Greyhound Litterates List

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Littermatesí List

***First line of each entry represents Tattoo No.s of Left Ear (LE) & Right Ear (RE)

If LE #. is not available, please search by Dogís Race Name

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fyiÖAmerican and Australian dogsí LE/RE Tattoos will be up to 5 numbers (0-9)

UK (Overseas) dogsí LE/RE Tattoos will be letters (A-Z)


LE 59971 RE

Harry Groves
Gotta Winalot (Smoke) DOB 8/19/96

Sire: Fortress and Dam: Flying Riflelady
Beefast Winalot
Douglas Winalot
Elena Winalot

American Winalot

Northern Astro

Northern Casey

Northern Delight (Moses RE 86D Janis Johnson City TN)

Northern Flute

Northern Ginger

Northern Energy

Northern Hop female

Northern Jupiter female

Northern Ivy female

LE 59962 or 59562 RE 66C

Eileen Pavia NH (Rochester, NY)
Lakota Power Connection (Lakota)

Sire: P's Raising Cain and Dam: Pyramid So Sweet

(NGA Owner: Robert Birthletot & Andrew Sarras)
Egyptian Pyramid
Napolean Syndrom

LE 59957 RE 86B

Heather Masch FL (NJ)
Nuclear Cruiser (Darien) male DOB 8/6/96
(NGA Owner: Ronald L Gaffigan)
Sire: Dat Red Cruiser and Dam: Char Genius

Minnie Cruiser female
Stealth Cruiser male

LE 59948 RE 86K

Jenn Daly (DE)
Fever River Kevin (Chester) male DOB 8/17/96
Sire: Commander Power and Dam: Coldwater Cheer


Fever River Alex male

Fever River Char

Fever River Dan male

Fever River Eric male (adopted by Donna Wilczek NH)

Fever River Jeff male

Fever River Jess

Fever River Jill female

Fever River Matt male

Fever River Pam female

Fever River Ryan male (adopted living in Vernon NY)

LE 59919 RE 86H

Judy Botsford (MA)

Cainís Juno female Whelped 8/12/96

Sire: Cainís MoonShadow and Dam: Skimar Maria


Cainís Hesperides

LE 59912 RE 86E

Linda Hestianna FL/NH (NH)

AM Wilbert (Willy) male DOB 8/15/96

Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Ames Wish

(NGA Owner: Pierre Amestoy)


Am Walter male

Am Wishing Roxie female

AM Wonderful male

LE 59896 RE 86K

Liz Ardell
Energy Efficient (Effee) Whelped 8/16/96

Sire: Bold N Brazen and Dam: Shasta Soda

(NGA Owner: Tom T Sellman)
Discount Offer male
Pine Beauty male
Solidify female
Choice Delivery male

LE 59775 RE

Shannon & Kyle Zemlicka
Odd Pongo (Pongo) DOB 8/17/96 

Sire: Lpd Makers Mark and Dam: Odd Victory
(NGA Owner: Jack L Jones)
Odd Mario male
Odd Luigi
Odd Matilda female
Odd Felix male (adopted in Lakewood, OH)

LE 59765 RE

Gary L Shapiro
Fortress Lady (Dot) Whelped 8/18/96

Sire: Fortress* and Dam: Pat C Prime Time
(NGA Owner: Gary & Sharon Willis)
Baby Bop female (found)
Mowsall female
Pat C Beforehand female
Pat C Undercoat female

LE 59750 RE 76F

Lisa Swartz (CO)
GS Foxy Roxy (Roxy-Grace) female DOB 7/96 DOD 5/04
Sire: MTís Alvin Fuzz and Dam: Barcelona Gold


Gs Brenda Lee female

GS Cute Stacy female RE 76E (Stacy adopted by Lisa Rinker CO)

CS James Clayton male

GS Jordon male

GS Taylor male

LE 59732 RE

Penny Zwart

Greek Oblique (Zeus) male Whelped 8/11/96

Sire: Flying Highball and Dam: Battle Of Crete
(NGA Owner: Andy Sarras)

Greek Odysey male (adopted by Kelly Martinez ?DOD 12/13/02 )
Greek Olympia female
Greek Omega
Greek Onyx female

LE 59685 RE 86D

Jeanni Davis FL (North Eastern, PA)

M's Leonor  (Leonor) Female Whelped 8/5/96

Sire:  Richard Hale and Dam: Luann

(NGA Owner: M G Porter)


M's Tom Cruise male (Adopted in Quakertown)

LE 59605 RE 56C

Dorothy Grey FL

Blurís Teeberry (Sparky) female DOB 5/1/96Sire: Bar Blur and Dam Safarian

(NGA Owner: Patsy DeLisle)


Solitary Tear male

LE 59593

Mary Ann McNulty (Boston, MA)

AMF Cloudy female DOB 7/96

Sire: Can You Dig It and Dam: Rouletta

(NGA Owner: Thomas Ferris)


AMF Foggy male

AMF Misty female

AMF Snowy

LE 59583 RE 86D

Angie Quillin KS (SC)

Dignified Dream (Bunny) female DOB 8/1/96

Sire: Oshkosh Racey and Dam: Mt's Dreamer

(NGA Owner: Willis E Dewitt)


Dream Bettor female

Dubious Dreamer female

LE 59497 RE 86C

Carol Scarpino  FL (Massillon, OH)

Rainbow Reflex male (Bruno) Whelped 8/1/96

Sire: Sorrento Warrior and Dam: Kiowa Katina

(NGA Owner: Gail A Shook)


Rainbow Power female

Star Rainbow female

Supreme Warrior female

LE 59465 RE 76F

Mary Beauvais WI (WI)

Pug Twigs (Ricky) male DOB 7/31/96

(NGA Owner: Boy R D and Dam: Trylittlewitch


Answer to Chef

Little Boy Judd

Little Foxy Boy

Sandi Witch

LE 59385 RE

Anne Greene KS (Cincinnati, OH)

Its Me Trouble (Frasier) male DOB 8/2/96

Sire: Glenfort Jones and Dam: Flying Porshe

(NGA Owner: Wayne R Ward)


It Got By Ya male

Its Pickaboo Icu male

LE 59364

Michel Truhlik (Austin, TX)

Wingate Ladina (Belle) female DOB 6/1/96

Sire: Best Tobey and Dam: Ladina

(NGA Owner: Elly Limmer)


Baby Bridge female

LE 59350 RE

Teddi Clarke (CT)

Craneís Hays (Hazey) female DOB 7/26/96

Sire: Crane and Dam: Red Emily

(NGA Owner: W E Cryer)


Craneís Bari male RE 76B (adopted Penny)

Craneís Cayman RE 76C (adopted Penny)

Cranes Fox male

LE 59348 RE

Lisa & Richard Brown  (PA)
Silent Trigger (Bogie McGee) male Whelped 7/31/96

Sire: Big Reward and Dam: Mishca

(NGA Owner: Ryan Farms Kennel)
Escapist male
Mcbeal male
Only Yours female
Prized female
Sea Mist female

LE 59347 RE

Jay & Deb Aukamp FL (PA)

Sav's Eagle male Whelped 7/25/96

Sire: Pf's Ringo and Dam: Flinthills Patti
(NGA Owner: Vincent Savill)

Flinthill Bandit
Sav's Bronco
Sav's Jet female (Adopted in NY)
Sav's Patriot male
Sav's Viking male
Sav's Panther female (Adopted in Canada)
Sav's Jaguar female

LE 59341 RE 76D

Lois Baldwin FL, KS

Kiowa Chippewa (Blaze) male DOB 7/5/96
(NGA Owner: Amy Birnbaum)
(Sire: My Rooster and Dam: Kiowa Day Warrior
Kiowa Cherokee
Kiowa Wyandot

LE 59314 RE

Pierce Tulley
Olympic Racer (Luke) male Whelped 7/26/96 &

Olympic Strength (Xander) male

Sire: Going Away and Dam: Cruising Quick
Olympic Grace female (found)
Olympic Star female (found)
Olympic Stride male

LE 59309 RE 86A

Laura Kane-Witkowski NH (NC)
Well's Penny (Emma) female DOB 8/1/96
(NGA Owner: Kenneth Biehle)
Sire: JJ's Crow and Dam: Lee's Penny


Wellís Crow

Wellís Rachell

LE 59259 RE 76D

Maureen Madajczyk (MI)
Miss Ashley (Ashley) female DOB 7/12/96
(NGA Owner: Mick Massa)
Sire: Westmead Hazzard* and Dam: Flying Braniff

Mr.Brice male

Mís Cody male
Stat Hazzard male
Stat Mandy female
Stat Root Beer male

Stat Digger female

LE 59238 RE 76D

Martha (Kansas)

Daisy Ifya Doo (The Duchess Miss Daisy) female DOB 7/17/96

Sire: Big Tar and Dam: Kacy Cornhusker

(NGA Owner: David E Humes or Dan Lafferty)


Kacy Elton John male RE 76E

Kacy Kenosha female RE 76F

Kacy Me Oh My female RE 6C

Kacy Oh My female RE 76B

Kacy Tiny Dancer female 76A

LE 59224 RE 76B

Dan & Bonnie Winter FL (WA)
Rankin Hank (Hank) male DOB 7/20/96
Sire: Kountry Hank and Dam: Giddy

(NGA Owner: J R Halloway)

Calico Brendy female
Fan Wingo female
Marfa Man male
Van Dugan male

LE 59134 RE 76E

Zuyder DOB 7/20/96

Sire: Torrey Pines and Dam: Apsley
Glenayre (Dillon adopted by Verna Saar)

LE 59112 RE 76H

Marsha Williams RI (OH)
Crystal Scarlett (Abbey Anne) female Whelped 7/8/96

Sire: Fortress and Dam: Crystal Current

(NGA Owner: Robert M Childs)
Crystal Currency female
Crystal Fortress male
Crystal Future male
Crystal Past male
Crystal Rhett male

LE 59105 RE 76C

Tooz Runner WI (OH)

Okie Omega (Delta) DOB 7/21/96

Sire: Joeís Rule Dam: Any Which Way


Okie Karessa

Okie Toie

LE 59078 RE 76D & RE 76G

Nancy & Scott Lassiter (Anderson, SC)
Fond A Hunk (Hunk) male DOB 7/16/96

Sire: Fond A Hulk and Dam: Tan N Toned
(NGA Owner: Michael Steven Obi)
Fond A Tony male
Toned Roo female
Toned Totem female

Toned Tawny female
Re-Marky-Able (Marky) male 76G (Adopted by Lisa Gilmer living in SC)

LE 59073 RE 76A-I

Joan Seide
Matts Maker (Maxx) DOB 7/6/96

Sire: ML BoBackstretch and Dam: ML Frosted Plum
Crisscross Andy Last
Abbeys Fantasy
Backstretch Bell
Boback Sugar
Cutacross Shorty
Dazzlin Jim
Jack O Diamonds
Stu's Dude

LE 59005 RE

Linda Dotson (KS)
Mohican Quartz female DOB 7/17/96

Sire: Oshkosh Tease and Dam: Beautiful Queen

(NGA Owner: Kay E Smith)
Mohican Quanah male

Mohican Quintero male
Mohican Quezada male
Mohican Quinn male

LE 59004 RE 76J

Judy & Michael Stroup
Si Nightcascade (Willow) female DOB 7/9/96

Sire: Big Tar and Dam: Ir Orangebilt

(NGA Owner: Ivan Harrell & Shane O'Daniel)
Si Big Night male
Si Big Tar male
Si Kingsford female

