Greyhound Litterates List

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Littermates List

***First line of each entry represents Tattoo No.s of Left Ear (LE) & Right Ear (RE)

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fyi American and Australian dogs LE/RE Tattoos will be up to 5 numbers (0-9)

UK (Overseas) dogs LE/RE Tattoos will be letters (A-Z)



LE 89933 RE 70E

Brenda Stacy (FL)
Run Away Grizzly (Joshua) male DOB 7/14/00
(NGA Owner: Joseph Anguiano)
Sire: Epic Prince and Dam: Run Around Fancy


Run Away Georgia female

Run Away Gina female

Run Away Graham male

Run Away Greta female

LE 89920 RE 70E

Deb Chadbourne (CA)
Jack Pott Kicks (Frosty) male DOB 7/13/00
(NGA Owner: Michael Green)
Sire: Winning Kick and Dam: Hester Potts

Katie Potts female
Nv Hyper Potts male
Nv Peter Potts male

LE 89915 RE 70A

ChrisWinslow FL (DE)
Legs Babbette (Babette) female DOB 7/10/00
(NGA Owner: Lloyd Green)
Sire: Everybody's Pride and Dam: Soft Copy

Beacon's Pal female
Buffy's Pal female
Dude's Rock male
Legs Badger male
Legs Bumblebee female

LE 89883 RE 70A

Cynthia Pastor FL (PA)
Koko's Yummy (Koko) female DOB 8/7/00
Sire: Molotov and Dam: Katsu Pearl

LE 89876 RE 70C

Nora Cameron NH (DC)
Chiaro (Rosey) female 7/1/00

Sire: Molotov and Dam: Marietta

(NGA Owner: WH ODonnell)


Radiata male

Rosanda female

LE 89830 RE 70G

Rhonda & Carl Heidenblad CT (PA)
KW Fast Abner (Bode) male DOB 7/6/00

(NGA Owner: Hermitage Kennel or C Ward)

Sire: Asti Abner and Dam: Little Miss Fast


KW Miss Little female (adopted Penny)

KW Abby female

KW Asti male

KW Fast female

KW Big Abner male

LE 89820 RE 70D

Lisa Besse FL (MA)
Ahs Rojelio (Rojo) male DOB 7/4/00
(NGA Owner: Sharon Williams)
Sire: Black Escort and Dam: Money Lover

Ahs Rafael male

Edren Patience female

Edren Patriot male

LE 8981 RE 81G

Dennis & Kris Danner (Sherman, IL)

Rynite male DOB 8/9/91

Sire: Bahama Tip and Dam: Ion Pizazz

(NGA Owner: Miller Craig & Boyle)


Any Distance male
Dee's Pearl female
Honytonk Holly female
In Close male
Pre Set male
Shoplite female
Tall Spin male
Zytel male

LE 89793 RE 129A

FL Ettlin MA (MD)
Big Cheese (Chester) male DOB 12/20/99
(NGA Owner: JM Kennels)
Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: Theregoesheather

Destiny's Girl female
Doc Mok male
Fancy and Free female
Itron female
Beau's Ghost female
Jimmy Legs

LE 89756 RE 70H

Melanie Cheramie CO,AZ (San Diego CA)
EF's Aces Wild (Ace) male DOB 7/3/00
(NGA Owner: Leslie Erwin)
Sire: Ace a Matic and Dam: Honky Tonk Moon

D's Dashing Tina female RE 70D (adopted by John & Melanie Gow Manitoba)
D's Turbo Tory female RE 70A (adopted by Bruce Pastor & Angela Eubanks San Diego CA)
Ef's Aces High male
Ef's Aces Low male RE 70G (Norm adopted by Kevin Mynatt OR)

Efs Troysistif female

Efs Honkytonite female

Ef s Honkytonite female

LE 89712 RE

Michael Stewart NH (ON)
Pretty Angelboy (Jazz) male DOB 6/14/00
Sire: P's Reco and Dam: JNJ Satin Angel
(NGA Owner: Joe Recker or David Petzold)


