dorsey)
Sire: Rd's Herb and Dam: Rd's Lucille


RD's Critic female
RD's Static male

LE 73654 RE 58A

Ellen Karp (Tucson, AZ)
NR's Moody Blues (Streak) female DOB 5/20/98 DOD 2/25/05

Sire: WigWamWag and Dam: Nanakins

(NGA Owner: Nadine E Riggar)
NR's Missclassic female

LE 73653 RE 58F

Anne Wolf CO,IA (IL)
RSW Tito (Ty) male DOB 5/22/98
(NGA Owner: Anne Wolf)
Sire: JK Tito and Dam: Mj's Night Star

RSW Bett female
RSW Kahn male
RSW Madeline female
RSW Nitro female
RSW Teatotaler female

LE 73641 RE 58F

Nancy & John Burt FL (NJ)

R Ramm Speed (Marvin) male Whelped 5/19/98

Sire: Rodney Ramm and Dam: Get the Green

(NGA Owner: Ron Kavel)


Tear It Up male

R Racing Ramm male

R Ramm Mamm female

R Ramm Racer (Ramm) male RE 58B (Adopted by Nancy & John)

Porkeys Revenge male

Tazmanian Devil male

LE 73618 RE 58E

Diane Lipiec-Fauver FL (NJ)
Petite Sirah (Sirah) female DOB 5/1/98
(NGA Owner: Diana Calcagno)
Sire: Mocan Try and Dam: Goosealley Cadet

Merlow female

Big Zin male

Champ Payne male

Chenin female

LE 73617 RE 58A

Mike Abeyta AZ (San Diego CA)
Corrine Mills (Corina) female DOB 5/23/1998
Sire: Catch Catbalu and Dam: Vena Davis

Carol Conner female
Charles Rudy male
Chris O'dell male
Clara Roper female

LE 73586 RE 58D

Jane Hightower FL (SC)
Surf Dog (Lefty) male DOB 5/28/98
(NGA Owner: Ryan Farms Kennel)
Sire: Head Honcho and Dam: Simply Snazzy

Private Stash male
Jakarta male
Irian Jaya male

LE 73564 RE 38B

Adam Mann (Mississauga ON)

Idiot Box (Mary) female DOB 3/1/98

Sire: Flash N Win and Dam: Ashleys Spirit

(NGA Owner: Claude R Morin)


Hungup Gobblers male

Japer Time

Mallorys Smile female

Wickford Big Tom (adopted ?) male

Wickford Mike male

Brittle Dave male

LE 73540 RE 58D

Jennifer MI

Twilite Tow Barr (Tobie) male DOB 5/16/98

Sire: Major Todd and Dam: Twilite Applause

(NGA Owner: Twilite Kennels)


Twilite Dixie

Twilite Doodle

Twilite Peel

Twilite Misque

Twilite Doogie

LE 73473 RE 58I

Jean Wehrman TX

Irene Sloan (Renie) female Whelped 5/1/98

Sire: Beckam Pay Day and Dam: Halloween Ghost

(NGA Owner: Jerry S Harlan)


Darla Sloan female

Amy Sloan female

Cristy Sloan female

Helen Sloan female

Barnaby Sloan male

Ghost Tales female

Greasy Slim male?

LE 73449 RE

Jade Murphy FL (SC)
Devilish Annie (Annie) female DOB 5/1/98
(NGA Owner:  Otto H McClure)
Sire:  Devilish Episode and Dam: Dee Did

Devilish Betsy female
Devilish Did male
Devilish Maid female
Episode Did male

LE 73405 RE 58D

Bob Fine MA, NH (PA)

Nerraba (Jack) male DOB 5/20/98

Sire: Great Son and Dam: Commanding Queen

(NGA Owner: WH O'Donnell Northshore Kennels)


Nicolyn female RE 58I

Cholame male RE 58A (adopted?)

Orcutt RE 58B female (Jet adopted by Deb Liller PA)

Ezeriah RE 58C

Shalane RE 58E

Pierpoint RE 58F

Dinuba RE 58G

Murrieta RE 58H

LE 73387 RE 58E

Wendy Sanderlin (FL)

Ready This Time (Dixie) female DOB 5/8/98

(NGA Owner: Marvin Drayton)

Sire: Daring Commander and Dam: Kentis Perra


Little Goodbye female

Caliope female

WP Popindoughboy male

Doughbeater male

Mystic Mamma female

Right Back At Ya female

Black Jack Man male

Janie Face female

LE 73376 RE

Tiffany Harden AL (FL)

Juanita Runner female whelped 5/1/98

Sire: Solitary Runner and Dam: Oshkosh Amtrak

(NGA Owner: WD White or RS McElhinny)


First Kiss female

Katch Kody male

LE 73366 RE 58D

Jen Lawson AL, FL (GA)

SA Dallas (Katie) female DOB 5/17/98

Sire: Unruly Thomas and Dam: Safe Act

(NGA Owner: Lawrence D Henry)
SA Enter male
SA Banker female

LE 73310 RE 89E

Lynn H Barrett (NJ)

Speedo Gonzalez (Gaylord) male DOB 8/89

LE 73303 RE 58B

Maureen Madajczyk (FL) MI
Twisterbluestone (Tango) male DOB 5/98
(NGA Owner: Mary F Martin)
Sire: P`s Raising Cain and Dam: Jolly Tamale

Twister Tamale female

LE 73302 RE 58A

Jim Frazier FL (Indianapolis IN)
Sc's Imacaintoo (Dawn) female DOB 5/98
Sire: P's Raising Cain and Dam: Sc's Caroline


Dusty Cain male

Dusty Cane male

Gingerbread Man male RE 58F (Bacchus Jennifer Watkins KY)

Midnight Madness male

Mizz Dazzie female (adopted)

Sc's Imacainalso male

Whole Lota Rosie female

LE 73229 RE 58D

Janel & Rob Ellsworth CO,Iowa (Loves Park IL)
Energetic Breeze (Blue) male DOB 5/5/98
(NGA Owner: Mark Phelan)
Sire: EJ's Douglas and Dam: Pretty Ugly


Alfalfa Zydeco male

Humberto male

Vallijean female

Empty Threat female

LE 73217 RE 58E

Jennifer Alexander WI (ON)
Ay's Gidget (Echo) female DOB 5/8/98
(NGA Owner: Arthur L Yates)
Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Melissa Gilbert

Ay's Gallant male
Ay's Gateway
Ay's Gayle female
Ay's Gemini female
Ay's Gilbert
Ay's Ginger female
Ay's Gloria female
Ay's Grace female
Ay's Gregory male

LE 73203 RE 48C

Michele Simon NH (NY)
TM's Slim Queen (Cocktail) female DOB 4/29/98
(NGA Owner: 
Sire:  Oshkosh Schemer and Dam: Mohican About

Meadow's Cobbler male 48I (adopted by Ron & Cindy Nichols?)
Meadows Spicey female
TM's Boycott male
Tm's Hasty Run male
TM's Venture male

LE 73199 RE 58H

Karen Ward (Ontario CAN)
Kiowa my Dodie (Cody) male DOB 5/10/98
(NGA Owner: Kay E Smith)
Sire: My Rooster and Dam: Elementarymydear

Kiowa my Dae male
Kiowa my Dakota female
Kiowa my Dale male
Kiowa my Dalila female
Kiowa my Damica female
Kiowa my Delta male
Kiowa my Desire male

LE 73194 RE 58K

Sheila Lidz NH
Sly Casper Caper DOB 5/10/98

Sire: P's Raising Cain and Dam: Coldwater Cheer

Sly Wink male RE 58I

Sly Wally male RE 58G
Sly Booger male RE 58J (adopted by Mandy Delahunt NH (NY)