LE 59002 RE 66A

Terri/Speedy Mercer
Time Out Snow (Snow) DOB 6/9/96

Sire: Ronco and Dam: Close to My Hart

Time Out Bart
Time Out Dana female
Time Out Earl
Time Out Fern
Time Out Sally

LE 58974 RE 76C

Cheryl Zemany (PA)
Where's Norris (Norris) male DOB 7/1/96
(NGA Owner: Melvin Drayton)
Sire: Greenane Slippy and Dam: Greys Quick Sand

Eas Gittyup Go
Where's Nina female
Where's Nita female
Where's Nolan male

LE 58953 RE 76G

Melinda Scanlon
Pat C Gareth (Jesse) Whelped 7/1/96

Sire: Pat C Rambuntous and Dam: KS Away
(NGA Owner: Patrick Collins)

Pat C Elspeth female
Pat C Hestia female
Pat C Blackmail male

Pat C Blackthorn male

LE 58833 RE 76

Karen Anderson CT (0MA)

Boligee Pansy (Mia) female DOB 7/7/96

Sire: Leading Escort* and Dam: Boligee Dixie

(NGA Owner: T A Greene)


Boligee Iris female

Boligee Lildixie female

Boligee Petunia female

Boligee Pumper male

Boligee Wescott male

LE 58799 RE 76B

Mary Ann Moore FL (MO)
AM Torrey Son (Pierre) male DOB 7/12/96
(NGA Owner: Pierre Amestoy)
Sire: Torrey Pines and Dam: Belanca Gal

AM Ames Toy male
AM Torrey Bela female
AM Torrey Champ male
AM Torrey Gal female

LE 58767 RE 66F

Jennifer Watkins



Tiko Fancy RE 66A

LE 58738 RE 66D

Pauline & Kevin Bernoski (NY)
FeverRiver Denny (Danny) male DOB 6/28/96 DOD 12/7/05
Sire: Itsa Sompin Good and Dam: Bold Avenger

Sompin Bold male
Feveriver Mary Jo female
Fever River Rick male
Fever River Jody female
Fever River Don male

LE 58689 RE 76G

Arthur & Sharon Stefanski WI (Chesterton, IN)

Kacy Zeplin (Kacy) male DOB 7/2/96

Sire: Big Tar and Dam: Da Da Pepper

(NGA Owner: Vana Moore Hawkins)


Kacy Believer female

Kacy Complicated male

Kacy Countdown male

Kacy Fogerty male

Kacy Grass Roots male

Kacy Ignition male

Kacy Pretender female

Kacy Rhapsody male

LE 58673 RE 76C

Jennifer Watkins

Rij Sis (CeCe)

Sire: Westpark Dive On and Dam: Jís Halley


Rij Marcus male

LE 58665 RE

Tina Wiepert (NH)
Lambie Pie (Lambie Pie) female DOB 7/5/96 DOD 12/04
Sire: My Rooster and Dam: River Raven

(NGA Owner: John F Stanton)

Oceola male
Plenty of Time
River Path male
River Rebel male

Full Promise female

LE 58657 RE 76A

Mike Kulkusky MA (Carroll Valley, PA)

Voodoo Lager (Lager) male DOB 7/6/96

Sire: Annaís Special and Dam: Miz Miami

(NGA Owner: Scott Staggs)


Anchor Steam male

Casey Gates

Cherry Wine female (Tessa adopted by Sheila Phoenix)


Shiner Bock male

LE 58655 RE

Marian & Lonnie Jones

Too Tall Oprah (Oprah) female DOB 7/4/96

Sire: Pís Raising Cain and Dam: Connectthespots

(NGA Owner: Richard Nelson)


Gain Insight male

Raising Money male

Shopping Spree male

Start Running male

Too Tall Grace female

Too Tall Love female

Too Tall Sarah female

Too Tall Sue female

LE 58652 RE

Ellen Brown KS/AR/NH
P's Marylue (Willow) DOB 6/27/96

Sire: P's Raising Cain (died) and Dam: Brook Honey

(NGA Owner: David Petzold)
P's Arco
P's Peppi (Adopted)
P's Fenway
P's Blue Streak
P's White Bud male
P's Bo Jack

LE 58637 RE 77E

Jan Halliday CO (WA)
EF's Egghead (Elle) female DOB 7/4/97
(NGA Owner: Stu Erwin)
Sire: Charlie Chaplin and Dam: Md Reagen

LE 58626 RE 46B

Kris Metz
Sly Heather (Hollywizz) DOB 4/19/96

Sire: Chrisse's Twelve and Dam: Cheyenne Shasta
Sly Dusty
Sly Vanna (Miriah adopted contact Wilda)
Sly Sandy (adopted by Kris)
Sly Whiz Kid (adopted by Kris)

LE 58611 RE 76A

Kathy Darfler

Klassic Moondust (Moonie) female DOB 8/96

Sire: Greenane Slippy* and Dam: Klassic Stevie


Klassic Savannah female

Klassic Miracle

LE 58607 RE 76A

Steve, Laura & Emily Hart WI (IL)

Jandy Tator Tot (Tator-Tot) female DOB 7/4/96

Sire: Greyís Statesman and Dam: J Hawkís Sunset

(NGA Owner: Judy Loring)


Bet Your Bippy female

Charles Barkie male

Jandy Jumpstart male

Mad Gamble male

My Cup of Tea female

Sunnie Dee female

LE 58603 RE 66D

Sherry Kaminski CT (MA)
Jiffy Joe Pop (PrimeTime) male DOB 6/18/96
Sire: Flying Neptune and Dam: País Dizzy


Jiffy Ben Lost female

Jiffy Better Pop

Jiffy Cuts It Up male

Jiffy Flysbyall female

Jiffy Jammin male

Jiffy Jungle RE 66J (adopted Penny)

Jiffy Ken Pop

Jiffy Mr Speed male

Jiffy Pop Pop male

Jiffy Sailing On female

Jiffy Speedster male

 LE 5856 RE 61B

Susan Schwarz (MD)

Sassy Hawk (Amber Brown) female DOB 6/91 DOD 11/17/02

Sire: Blackhawk and Dam: Al's Sassy Lassy

(NGA Owners: James R Davidson & Albert T Hinson)

LE 58532 RE 76C

Angie Quillin (SC)

Fuzzys Speedking (Speedy) male DOB 7/1/96

(NGA Owner: Joseph Frenette)

Sire: Mocan Speed and Dam: Mrs Moneybags


Fuzzís Speeddeamon male

Fuzzís Speedracer male

Fuzzys Litespeed female

Fuzzys Rawspeed female

Fuzzys Speedball male

Fuzzys Speedweek male

Fuzzys Speedway male

LE 58443 RE 36A

LE 5835 RE

Mark & Barbara Draa (Pittsburgh PA)
(Pandora) Amazeme Pixie female Whelped 6/18/96

Sire: EJ's Douglas and Dam: Jettex Aggie
Amazeme Blaze (Adopted)
Amazeme Boone
Amazeme Faith
Amazeme Sandy

LE 58420 RE 66C

Rochelle Landis CT
Raymar Nova (Nova) female DOB 6/26/96
(NGA Owner: Raymond Gallant (previous)
Sire: Guy Kirby and Dam: ggb Tara

Raymar Norm male (adopted)
Raymar Natalie female (adopted)
Raymar Nikki

LE 58355 RE

Kathy Darfler

Ns Ebony Lady female DOB 6/17/96

Sire: Santa Fe Rufus and Dam: Charlies Brandi


Nís Black Sugar female

Nís Litle Sister female

Nís Madhattan female

Nís One Punch male

Nís Sugar Babe female

Ns Booge Knight male

Ns Star Trek male

Ns Tko male (adopted J Dotson?)

LE 58304 RE

Elizabeth Adams WV (IN)

C's Blackjack (Jack) male DOB 6/3/96

(NGA Owner: Colleen F Thomas)

Sire: Beckam Pay Day and Dam: Cs Bit O Honey


Cís Black Knight male

Cís Black Gold male

LE 58248 RE 66D

Ashley Capps KS (SC)
Budda Bear (Bear) male DOB 6/19/96
(NGA Owner: Ashley Capps)
Sire: Nickelbackbingo and Dam: Noble Mrs Bear

Mara Bear female (adopted)

Beasty Bear male

Buckley Bear male

Kara Bear female

LE 58237 RE

Adam Mann NH (Mississauga ON)
Paca Precision (Percy) male DOB 6/16/96
(NGA Owner: Patricia Manning)
Sire: Trojan Episode and Dam: Blackie Bee

Paca Sidewinder male
Paca Black Silk male
Paca Thunder female RE 66F (adopted by Sherry Klein (Penny)

LE 58208 RE 88D LE 75879

Sherry Parr (Seattle, WA)

Vito Speedo male Whelped 8/1/98

Sire: Cross Country and Dam: Ico Love Handles

(NGA Owner: G Kirk Harlan)


Linda Nin female

Shorty Antonio male

Shorty Camello male

LE 58174 RE 66E

Suzanne Ricci

Indy's Knightbird male Whelped 6/1/96

Sire: Sweet Louie and Dam: Bells Oner Toes


Ddts Bella Go C

Ddts Bellhop

Darmontre male

LE 58165 RE 66D

Tooz Runner FL (OH)

Black Thor(Thor) DOB 6/12/96

Sire: CPF Floyd Dam: CPF Boo Boo

(NGA Owner: Debra L Johnson)


Gimme Deb

Day Flier

LE 58142 RE 66H

Jennifer Watkins

Reko Ebo (Ebo) male DOB 6/4/96

Sire: Indian Pride and Dam: Classicaltex


Reko Becktemba male

Reko Zahra

LE 58054 RE 66C & RE 66D

Wendy Allison

Okie Tess female & Okie Kurt male DOB 6/13/96

Sire: Kelton Quick and Dam: Okie Keely

(NGA Owner: Gaylan L Edwards)


Okie Nan female

Okie Marlene female

Okie Victoria female

Okie Carla female

Okie Prowler male

LE 58051 RE 66B
Shalea Rhodes (Raleigh, NC)
LL Texas Warrior (Larson) male 6/12/96
Sire: Russo Warrior and Dam: Afton Nora
(NGA Owner: TW Langham)

Hardys Ace male
Hardys Queen female
Ll Dream Warrior female
Ll Lady Warrior female
Ll Macho Warrior male
Ll Sky Warrior male
Ll Star Warrior female (adopted by Jim Green)

LE 57966 RE 66D

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Reko Phinazee (Sidney) male DOB 6/3/96

Sire: Mo Kick and Dam: Good Gift (adopted died old age)

(NGA Owner: Reko Enterprises Inc)


Reko Malchus (Tigger) RE 66B (Adopted)

Reko Orpah female

Reko Pooky Black male

Reko Sheba female (adopted Marietta GA)

Reko Chip male (adopted Marietta GA)

LE 57744 RE 56A

Rebecca Doersam CO (Utah)
Nel's Blackie (Haley) female DOB 5/28/96
(NGA Owner: Gale Tomberlin)
Sire: Russo Warrior and Dam: Half Smile

Nel's Lantz male RE 56E (Lantz, Jeri & Bill Setzer WA)
Nel's Old Spot male
Nel's Warrior male
Spotty Warrior

LE 57726 RE 56H
Ann Moore FL (SC)
WR's Boogie On (Rocky) male DOB 5/28/96
(NGA Owner: William R Rogers)
Sire: MR's Ranger and Dam: JM's AZ Princess
Bag It Barrie male
Tipsy Gypsy Gal female
Foreign Player male
Wr's Kim female
Take Courage male
Take The Lead male
Beware Of Me male

LE 57711 RE 66F

Jennifer Heater WV (MI)
Starlight Leroy (Starlight) male DOB 6/96
(NGA Owner: Steubenville Kennel)
Sire: Md Kromer and Dam: Star Light Sis

Starlight Cathy female
Starlight Ice female
Starlight Lucy female
Starlight Terra female

Cuban Doctor male

Phlash Pride female

Bad Missy female

LE 57598 RE 56D

Jennifer Gomez (NY)

Royce Shine (Nomar) male DOB 5/23/96

Sire: Boligee Ken Man and Dam: Beekas Regisgrad Conn.