Black Devil Boy male
Fast Suzycue female
High Flying Joe male
Lightin Boy male
Raging Richie male
Raging Rita female
Running Wildman male

LE 89703 RE

Tracy Eyre (NC)
Pat C Mugshot (Muggs) male DOB 7/1/00
(NGA Owner:    
Sire: Pat C Tick Toc and Dam: Pat C Dual Cam

Pat C Blythe female RE 70B
Pat C Caughtcha female
Pat C Inforcer male
Pat C Ticker male

LE 89681 RE 70D

Pam Hart AR,KS (TX)
Delhi Bu Qu Buck (Bucky) male DOB 7/4/00
(NGA Owner: Brian Scott)
Sire: Molotov and Dam: My T Penny Annie

Delhi Boo Boo female
Delhi Ebony female (adopted)
Delhi Hobo male (adopted)
Delhi Ji female
Delhi Jolly female

LE 89649 RE 60E

Noma Inman FL

Skiddy Jolt Male DOB: 6/2/00

Sire: Skiddy Rock and Dam: Skiddy Indigo

(NGA Owner: Larry Stilwell)


Skiddy Jackpot Male

Skiddy Jigsaw Male

Skiddy Jitters Female

Skiddy Jock Male

Skiddy Joker Male

Skiddy Jubilee Female

Skiddy Jukebox Male

Skiddy Julep Female

LE 89639 RE 60A

Karen Carter CT (PA)
BJ's Princehenry (Henry) male DOB 6/18/00
(NGA Owner: Mike Carroll)
Sire: Epic Prince and Dam: Ivey Sisterquick

BJ's Fever female
BJ's Justintime female
BJ's Rae of Life female

LE 89629 RE 70C

Jen Armstrong (NH)
Pep's Dotty (Dottie) female DOB 7/6/00
(NGA Owner: Joseph M Iacobucci)
Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: Memphis Bell


Bella Lisa female (adopted ?)

Busta Moore male

Cobble Belle female RE 70F (adopted TJ & Terri Wetzel, Nashua NH)

Cobble Hill male

Cobble Square male (adopted by Leann Cook & Joseph NJ)

Paula Belle female (adopted Kathleen NH)

LE 89627 RE 70B

Sarah Phillis MX (CA)
Amati Virtuoso (Crocodile Dundee) male DOB 7/2/00
(NGA Owner: Sarah Phillis)
Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: Beachfront Molly

Beachside Babe female
Beached Whale male
Beach Doll female

LE 89626 RE 60H

Susan Lundberg RI,MA (MD)
Blushed (Gracie) female DOB 6/17/00
Sire: Strideaway and Dam: Buzz Gal

(NGA Owner: Ronald G Beckner or Eagle Kennels)


Blaming female

Boasting female

Bossy female

Bride female

Bull Master male (ruled off for fighting 2002)

Bystander male

LE 89598 RE 60C

Catherine Hudson MX (CA)
Cosmic Champ (Champ) male DOB 6/28/00
Sire: Wd's Antoine and Dam: High Sky

Atomic Alibi female
Ballerina Blaze female
Fast Elaine female
Felicoty Fox female

Wds Kickin Back male

LE 89589 RE 60B

Susan Anderson CT (OH)
Desert Comet (Comet) female DOB 6/30/00
(NGA Owner: Ralph DePolo)
Sire: Cee Jay and Dam: Wigwam Angela

Desert Count male
Desert Commanche male
Idesert Commanche male
Desert Charger male

LE 89588 RE 120A

Barb Carnahan (Hatboro, PA)

(Kendall) Dingo Devil male DOB 11/5/90 Died 2/02

Sire: Kilmarney Lad and Dam: Maggie Rogers
(NGA Owner: Thomas Wagner)

Brookview Brat Male
Foto Finish Female
Maggy Babe Female
Nikki Do Right Female
Where's Waldo Male

LE 89580 RE 60C

Cindy Camp CT (MI)
Twilite Dante (Dante) female DOB 6/1/00
(NGA Owner: Phillip Harris)
Sire: System Carl and Dam: Five H Crystal