Sly Bubba Cain male RE 58B

Sly Bubbles female RE 58E

Sly Kitty RE 58A

Sly Reggie male 58H

Sly Sonny RE 58L

Sly Tiger male RE 58D

LE 73175 RE 58G

Lisa Swartz CO,Iowa (CO)
Fliowa Wagner (Conner) male DOB 5/98
Sire: Trojan Episode and Dam: Jimbo Pamala

(NGA Owner: Lorber or Fischer)


Fliowa Bet female

Fliowa Chance female

Fliowa Invest male

Fliowa Play female LE 58D

Fliowa Risk female RE 58E

Fliowa Stake male

LE 73149 RE 79I

Laura Pike CT/NH/WV/FL (Buffalo, NY)

Yellow Ice (Icy) Female Whelped 7/29/89

Sire: Dark Rumor and Dam: Mi Mission
Mi Honest Abe
Next Legend
Micky Might
Time Doll
Mi Echo
Lady Leslie
Gabe Lane
Dame Francis

LE 73127 RE 58A

Margaret Haven (VA)
Seneca Lil Gypsy (Molly) female DOB 5/3/98
Sire: J's Licketysplit and Dam: Seneca Gypsy

(NGA Owner: RD Martin or Max K Kogen)


Seneca Hercules male

R and Ls Ricky male

R and Ls Alexus female

R and Ls Gypsy female

R and Ls Molly female

R and Ls Jack male

LE 73124 RE

Betty Christian

Rainbow Blue (Willow) female Whelped 3/1/98

Sire: P's Raising Cain and Dam: Rainbow Sprinter
(NGA Owner: Seastrom Kennels)

Black Cain
Sprintin Sugar female

LE 73107 RE

Janis Dorfeld (NY)

Ready To Pick (Cinnamon) female DOB 5/6/98

Sire: Buzz Around and Dam: Ready To Powder


Ready To Plead

Ready To Possess male (Sugar Ray adopted by Janis)

Ready to Propel

Ready To Poll female (Sasha adopted by Maria & Joe Levenstein Pittsburgh PA)

LE 73092 RE

Nicole Alexander-Nantel (Toronto)

R and R Ametheyst (Amy) female DOB 5/5/98

Sire: My Rooster and Dam: Randr Pawnee

(NGA Owner: Rocky Woodall)


R and R Ruby female (adopted in Toronto Nicole)

R and R Garnet female

R and R Gem female

R and R Ginger female

R and R Legend male

R and R Oz male

R and R Pooh male

R and R Topaz female

LE 73061 RE 48C & 48D

R Winkler

Smiley Sage male Whelped 4/28/98 &

Smiley Snoop male

Dam: Smiley Sheila and Sire: Wigwam Wag

(NGA Owner: Edward Trow)


Smiley Stealth male

Smiley Sugar female

Smiley Sylvia female

LE 73060 RE 56B

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

It Was Tammi (Tammi) female DOB5/6/98

Sire: Push and Dam: It Was Mary


I was Sammi female

Pretty Boy male

LE 73044 RE

Kelly Lee

Bojangles Wayne male DOB 5/2/98

Sire: Keota Bojangles and Dam: Buddy's Watch
(NGA Owner: Wayne R Ward)

Bojangles Whine male
Bojangles Whynot male
Bojangles Witch female

LE 73011 RE 79A

Cindy & Kerry Montgomery
R Blue Mist (Misty) female DOB 7/25/89

Sire: Keefer and Dam: X's Tostito

(NGA Owner: Lehman & Harper)
R Bigfoot male

LE 73005 RE 127B

Lerissa Patrick AZ (CA)
Be Challenger (Tigger) male DOB 12/2/97
(NGA Owner: Claude Edward Norman)
Sire: Coastal Delivery and Dam: MD Pay Raise


Be Pompeii female

Be Titanic female

Be Valdez male

Be Conan male

Be Gabrielle female

LE 72999 RE 48F

Stephanie (65029) Aebersold FL (FL)
Pistons Fire (Mac) male DOB 4/28/98
(NGA Owner: Amy E Birnbaum)
Sire: Flying Train and Dam: Melody

Express male
Melody Train female
Strong Melody female

Sweet Melody female
Take the A Train male

LE 72997 RE 48F

Carol Scarpino Iowa (OH)

Willowrun Sir (Cesar) male DOB 4/28/98

(NGA Owner: James Lynch)

Sire: Solitary Runner and Dam: Willowrun Pick


Willowrun Boss male

Willowrun Daphne female

Willowrun Mister male

Willowrun Oprah female

Willowrun Sarge male

Willowrun Sis female

LE 72995 RE 58G

Steve Corbly WV (PA)
Red Tiger Jazz (Jazz) male DOB 5/1/98
(NGA Owner: Donald L Cross or Larry E Hartm)
Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Scarlett Red Ace

Red Tiger Blast male
Red Tiger Power male
Red Tiger Rowdy
Red Tiger Shadow male
Red Tiger Smoke male
Red Tiger Winner male

LE 72977 RE 48J

Janel & Rob Ellsworth FL (Loves Park IL)
That's My Jake (Turbo) male DOB 4/4/98
(NGA Owner: Randall Ward/Raymond Dion)
Sire: Elegant Eli and Dam: That's A My Dog


Cool Elegance female (adopted ?)

Dee Lite full female

Easy Duz It female

Elegant Alice female

Elegant Girl female

Elegant Grace female

Elegant Hannah female

Face Off Circle male

Indy Driver female

LE 72934 RE 48D

Robin Morgan
Dont Be Blue (Kelly) male Whelped 4/27/98

Sire: P's Raising Cain and Dam: Out? Regent Photo

(NGA Owner: George Fune)

Beat The Devil male
Dixie Dot Com female
Mr. Doubledown male

LE 72920 RE 48A

Michael & Noreen Marshall FL (Orchard Park, NY)

Tyville Sereno (Serena) female Whelped 4/15/98

Sire: Tyville Hornet and Dam: Greys Exultation

(NGA Owner: Tyville Inc)


Tyville Mischief female

Tyville Ronan male

Tyville Epsie female

Tyville Ritter male

Tyville Owen male

LE 72888 RE 48B

Tricia and Joe Adkins (Proberta, CA)
Day Lily DOB 4/7/98 female

Sire: Unruly Thomas and Dam: Impressible (not clear)

(NGA Owner: G Kirk Harlan)
Eleven Eleven
Hanna Barbera
Loopyloopy Loopy (Adopted)
Walnut Grove
Joanna Banana

LE 72862 RE 48B

Sarah Peak FL

Go Ask Jody (Zoe) Female DOB 4/98 WI

Sire: Costaud and Dam: Andi Allen

(NGA Owner: Mark B. Kasdin)
Remember Annie
Slot Lady
Nana Miriam
Millennium Maxie
Noahs Bark
Starstruck Stacy
Sunrunner Mazel

LE 72860 RE 48A

Karin Czaplicki (PA)

Hallo Money female DOB 4/1/98

Sire: Dutch Shannon and Dam: Dough Lady

(NGA Owner: Gulf & Bay Kennel

LE 72859 RE 48C

Lee & Jim Bristor

Hallo Billy Zar (Spottswood, aka Snotty Spotty) male DOB 4/98

(NGA Owner: James E O'Donnell Jr)

Gb's St Joan
Gb's St Martin
Gbs Saint Joe
Gbs Saint Pray
Hallo Jazzy One
Hallo Roberto male

LE 72857 RE 48E

Liz & David Ardell KS (Missouri)
TEM Fawndella (Dell) male DOB 4/10/98
Sire: DM Gold Dust and Dam: Ct Lt Uhura

(NGA Owner: Tommy J McMillin)