(NGA Owner: Carl Sarney)


Kippy Marshall male

Moka Java Should A Birdied female

Wild Wilda

LE 57588 RE 56C

Penni Phillips TX (Houston TX)
Jett Anderson (Jett) male DOB 5/21/96
(NGA Owner: Darryl E Linton)
Sire: Buzz Around and Dam: No Neglect

Blazing Amanda female
Sabrina's Unicorn female
Twilight Breeze male

LE 57581 RE 56E

R Winkler

Flying Thor (male) Whelped 5/24/96

Dam: Ardcool Dawn* and Sire: Oshkosh Racey

(NGA Owner: Flying Eagles Kennel)


Flying Bragi female

Flying Frey female

Flying Ishtar female

Flying Manna female (adopted living in Canada)

Flying Loki male

Flying Odin male

LE 57515 RE

Barbara Darling CT//NH/FL (PA)
Quinton's Quest (Percy) Whelped 318/96

Sire: AJ's Quinton and Dam: AJ's Shelby

(NGA Owner: Bertis Ray Carrico)
Blue Ice Baby
Alaskan Blue
AJ's Shelbygirl (owned by Sharon Toolan Maryland DOB 1998??? diff Sire??)
AJ's Blue Quint
AJ's Shelby Baby

LE 57510 RE 56C

Shirley Trusky FL (OH)
Indio Saginaw (Indy) male DOB 5/14/96
(NGA Owner: John Creek)
Sire: Yesterday's Wish and Dam: Satin Touch

LE 57500 RE 56H

Linda Brown (Tacoma, WA)

Wigwam Keoki female DOB 5/96

Sire: Bold N Brazen and Dam: Wigwam Zoe


Wigwam Marshal male

Wigwam Mcleod male

Wigwam Shiner male

Wigwam Walker male

Wigwam Dino female

Wigwam Jordyn female

LE 57494 RE 56D

BJ Robertson Iowa (IN)
Rainier Rystal (Crystal) female DOB 5/12/96
(NGA Owner: Joe & Cae Sullivan)
Sire: Aus Ready Freddy and Dam: Bad Cynda

Rainier Ravenite female

Rainier Regail female
Rainier Rellen female
Rainier Rindsay female

LE 5744 RE 56E

Jeri Setzer AZ

Nel's Lantz male DOB 5/28/96

Sire: Russo Warrior and Dam: Half Smile

(NGA Owner: Gale Tomberlin)


Nel's Blackie female

Nels Old Spot male

Nels Warrior

Spotty Warrior

LE 57411 RE 56F

Linda & Woody Cummins FL (NC)
Legs Beecher (Beecher) male DOB 5/20/96
(NGA Owner: Patsy Green)
Sire: Awesome Rooster and Dam: Legs Becky


Legs Bartlett male

Legs Big Threat male

Legs Hollister male

Legs Kellwood male (died)

Legs Decatur (Decatur adopted by Dennis Crosby)

LE 57379 RE 56D

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

CKís Run Baby Run (Baby)

Draw Four male (Jack adopted by Julie & Eddie Beheler

LE 57371 RE

Samantha Shine WI
Skipper Colleen (HRS Daphne Mae/Daphne) female DOB 5/1/96

Sire: AJís Quinton and Dam: Golden Step

(NGA Owner: Sharon Wray Kelly)


Ajís John Earl male

Ajís John John male

Skipper Annie female

Skipper Choice male

Skipper Golde female

LE 57377 RE 56E

Sunny Wall AZ (MD)
Pay the Banker (Banker) male DOB 5/10/96

(NGA Owner: Jack H Cook)

Sire: Pat C Tick Toc and Dam: Smurfís Fly Time


Coach Cís Kid male

Iwazza Bad Boy male

Lady Evelyn female

Princess Cindy female

Smurfs Abigale female

LE 57363 RE 56F

Scott & Allison Fleming FL (ON)
Mps Macy (Ebony) female DOB 5/22/96
(NGA Owner: Myrtle Piper)
Sire: Beckam Pay Day and Dam: Mps Rachel

Mps Ashton male RE 56G
Mps Chellypayday female RE 56A
Mps Jepheth male RE 56E
Mps Jackskango male RE 56B
Mps Warriorkango male RE 56D
Mps Zip male RE 56C

LE 57357 RE

Rich's Katie (Trudy) female Whelped 5/13/96

Sire: Buzz Around and Dam: Kala Girl

(NGA Owner: John Richardson)
Rich's buddy

LE 57346 RE 56C

Patricia Hall
OHK Talladega (Tally) male DOB 5/5/96

Sire:  Oshkosh Racey and Dam: OHK Ricka

(NGA Owner:  Michael Strodtman)
OHK Kanza

LE 57249 RE 56C

Wendy Eaton (OH)

Kokomo Cloud (Cloud) male DOB 5/20/96

Sire: Kís Roadmaster and Dam: Kokomo Cruse


Kokomo Bomber male

Kokomo Ally female

Kokomo Goodbar

LE 57241 RE 56G

Sis Bea N Gloria (Gravy) female DOB 5/18/96

Sire: Morris The Cat and Dam: Stephanie N

(NGA Owner: James Byrnes)
Donovans Tomb
Karate Arts
My Sweetie Bea

LE 57207 RE 56B

Julie Rowe & Dale Fitzpatrick TX (TX)

CC's Jaded Lover (Starla) female DOB 5/16/96

Sire: Fortress and Dam: Good Yield

(NGA Owner: C & C Greyhounds or J Dalton)


CC's Destined female

CC's Jagger male RE 56D (adopted Penny)

CC's No Mercy female RE 56C (Cici adopted by Gary & Lana Henley TX)

LE 57196 RE 56B

Larry Luening KS (ON)

Grettas Earl male DOB 5/13/95

Sire:  Earl Gray and Dam: Grit N Gretta

(NGA Owner: P Huckaby)


Dads Disposition


Villainous Lady

Virtual Ramon

LE 57178 RE

Pam Hart KS

Tweed Prince male DOB 5/20/95

Sire: Epic Prince and Dam: AC Hilite
(NGA Owner: Rich D Bartley)

Hi Cutter female
Hi Flyin female
Hi Price female
Hi Pride male
Hi Princess female
Hi Sable female
Hilite Heidi female
Koa female

LE 57139 RE 16C
Jim Higby FL (MI)
Groovy Do Rite (Curley) male Whelped 1/1/96
Sire: Groovy Durango and Dam: Jessies Lollypop

(NGA Owner: Gregory A Wootten)
Crystal Do Rite Female
Melissa Do Rite Female
Sissy Do Rite Female
Dusty Do Rite Female
Mj Do Rite (Harley) Female RE 16A (Adopted by Roz D)

LE 57110 RE 56H

Brian & Kristyn Lewis AL (OH)
Bombast (Bonnie) female DOB 5/9/96
(NGA Owner: MJP Kennels or SK Burns)
Sire: EJ's Douglas and Dam: Oshkosh Limbo

Heat Stroke male
Homspun Rock male
Jose Paycheck male
Jetstream Fault male

LE 57085 RE 58B

Sharon Smith WV

Pleasant Barbie female (Molly) DOB 5/11/88

Sire: RRís Gold Boy and Dam: Pleasant Kacey


Pleasant Big Boy

Pleasant Jacob

LE 57053 RE 56E 

Kay McNelis (Altoona, PA)

(Ellie) CW's Sweetheart Whelped 5/10/96 

Sire: Trojan Episode and Dam: Speedo Sweetbuns
CW Peepers male
CW's Babydoll male
CW's Tinker female
Fatefully Yours female
Sticky Finn male

LE 57030 RE 56C

Deanna Swartzfager FL (MD)
N's Carrination (Carrie) female DOB 5/8/96
(NGA Owner: Nancy L Duke
Sire: Hello Mr. D and Dam: Task Golden Nite

N's Duke It Out male
N's Golden Nite female
N's Nite Hawk male
N's Nite Nite D male
N's Onery Pete male
N's Peachy Dee female
N's Rarin To Go female

LE 57021 RE 56B

Susan Prepejchal Iowa (Iowa)
Sizzlin Simon female DOB 5/2/96
(NGA Owner: David Ungs or Joe Recker)
Sire: Comanche Sport and Dam: Proof Writer

Cool Man Jake male

Gotto Go Joe male
Mama Cat female
Palm Tree Joe male
Princess Ellie female
Runaway Gus male

LE 57008 RE 56C

Nancy & Scott Lassiter (Anderson, SC)
Flashy Jo Star (Bo) male DOB 5/1/96 DOD 2/14/03

Sire: Twilite Reward and Dam: Twilitehalfproud

(NGA Owner: Billy K Adams)
Dusty Star male
Easy Speed Rider male
Melody Starlet female
Power Jet Star male

LE 57005 RE 96A

Jennifer Watkins (KY)


LE 56960 RE

Jayne & Bill (Hamilton, ON)

Janelle M Krusper
Kiowa China Town (Abercrombie) male DOB 5/4/96

Sire:  Cee Jay and Dam:  Kiowa China

(NGA Owner: Kay E Smith)
Kiowa China Sea female
Kiowa China Junk male

LE 56957 RE 46C

Wilma Luchsinger CT (Blairsville, PA)
Nodak Depressed (Rocky) male 4/96

Sire: Chrisseís Twelve and Dam: Sports Festival

(NGA Owner: Marvin Opp)
Nodak Cry
Nodak Sad
Nodak Tears

LE 56953 RE 56B
Becky Comeaux AR (LA)

Oshkosh Orry male DOB 5/1/96

Sire: Big Tar and Dam: Oshkosh Velma
(NGA Owner: William & Larry Pollard)
Oshkosh Odessa female
Oshkosh Omega male
Oshkosh Onery male
Oshkosh Onex male
Oshkosh Ozzie male

LE 56857 RE

Toni Zadzilka (NY)
Okie Moira (Bronte) female DOB 5/4/96
(NGA Owner: Gaylan L Edwards)
Sire: Made the Cut and Dam: Hali's Style