Twilite Bailout male
Twilite Car Hop female
Twilite Chaney male
Twilite Croc Jaw male

Twilite Dollar male
Twilite Erin female
Twilite Top Doll female

LE 89530 RE 50A
Jayne & Tim Wallace (PA)

Dancin In The Dark (The Earl) male DOB 5/23/00

Sire: Flawless Start and Dam: Danielle Delight


Mrs Stephen Rudie female (adopted NJ)

Afteraracenellie female

Bet A Buck Burt male (adopted by Jayne & Tim)

LE 89514 RE 60C

Lacey (friend of Karen)

? female DOB 6/19/00

Sire: Oak Knoll Pete and Dam: Akins Ginger


Oak Knoll Daisy female

Oak Knoll Andy male

Oak Knoll Essie female

Oak Knoll Fossie female

Oak Knoll Bill male

LE 89455 RE 60G

Judi Bacheldor FL (Charlotte NC)
RC Sweet Summer (Keelin) female DOB 6/27/00

(NGA Owner: Harold E Holding)

Sire: Less Gravity and Dam: RC Smiley


RC Alpha male

RC Checkmate male

RC Flash Gordon male

RC Itsa Qball male

RC Sweet Juliet female

RC Sweet Spring female

LE 89422  RE 117D

Scott & Rosann Ferris WI/NH (Mountain Home, Arkansas)

Jetta Katie Jo (Katie) female whelped 11/4/97

Sire: Flying Gunman and Dam: SW Maybe Misti

(NGA Owners: Paul Bitterman or John DuBois)


Jetta Aunt Sue female

Jetta Big Mike male

Jetta Bonnie Lew female

Jetta Kourtney

Jetta Stevie male

Jetta Uncle J

Jetta Vinnie

LE 89405 RE 60H

Maureen Sampson (MD)
Carolina Gun (Bailey) female DOB 6/25/00
(NGA Owner: Charles Rink)
Sire: Ardon Tailor and Dam: Carolina Freedom

Carolina Battle male
Carolina Bomb female
Carolina Bullet female
Carolina Missle female
Carolina Rocket male
Carolina Shot male

LE 89391 RE 60B

Jeri Smith-Ready & Chris Ready NH (MD)
Pa's Sue B (Meadow) female DOB 6/16/00
(NGA Owner: George Benjamin)
Sire: Molotov and Dam: Skin Mist

Pa's Diane female (adopted Penny)
Pa's Fatima male

Pa's Keeper male
Pa's Kim female
Pa's Manomet female
Pa's Melrose female
Pa's Monsone male RE 60J (adopted by Mark Zafonte Rockville MD)
Pa's Suzanne female RE 60K (Suzie, Dennis Young ME)
Pa's Telebank male

LE 89350 RE 60B

Amanda McMillan KS (MI)
Ice (Marigold) female DOB 6/17/00
Sire: Grey Statesman and Dam: Gadid

(NGA Owner: WH ODonnell)

Motolla male
Ashmire female

LE 89339 RE 50H
Deborah Irmiter CT (NJ)
OHK Lajunta (Emma) female 5/5/00
Sire: Scott Free and Dam: Mesa Jane
(NGA Owner: Michael Strodtman)
OHK Silvercreek female
OHK Smoke Creek male
OHK Goldfield female
OHK Lamar female

LE 89323 RE 60C

Cathy Riopko (NC)

Greys Star Whirl (Star) female DOB 6/20/00

(NGA Owner: Ernest Butler)

Sire: Blazing Desire and Dam: Greys Stargazer


Greys Star Path female

Greys Star Catch female (adopted)

Greys Starchaser male

LE 89307 RE 60F

Ellen Przybylski WI (PA)
Cals Shimmer (Oakley) female DOB 6/2/00
(NGA Owner: Joseph E Calabro)
Sire: Bean Brewer and Dam: Whats up Next


Cals Turbo male

Cals Barbara Lee female

Cals Crow Bar male

Cals Halloween female

Cals Top Dog female

Cals Lady Godiva female

LE 89284 RE 60C

Hope Shultz (VA)
Dolly Parton (Dolly) female DOB 6/1/00
(NGA Owner: Lawrence B Hamilton)
Sire: Wigwam Hoss and Dam: Dutch's Princess