MDM Harley male

MDM Shamrock male

LE 72820* RE 48D

Lorraine Bock NH (NY)
Skimar Carmell (Missy) female DOB 4/98
Sire: Jack Carlton and Dam: Flashy Dilly

Skimar Terra

Skimar Thundra

Skirmar Unidilla


LE 72803 RE 48B

Kim Guthrie Iowa (IN)
(Barbie) RJ's Crocodile female Whelped 4/24/98

Sire: E.J.'s Douglas and Dam: Golden Ashley

(NGA Owner: Randy Shaeben)

RJ's Toad female

LE 72799 RE 48D

Lisa Fanjoy NH

Tomax Smart Play male DOB 04/24/98

Sire: Flying Bookie and Dam: Char Begone

(NGA Owner: HV Langham)


Kbs Streamliner male

LE 72793 RE 48B

Greg Miller CT (NY)

Embossed (Zane) male DOB 4/18/98
(NGA Owner: Donald Burk Jr)
Sire: Flying Highball and Dam: Jungle Sheena



Fusion female


LE 72780 RE 48A

Trina Stark Iowa (Nebraska)
PC Twister (Wacco) male DOB 4/19/98
(NGA Owner: Jason Haynes)
Sire: Wigwam Wag and Dam: Be Original


PC Carol female

PC Seeyalater female

PC Imthboss female

PC Hot Tamale female

LE 72748 RE 48H
Brad Conant AL/FL (MA)
Honaw Blair (Hermione) female DOB 4/25/98
(NGA Owner: Sharon Blair)
Sire: Dungaree and Dam: Merry Market

Anasazi Blair female

Kacha Blair female

Pavati Blair male

Blair female

Saviki Blair female

LE 72745 RE 48G

Linda Cliffel FL (IL)
Grey Ghost (Anastasia) female DOB 4/1/98
(NGA Owner: Tracy Deering)
Sire: Dungaree and Dam: Magic Bianca

Highway Star female
Radio Flyer female
Goatskin female
Who's Slippy female
Deisel Dom male

LE 72687 RE 48E

Cyndi Rennick FL (TN)

Vie Sweetie Pie (Sweetie Pie) female DOB 4/98
(NGA Owner:    
Sire: Panama Clinton and Dam: Vie Odessa

Vie Goodie male
Vie Goodie Good male

LE 72685 RE 48B
Bonnie Bacon TX (PA)
Bob's Basett (Bissett) female Whelped 4/14/98
Sire: Bob's Tote and Dam: Bob's Sissy
(NGA Owner: Jackie & Robert Stokes)


Bobs Tristan female

Bobs Heffner female

Bobs Ginny female

LE 72649 RE 58F (48F)

Jennifer Jao AL (IL)

By Pick (Monty) male 4/15/98

(NGA Owner: Ronald G Beckner)

Sire: P's Raising Cain and Dam: By Better


By Enough male

By Call male

By Raising Cain female

By Watch male

No name female

LE 72648 RE

Debbie Gray FL (NC)

Ps New Flight (Princess) female DOB 4/98

Sire: LZs Mr Quick A and Dam: Ps Flight Mist

Ps Fire Bug female

Ps Fire Boss male

Ps Free Range male

Ps Gates male

Ps Hard Copy female

Ps Slim Jim male

Ps Willow Bay female

LE 72641 RE 28A

Carole Von Der Osten (Toronto, ON)

It Should Happen (Tia Maria) female DOB 2/1/98

Sire: Blazing Desire and Dam: It Could Happen

(NGA Owner: Robert Hardison)


It Could Be male

It Could Relate male

LE 72629 RE 48G
Robert Frazier & Julie Tucker NH (Baltimore, MD)
Sly Bobby male Whelped 4/12/98
Sire: Cheyenne Boomer and Dam: Cheyenne Marvel


Sly Cal (Adopted living in NY)

Sly Gary male

Sly Hattie female

Sly Kate female (Adopted living in MA)

Sly Peg female (Adopted living in MA)

Sly Shania female

Sly Twinky female

Sly Amy female

Sly Burl male

Sly Kimberly female

Red Hills Blake male

Rojo male (Adopted in Michigan)

LE 72623 RE 18C

Gretchen Smith CO (Rifle, CO)

Tense Moment (Jordan) male Whelped 1/17/98

Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Ardi J


Hidden Prize female

LE 72614 RE 48D
Lila Janes CT (NFLD)
Jared Profit (Zeke) male DOB 4/1/98

LE 72613 RE 48D
Melissa Rondeau WI
Pazzo Singsing (Sing Sing) female Whelped 4/3/98
Sire: Dungaree and Dam: Ollie Trussell
(NGA Owner: Gail Toenges)

Pazzo Ben male
Pazzo Hoss male
Pazzo Little Joe male

LE 72609 RE 48B

Keith & Karen Meier OR,AZ (Sultan WA)
Yukon Bambi (Grace) female DOB 4/14/08
(NGA Owner: Dwight Swane or Nellie Legg)
Sire: Unruly Thomas and Dam: Tjs Misty Blu


Yukon Dakota male

LE 72599 RE 48B

Ellen Partridge (Providence, RI)

RT's Phantom (Phantom) male DOB 4/16/98

(NGA Owner: Russel Le Roy Traphagan)

Sire: Givemeahand and Dam: Cleo Kasey


RTs Loosecannon

RTs Hotpursuit

RTs Snuggler

LE 72588 RE 48C

Dee & Steve Clark FL (Fort Edward, NY)
Horton's Miney (Mindy) female DOB 4/1/98
Sire: Abita Simon and Dam: Isa Miss Mo

(NGA Owner: Horton's Greyhounds Inc)

Horton's Eenie male

Horton's Meanie female

Horton's Mo male

LE 72538 RE 48F

Pam Taylor FL (MI)
N's Brody Bthere (Brody) male DOB 4/16/98
(NGA Owner: Sandie Axe)
Sire: Torrey Pines and Dam: N's Fancie That

N's Fancy Nancy female RE 48A (adopted)
N's Funny Face male
N's Mr. Nascar male
N's Tracker male RE 48G (Chase adopted by Jeffrey Cottrell MI)
N's Special K male
N's Bullet Thad male RE 48C
N's Angel Eyes female
N's Heartbreaker female (adopted by Mary Sue Gaffke MI)

LE 72497 RE 48B

Debbie & Cliff  Mosier WI (MI)
Mom's Tina (Tina) female Whelped 4/10/98
Sire: Choppin Cotton and Dam: Winona  Mary
(NGA Owner: Bill A Elliott)

Choppin Tip male RE 48D (Tipper adopted by Aimee Finley MN)

Mom's Tonya female
Mom's Tulip female

Mom's Terra female

Choppin Tracker male
Choppin Troy male (adopted)

LE 72431 RE 48B

Jenny Huntley TX (CA)
Y Knot Playtowin (Misha) female DOB 4/7/98
(NGA Owner: D D Neal or La Verne Hibbs)
Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Glaswegian Girl*

LE 72385 RE 48B

Meg Chrislip FL (OH)
Daytrippen (Trip) male DOB 4/3/98
(NGA Owner: Douglas Kennels)
Sire: Harv and Dam: Wee Doggie


Wet N Wild female

Raisin Blarne male

LE 72361 RE 48B

Amy Dunlap FL (Haw River NC)
Barts Bomber (Bomber) male DOB 4/2/98
(NGA Owner: Sheila Lansdell)
Sire: Jet Set Mr Tea and Dam: Blackberry Fizz

Barts Blast
Barts Burst

LE 72343 RE 48G
Kevin J Fraschilla (NJ)
Rock of Ages (Rocky) male DOB 4/5/98
Sire: Chandris and Dam: Nia
(NGA Owner: Kevin J Fraschilla)
God of War male (Mustang Adopted)
Areyouexcitable male (Max Adopted)
Loveandaffection female (Baby Adopted)
With Flavor female
UsdA Select male
Awakening female
Inhisfootsteps female