Okie Ken male
Okie YoYo female
Okie Ryder male
Okie Tally male
Okie Demi female

Okie John male

LE 56848 RE 56E

Dannine Avara TX (TX)
Meagan Lee (Meg/Meggie) female DOB 5/7/96
(NGA Owner: J R Holloway)
Sire: Moaleen Stag* and Dam: Drs Corbin Pink

Candy Sue female
Gemina female
Shannon Nicole female
Tara Ann female

LE 56879 RE 56A

Bill & Jeri Setzer CO (Spanaway WA)

Pat C Kermit (Kermit) male DOB 5/1/96

Sire: Kail and Dam: Pat C Karma

(NGA Owner: Pat Collins)


Pat C Hail male

Pat C Kenyon

Pat C Kiri

Pat C Kibibe RE 56D female

LE 56874 RE 56G

Kevin Parker CT (MD)
Dighton Jazz (DJ) male DOB 5/6/98
(NGA Owner: Kevin & Kris Parker)
Sire: Parkside Raja and Dam: Wise Tinker

Just Go Away male RE 56A (Rusty adopted by Kevin Parker)
Sammy Kirshaw RE 56H (adopted by Kevin Parker)

Dighton Elmo
Dighton Koi
Dighton Twister

Dighton Wise Guy

LE 56836 RE 46F

Adam Hamm TX (FL)
Galvez Gendee (Lady Grace) female DOB 4/17/96
(NGA Owner: DL Fuqua)
Sire: Ion Powertrain and Dam: Ski's Peebles

Galvez Tenecia

Mc's Jazzy Lady female
Mc's Bam Bam female

Mcís Barney

Mcís Fred

LE 56797 RE

Sarah Regan Snavely (Morehead, MN)
BDK's Apollo DOB 5/9/96

Sire: BDK's Airborn and Dam: I'm Honeycomb
BDK's Hercules male
BDK's Star Trek female

LE 56757 RE


FORMER ADOPTER: Heather Dubois (ThunderBay, ON)
MG Guest (Guesser) female 5/4/96

Sire: Greenane Slippy* and Dam: Marble Glory

(NGA Owner: Lawrence D Henry)

Mg Andrea female
Mg Dalila female

Mg Favor female
Mg Helen female
Mg Ionic male
Mg Jubilee female
Lasata Tarheel male
Lasata Tartop male

LE 56726 RE 46A

Tonya Hamrick AK (TN)
Oshkosh Nicholas (Nicky) male DOB 4/24/96
(NGA Owner: Bill and Tonya Hamrick)
Sire: Oshkosh Tease and Dam: Oshkosh Loveable

Oshkosh Nadine female
Oshkosh Newton male
Oshkosh Norma female
Oshkosh Nova male

LE 56714 RE 46B

Tracy Thornburg (MI)
Stat US Pegleg (Pete) male DOB 4/19/96
(NGA Owner: John Taylor)
Sire: Lone Lobo and Dam: Tiki Love

Stat US Annie female
Stat US Cee Cee female
Stat US Dee Dee female
Stat US Evie female
Stat US Sabrina female

LE 56400 RE 46I

Chemar Smothwire male (Max) DOB 4/8/96

Sire: Sire: Wiretex and Dam Che Mar Tiffy

(NGA Owner: Gerald Marten)
Chemar Barbwire
Chemar Guywire
Chemar Rustywire

LE 56340 RE

Bruce (Seattle WA)

Flying Kiowa Ray male DOB 2/15/96

(NGA Owner: Mae Ingargiola)

Sire: Black Streak and Dam: Parking Ticket*


Flying Kiowa Joy female

Flying Kiowa Jul female

Flying Kiowa Bev female

Flying Kiowa Don male

Flying Kiowa Ted male

Flying Kiowa Jan female

LE 56272 RE 26G

Sandy Stone FL (MI)
Jack Darrell (Jack Frost) male DOB 2/6/96
(NGAOwner: Gulf & Bay Kennel)
Sire: Panama Darrell and Dam: Ob Charlene


Clarence Darrell male

Darrelís Joker male

Darrelís Ok male

Darrels Leader female

Here Wecomeagain female

Record Player male

LE 56238 RE 46C

Kathy Johnson FL (IN)
Rockin Sockin (Mya) female DOB 4/12/96
NGA Owner: Robert E Mendheim)
Sire: Rodney Ramm and Dam: Glisten Jade

Swervin Mervin male

Con Man Rod male

Happy Gilmore male

Silly Shelby female

LE 56103 RE


Where's Flyer (Reeses) male DOB 4/5/96

Sire: Costaud and Dam: Kaida?

(NGA Owner: Melvin Drayton)
Cindie Carlson female
Fannie Forester female
Joda Jordan female
Mareola Willis female
Rush Royston male

LE 56087 RE 46F

Diana NH (NY)
JNB Harris (Harry) male DOB 4/5/96
Sire: Mohican Review and Dam: Dancing Felina

Dance Carson male
Dance Frankie female
Dance Hoss female
Dance Sherwood male
Dance Terrie

LE 56059 RE 48A 
Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Ripley Rachel (Rachel) female Whelped 4/17/88

Sire: Get Away Clean and Dam: Craigie's Vogue
(NGA Owner: Robert Ruggles)

LE 56044 RE 36C

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

SMA Soldier (Rocky)

LE 56013 RE 46E

Judi Mallinson FL/CO/CT

Basic Fact (Chaz) male DOB 4/6/96
Sire: Knuckles Up and Dam: Clever Whitney

(NGA Owner: Bernie Collette)

Zeus Lightning male

Scarlet female
Win Areba female

Ivy Tower female
Harlows Way female

LE 55980 RE 16B

Micah Jensen CO (UT)
PB's Rapid Roy (Travis) male DOB 1/1/96
(NGA Owner: Carolyn Slaven)
Sire: Hb's Prince Red and Dam: Steppin Out Tami

Pb's Musetta female (adopted)
PB's Chappie C male
PB's Lesko Joe male
PB's Odessa Bay male
PB's Tam Tara female
PB's Voyager male

LE 55978 RE 46A

Mary O'Leary (PA)

RC Hammer Head (JD) male DOB 4/3/96
(NGA Owner: Harold Holding)
Sire: Flying Neptune and Dam: It's Alpine Lace


Happy As A Lark male

Its Happygolucky male

RC Ariel Classic female

Tunes Dejavu female

Twice As Happy male

LE 55959 RE

Ingrid Shappard

RC Miss Kitty female DOB 3/25/96

(NGA Owner: Ruby/Junior Corbett)

Sire: Hang Eleven and Dam: RC Sassy Angel


Rc Conder male

Rc Marian female

Rc Mary Ann female

Rc Miss Kitty female

Rc Mr Dellin male

LE 55957 RE 36G

Theresa & Keith Klein WI (IL)

Bohemian Bark (Bo) male DOB 3/25/96

(NGA Owner: Kevin Lovgren)

Sire: Chevy Montecarlo and Dam: Bohemian Beauty


Bohemian Bellow male

Bohemian Bleat male

Bohemian Bray female

Bohemian Chirp female

Bohemian Hiss female

Bohemian Roar female

LE 55930 RE 46H
Michelle Appleman


Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Lutharia

LE 55875 RE 36A
Karen Snow FL (FL)
Ruffles Brother (Kaiser) Male DOB 3/96
Sire: Boglin and Dam: Mt's Prime Time
(NGA Owner: Sunrunner Kennels)

Big Red Clifford Male
Cajun Starchaser Male
Grandma Ruthie Female
Matzoh Brei Male
My Mazel Male
Stacy's Star Male

LE 55874 RE 46C

Suzanne Ricci

Conchy Sea female DOB 4/1/96

Sire: Great Son and Dam: U Too Spicey

(NGA Owner: C Gayle Darville)


U Too Tacky Lady female

Son Of A Conch male

Spicy Conch female

Conch Amour female

U Too Classic

LE 55869 RE 36C

Paul & Rosa NH (Calgary, AB)

Jakes Wesley (Max) 03/96

Sire: Star Light Jake and Dam: Starlight Sister

Jakes Smart female

LE 55817 RE 36G

Lisbeth (Peterborough, ON)

Monkey John (Monkey) male DOB 3/21/96

Sire: Guy Kirby and Dam: Katsu Angie


Angie's Son (Byron? Adopted by Colleen Lawler)

Fast Looker

Guys Red Rocket


My Shicora

Sadie's Song

LE 55814 RE 36B

Diane Carey
Express Streak (Streaky) Whelped 3/22/96

Sire: Seeinandbeinseen and Dam: Polo Lady Secret
(NGA Owner: Anneliese Daugherty)

Blue Avenger male
Blue No More male
Four Foot Flyer male (Luda adopted by Connie Boudens ON)
Your Money Flyin female (adopted)

Blue Sunshine female
Blue Autumn female

Sun Fare female

LE 55745 RE

Amy Knierim NH (NJ)
Mohawk Abby (Willow) Whelped 3/18/96

Sire: Forte and Dam: Ace Jackie
Mohawk Ann
Mohawk Atomic
Mohawk Alice
Mohawk Ace

LE 55743 RE 36C

Sarah Austin AK (Mississippi)
Ciglo (Ciglo) male DOB 3/20/96
(NGA Owner: Marc Randle)
Sire: Forte and Dam: Tadd

Jolon male
Kyza female
Sir Anfernee male
Aatiz female
Habbi female
Kernix male

LE 55676 RE 36A

Judy Terwilliger NH (Kempton, PA)

Lead Stealer (Skip) male DOB 3/24/96

Sire: Tuffolo and Dam: My Concern

(NGA Owner: WH OíDonnell)


Nachure female

Yanni female


LE 55673 RE 36A

Jeff Dinerman

Starlight Dixie (Dixie) Whelped: 3/21/96

Sire: Nickelbackbingo and Dam: Panama Whoopie

(NGA NGA Owners: J K Poff then James E O'Donnell Jr)
Bonila Bingo Female

LE 55640 RE 36G

Irene Moisl CT (NY)

FAF Stealth (Whisper) Male DOB 3/15/96

(NGA Owner: W Metropolis & F Fulchino)

Sire: Westmead Hazzard and Dam: Hummin Harmonia


FAF Camero

FAF Dakota female

FAF Kutlass

LE 55547 RE 36A

Sue Louis
(Tutu) Dewey Wigwam female 3/1/96

Sire: Wigwamwag and Dam: Dewey So Fine
Dewey Fine Line (Dempsey) Male (Adopted Heather Wester Bloomington, IL) (NGA Owner: Carla Ann Patterson)

Dewey Hammerdown Male
Dewey Wammer Female
Dewey Whambam Male

LE 55539 RE 36A

Richard & Elise Woolfort (St. Charles, MO)
Notoria female DOB 3/6/96

Sire: Hey Vern and Dam: Fair Lady
(NGA Owner: Jose Menendez)
Hey McKee male
Silent Voyager male
CDís Sweetness male

LE 55534 RE 36E

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Reko Stacy Kick (Gracie) female DOB 3/1/96

Sire: Mo Kick and Dam: Whereís Stacy

(NGA Owner: Reko Enterprises Inc)


Reko Jessie Kick (Jessie) female RE 36F (Adopted)

Reko Bro Kick male

Reko Iíll Kickit female

Reko Kickster male

Reko Preston male (adopted Gail)

Reko Sneak (Sneak) male RE 36B (Adopted)