Dan Miller male
Dormont Hoss male
Christians Bud male
Dream Angel female
Dream Princess female (retired)
Freckles Brown male (retired)
Jim Shoulders male
Oklahoma Hills female
Tuffy Hedeman male

LE 89269 RE

Lindakaye Brown

FW Hawkeye (Hawkeye) Whelped 6/1/00

Sire: Flying Penske and Dam: Two Steps Back

(NGA Owner: Arthur Hilzer)


FW Pure Magic Female

FW Taylee (c/b Taylor) Magic Female

FW Taylor Made Female RE 60A (Francine, Suzanne Hagner WA)

Lancer Step back Female

Lancer Two Step Female

LE 89268 RE 60B

Kim Briggs CT (VA)
WZ Jose Cuervo (Tequila) female DOB 6/10/00
(NGA Owner: Bobby Briggs)
Sire: Flying Train and Dam: Marvelous Missy

W Jose Cuervo female
WZ Kahlua male
WZ Crown Royal female

LE 89267 RE 60C
Jan Voss WI (II)

Flying Panasonic (Sonic) female dob 6/4/00

Sire: Flying Neptune and Dam: Flying Snowwhite

(NGA Owner: Flying Eagles Kennel)
Flying Sanyo female (still racing as of 11/15/02)
Flying Sharp female

LE 89264 RE 60B

Allison Reed (NC)

Rocky (Jack) male DOB 6/00

LE 89258 RE

Shannon Talanca FL (PA)
Bart's Peter Pan (Peter) male DOB 6/14/00
(NGA Owner: Rick Bartley)
Sire: Castor Troy and Dam: Bart's Saltine

Bart's Pearl Jam female RE 60E (Pearl adopted Shannon)
Bart's Play Ball male
Bart's Pinky Toes female
Bart's Pip Squeak female
Bart's Pikes Peak male

LE 89190 RE 60D

Devon Siegfried FL,OR (PA)
Husker Scream (Darby) female DOB 6/12/00
(NGA Owner: Don Abernathy Inc)
Sire: LPD Makers Mark and Dam: Circus Bonnie

Husker Felton male
Husker Kayla female
Husker Mandy female
Husker Melissa female
Husker Socks male
Husker Tess female

LE 89187 RE

Suzi Wrona
Tivoli Blue Duck (Barrow) male DOB 10/2/90 &

Tivoli Blue Mist (Misty Blue) female (adopted by Terri Onorato)

Sire: Belafonte and Dam: Cueness

LE 89176 RE 60C

Beverly Dalrymple FL (Elmira NY)

Husker Ed (Ed) male DOB 6/5/00

Sire: Ej's Douglas and Dam: Husker Daisymae

(NGA Owner: Don Ennis)


Husker Bocephus male

Husker Chip

Husker Deva female

Husker Echo

LE 89159 RE

Lorraine NH (ON)

Amb's Aniko female DOB 5/23/00

Sire: Ctw Laser and Dam: Amb's Golda

(NGA Owner: Andrew Bartha)


Amb's Gus male

Amb's Minni Jet female

Amb's Sally female

D's Awesome Rmat female

D's Bubba Chubba female

D's Precious Gift female

D's Prince Parker male

LE 89088 RE 50D

Sally Harper FL (FL)
Longisland Doug (Doug) male DOB 5/27/00
Sire: Blazing Desire and Dam: Shenzi Episode

Consentida female
Ijuannagetlost male RE 50C (Hank adopted by John Turner FL)
Jd's Bada Bing male
Lil T Twelve female
No Muzzle Noreen female

LE 89083 RE 107D

Lisa Newbold NH (PA)
Sls Snow Digger (Ringo) male DOB 10/9/97
Sire: Flying Neptune and Dam: Sls Zeda

Dot Come On male
Sls Carly
Sls Cominground

Sls Pretty Boy
Sls Source

LE 89039 RE

Jon & Carrie FL (OH) Overfield
Mags Rootbeer (Rootbeer) female DOB 6/2/00
(NGA Owner: Susie C Morris)
Sire: Castor Troy and Dam: Marked Money