LE 7234 RE 51C

Jeanne Kennedy (Owensville, MO)

LK's Bexar (Sarah aka Kimbo) Whelped 5/13/91

Sire: OK Budweiser and Dam: LK's Crystal

(NGA Owner: Jill Lashmet)

Lk's Baccarrat male
Lk's Believe It male
Lk's Bexar O K female
Lk's Rising Dawn female

LE 72308 RE 38G
Tim Rhodes FL (MD)
Hurricane George (Hagrid) male DOB 2/1/98
Sire: Anna's Howard and Dam: Lou's Bess
(NGA Owner: Leonard V Wood)
Bonnie Cazzady female
Mimi Cazzady female
Mike Cazzady male RE 38B (Mikey adopted by Patty Edwards SC)
Chuck Cazzady male
Mark Cazzady male
Colleen Cazzady female

LE 72290 RE 48F

Laura McKee CT,AL (SC)
By Washing (Washy) female DOB 4/7/98
(NGA Owner: Kevin P Fish)
Sire: My Rooster and Dam: Barkada

By Diving female
By Paint male (adopted)
By Road male
By Sells male
By Singing male
By Sleeping male
By Smoke female
By Walking male

LE 72255 RE 48B

Keri Tomsic FL (GA)
Rich's Rambo (Rambo/Bo) male DOB 4/1/98
(NGA Owner: John Richardson)
Sire: Rapido Rambo and Dam: Ajs Go Go Glo

Rich's Austin male
Rich's Blue Boy male
Rich's Enforcer male
Rich's Go Go Glo female

Richs Mousetrap female

Richs Ethealann female

Richs Ittybitty female

Richs Tiger male

Richs Rocketman male

LE 7224 RE 81F

Jackie Wright-Minogue  (NJ)
EL's Black Opal (Opal) DOB 8/5/91

Sire: GV Dallas and Dam: Washita Beauty


Pick Derrick

Leslie Can

Els Dixie Belle

Wild Okie

Boss Lady

Pick Tawnya (Tippy adopted by Teresa Lakin)

LE 72198

Kris (New Orleans, LA)
Call Me General (General) DOB 3/20/98

Sire: Westex Shocker and Dam: Meagan Lenae

(NGA Owner: Clarence Ray Patterson)

Call Me Henry male

Call Me Lacy female

Call Me Redrover male

Call Me Rose M female?

Call me Shocker male

Call Me Spice female

Call Me Wendey female

LE 72180 RE 38F

Richard & Elise Woolfort WI, FL, MA (St. Charles, MO)
Unbelievably Tuf male DOB 3/28/98

Sire: Dungaree and Dam: Sshkosh Mover

(NGA Owner: Robert J Kreiser)
Take A Free Ride female
Big Dirty Rumor male
Bobby B Bad male
Givit To Me Baby female (Adopted by Rick & Dorothy in Grand Rapids, MI)

LE 72178 RE 48A

Wendy Eaton FLA (OH)

Dewey Reelemin (Sammy) male DOB 4/3/98

Sire: Dungaree and Dam: Chelseas Mystery


Dewey Adreanna female

Dewey Amp female

Dewey Mystery male

Dewey Phantom male

Dewey Tornado female

Deweyfudgesundae female

LE: 72167 or 72187 RE: 38C

Rick West FL/AL (Collins, Mississippi)

Alotta Flash (Flash) male Whelped 3/23/98

Sire: Trojan Episode and Dam: Quiet Scandal

(NGA Owner: James R Bradshaw)


Alotta Gal female 

Alotta Go male

Alotta Spice female

Alotta Luv female

Alotta Honey female

Alotta Scandal female

LE 72159 RE 48B

Arthur and Sharon Stefanski WI (Chesterton, IN)

Hi Country Deb (Debi) female DOB 4/1/98

Sire: Special Debut and Dam: Southview Cindy

(NGA Owner: Joan Parvin)


Hi Country Max male

Hi Country Rose female

LE 72158 RE 38A

Louis CO (CO)

Poco Georgette DOB 3/23/98

(NGA Owner: David DiCroce)

Sire: Wigwam Wag and Dam: RL Jennifer


Poco Roolie male

LE 72140 RE 38B

Jennifer Watkins

Flying Feister (Feister) DOB 3/12/98

Sire: Flying Viper and Dam: Fearless Panther


Hjs Big Panther male

Hjs Ink Spot female

Hjs Piper female

Hjs Vixen female

LE 72137 RE 38B

Mary & Jerry Irwin Iowa (KY)

Outlaw Wabash (Wabash) male DOB 3/6/98

Sire: Comanche Sport and Dam: Everywhere I Go

(NGA Owner: Donald Middaugh & T Peterman)


Outlaw Mandy female

Outlaw Delta

LE 72131 RE 38E

CJ Gatz AL (TN)
Hey Ritz Cracker (Ritz) male DOB 3/17/98
(NGA Owner: CJ Gatz)
Sire: Mahogany Fire and Dam: Miz Big D

Hey Wild Fire male
Miz Bahr female

LE 72094 RE 38A

Heather Bullock FL (GA)

Just Tyler male DOB 3/28/98

(NGA Owner: Patricia H Cooley)

Sire: Flying Gunman and Dam: Ginny Gem


Desireinthedust female

Hidden Gunn

Just Too Sexy female (adopted in FL)

Shadaisy female

Streaknbye female

LE 72090 RE 38C

Susan Prepejchal Iowa (Iowa)
Zipper Zappy (Zippy Zappy) female DOB 3/21/98
(NGA Owner: Les Ackerman or William Lockha)
Sire: Fa Dell and Dam: Greys Racin Fire

Zipper Zest female
Zipper Zing female
Zipper Zipper female
Zipper Zoey female
Zipper Zone male

LE 72088 RE 38?

Mickey Miller WI (Iowa)
KF Profiler (Igor) male DOB 3/24/98
(NGA Owner: David R Miller
Sire: Bigelow and Dam: Tex's Red Rio


KF Redzone male

KF Riored male

KF Toldyaso female

LE 72083 RE 58A

Wilma Luchsinger CT (Blairsville, PA)
KC Next Level (Tucker) male 3/21/98

Sire: Unruly Rascal and Dam: Laffing Kookabur

(NGA Owners: P Stover or Hermitage Kennel)
Ks Sunnyprospect female
Ks Punch It (Adopted in PA)
Ks Give It Up female (Adopted in PA)

LE 72077 RE 38B

Cynthia Wilkins FL (SC)
Shy at First (Seinfeld) male DOB 327/98
(NGA Owner: Gary Rummins)
Sire: Greys Fifth Gear and Dam: Jimbo Shy


Ars Road Rage

She One Gear male

Shy Holly female

Shy Emily female

LE 72065 RE 69G

Jackie Wright-Minogue (NJ)
Dutch Lizette (Dutchess) female Whelped 6/26/89

Sire: Dutch Bahama and Dam: K's Meteor

(NGA Owner: Herb Koerner)
Dutch Abigail Female
Dutch Breeze Female
Dutch Brice Male
Dutch Crusade Male
Dutch Delanor Female
Dutch Didit Female
Dutch Doris Female
Dutch Ducky Female
Dutch Murphy Male
Dutch Paige Female

LE 72050 RE
Lynne Peters

Nodak Allen (Andy) Whelped 3/22/98
Sire: LPD Makers Mark and Dam: Publicity Doll

Nodak Greta female

Nodak Ben male

LE 72048 RE 38B

Lisbeth NH (Peterborough, ON)