LE 55433 RE 16E

Della Wireman (NC)
Unnamed (Lilah) female DOB 1/13/96 DOD 6/19/03
(NGA Owner: Della Wireman)
Sire: Keefer and Dam: Color Me Marcell

LE 55401 RE 36C

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Cajun Mr Touch (Mr Touch) male DOB 3/13/96

Sire: Lzíx Mr Quick A and Dam: Lilla Vern

(NGA Owner: Alvin Staggs)


Cajun Midastouch male

LE 55385 RE 36G

Gloria Ford (Somerset County, NJ)
Gem E Scarlet (Bryn) DOB 3/15/96

(NGA Owner: Jimmy E Olson)

Sire: MDM Gold Dust and Dam: P's Lizzy
Gem E Heath
Gem E Cassidy
Gem E Jared
Gem E Trampus
Gem E Miss Kitty
Gem E Miss Belle
Gem E Miss Lilly

LE 55340 RE 26F
Lori Ito Hardenbergh AZ (AZ)
Bella Ambush (Kaya) female 2/29/96
(NGA Owner: David T Blair or Angelo Tedeschi)
Sire: Blendway and Dam: Pretty Nancy

Bella Andrea female

Bella Atlantis

Blend Nancy female

LE 55264 RE 125D
Kerry W King AZ (TX)
Wr's Hey Boss (Boss) Male DOB 12/5/95
Sire: Wr's Z Rudy and Dam: Wr's Amparo
(NGA Owner: J R Thomas)

Wr's Roseanna female
Wr's Rosey female
Wr's Rose female
Wr's Roseanne female

LE 55256 RE 26D

Denise & Raymond Shirk FL (Allentwn PA)
Jahoda's Witness (Witness) female DOB 2/1/96
(NGA Owner: Jahoda's Racing Greyhounds Inc)
Sire: Allen McKenzie and Dam: Fly Two Dog

Jahoda's Poncho male
Jahoda's Ruleone male
Jahoda's Rose female
Jahoda's Money male

Fly Away Dog male

LE 55249 RE
Diane & Tim Dockery FL (MA)
BJ Kick The Can (Goods) male DOB 2/4/96

Sire: Trojan Episode and Dam: Florida Who

(NGA Owner: James F Byrnes)
BJ James Joseph
BJ Just For Jim
BJ Nanas Bill
BJ Leo N Bolette (Fudge Adopted by Diane & Tim)
Dicka Burnes male
Here Comes Linda female

LE 55244 RE 36E

Gail Riggs (NY)
Midnite Deceiver (Ceiver) male DOB 3/3/96

(NGA Owner: JC Brooks)

Sire: Joeís Rule and Dam: Stimulus


Jcís Diamond female

Jcís Joeís Hope male

Jcís My Hope female

LE 55219 RE 26C

David Bunce AZ (AZ)

Twilite Dreams (Dream) female Whelped 2/8/96

(NGA Owner: Mitchell R Ballard)

Sire: Twilite Ismail and Dam: Pete Liz


Twilite Queen female

Jazz Gent male

Ez Duster female

Fancy Francie female

LE 55209 RE 26E

(Liz) Elizabeth Robson NH

Twilite Frewheel (Willie) male DOB 2/2496

Sire: Twilite Reward and Dam: McP's Cierra

(NGA Owner: Philip Harris)


Twilite Gala

Twilite Montel male

Twilite Tahoe female

Twilite Top Spin (adopted Penny)

Twilite Yancy male

LE 55202 RE 26A

Diane Canfield NH (NH)
Nodak Austin (Austin) male DOB 2/25/96
(NGA Owner: Marvin Opp)
Sire: Chrisse's Twelve and Dam: Lotsa Liz


Nodak Olympia

LE 55198 RE

Peggie O'Brien (PA)

Bob's Katsu (KatieSue) Whelped 2/22/96

Sire: Oxford Shoes and Dam: Bob's Levolor
Bob's Elwood
Bob's Hattie
Bob's Hydro
Bob's Insider
Bob's Starlight

LE 55168 RE

Angie Quillin FL (SC)

Odo (Andy) male DOB 3/1/96

(NGA Owner: JP Kennels Inc)

Sire: James Greggory and Dam: Sara Sweet Sara


Space Q male

Scotty Beam Up male

Federation male

Gene R male

Picaro male

James T Kirk male

Seven Of Nine Female

Garibaldi male

LE 55043 RE

Marian & Lonnie Jones

Rising Ebb Tide (Emma/Omega) female DOB 2/23/96

Sire: Say It Best and Dam: Ocean Floor

(NGA Owner: Richard or Robert Nelson)


Direct Pay female

Flash Dancer

Go For Blood female (adopted in Barnwell SC)

Internet Power female

Next Revolution male

LE 55035 RE 26E

Kris Metz

Excel DOB 2/96

Sire: Big Tar and Dam: Boasted
Must Be
Ought To

LE 55017 RE 128G

Bonnie Benson?, WI, WV? (OH)


Sire: JRís Leroy and Dam: JRís Doodles (deceased)

LE 550** RE 31D 

Susan Mamakos (Laurel, MD)

LE 55000 RE 26G

Diana NH (NY)
Hy Silhouette (Silly) female DOB 2/18/96
Sire: Fine Timing and Dam: ML Brigadoon

Hy Expectation male
Hy Jo Dee female
Hy Musketeer male
Hy Reverence male
Hy White Socks female

LE 5499 RE 61B

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Mohawkís Whisper (Whisper) DOB 6/17/91

Sire: River Justice and Dam: WK Class

LE 54982 RE 26F

Laurie Keyser FL (OH)
LJ's Trevor (Trevor) Male

Sire: Rockwell and Dam: Undercover Tracy

(NGA Owner: Christoper J Palmieri Jr)

LJ's Adonis Male
LJ's Trent Male
LJ's Trina Female
LJ's Trisha Female

LE 54907 RE 26A

Sharon Smith†† FL

Cupid Andy (Gaelen) male DOB 2/14/96

Sire: Ballinderry Tara and Dam: FMC Tonna Marra

(NGA Owner: Warren Edwards)


Cupid Red male

Cupid Charo female

Cupid Cobalt male

Cupid Pearl female

Cupid Sapphire female

Cupid Sid male

LE 54805 RE 26F

Theresa Bobst (AR)

RCís Jax Ravage (Jaxx) male DOB 2/5/96

Sire: Trouper Zeke and Dam: RCís Miss

(NGA Owner: Clayton J Sword)


RCís Jammin Jean female

RCís Topsy Turvy female

RCís Fastfreddie male

RCís Ricochet male

RCís Sun Flash female

LE 54788

C/o Vicky Gates

Skiddy Thriller (Thriller) male DOB 2/1/92

Sire: Ion Flashback and Dam: Attractive Flak

(NGA Owner: B Riggin or L Stilwell)


Skiddy Tara

Skiddy Twister

Skiddy Type

LE 54757 RE 26C

Tina West
Calypso Talk (Callie) female 2/2/96

Sire: Oval Tine and Dam: Talks Cheap

Calypso Cal male RE 26B (Percy adopted by Meredith Eriksen MD)
Calypso Pretty female

Calypso Bubbles female
Calypso Spats male
Calypso Tina female

Calypso Tiny male
Oval Boy male

LE 54686 RE

Diane Brunet
Gogo Ribbit female Whelped 1/27/96

Sire: Wigwam Wag and Dam: Gifted One

(NGA Owner: Janna Goebel)
Gogo Brer Bear male
Gogo Brer Fox male
Gogo Monkey female
Stat W Hairy male
Stat W Juicy male

LE 54649 RE 116C

Flying Trolly female Whelped 1/17/96 DOD 2002
Sire: Black Streaker and Dam: Trim Deficit

(NGA Owner: Flying Eagles Kennel)
Flying Bo Peep female
Flying Gondola male
Flying Ham male
Flying Hannah female
Flying Janie female
Flying Slinky male

LE 54630 RE 16D

Kay Krug (Shelbyville, KY)
Freeride Shy Gal (Diamond) female DOB 1/9/96

Sire: Inkan Buster and Dam: Nan de Patty

LE 54604 RE 26B

Sonya Decman CO (CO)
LR Leda Irene (Leda) female DOB 2/2/96
(NGA Owner: Lori Rogers)
Sire:  Santa Fe Rufus and Dam: Lori's Twiggy

LR Marbled Girl (adopted by Sonya)

LR Alloy male

LR Almond Toffee male (adopted)

LR Black Onyx male

LR Chaka Zuku male

LR Hot Ember female

LR Jet Black male

LR Lil Mink female

LE 54541 RE 16C

Debbie & Ed Lipartito WI, FL, NH (Gwynedd Valley, PA)

Twilite Reo (Reo) male DOB 1/25/96

Sire: Shiver Me Timber and Dam: Twilite Maxie

(NGA Owner: Twilite Kennels LLC)


Twilite Mad Mood

Twilite Timber

Twilite White Al

LE 54522 RE 16B

Pamela & Richard Congersky
Noisy Jim (Dante) DOB 1/24/96

Sire: Noisy Noise and Dam: Darrell's dream
Noisy Billy
Noisy Dan
Noisy Dave
Noisy Falcon
Noisy Teddy

LE 54483 RE 16A 

Susan Humphreys
Boxcar Hobo (Hobo) DOB 1/24/96

Sire: Lone Lobo and Dam: Hazer's Travis

(NGA Owner: Dennis E Switzer)


Nobodyís Angel

Shilo Changer male

Vega Jackpot male

LE 54348 RE 16A

Jason Hancock WI,FL (NC)
Twilite Winchill (Shaft) male DOB 1/21/96
(NGA Owner: Phillip L Harris)
Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Twilite Jericho

Twilite Autumn female
Twilite Gale female
Twilite Lupin female
Twilite Reann female
Twilite Storm male
Twilite Tally female
Twilite Thunder male
Twilite Tyke female

LE 54333 RE 16I

Laura Hart NH
Foxwood's Dixie (Dixie) female DOB 1/11/96

Sire: Hy's Black Flash and Dam: Rosetown Lady
(NGA Owner: Richard D Brindle)

Flashback Look male
Nancy's Strike female 16G (Adopted by Evelyn Blue MA (Penny)
Shari's Pittstop female

LE 54268 RE 16A
Jason Wolfe
Iowa Amos (Amos) male 1/6/96
Sire: Iowa Trever and Dam: Tupelo Babs

DM's Just Jamie female

Iowa Tupelo Bob male

DM's First Vail male

LE 54149 RE 16J
Gwen Blumenauer (OH)
SS Airwalk (Luke) male DOB 1/13/96
(NGA Owner: Gary Ballard)
Sire: Trouper Zeke and Dam: Leeview Empress
SS Adidas male
SS Chatter female
SS Chrissy female
SS Fancy Lass female
SS Leeview female
SS Nike male
SS Sizzle female
SS Stormy female
SS Switz male
SS Trouper male
SS Twist male

LE 54117 RE 126E

David Bunce AZ (AZ)

Bob's Witty (Witty) male Whelped 1/7/96

(NGA Owner:  Jackie & Bob Stokes)