Cinnamon N Spice male
Lemon Drops female
Mags Money male
Masked Champ male
Troys Money male

Red Hot Racer male

LE 89006 RE 60H

Denise Grossman WI (OH)
Cals Madhatter (Hatter) male DOB 6/3/01

Sire: My Rooster and Dam: My Chantily
(NGA Owner: Joseph E Calabro)


Cals Blue Moon male

Cals Dazzlin Way female

Cals Vast Fields male

Cals T Rock male

Cals Inn Ecstasy male

Cals Main Even male

LE 89005 RE 60D

Kim & Dugo NH,MA (Toronto)

Upsetter (Hank) male DOB 6/5/00

Sire: Okie Kail and Dam: Hot Stomper


Kaelieghs Star female

Little Quintin male

Sheikas Lad male

Warriors Quest male

LE 89000 RE 60H

Jessica Everett CT (Felton DE)
Pat C Sum Up (Dollar) male DOB 6/1/00
(NGA Owner: Patrick Collins)
Sire: Santa Fe Rufus and Dam: Total Cost        

Pat C Amount male RE 60A (adopted)
Pat C Any Means male
Pat C Calculate male
Pat C Living Cost female
Pat C Microburst male

LE 89000 RE 90E

Jeanni Davis CT (North Eastern, PA)

Hawthorn Hawk (Hawk) male Whelped 9/23/90 Deceased

Sire:  Plinko and Dam: Altona Grace

(NGA Owner: Paul Chicca)


Lavendar Mist female (Deceased)

LE 88999 RE 200A (s/b 40A)

Rebekah Cain NH (Washington, DC)

Cs Chico Bob (Xander) male DOB 4/22/00

Sire: Rapido Rambo and Dam: Aggie Casey

(NGA Owner: Paul E Carbonneau)


C's Chico Don male

C's Chico Fred male

C's Chico James male

C's Chico Ron male

C's Mr. Nail male

LE 88965 RE 60D

Amy Webster IA (MN)

CB's Boom Boom (Boomer) male DOB 6/4/00
Sire: Rapido Rambo and Dam: P'S White Boots

CB'S Twittle Dee female
CBS Its Go Time male

CBs Brat female

CB Midnight Star male

Cb Rambo male

Cbs Wahoo female

LE 88955 RE 50C

Sarah Scott FL (Raleigh NC)
Serious Player (Player) male DOB 5/1/00
Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: Charlene Jones

American Magic male
Laura Pearce female
Right Formula male
Mike Cochran male

LE 88949 RE 50C

Ann-Marie Dawson FL (ON)
Fred Astaire (Freddy) male DOB 5/25/00
(NGA Owner: William Kelley)
Sire: Castor Troy and Dam: Aisforangelica

JW Williams male

Moe Knows male

Something Real male

LE 88943 RE

Tracy Eyre (NC)
Shers Bernadette (Bernadette) female DOB 5/30/00
(NGA Owner: Kyle Jon Hoetzel)
Sire: Flying Highball and Dam: Tm's Wiggles

Kaycar Isabella female
Kaycar Lynne female
Kaycar Soccer female
Shers Attitude male
Shers Clyde male
Shers Fiesty female

LE 88933 RE 60G

Jane Hall FL (SC)

Osceola Pandora female DOB 6/8/00

(NGA Owner: Gene Gurley)

Sire: Keota PJ and Dam: Bet on Faith


Osceola Petra female

Osceola Portia female

Osceola Pillar female

Osceola Peyton male

Osceola Percy male

Osceola Paladin male

Osceola Powell male

LE 88970 RE 60C
Melissa Rondeau FL
Edren Stinger (Strider) male Whelped 6/4/00
Sire: Okie Chance and Dam: Okie Sarah Ann
(NGA Owner:  Loyed L Edwards Jr)

Edren Stampede male
Edren Starlight female
Edren Steady male
Edren Stellar male
Edren Sterling female
Edren Streaker female