Chemar Pure Satin (Mickey) female DOB 3/98

Sire: Leaders Wayne and Dam: Keota Dalia


Aint That Enuf

Chemar Estacy

Chemar Fuzzbuster

LE 72046 RE 38C

Kathy Helm

Oneco Alnino (Al) male (Birmingham, AL) Whelped 3/23/98

Sire: Rastro Ricky and Dam: Oneco Carolyn

(NGA Owner: Calude Desbiens)


Oneco Moviestar female

Oneco Dothead female

Oneco Fluff female

Oneco Peekatyou female

Oneco Summertime female

Oneco Tornado male

LE 72030 RE 38C
Christina Nihira (Dallas, TX)
Berlin male (Macallan) DOB 3/98

LE 71990 RE 38C

Nelda Lewis TX (TX)
Ae's Dungareevip (Shadow) male DOB 3/27/98
(NGA Owner: A E Brown)
Sire: Dungaree and Dam: RC's Crystalite

Ae's Dungareeone male
Ae's Dungareesix female
Ae's Dungareeten female
Ae's Dungareetwo male
Ae's Dungareefive female
Ae's Dungareefour female

LE 71986 RE 38D

Kandi Dodrill (WA)
M's Shoe Maker (George) male DOB 3/11/98

Sire: Oxford Shoes and Dam: Ms Light Fawn


Ms Big Foot male

Ms Lightnlively female

Ms Blulightning

Ms Cobbler male

Ms Light It Up female

Ms Lighten Up female

LE 71981 RE 38C
Claudia Courtney Wisconsin (DE)
Solar Eclipse (Sunny) female DOB 3/14/98
(NGA Owner: Greg Schipull)
Sire: My Rooster and Dam: Mesa's Gofar Gal
Golden Moment female
Desert Legacy male
Big Mama female
Rooster's Legacy male
Sweet Heart female
Boss Dog male
Ralph My Boy male

LE 71934 RE

Judy Matthis
Mr Too Good (Eddie)

Sire: Dd's Max and Dam: Ag's Passem

(NGA Owner?: Ardis K. Reed)
How Good It Is
Be What U Can Be
Make The Call

LE 71921 RE 28F
Suzanne McCubbin FL (KY)
DMs Daptos Boy (Daptos) male DOB 2/22/98
Sire: Delatite Boy* and Dam: RMJs Miss Dapto
(NGA Owner: Donna Marie Miller)
DMs Speedball female
DMs Uncle Buzz male
DMs Donnas Boy male (adopted KY)
DMS Doug Out (adopted)
DMS I Know (adopted)
DMS MS Delite (adopted CT)
DMS Thanks Nana (adopted)
DMS Uncle Buzz (adopted)

LE 71912 RE 28F

Lorean & John Love AZ (WA)
BW's Brite Eyes (Brite) female DOB 2/22/98
Sire: Chrisse's Twelve and Dam: Tony's Leader*

(NGA Owner: Brian Werner)


BWs Slapshot male

BWs Great One

BWs Powerplay male

LE 71906 RE 18G

Toni Sumner-Beebe WI
DG's Flashy (Flashy) Whelped 1/1/98

Sire: DG's Flashback and Dam: Rapido Candace
DG's Ringmaster
DG's Warlock
Rapido Acapulco male
Rapido Alvardo male
DG's Boogie Man male RE 18B (Cooper adopted by Mariah Steele Iowa)

DGs Skylark

LE 71898 RE 38F

Joy Ward TX (TN)
Bodo Mckennarose (Rose) female DOB 3/6/98
(NGA Owner: Robert E Johnson)
Sire: Flying Highball and Dam: Ab Momma Jess

Ab Flying Jess female
Bodo Hayley Ann female
Bodo Riley Tom male
Bodo Ryan Ed male
Ll Highballmomma

LE 71883 RE

Jon & Carrie Overfield FL (OH)
Reward Will (Will) male DOB 3/10/98
(NGA Owner: Dr Carl E Ward)
Sire: Oshkosh Racey and Dam: My Call

Reward Elanor female
Reward Highway male
Reward Winnie female

LE 71854 RE 38D

Bridget Cagney WI (WA)
Bohemian Shatter (Shatter) male DOB 3/15/98
(NGA Owner: Jason Hyska)
Sire: P's Raising Cain and Dam: Jenna Marie


Bohemian Slash male

Bohemian Smash male

Iruska Red Flyer male

LE 71825 RE 38J
Dave & Linda Zurawski
Ss Razberry Tart female Whelped 3/1/98
Sire: P's Raising Cain and Dam: SS Candy Lane
(NGA Owner: Gary Ballard)
Ss Stormy Cain female
Ss Jazzy Bell female
Ss Kopper Candy female
Ss Thunder Gultz male
Ss Sugar Cane female
Ss Chipahoyboy male
SS Candy Cane female
SS Buzzy Blitz male

LE 71760 RE 36B

Karen Sutcliffe FL (ON)
Tony's Tonic (Willow) female DOB 3/8/98
Sire: Burning Episode and Dam: Mesa Dawn
(NGA Owner: Richard R Pacheco)


Tonys Tequila female

Tonys Toffee male

Tonys Tango female

LE 71699 RE 38C

Gay LaNasa and Bob Klaus CT (McLean, VA)

Craigie Governor (Governor) DOB 3/9/98

Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Short Speech

(NGA Owner: John C Boyd)


Craigie Galain

Craigie Gazelle female

Craigie Go Annie female

Craigie Go Girl female

LE 71669 RE 28B

Diane Harvey FL/WI (WI)
Asti Lazurus (Lazurus) male DOB 2/16/98
(NGA Owner: Robert A Mackey)
Sire: P's Raising Cain and Dam: Cee Bar Molly

No Excuses male

Asti Lance male

Asti Laser male

Asti Layla female

LE 71660 RE 38A

Mark & Jill Kastello Arkansas (IL)

RD's Jester (Wiley Ray) male Whelped 3/5/98

Sire: WD's Santiago and Dam: RD's Lady Luck

(NGA Owner: Gloria Dorsey)


RD's Juliet female

RD's Jam female

RD's Jackson male

RD's Jive

LE 71642 RE 38B

Marilyn Quillin CO (OR)
Executive Power (Neal) male DOB 3/3/98
(NGA Owner: Gary Crozier)
Sire: Pat C Dublin and Dam: Bels Black Lily


Black Moon Risin male

Newts Peabody male

LE 71625 RE 38A

Marsha Williams RI (OH)
La's Lamborghina (Benjamin/Benny) male Whelped 3/2/98

Sire: hpa's Badboyblu and Dam: Lookin For Fun

(NGA Owner: Sharon Williams)
Las Hignspeed
Las Moomlite

LE 71612 RE 69A

Kathleen Walsh
Corrigan Patch (Ooshi) female 6/9/89

Sire: My Unicorn and Dam: Namastey
Czar Alexander male
Handsome Devil male
Point Zero male
Tip Moss male

LE 71586 RE 28A

Margaret Haven (VA)
Bob's Stev (Whisper) male DOB 2/25/98
Sire: Fa Dell and Dam: Bob's Shira

(NGA Owner: Jackie & Robert Stokes)


Bobs Advange male

Bobs Biffle RE 28C female (Samatha adopted by Robert Yowell Lousianna)

Bobs Doright male

Bobs Easymoney male

Bobs Patel female

Bobs Ozone male

Bobs Doval male

Bobs Latoya female

LE 71582 RE

Susan Tobin (NJ)

Breakaway male (white) 2/10/98

(NGA Owner: Ryan Farms)