Sire:  Whisper Wit* and Dam:  Bob's Lonnie


Bobís Wasp male

Bobís Waytex male

Bobís Whip male

Bobís Wink female

LE 54061 RE 15D 

Liz Hurd
Flying Tazz (Tazzie) Whelped 1/3/96 male correct 16D

Sire: Flying Neptune and Dam: Greenwood Ace
Flying Babs
Flying Buster

LE 54011 RE 125A

David Bunce AZ (AZ)

Rapido Taffy (Taffy) female Whelped 12/12/95

(NGA Owner: Lynda Marshall)

Sire: Rapido Temper and Dam: Rapido Maity


Rapido Tarleton male

Rapido Teen female

Rapido Tempter female

LE 53993  RE 125C
Pat & Marie Coleman MA (PA)
Lawless Warrior (Darla) Female DOB 12/11/95
Sire: Sorrento Warrior and Dam: Hawks Fine One
(NGA Owner: Anita Fulginiti)

Girl Goin Bad female

D Train Express male

Two Ton Warrior male

Warrior For Hire female
Witch Warning female
Lady Gunner female
Trooper Vader male
Taillovn Trooper male
Nitro Bomber male
Warrior Xena female

LE 53963 RE 16A

Tami Chase WI (MI)
Thrifty Nicky (Nick) male DOB 1/2/96
(NGA Owner: D Ballard)
Sire: Chrisse's Twelve and Dam: Rosie Liz

Mini Penny female

LE 53928 RE 125E

Linda & Woody Cummins FL (NC) 
U Too Type (Tessie) female DOB 12/2/95
(NGA Owner: James Doyle Shepherd)
Sire: Wigwam Wag and Dam: Sands Sue


U Too Glamour female

U Too Cream Puff female

U Too Pasadena female

U Too Shiloh female

LE 53856 RE 125B

Susan Schwarz (MD)

Bonkers D Bonkers (Mickey D) male DOB 12/24/95

Sire: Bontebok and Dam: Bring Joy

(NGA Owner: Corinne E Callahan or Carl J Sarney)

LE 53794

Linda R Bauman (PA)

Craigie Carmen (Kiah) female DOB 12/1/95

Sire: Craigie C Jimmy and Dam: My Deon

(NGA Owner: Steven A Boyd)


Craigie Bo male

Craigie J Walker male

Craigie Jane female

Craigie J Cee female

Craigie Kate female

Craigie Smiley male

LE 53702 RE 85E

Cynthia Frederick AZ (CA)
EF's Echo (Sachi) female DOB 10/8/95
(NGA Owner: Evelyn M Casalino)
Sire: Holy Tera and Dam: Don's Ambrosia

EF's Dotcom female
EF's Heresjohnny male
EF's Herestoyou male
EF's Weezee female

EFís Electric female

EFís Embassy female

EFís Heresyuname male

EFís Hutton female

LE 53607 RE 76K
Debra O'Bier FL (VA)
Kalabogie Kim DOB 7/1/96
Sire: EJ's Douglas and Dam: Ion Cinderella
Hollywood Karl male
Kinky Kendall
Shibren Karen female
Victorious Vicky

LE 53589 RE 115D

Marina Greene NH
One Headlight (Merlin) male DOB 11/12/95
Sire: Ion Flashback and Dam: Tiffany

(NGA Owner: Michael Repole)


Bailey's On Ice male

Lady Melrose female

Kate Cassidy female

Chief Racin Wolf male

LE 53578 RE 125E

Joanne Steffen CT (CT)
JB Missy Wag (Autumn) female DOB 12/1/95
(NGA Owner: Joanne Steffen)
Sire: Wigwam Wag and Dam: Mohican Matilta


Jb Kelly Wag

Jb Willy Wag male RE 125A (Branko adopted by Mary Lou & Joe Mikecin Creve Coeur MD)

Jb Sally Wag female

LE 53558 RE 125A

Gary & Lana Henley (TX)
Unowaite Ammie (Faye) female DOB 12/1/95
Sire: Terry Waite and Dam: Uno Blossom


Unowaite Fran

Unowaite George male

Unowaite Hank male

Unowaite In

LE 53551 RE 125F

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Noah (not registered)

Sire: GGB Mean Machine and Dam: CG's Spirit

LE 53544 or LE 53555 ? RE 115G

Rachel Lieber FL,TX (AZ)
Bee's Doitforfun (Poko) male DOB 11/19/95
(NGA Owner: Roy James Benson)
Sire: Mx Titan and Dam: My Sweet Penny

Bee's Caseclosed male
Bee's Illgofirst male
Bee's Kissestou female
Bee's Ladybyebye female
Bee's Ms Shannon female
Bee's Sweet Titan female (RE 115A)

Illdrink To I

LE 53515 RE 115E

Jennifer Watkins

Rx For Queenie (Queenie) female DOB 11/29/95

Sire: Seek The Speed and Dam: Owinko Carmel

(NGA Owner: Jeffrey L Zappin)


Rx For George male

LE 53432 RE 115B

Gary and Sue Garlock WV (FL)
Andy' Beethovan (Beethovan) male DOB 11/28/95
(NGA Owner: MJP Kennel Inc)
Sire: Buzz Around
Dam: Modest Beginnings

Andyís Mozart male
Andyís Sabrina female
Magical Merlin male

LE 53426 RE 115B

Bonnie Benson?, WI,/WV? (OH)

Black Maxie (Maxie) female Whelped 11/27/95

Sire: Mo Kick and Dam: Velvet Blossom

(NGA Owner: Mitchell R Ballard)


Breeze On Thru male (Adopted Connie Renz)

(NGA Owner: Mitchell R Ballard)

Kickin Again male

Better Than Most female

Cash Request male

Evening Magic female

Magic Blaze female

Perfect Star male RE 115F (Caesar WI with Jayme Hudgins)

LE 53372 RE 115A

David Bunce AZ (AZ)

L Dees Hot Shot (Hot Shot) male Whelped 11/26/95

(NGA Owner: Chris Pallomari)

Sire: Hot Shot Casey and Dam: MC's Red Sonja


L Dees Bubba male (adopted)

Pin Oak Abduhl male

Pin Oak Abell male

Pin Oak April female

LE 53367 RE 115F

Carol Mitchell (AZ)
Bow Faith (Francesca) female DOB 11/15/95
(NGA Owner: Neil Blake/Tom Worthen)
Sire: Epic Prince and Dam: Axels Honey


Bow April

Bow Ashton male

Bow Cooper male

Bow Shakem

Bow Stevie Ray male

Bow Willow female

Randy Povelite

LE 53317 RE 125C 

Kay McNelis (Altoona, PA)

(Mary) Valiant Lady Whelped 12/4/95 

Sire: Ion Flashback and Dam: Greys Pistol

LE 53287 RE 75C

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Amigo Jose (Boothby) male DOB 7/22/95

Sire: Preachin Tim and Dam: Do Tri Queen

(NGA Owner: William N Meshel)


Princess Eryn female

Amigo Alejandro male

Amigo Anna female

Amigo Charlie male

Amigo Emiliano male

LE 53284 RE

Slick Vic

Surge With Power (Spirit) male Whelped 11/27/95
Sire: Coin Cide and Dam: Skeeter

(NGA Owner: Rick D Bartley)


Dante's Peak Male
My Gal Sue Female
Concede Nothing Male
Dust In My Wind Male
Skeeter By You Female

LE 53273 RE 95D

Lorean & John Love AZ (WA)
PJ's Happy David (Dave Crockett) male DOB 9/27/95
Sire: PJ's Why David and Dam: PJ's Happy Susie

(NGA Owner: Paul J Margaritis)


PJís Why Cliff male

PJís Why Jackie female

PJís Why Jimmy male

PJís Why Nancy female

PJís Why Robert male

PJís Why Susie female

LE 53178 RE 105A & RE 105B
Leah Kramer (Camden County, NJ)
MyTSox (Kate) female DOB10/18/95

MyTFiesty (Bella Nera) female DOB 10/18/95
(NGA Owner: Vincent Scott)
Sire: Mo Kick and Dam: Cheyenne Venom
Alaina's Sweetie female
Cut a Rusty male
MyTJoe male
MyTJusty female
MyTSpunky female
Rackem Jack male
Smarty Pants female

LE 53152 RE 115J

Susie Keller

Reko Jamila (Jamaica Rose) female DOB 11/5/95

Sire:  Mo Kick and Dam: Base Brass

(NGA Owner: Reko Enterprises Inc)

Reko Aminah female

Reko Fayola female

Reko Gamba male

Reko Jafari male (adopted Gail)

Reko Jelani male

Reko Kambuji male (Champ adopted Marietta GA)

Reko Kamilah female (adopted by David Dorsey Atlanta)

Reko Kanika female

Reko Kojo male

Reko Rasheed male

LE 53112 RE 115C

Sarah Dougherty MA (DE)
Zealya (Tuna) female DOB 11/20/95
(NGA Owner: W O'Donnell)
Sire: Tuffolo and Dam: Ubeready

Dahlgren male
Douard male
Enyatta female
Faitvull female
Fashty female
Fryklund male
Myhree female
Nemmine male
Reinin male

LE 53033 RE 115C

Terry Hoffman AR (RI)
Blizzard Man (Cody) male Whelped 11/16/95

Dam: RV Snowlady and Sire: He's My Man

(NGA Owner: Jim or Karolyn Van Winkle)
Avalanche Man male
Monsoon Man male
He's My Snowman male (found?)

LE 53030 RE 115A

Cat Bruce FL (FL)
Macarena Lil (Rena) female DOB 11/8/95
(NGA Owner: Jame's E O'Donnell Jr)
Sire: Panama Darrel and Dam: Homespun Dancer

Samba Mambo male

Tamborito female

LE 52933 RE 115E

Missi Rosenkilde CT (York, PA)
(Niles) Positive Comment male Whelped 11/15/95

Sire: Wata Lee and Dam: Royanne

(NGA Owner: Harold Fisher)
Positive Desire male
Positive Notice female
Jimbo Lee male
Jimbo Wate male
Jimbo Kinte male

LE 52894 RE

Ashley & Daryl Piner
Neoka Racey (Racey) male DOB 11/13/95

Sire: P's Sound Mixer and Dam: Oshkosh Request
(NGA Owner: Rogers Turner Jr, Virginia Ruring, Patsy Green?)