LE 88905 RE 50F

Cindy Camp CT (MI)
BB's Chow Down (Chow) female DOB 5/1/00
(NGA Owner: Bussmann Balakas Kennels)
Sire: Loxahatchee Dash and Dam: Ileen Ivey

BB's Ardentlover female
BB's Beach Baby female
BB's Blind Date female
BB's Excalibur male
BB's Money Mover male
BB's Tablestakes female
BB's Winning Bid male

LE 88875 RE 30C

Cristine Reitz NH (PA)
Doctor Al (Albert) male DOB 3/19/00
(NGA Owner: Cosmo Vellucci)
Sire: Minaki Zeke and Dam: Greys Mardigras

Bill O' Riely male
Cacky male
Deana Lee female
Gina Maire female
Jim Ray male
Katelyn female
Rosalyn female
Stacy Lee female
Tom O'Malley male

LE 88862 RE 50A

Rebecca Laufer NH,WV (NY)
Badger Ronald (Ronnie) male DOB 5/00
(NGA Owner: James Miller)
Sire: Coldwater Guv and Dam: Talking Jill

Badger Al male
Badger Gomer male
Badger Henry male
Badger Hank male
Badger Lloyd male
Badger Nellie female
Badger Russ male
Jill's Coldwater female

LE 88858 RE

Christine & Fabio Jelcic FL (MO)
PB Holly (Hailey) female DOB 5/28/00

(NGA Owner: Lawence D Henry)

Sire: Splishin Vallie and Dam: Purple Betty


PB Accent male (adopted)

Pb Carson male

Pb Dozen male

Pb French female

LE 88848 RE 50F

Elizabeth Rakers (Highland, IL)

Dark Flash Drive female Whelped 5/26/00

(NGA Owners: Tony Mills or Donald C Herber)

Sire: Elway Drive and Dam Pat C Dark Half


Dark Faith Drive female

Dark Fang Drive male

Dark Flair Drive female

Dark Flame Drive male

Dark Force Drive male

LE 88815 RE 50A

Brenda Rooney NH (Ontario)
Smoos Speed Bump (Speedy) male DOB 5/23/00
(NGA Owner: Robert L Smoots)
Sire: Smoos I Be Sped and Dam: Smoo's She Devil


Smoos Agility female RE 50E (Jill adopted Babara Johnston ON)

Smoos Attitude female

Smoos Chameleon female

Smoos Jet Speed male

Smoos Short Rib female

Smoos Speed Test male

LE 88778 RE 50C
Candy & Jerry Beck AZ (Albuquerque, NM)
Hallo Vista (Willow) DOB 5/00
(NGA Owner: Shirley Rogers Trailblazer Kennel)
Sire: My Rooster and Dam: Bahama Tango


Hallo Candy Tee female RE 50A (Candi adopted by Jeff Gold Decatur GA)

Hallo Demi male

Hallo Forty Nine male RE 50B (Bailey adopted by Karen Ward Barrie Ont)

Hallo Jeremy male (Cole adopted by Jennifer Christianson)

Hallo Old Crony male

Hallo Shane male RE 50D (Aladdin adopted by Lori & Charlie Harlan NJ)

Hallo Super Tan male

LE 88753 RE 50A

Suzanne Wolf FL (TN)
Skimar Manatee (Manny) male DOB 5/12/00
(NGA Owner: Susie Morris)
Sire: Skimar Gusto and Dam: Skimar Amtrack

Skimar Pebbles female
Skimar Woofer female

LE 88720 RE 50D

Cynthia Rennick FL (TN)
Lil Sunday Time (Bandit) male DOB 5/9/00
(NGA Owner: David Joel Garnett)
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Ag's Passem By


Lil Allabouttime male

Lil It's Time female

Lil Joker male

Lil Past Time female

Lil Sensation male

Lil Stone Face female

Lil Color O Cash male

LE 88666 RE 129B

Nancy Hiltgen FL (NJ)
JC Fear Cindy (Cindy) female DOB 12/3/99
(NGA Owner: Joseph Castro)
Sire: Mo Fear and Dam: Flying Cedar