HBs Prince Red and Dam Rather Fast


Absolut Shebang male

Donneagal female

Kansan male

Maude Brooks female

Skeptic male

Southern Cross male

LE 71570 RE 69C

Robin Norton 

GNC Rosey Josie (Josie) female

Sire: Oui Bonaparte and Dam: GNC Black Beauty
GNC Aliferious Male
GNC Bimbo Queen Female
GNC Deputy Dog Male
GNC Duke of Earl Male
GNC Honey Boy Male
GNC Lucky Bow Bow Male
GNC Rowdy Joe Male

LE 7156 RE 71C

Wendy Eaton (OH)

WW Chris Chris) male DOB 7/21/91

Sire: R Holy Moses and Dam: WW Robyn


WW Drew male

WW Alice female

LE 71549 RE 38C

Rebecca Iwai AZ,TX (WA)
Rapido Elect (Duke) male DOB 3/1/98
(NGA Owner: Lynda Marshall)
Sire: Rapido Temper and Dam: Rapido Eebie

Rapido Echo female
Rapido Eliz male
Rapido Enough male

LE 71546 RE 38E

Joan Johnson FL (NC)
Oviedos Davey (Rowan) male DOB 3/3/98
(NGA Owner: Debra L Johnson)
Sire: Profit Farmer and Dam: CPF Fanny


Oviedoprofitgirl female

Oviedos Fan Fan female

Oviedos Tomgirl female

Oviedostownhouse female

Oviedoturnaround female

LE 71521 RE 28D

Karen Williams CO (MD)

Capers Cher (Lily) female DOB 2/1/98

(NGA Owner: Wayne C Ward)

Sire: Fast Money and Dam: Carmens Caper


Capers Cleo female


Ww Fast Crystal female

LE 71501 RE 28C

Jennifer Watkins

Valid Concept (Daisy) female DOB 2/1/98

Sire: Flying Highball and Dam: Flying Oriole

(NGA Owner: Flying Eagles Kennel)


Valid Belief female

Valid Fact male

Valid Ground male

LE 71465 RE 28G
Lauren Malcom (FL)
MA Gregory (Gregory) male DOB 2/19/98
Sire: P's Raising Cain and Dam: Min Age
MA Echo female
MA Howie male
MA Burlesque female

LE 71384 RE 28F

Vanessa & Ben Metzger NH & MA (Durham Region, ON)

DG's Picaso (Eddie) male Whelped 2/15/98

Sire: Rapido Rambo and Dam: Cindy Lou

(NGA Owner: Keith Putman)


DG's Blackstar

DG's Deion

DG's Einstein

Dg's Flowerchild

Dg's Mystified female

Dg's Superstar male

LE 71368 RE 28B

Susan & Charles Zell FL (Hopewell, VA)  

Norm's Wildthang (Zeke) male

Sire: BB's Indianscout and Dam: Legs Elsie


Cobys Cutback male

Cobys Dukeaearl male

LE 71367 RE 28B

Jennifer Watkins

Cs Matrix (Matrix) DOB 2/10/98

Sire: My Mr. Bocephus and Dam: OK Kay


Cs Flaming Red female

LE 71334 RE 28F

Teresa Woods FL

Ms Jojo Walker (Tanner) male DOB 2/98

(Trainer: MG Porter)

LE 71329 RE


Bad To The Bone male Whelped 10/1/97

Sire: Poco Paprika and Dam: Twilite Applause

(NGA Owner: Bruce L Caldwell or Randy Finegan)


Hang On Sloopy female

Moon Mt Twilight male

Pappys Apple female

Pour On Thejuice male

Only Makebelieve male

Kass Debate?

Kass Time Bandit (1999)?

Twilte Two Play (Mya adopted by Michelle Anderson)

LE 71310 RE

Jean Pletl

Oshkosh Kid (Kid) male DOB 3/2/98

Sire: Oshkosh Godzilla and Dam: Oshkosh Invasion
Oshkosh Kareem male
Oshkosh Kelsey female
Oshkosh Kizzy female
Oshkosh Kayla female
Oshkosh Kildare male
Oshkosh Kody male

LE 71305 RE 28E

Gail Riggs (NY)
No Not Tonight (Nonet) female DOB 2/98
(NGA Owner: Dean Minor or Brian Herron)
Sire: Mega Morris and Dam: Debby Dabster


Task Dabs Dream female

Task Debi Did It female

Task Dickory Doc male

LE 71298 RE 127C

Sherry Bednar-Padgett (Greenville, SC)
Stans Princess ('Cess)

Sire: Foxy & Smooth and Dam: SJ Jessica
Sj Brindler Male
Sj Chocolate Male
Sj Dalton Male
Sj Jesse Male
Sj Smoothy Male (found)
Stan's Foxy Female

LE 71284 RE 28C

Susan Tobin MA (NJ)
Hjs Breakaway (Breakaway) male DOB 2/98 (brindle)

(NGA Owner: H J Sparkman)
Sire: P's Raising Cain and Dam: Nippy Carol*

Hjs Ashley female

Hjs Breeze

Hjs Fast Cookie male

Hjs Jericho female (adopted)
Hjs King Midas male

LE 71257 RE 28B

Ron & Janet Davis WV (PA)
Iruska Kellee (Zoe) female DOB 2/10/98
Sire: Oshkosh Racey and Dam: Kayak Konnie


Cmon Cmon Cmon female
Iruska Kenzie male
Iruska Kyle male
Iruska Keefe

LE 71249 RE 28A

Kathy Marggraff FL

DV's Miss Amanda  (Amanda) female DOB 2/4/98
(NGA Owner: Danny Viles)

Sire: DA Electricstorm and Dam: Burtel Bambi

LE 71243 RE 28C

Gennafer Selembo FL (Greensburg, PA)

Forbes Chopsuey male DOB 2/5/98

Sire: Adam Vogue and Dam: Tazmanin Moalie

(NGA Owner: Forbes Kennel Inc)


Forbes Emerald female

Forbes Molly Gee female

Forbes Gambino female

Forbes Diamond female

Forbes Wonton female

Forbes Trophy male

LE 71216 RE 28E

Jamie Wilson AL (TN)
Road Race (Zack) male DOB 2/10/98
(NGA Owner:  Tom Bartley?)
Sire: Epic Prince and Dam: Tar Zodiac

Asphalt female
Concrete female
Median female
Overpass female
Road Ranger male

LE 71213 RE

Patricia Hill

SilverHawk (Angel) male DOB 12/19/97

Sire: I Fear None and Dam: Nanjo's Pertgirl

(NGA Owner: Tom Thomas)


LE 71206 RE 18C

Janet Carter

Cs Little Red (Rindy) female DOB 2/2/98

Sire: Berlin Bill and Dam: ELs Pattie Cake

(NGA Owner: Paul Carbonneau)


Cs Pretty

Cs Devil Dog

LE 71173 RE 28E

Andrea Dorey (Goodwood, ON)

Eevee (Zo) female DOB 2/6/98

Sire: Rong Jones Dam: Itaka

(NGA Owner: W H O'Donnell)


Whidbee male (adopted living in NY)

Zider Zee male (adopted living in CT)

LE 7116 RE 81C

Catherin McGovern

Discharge Area female

LE 71142 RE 28G

Pat AZ (Phoenix, AZ)

RD's Manila Female 2/6/98

Sire: RD's Cutter and Dam: RD's Lusty Lips

(NGA Owner: Gloria Dorsey)


RDs Zurich female RE 28E (Zurich, Dan & Bonnie Winter WA)

RD's Athens male

RDs Paris female

RDs Moscow male

RDs Vienna female

RDs Dublin male

RDs Lima

LE 71139 RE

Rebecca Iwai AZ,TX (WA)
Heidy Ellis (Heidy) female DOB 1/26/98
(NGA Owner: Robert Lee Wootten)
Sire: Catch Catbalu and Dam: Harriet Dole

Happy Curtis female
Hector Adams male RE 18F
Helen White female
Henry Basco male

LE 71133 RE 18C


Wabash Albert (Albert) male DOB 1/98

LE 71128 RE 18A

Richard Cohn AZ (CA)
Maricopa Saguaro (Laika) male DOB 1/28/98
(NGA Owner: Jill Kristen Anast)
Sire: WD's Early Lad and Dam: STS Tara

Maricopa Vista male
Maricopa Cholla female
Maricopa Desert female
Maricopa Sequoia female

LE 71096 RE 18D

Fuzzy Orange (TN)
NRs Omaha Larry (Larry) male DOB 1/98
(NGA Owner: Nadine E Riggar) 
Sire: Dungaree and Dam: Dance of Joy


Nrs Blue Velvet male

Nrs Classy One female

Nrs Dance Fever female

Nrs Destroyer male

Nrs Full of Joy female

Nrs Lightning female RE 18H (adopted?)