Neoka Zest female
Neoka Juliet female
Neoka Pine female
Sister Woman female

LE 52887 RE 115C

Jim Rutherford FL, WV

JDís High Cloud (Rooney) male DOB 11/10/95

Sire: HDís Harley Don and Dam: Bugs Wabbit

(NGA Owner: John D Clark)


JDís Osceola female

JDís Justin Time male

JDís Patriot male

JDís Wrangler To male

LE 52821 RE 127D
Lynne Peters

Michelette (Donna) female Whelped 12/29/87

Sire: Do Rocky Do and Dam: Candy Bug


Charge It Alice female

LE 52791 RE 115F

Rhonda Hudson OK (Tacoma, WA)

Speedo Marlie female Whelped 11/5/95

Sire: Trouper Zeke and Dam: Sallisaw Leslie

(NGA Owner: Henry M Peace)


Hortonís Blaze male

Hortonís Leslie female

Hortonís Warrior male

Hortonís Sallisaw female

LE 52784 RE 115F

Deborah & Mark Hope (Idaho)
GNC Royal Bimbo (Royal) female DOB 11/9/95
(NGA Owner: Gary N Connellis)
Sire: GNC Royal Flush and Dam: Hondo Jitterbug


Gnc Royal Athena female

Gnc Royal Sparta male

Pelk's The One female

Gnc Royal Brutus male

Gnc Royal Ceasar male

Gnc Royal Roman male

Gnc Royal Speedo male

LE 52779 RE

Kathy Shaiken FL (FL)
Dooder B Gone (Jesse James) male DOB 11/1/95
(NGA Owner: Randy Parent)
Sire: Bushnell Mickey and Dam: Fern R

Whiskey O Key male
Little One R female
Romeo R male
Cjr Juliette female

Cjr Hey Jude female

LE 52702 RE 115F

Dolly (PA)

Seegold Sister (Sandy Lynn PA) female DOB 11/6/95

Sire: ION Powertrain and Dam: LBS Troubles 

(NGA Owners: Jack Seeley & Phyllis Mandgod)


Ecstatic David male (Adopted Penny)

Estatic Patty female

Jjs Watcha Want female

Seegold Plus (Amber) female RE 115G (adopted NJ by Theresa Ross)

Jj's Watcha Mean female
Jj's Watcha Upto male

LE 52638 RE 105F

Tiffany Reneí Hammock Missouri

Shania Rose (Nia) female Whelped 10/27/95

(NGA Owner: Mike Emert)

Sire: LBís Music Man Dam: Sweet Rosalie


Melís Moe

Melís Marissa

LE 52449 RE 105A

Kelly Williams (Raleigh, NC)

Rapido Moriah (Abby) female 10/19/95

Sire: Rapido Rambo and Dam: Rapido Matilda

(NGA Owner: Lynda Marshal)


Rapido Manuel male

Rapido Melisa female

Rapido Mimosa female

Rapido Mover male

LE 52448 RE 105A

Sarah Commons FL,SK,AZ (Sun City CA)
Paul Regret (Paul) male
DOB 10/13/95
(NGA Owner: Lynda Marshall)
Sire: Rapido Rambo and Dam: Rapido Maureen

Akasha female
Belle Fauch female
Labella Flame female
Rapido Surber female
Red Sails female

LE 52171 RE 95G

Yvonne Vance MA (VA)
Its Klemma Time (Scooter) male DOB 9/22/95
Sire: Mi Designer and Dam: Klemm

(NGA Owner: Klemm Kennels)

Grandpa Klemma male
Klemma's Big Jo male
Klemma's Bob male
Klemma's Doyle male

LE 52140 RE 105D

(Liz) Elizabeth Robson FL

Bulz Obsession (Obie) female DOB10/12/95

Sire: Bulz Showing Off and Dam: Snaps Wild Time

(NGA Owner: Mike Keen)


Bulz Formidable male

Bulz Fortitude male

Bulz Fortuna female

Bulz Imprimis female

LE 52138 RE 105D

Brooks & Janet Liddiard NH (NY)
Starlight Spirit (Sheba) female DOB 10/6/95
(NGA Owner: JK Poff)
Sire: Going Away and Dam: Panama Sally

Starlight Deuce
Starlight Swabby

LE 52126 RE 105A

Kathe Fritz Iowa (VA)
Cascade Snowman (Snowman) male DOB 10/3/95
(NGA Owner: William L Lockhart or Eleanor Coohey)
Sire:  and Dam: Nita's Blusmokem

Sire: LPD Outlaw and Dam: LC'S Aunt Helen

Cascade Samson male
Cascade Sunshine male
Cascade Sweetpea female
Cascade Swiftly male
Cascade Swirl male

LE 52111 RE 105C

RobinWaldman WI, FL (Ontario)
Reko Swahili (Loca) female DOB 10/9/95
(NGA Owner: Reko Enterprises)
Sire: Mo Kick and Dam: Anna's Abby

Reko Afiya male
Reko Ghana female
Reko Abdu female
Reko Karma female
Reko Mongo male

Reko Ogonna male

LE 52079 RE 105B

Cathryn Campbell

Beetle Lady (Beatrice) female Whelped 10/4/95

Sire: Skimar Tanno and Dam: McMillian

(NGA Owner: Gordon Anderson)


Henry Ho male (Henry Adopted in PA)

McMillianís Delight male (Sasha Adopted by Dave Cohen in Toronto?)

Super Baby female

Mugzyís Move male

Alannis female

LE 52060 RE 95F

Lynanne Furlong FL/CT (St. Johnís, NFLD)

Alabama Fred male DOB 9/1/95

Sire: Star Chariot and Dam: Nanjo's Pertgirl

(NGA Owner: Philip J Grummer)

Alabama Amy female
Alabama Bea female
Alabama Charlie male
Alabama Dean male
Alabama Gigi female
Alabama Hugh male
Alabama June female RE 85J (adopted Penny)
Alabama Kenny male

Alabama Edith female

Chariot Jubilee female

LE 52057 RE 75E

Tooz Runner WI (OH)

Amigo Fiddle (Fiddle) DOB 7/16/95

Sire: Dazzling Dan Dam: Blue Ensign

(NGA Owner: Dr Wm Meshel)


Amigo Flyer

Amigo Fred

Amigo Racer

Amigo Runner

LE 52031 RE 95C

Kathy Exarhos CO (Utah)
Burmar Kellys Z (Precious) female DOB 9/29/95
(NGA Owner: Burmar Kennel Inc & Linda Blanch)

Sire: BG Sargent Z and Dam: Burmar Kelly

Burmar CY Young male
Burmar Friscobay female
Burmar Gargiola male
Burmar Lou Brock male
Burmar Nolanryan male
Burmar San Fran female

LE 52015 RE 94C

Janet Ansert
TM'S Chartman (Kerbey) male DOB 9/1/94
Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Freada Salfitty

(NGA Owner: John M Dickinson)


TMís Any Moment male

TMís Big Country male

LE 51991 RE 105C

Kris Burkel (CA)

Crybaby Bobbi (Strattus) male DOB 10/95

Sire: Bertís Bid and Dam: Bobbi Socks Fad


Burlesque Bobbi

Eightball Bobbi male

LE 51970 RE 95A

Sue Connelly AZ
Panyo Polly (Holly) female 9/26/95

Sire: Bob's Utah and Dam: Oshkosh Kibosh
Panyo Pamela Female
Panyo Rand Male
Panyo Todd Male
Panyo Troy Male

LE 51969 RE

Bill & Leigh DeBall AL (AL)
Zance male DOB 6/87 died 1/10/00

Sire: Repay and Dam: Lady Elect
(NGA Owner: Donna Welch)

LE 51943 RE 75D

Jini Druliner

Nitro Munster (Mikey) Whelped 22/7/95

Sire: Dbl's John Taylr and Dam: RC The Best Yet


Nitro Blitz Female
Nitro Brutus Male
Nitro Disco Gal Female
Nitro Klassy Female
Nitro Munster Male
Nitro Octane Female
Nitro Ripper Male
Nitro Spudnick Male
Nitro Ziggy Female
Nitro Zippy Female

LE 51934 RE 95A

Leslie Csokasy AZ (WA)
Iowa Sam Star (Sam) male DOB 9/27/95
(NGA Owner: Robert Jacobsen)
Sire: Sammy Star and Dam: Iowa Pandora


Iowa Sammy Dora female

Iowa Sammy Pam female

LE 51902 RE 95G

Carrie & Matt Noar WI (IL)
WW Line (Lilac) female DOB 9/20/95
(NGA Owner: Dr. Carl E Ward)
Sire: Oxford Shoes and Dam: Miss Pacific

WW Link male
WW Oxford male
WW Quality
WW Security male
WW Shoe male

LE 51847 RE

Allison Smith
Greys Wild Fury male 9/7/95

Sire: Solution and Dam: Greys Oh Dear Me
Greys Wild Dash male
Greys Wild Hawk male
Greys Wild Speed male
Greys Wild Surf male
Greys Wild Trick female
Greys Wild Wind
Greys Wild Wish female

Greys Wild Rapid male

Greys Wild Rover male

LE 51741 RE 95G

Caroll Kunemund NH

Sly Drifter (Drifter) male DOB 9/19/95

(NGA Owner: WE Harris)

Sire: FMCís Wake Up and Dam: Sly Lady


Sly Butch male RE 95B

Sly Golden Boy male RE 95E

Sly Minda female RE 95D

Sly Nannie female RE 95C

Sly Tacoma male RE 95F

LE 51731 RE

Lori Kriz
DTS Pretty Daisy DOB 9/9/95

Sire: Me Sompin and Dam: Madison Pretty
DTS Alex male
DTS Cagey Clown male
DTS Clementine female
DTS Doughboy male
DTS Gabilion male (Gabby adopted by Theresa Klein)
DTS Glamour Gal female
DTS Golightly female
DTS Indigo Ike male
DTS Shiloh female
DTS Wild Ginger female
GV Outlaw male
GV Sidewinder male

LE 51708 RE 95I

Adam Mann (Mississauga ON)

Panama Chris (Chris) male DOB 9/1/95

Sire: Pís Raising Cain and Dam: Panama Pee Wee


Panama Blue Boy male

Panama Wind

LE 5168 RE 51B
Stacey McCarty FL/CT (KY)
Cee Carol (Ivey) female Whelped 5/1/91
Sire: Nicky Finn and Dam: Gorgeous Sye Lee
(NGA owner: Lawrence Henry)

Cee Aim femaleRE 51A (deceased)

Cee Bee female (adopted in MO)

Cee Don male (adopted ?)

LE 51526 RE

Linda Pioggia
Phlash Freckles (Flash) Whelped 9/1/95

Sire: Star Light Jake and Dam: Cody's Darkwing
Jake's Charcoal
Jake's Evita
Jake's Madonna
Jake's Gomer

LE 51501 RE 95D

Dayle Kelloway FL (Jacksonville, FL)

JAMS Dutch (Dutch) male Whelped 9/14/95

Sire: Jams Keith Haden and Dam: Jams Free Spirit

(NGA Owner: Joe or Martha Rothenberg)


Jams Keith Haden

Jams Free Spirit

Jams Butternut female

Jams Energize male

Jams V Higbee female

Jams Winter male

LE 51462 RE 95F

Danielle Ring WV (VA)
LR's Wizard (Gatsby) male DOB 9/11/95
(NGA Owner: Lance Robelia)
Sire: Whisper Wishes and Dam: Sheer Pride

LR's Payoff
LR's Everclear
LR's Uninsured

LE 51436 RE 95A

Jennifer Watkins

Little Digger (Digger)

LE 51429 RE 95A
Pat Tarditi FL
Ima Step Ahead  (Stepper) male DOB 9/10/95
(NGA Owner: Robert Mendheim)
Sire:  Hang Eleven and  Dam: Bird In Hand
New High female
Finders Keepers male
Ima Sweet Thing female
Sharp Image female
Prince Valiant male
Demo Mama female

LE 51429 RE

Pat Tarditi FL (PA)
Ima StepAhead (Stepper) male DOB 9/10/95
(NGA Owner: Mendheim)

Sire: Hang Eleven and Dam: Bird In Hand


Demo Mama female

Finders Keepers male

Ima Sweet Thing female

New High female

Prince Valiant male

Sharp Image female

LE 51417 RE 95B

Liz Hibner FL (PA)
Bet Me And Win (Winston) male DOB 9/1/95
(NGA Owner: Howard J Hill)
Sire: Hm's Flamboyant and Dam: Simply Sue

Foresake Me Not

LE 51386 RE 95B

Laurie Sterling
Nita's Littledoe Whelped 9/4/95

Sire: Wigwam Wag and Dam: A Taste For Lace
Nita's Gary
Nita's Holly
Nita's Hunter
Nita's Nicole
Nita's Rocky

LE 51373 RE 95F

Barb Zercher NH (PA)
Kelso's Fitzroy (Roy) male DOB 9/12/95

Sire: Mi Designer and Dam: Kelsoís Mist


Kelsoís Dianna female

Kelsoís Serene female

Kelsoís Tuxedo male

Kelsoís Wishful female RE 95E (adopted by Sherry Klein (Penny)

Kelsoís Rag Tag

Kelsoís Shinead female (adopted ?)