LE 88662 RE 50G

Robert & Madeline Meixner AL (GA)

Stat WH Sandy (Sandy) female DOB 5/14/00

(NGA Owner: Roger L Sifferman (DVM))

Sire: Wigwam Hoss and Dam: Littlest Angel


Stat Wh Sambo male

Stat Wh Sammy male

Stat Wh Sis female

Stat Wh Sky female

Stat Wh Sonya female

Stat Wh Storm female

LE 88642 RE 50B

Karen & Stephen McComas FL

Dusty Lady (Gracie) female DOB 5/20/02

Sire: Molotov and Dam: Dusty Debbie

(NGA Owner: Keving Fish)


Dustotov male

LE 88544 RE 50A

Nina Brooks  (KS)
Kansas City Dude (Dude) male DOB 5/12/00

Sire: Wigwam Hoss and Dam: Bobbi Bad Girl

(NGA Owner: Denny J Graham)


Kansas Bad Girl female

Kansas Six Shot female

Kansas Fast Foot male

LE 88518 RE 100H

Julie Rowe TX (TX)

GGB RunHoneyRun (Honey) female DOB 10/01/90 Died

Sire: My Unicorn and Dam: BJ's Cindy Girl

(NGA Owner: John T. Musslewhite)


GGB Davids Duke male

GGB Rundustyrun male

GGB Wile Rose female

GGB Ann Marie female

GGB Fast Time male

GGB Manic Speed male

LE 88498 RE 30F

Sara Day FL (MI)
Peach Rain (Peaches) female DOB 3/13/00
(NGA Owner: Melvin Drayton)
Sire: Beer Glass and Dam: Myrtle Erwin-Lessee


Pineapple Rain female

Alto Frances female RE 30E (Frances adopted FL)

Alto Smoke male

LE 8847(4) RE 90D 

Catherine Shannon & David Sorensen (Tulsa, OK)

Sister Theresa (Theresa) Female Whelped: 9/2/90

Sire: Grand Facade and Dam: Jubilee Trails 

Granny Trail Female
Line Spy Male
Mz O'Madd Female
Scholastica Female
Schopper Shopper Female

LE 88439 RE 109E

Steven Crist CT (NY)
Badger Pluto (Badge) male DOB 10/18/99
(NGA Owner: James A Miller)
Sire: Minaki Zeke and Dam: Iron Episode


Billy Bob male

Cleo N Fisher

Badger Blimpy male

Badger Popeye male

Badger Olive Oil female

LE 88423 RE 50D

Kim Briggs NH (VA)
A Bar Queen Blue (Kiana) female DOB 5/00
(NGA Owner: James Allen)

Sire: Loxahatchee Dash and Dam: A Bar Boots

A Bar Babs female
A Bar Blue male
A Bar Bell female
A Bar Buster male
A Bar Watergirl female

LE 88406 RE 40D

Gail Gustafson FL (NY)
MC Thankyousully (Sully) female COB 4/21/00
Sire: Flawless Start and Dam: Che Mar Cowgirl

Big Daddy Jack male
But Jack male (adopted)
Cab Over Ted male
Fleet Mary Ann female
Paper Back Brian male
Pat Patty female
UPS Steve male RE 40A (adopted)

LE 88357 RE 50H

Phyllis Babyk FL (Foster)

JNB Powder Keg (Brandi) female Whelped 5/6/00

Sire: Unruly Rascal and Dam: Person

(NGA Owner: Joyce L Burford)


JNB Power Ball female

JNB Pace Setter male

JNB Pentiumpower female

JNB Pure Smoke male

LE 88355 RE 50D

Linda Kaye Brown (Tacoma, WA)

Mohican Fun Fly female Whelped 5/1/00

Sire: Just For Fun and Dam: Flying Soroity

(NGA Owner: Smith Greyhounds)


Mohican Fun Fun female

Mohican Fun Flip female

Mohican Fun Fan female

LE 88336 RE 50I

Greyhound Friends of the Gulf Coast AL, FL (LA)
Hugs N Kisses female 4/28/00
(NGA Owner: Teri Kraft)
Sire: Evening Memory and Dam: Pensacola Girl*