Nrs Tornado male (adopted ?)

Nrs Tuff Tyler male

LE 71087 RE 18A

Tami & Michael Oachs WI, CO (Richfield, MN)
Back on the Job (Angel) DOB 1/1/98

Sire: Ps Raising Cain and Dam: Searching Breeze

(NGA Owner: Plum Creek)

Baz Luhrmann

Slim Shady

Sunscreen Man (adopted by Tami & Michael)


LE 71086 RE 18F

Ed Maxwell MA (NH)
Shabbos Goy (T) male DOB 1/31/98
Sire: P's Raising Cain and Dam: Pine Drive


Chickmarie female

Chicky female

Jnm Arnos Power

Jnm Four Oclock

Jnm Lilly One

Peters General

LE 71067 RE

Linda Miles
Secured Max male DOB 1/25/98

Sire: Flying Jupiter and Dam: KB's Secured Gal
JC Lost In Space male
Maxine Gal female
JC Wake Up David male
JC Jamaica Queen female
JC Super Jupiter male

LE 71060 RE 18H
Kimberly Miller FL (Battle CreekMI)
Hemy Power (Hemy) male DOB 1/5/98
Sire: Chevy Motecarlo and Dam: Spring Lil Cobra
(NGA Owner: Pat Traino)

Dazzling Dart male
Movin Mustang male
Sassy Sunbird female
Spinning Spider female
Super Bee male
Super Charger male

LE 71055 RE 18C

Alice Williams AZ (Coquitlam, BC)

Ole Bright Move (Molly) female 1/24/98

Sire: Wigwam Wag and Dam: Ole Bright Flame

(NGA Owner: Gregory S Wood)


Ole Bright Light

LE 71033 RE 18A
Inline Prowler (Prowler) male DOB 1/25/98

(NGA Owner: Less Ackerman & William L Lockhart)

Sire: My Saturn and Dam: Commander's Cruz

Inline Psycho (Bingo) Male
Inline Queen (Lonnie) Female
Inline Gypsy (Gypsy) Female
Inline Sandy Female    
Inline Learch Male
Inline Rose Female

LE 71006 RE 18D

Michael Mace

JB Rowdy Down (Rowdy) male DOB 1/8/98

Sire: Great Son and Dam: Pepper Min

(NGA Owner: James L Potter)


JB Sammy Rags male

JB Earnest Ernie male

JB Zorro male

Moving Millie female

Ruff M Up male

La Fern Nikita female

Oil Can Harry male

LE 71005 RE 127?

Sara Dexter FL (Montana)
Bravo Carlee (Bravo) male DOB 12/28/97 DOD 8/27/04

Sire Unruly and Dam Haytans Carlee

(NGA Owner: Claude Edward Norman)


NS Devah female

For Mercy Sakes male

LE 70986 RE 18A 

Alice Williams CO (BC)

Burninwith Speed (Amy) female Whelped 1/13/98

Sire: Trojan Episode and Dam: Royal Goldenlady

(NGA Owner: Gail Shook)


Burninwith Power female

Burninwith Talent female

Burninwith Beauty female

Trojan Gold male

Gold Star Affair female

LE 70974 RE 18B 

Carol Gleason (Pembroke Pines, FL)

Country Babe (Allegra) female DOB 1/21/98

Sire: Dungaree and Dam: Little Red Neck

(NGA Owner: Charles Moorhead)

LE 70967 RE

Shana & Rusty Owens

RWC Earth Angel DOB1/1/98

Dam: Steam Jenny and Sire: Ej's Douglas

(NGA Owner: MJP Kennels)


RWC Colton Lee male

RWC Slingshot male

LE 70947 RE 18I

Karen Gosse CT (NFLD)
Happy Beginnings male (Baylee) DOB 1/20/98
(NGA Owner: Ed Holmberg)
Sire: My Mr Bocephus and Dam: Pat  C Vengeful

Mrs Maroney  female
Safari Doc
Safari Maid
Safari Rain
Vengeful Joanne
Vengeful Pete
Vengeful John
Vengeful Seke

LE 70820 RE

Shana & Rusty Owens

Digity Dave DOB 1/1/98

Dam: Bobbyes Rule and Sire: Wigwam Wag

(NGA Owner: Matthew Kraft)


Old Doc Yak male

Homer male

Sassy Sandra female

Larromie female

Jonas male

LE 70810? RE 127E

Beth Brady

Gonzo (Asa) male DOB 12/28/97

Sire: Wigwam Wag and Dam: Shilo Flashpoint


Stat U S Gabe male

Stat U S Geno male

Stat U S Gia female

Stat U S Gogo female

LE 70798 RE 18D

Joanne Johnson FL (SC)
M's Wrong Dog (Wrongy) male DOB 1/6/98
(NGA Owner: M Porter)
Sire: M's Thad and Dam: Fancy Nancy

M's Strawberry male (adopted?)
Tapmar Digger male
M's Berry Best male

LE 70785 RE 38A

Robin Willoughby

LJ's Hefty  (Hefty) (s/b 18A) DOB 12/98 

Sire: Run For Jim and Dam: Paws Moonbeam
Boston Best Bet male
Boston Blimpy female
Boston Elect male
Boston Magic male
Boston Starman male
Boston Tara female
Lj's Bitey Bitey female
Lj's Randolf male
Paws Starburst female
Lj's Stimpy male

LE 70772 RE 18C

Trina Stark Iowa (Nebraska)
Jd Slide (Sly) female DOB 1/13/98
(NGA Owner: Jon D Stidham)
Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Jd Crazy Mary


Jd Suicide Blond female

LE 70720 RE 18E

Susan Tobin CT (NJ)
Hard As Steel (Simon) male DOB 1/9/98
Sire: Bara Buzz and Dam: Buzz Off

Bara Bop
Go Nra
Grand Idea female
Light Seeker
Right on Nra female
Truth Seeker

LE 7071 RE

Lisa & Richard Brown  (PA)
SC's Little Ally (Babe) Whelped 7/24/91

Sire: GH's Cross Bow and Dam: Hi Ally* (an Irish Import)

LE 70685 RE 127C

Mary Ann Dituro FL (FL)
Fortune Hunter (Fortune) female DOB 12/29/97
(NGA Owner: Don Godby)
Sire: P's Raising Cain and Dam: Catch Winc


Eaton Champ male

Fortune Smile female

Lucky Sprite female

Red Zero male

Greek Sort female

Cherish Windy female

LE 70638 RE 18?