LE 51295 RE 95F

Sue Genton CO/AZ (WA)
EC No Respect (Repect) male 9/2/95
(NGA Owner: Webber Kennel)
Sire: EC Key Witness and Dam: CB Cupcake

EC Magnified male
EC Wit's Image male
EC Erkle male
EC On Target male
EC Justice male

LE 51232 RE 85F

Sharon Diebel AZ/CO

Akins Vadalia  (Vadalia) female Whelped 8/5/95

Sire: Wigwam Wag and Dam: Troubles Tara

(NGA Owner: Donald R Payne)


Akins Amy female

Akins Bluebonnet female

Akins Dream female

Akins Hopeful female

Akins Misti Blue female

Sho Nuf Trouble female

LE 5122 RE

Jack & Helen Thompson (Binghamton, NY)
Craigie Press On (Preston) male DOB 8/24/95

Sire: Craigie B There and Dam: Maudie Degreat

(NGA Owner: John C Boyd)
Craigie Gimmie
Craigie Go Pro
Craigie Maxfli male

Craigie Fortune male

Craigie Fine Lad male

Craigie Rambler male

LE 51219 RE 85G

Fran CO/AZ

Boot Up (Boots) male

Sire: Traper Zeke and Dam: Recbob Robin


Be Here Now male

Elaine Bennet female

Hard To Remember female

Iím Tess female

Quality Check female

LE 51213 RE 95B

Gayle Shriver OR, FL (OR)
Later Dude (Later Dude) male DOB 9/1/95
(NGA Owner: Dick Andrews)
Sire: Flying Missile and Dam: Merry Around

Smacky Chops male
Swing Thing female
Yo Tyron male

LE 51198 RE 95B

Jeanne Pangburn (CA)
Easy's Ayo (Sandee) female DOB 9/2/95 DOD 4/24/04
(NGA Owner: Julie Yearling Jr)
Sire: Farmer Wilson* and Dam: Easy's Wayside

Easyís Arizona female

Easyís Asilia female

Easyís Asinobi female

Easyís Askari female
Easy's Atekeye male

LE 51174 RE 85D

Deb & Gary Myers Iowa (South Haven, MI)

Dog Gone Piute (Piute) male Whelped 8/22/95

Sire: Oshkosh Tease and Dam: Fireball Gal

(NGA Owner: Robert C Lorber)


Dog Gone Apache male

LE 51143 RE 95B

Nicole Butler TX (TX)
RG's Jasper (Jasper) male DOB 9/1/95
(NGA Owner: RJSumrow)
Sire: Dory's Julio and Dam: Hotline Desire

RG's Josephine female
RG's Jason male
RG's Jacob male
RG's Joe Max male
RG's Joey male
RG's Jolene female

LE 51136 RE 85A

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

(Cleo) DOB 8/10/96

Sire: Pís Raising Cain and Dam: Blaze Star


(Athena) (Adopted) RE 85B

Bís Lady Catherine (Katie Adopted) RE 85C

Bís Zena (Zena Adopted) RE 85G

LE 51125 RE 65A

Denise Moll (VA)
Rum N Coke (Hailey) female DOB 6/22/95
Sire: John Levi and Dam: G's Flo Jo

Brandy Smash female
Elijah Craig male
Gin N Seven male
Henry McKenna male
Johnywalkerblack male
Shakennotstirred female
Weller N Seven male

LE 51082 RE

Michele (St. Louis, MO)
K Cosmic Mickey male 8/23/95

Sire: Shindig Sam and Dam: Kh Classy Cassie
(NGA Owner: James L Kamm)

H Blazin Taz Male
K Cosmic Eagle Male
K Cosmic Jazz Female
K Cosmic See Ya Female
K Cosmic Bonkers Female
Kansas Cassie Female
Kansas Cherokee Male

LE 51061 RE 85B

Janet Arnold

Riverview Boone (Joey) male DOB 8/22/95

Sire: Mi Designer and Dam: Riverview Clow

(NGA Owner: Wm D or Pamela Greer)
Riverview Ace male
Riverview Cara female
Riverview Dude male
Riverview Faith female

LE 5099? RE 106C

Abigail Hand CT/MA (NY)

Chillin Snow female

LE 50982 RE 65B

Shirley Trusky (OH)
PS Breaker (Breaker) male DOB 6/17/95
Sire: Auctioneer and Dam: PS Blair


PS Elvira female

PS Georgena female

System Chect male

LE 50978 RE

Nancy A Lassiter (Anderson, SC)
Fond A Hunk (Hunk) male DOB 7/16/96 

Sire: Fond A Hulk and Dam: Tan N Toned
(NGA Owner: Michael Steven Obi)
Fond A Tony male
Toned Roo female
Toned Totem (found in Orlando)
Toned Tawny female
Re-Marky-Able male RE 76G (Marky never raced due to cruciate ligament birth defect adopted by Lisa Gilmer SC)

LE 50807 RE 85D

Lee Minardi AZ (NV)
WD's Natti (Loca) female DOB 8/12/95
(NGA Owner: W D Collins)
Sire: Eagles Quest and Dam: Betty's Express

De La Paz female

Dream Express female

Wds Rapture male

Wds Simios

LE50731 RE

Mary Casey
Cadillac Jukebox

Sire: My Mr Bocephus and Dam: Oh You Melanie

(NGA Owner: Travis Hoover or BK Lingle)
Billie's Choice female
Dancin Cowboy male
Honor is Power
Burning Angel
Ghost Myst femela
Chain of Fools

LE 50679 RE 85B

Patti Trakney FL (FL)
Absolut Queen (Queen) female DOB 8/1/95
(NGA Owner: Johoda's Greyhound Racing Inc)
Sire: Flying Absolut and Dam: Cebo Charmer

Absolut Charmer female
Absolut Whodini male

LE 50605 RE 75A

Neil & Chris Davis
Hay Tans Bev Whelped 7/21/95

Sire: Birror and Dam: On the Money Red

(NGA Owner: Odie L Hopkins)


Hay Tans Bell female

Hay Tans Blake male

Hello Lilly female

LE 50565 RE

Holly Priestley  (PA)

Easy's Ahidi male DOB 7/11/95

Sire: Voyager Two and Dam: Patterson Patty

(NGA Owner: JulieYearling Jr.)
Easy's Aali Male
Easy's Abayomi Female
Easy's Ashiki Male
Noonan's Revenge Male

LE 50451 RE 75A
Bill & Judi Kaufman (PA)
Our Jackie's Ace (Kix) female 7/26/95
Sire: Keota Bojangles and Dam: Ace Jackie
(NGA Owner: Glenna R Berry)

Our Rollie Polly

LE 50421 RE 75A
Claudia Courtney AL?
JV's Nineoneone (Brooke) female DOB 7/26/95
Sire: Booter Jim and Dam: Ks Pro Life
Myakka After You
Myakka Howie

LE 50312 RE 75F

(Liz) Elizabeth Robson FL (SC)

ML Charmer (Charmer) female DOB 7/18/95

Sire: ML Bobackstretch and Dam: ML Tator

(NGA Owner: Leona Heluk & Mary Harnett)


ML Angel Dust female

ML Dust Storm male

ML Gallant Dash male

ML Pepper Twist male

ML Rowdy Ram male

ML Royal Crest male

ML Sizzlin Bo male

ML Tator Rap female

ML Lucky Spirit male

LE 50260 RE

Maryann Protz (Carteret, NJ)
Olspiceaftashave (Odd Cat) Whelped 7/6/95

Sire: Trouper Zeke and Dam: JND Alice

(NGA Owner: Bruce L or Dorothy H Cadwell)
Agent Zeke male
Angel Melendez female
Billiebop Shades male
Cobra Belle female

LE 50217 RE 75

Patty Luter WI (MO)
Seegold Seeley (Seeley) female DOB 7/20/95
(NGA Owner: Ronald J Butkus)
Sire: Fortress* and Dam: Bar X Celeste


Seegold Blue female

Seegold Express male

Seegold Mangold female

Seegold Panache female

Seegold Sassy female

Seegold Sparkle female

Seegold Star female

LE 50186 RE 75H

Sharon Smith CT

BBís Passtherace (Keeley)

Sire: Westpark Shannon and Dam: BBís Firstbahama


BBís Passthedice

BBís Annie (adopted living in NY)

BBís Big Jet

BBís Passdagravy

LE 50165 RE 75E

Barb Fields

SC Sionís Boy (Simon) male DOB 7/16/95 DOD 10/3/02

Sire: K's Broadway and Dam: HM Sion


SC's Crossroads male

SC's Win For Memale RE 75B(Chester adopted by Lisa Wilson OH)

SC's Winsum Cash female

SC's Star Brite female

SC's Elegant Lady female

SC's Dashnwin female

LE 50147 RE 75B

Lynn Masimore NJ/AL (Tallahassee, FL)

TM's Pontiac (Joplin) male DOB 7/13/95

Sire: Big Tar and Dam: AZ's Eliza

(NGA Owner: James Billingsley)


TM's Cadillac male

TM's Corvette female

TM's Mercedes

LE 50112 RE 107J

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Jazzy Blue (Jazzy Blue) female DOB 10/1/87

Sire: Sports Review and Dam: Kuntree Excel

(NGA Owner: Black Gold Kennel)


Gusty Blue female

Nonotion female

Emblazon male

Excel Cadet male

Sports Sensation female

Salty Shiek male

Bad Sport male

LE 50069 RE 65D

Onoosh Gahagan (Spartanburg, SC)

Tina Turner?? (Shadow) female 6/25/95

Sire: Lone Lobo and Dam: CY's Jolaine

(NGA Owner: CY's Kennel)


Cy's Crystal female

Cy's Gigi female

Cy's Honey female

Cy's King Male

LE 50046 RE 75D

Mary Jayne Mele (Newtown, PA)

Greek Metaxa (Troy) Whelped 7/21/95

Sire: Cozee Chief and Dam: Slow-Fat-N-Lazy
Reign Poncho

LE 50008

Contact Vicky for owner of Dam: Fozzyís Fantasy

(NGA Owner of Fozzyís Fantasy: Brian G Ferraro)

Sire: Forbidden Dancer and Dam: Fozzyís Fantasy


Cathys Duststorm female RE 75A

Florida Fantasy female RE 75F

Kiss Army Capt male RE 75D

Mancow Militia male RE 75E

Rude Crude Dude male RE 75B

Sly Fly By Bri female RE 75G

Vickimouse female RE 75C

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