Melissa Galernik (Rossford, Ohio)

Rainier Romper (Liza Minelli) female 1/25/99

Sire: Epic Prince and Dam: No Prisoners

(NGA Owner: Joe & Cae Sullivan)


Rainier Razor male RE 18C (Frank adopted by Deb Richey OH)

LE 70608 RE

Jay & Deb Aukamp FL (PA)

Nuf Said Fred male Whelped 12/19/97

Dam: Mine N Moms and Sire: Boston Ace
(NGA Owner: Dennis Curry)

Lumberjack male
Mom's Ruby female
Boston Jack male
Main Model female

LE 70595 RE 127C

Lisa Bielicke IA (St. Louis, MO)

Dirtydeed Daryll male Whelped 12/19/97

Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Leavn Likealady

(NGA Owner: John Henry Jr or Jason E Haynes)


Gingers Pickles female

Angeltown Devel male

Lethally Leen female?

Dippin Dot female?

LE 70581

Kris (New Orleans, LA)

Faster Than Ever female DOB 12/15/97

Sire: Buzz Around and Dam: Busy Weekend

(NGA Owner: Pat Dalton?)


Goin Hog Wild female

Golden Dreamer male

Hillbilly Shoes male

LE 70544 RE 127B

Rachel Michak CT (VT)
Global Bluebell (Bluebell) female DOB 12/25/97
(NGA Owner: Deborah Strickland)
Sire: Head Honcho* and Dam: Back Swing

Manic Navidad female

LE 70543 RE 127B

Laura Dinsdale (Macomb Twp, MI)
Noble Ruffian (Ruffian) female

Sire: Greys Stateman and Dam: Guide Line Gal*


Noble Chief female

Noble Consultant

Noble Diplomat

Noble Exception male

Noble Guide

Noble Negotiator male

LE 70513 RE 127H

Mary Beauvais AZ (WI)

Sparklin Eyes (Sammy) female DOB 12/21/97

(NGA Owner: Deborah L Strickland)

Sire: Abita Simon and Dam: Sparkling Haley


Frisco Famous male RE 127C (Bullet adopted by Bill McDonough VA)

Frisco Fancy female

Frisco Fantastic male

LE 70451 RE 117J
Pam Voss KS/TX (FL)
Vaneta Krogull female Whelped 11/19/97
Sire: P's Raisin Smoke and Dam: Choicewheel
(NGA Owner: Ronald I Jacobsen)
Jack Krogull male

Ezee Lizzy female
Ezee Ranger male
Bodo Ricky male

LE 70444 RE 127H

Cris Bttjer AZ (CA)
RD's Montel Montel male DOB 12/21/97
Sire: RD's Speedy and Dam: RD's Brooke

RD's Geraldo male
RD's Kathie Lee female
RD's Leeza female
RD's Maury male
RD's Oprah female
RD's Regis male
RD's Rose Ann female
RD's Springer male

LE 70441 RE 127A

Therese Skinner (MO)

Nitro Lil Ashley (Ashley) female DOB 12/21/97

Sire: Homey Don't Play and Nitro Light

(NGA Owner: Alan Piper)
Nitro Tylerm
Nitro Megan

LE 70401 RE 127C

Blandch Fedor FL (NC)
DA'S Sweet Sherry (Sherry) female DOB 12/9/97

(NGA Owner:  David A Schultz)
Sire: Husker Gazette and Dam: DA'S Magic Touch

Tissy C female

Christina C female

I'm Glo female

NY Name Is Flash female

DA'S Magic Rules male

MS. Bright female

LE 70389 RE 127F

Rachel Michak KS (VT)
Far Out Fletcher (Fletch) male DOB 12/16/97
(NGA Owner: Deborah Strickland)
Sire: Zazziam and Dam: Tip Toe By

All But Abbott male

Jazz I Am femal

LE 70320 RE 127G

Dayle Kelloway FL (Jacksonville, FL)

JAMS Wolfman (Gary) male Whelped 12/14/97

Sire: Jams Garvey and Dam: Jams Eleanor

(NGA Owner: Joe or Martha Rothenberg)


Jams D French male

Jams Garvey

Jams Kathern female

Jams Sheri female

Jams Eleanor

Jams Fine Girl female

Jams Debutante female

LE 70303 RE 127C

Gina Sciortino CT (Maple, Ont)
AB Lex Licorice (Licorice) female DOB 12/14/97

Sire: Nambia Bale and Dam: Berrigaan Tears

(NGA Owner: Harold Fisher)
AB Lex Lantana male
AB Lex Laser male
AB Lex Lilac female

AB Lex Logan male
AB Lex Loco male

AB Pooks Sissy female

LE 70277 RE 127G

Christina Kelly NH (ON)

Iza Bookin It (Booker) male DOB 12/12/97

Sire: Flying Bookie and Dam: Sallisaw Paula

(NGA Owner: D&D Greyhound Investements)


Iza Bookie male

Iza Bookie Gal female

Y Knot Likearock male

Y Knot Ram Tough male

Y Knot Rollin On female

LE 70236 RE 127F

Judy Parsons (CO)
Nan de Tar (Tar) male DOB 12/4/97

Sire: Big Tar and Dam: Nan de dutches

Nan de Bess female
Nan de Eva female
Nan de Maggie female
Nan de Mia female
Nan de Minnie female
Nan de Molly female
Nan de twiggy female

LE 70203 RE

Laura Ortiz

Sirr Burkey male DOB 10/16/97

Sire: Barrantes and Dam: Whirling Dessie

(NGA Owner: P Hartwell or R E Harris)


Cactus Baby female

Cactus Brute male

LE 70169 RE 59B

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Missouri Mike (Mike) male DOB 5/1/89

Sire: Dutch Bahama and Dam: Midnight Waltz

(NGA Owner: Douglas W Johnson)


Missouri Cruiser male

Missouri Outlaw male

Missouri Whisper female

Missouri Major male

Missouri Sparkle female

LE 70167 RE 57E

Kristen Babick NH, MA (NH)

FGs Goodbye (Bye) DOB 12/12/97

Sire: Mi Designer and Dam: Pay Attention

(NGA Owner: Bette-Jane Babicki)


FGs Goldmine male (Adopted)

FGs Raging Bull male (Adopted)

FGs Snow White female (Adopted)

FGs Diamond female (Adopted)

FGs Sweetheart female (Adopted)

JRs Diane female

JRs Never Know

LE 70144 RE

Michel Truhlik (Austin, TX)

NXS Horn (Dodge) male DOB 12/2/97

Sire: Trumpet Charm and Dam: High Spirited

(NGA Owner: Frances Moffatt)


NXS Herb Albert male

NXS Al Hirt male

NXS Miles Davis male

NXS Fan Fare female

RZ Tiger Charm male (Adopted Tee by Judith Price, Dallas)

NXS Airfare female

LE 70103 RE 127C

Jillian Hawkins TX (MI)

ATD Silver Mark (Lia) female DOB12/11/97

Sire: LPD Maker's Mark and Dam: Fancy Bingo

ATD Trouble
ATD Termite
ATD Blue Rain
ATD Yahoo
ATD Delta
Marker Bingo
Bingo Thunder
ATD Cricket female (Cricket adopted by Jillian Hawkins)

LE 70101 RE 127D

Tom Hoffman NH, MA (Browns Mills, NJ)

Emblems Luck (Ember) female DOB 12/8/97

Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Debutante Luck


Debutante Diana female RE 127C

Ketz (Jimmy) male RE 127H (Adopted by Joe in NY)

Renshaw male RE 127A

PWS Stat Ellie female RE 127B

PWS stat Elmer male RE 127F

Debutante Shalee female RE 127E

Sirocco Wind male RE 127G

LE 70069 RE 59F

Deborah & Mark Hope (Idaho)
Goal Post (Shelby) male DOB 5/5/89

LE 70053 RE 127E

Jennifer Watkins

Flying Tees (Tee) DOB 12/6/97

Sire: Flying Callaway and Dam: Buzz One

LE 7001 RE 71G

Pat Nelson (Madison CT)
Eltex Carolyn DOB 7/17/91

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