Ethans Choice male

Pensacola Miss female

Milk N Cookies female

Nickels N Dimes female

Sticks N Stones female

Xs N Os female

Dvs Bard male

LE 88330 RE 50F

Kate Brodeur NH,WV (MA)
Kansas Nemesis (Nemmie aka Pebbles) female DOB 5/00

Sire: Evening Memory and Dam: K Cosmic Shaker

(NGA Owner: Jerry Heine)


Kansas Naughty female

Kansas Navigator male

Kansas Neon female

LE 88320 RE 50D

Rachael Tate-Adams NH or CT (Abingdon MD)
Diamian (Sully) male DOB 5/6/00
(NGA Owner: W H O'Donnell)
Sire: Fortress* and Dam: Syrah

Historean male
Flashbyu male RE 50F (Mogo adopted by Patricia Baker MD)
Zeznic male
Kerlix male
Nozizwee female
Elysee female

LE 88316 RE 50G
Brent Hamilton
Endupintheocean (Melvin) male Whelped 5/2/00
(NGA Owner: Bruce L Caldwell)
Sire: Molotov and Dam:  FAF Pelican Bay
Baptized By Fire male
Byeyesoftheblind female
Igowalkingatnite female
Istandontheshore male
Middleofthenight female

Mountainsoffaith female
Something Sacred male

Something Scared male
Takenoutofmysoul male


LE 88292 RE 30G


Reko Eporia female DOB 3/00

Sire: Reko Kambuji and Dam: Reko Sis

(NGA Owner: Eric M Kennon)


Reko Marshall male

Reko Twister female

Reko Quantaya's female

Reko Hot Rod male

LE 88229 RE 50F

Karen Dannenhauer WI (IL)

Abita Zeus (Zeus) male DOB 5/1/00

(NGA Owner: John Bladen or Mary Mackey)

Sire: Saddlebred and Dam: Abita Sweetness


Abita Venus female

Abita Goliath male

Abita Styx female

Abita Kismet female

Abita Atlas male

LE 88215 RE

Kirk Grosch FL (NC)
Bevs Bohica (Bo) male DOB 2/12/00
(NGA Owner: Sheldon Levine)
Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: Choice Bev

Bevs Ba Bo female
Bevs Blitzwoofer female
Bevs Jack Daniel female
Bevs Kavorkian male
Bevs Laffin Rudy male
Bevs Last Straw male
Bevs Light Duty male
Bevs Tiger Claw male
Bevs Tiger Paw male

LE 88178 RE

Catherine Hudson CO,MX (CA)
Evening Stranger (Brindy) female DOB 4/1/00
Sire: Evening Memory and Dam: Bold Mate

(NGA Owner: Daryl Brumage)

Cajun Berry female
Sunny Memory female
Yallie female

Adams Memory male

Cajun Coyote male

LE 87992 RE

Linda Cummins FL (NC)
Drinkin Dr. Pepper (Flame) male DOB 4/19/00
(NGA Owner: Seastrom Kennels)
Sire: Fortified Power and Dam: Sweet Tease

Drinkin Bacardi male
Drinkin Ale male
Drinkin Drambuie female
Drinkn Everclear female
Goldschlager male

LE 87965 RE 40G

Jennifer Blackburn WV,FL (TN)
Okie Kordell (Zeus) male DOB 4/15/00
(NGA Owner: Gaylan L Edwards)
Sire: Black Escort and Dam: Hali's Style
Okie Clark Kent male
Okie Escort male
Okie Ithinkican female
Okie Leo male
Okie Loree's Way female
Okie Lorna female

LE 87958 RE 90D

Jennifer Watkins

Kees Ruffian (Ruffian) DOB 9/15/90

Sire: As OmniMax and Talk About Me

LE 87916 RE 29C

Kim Guthrie (Indiana)
Flyin Karie Webb (Kari) female Whelped 2/28/00
Sire: Beastwithtobacks and Dam: Flying Cherry-in
(NGA Owner: Vince Berland, Flying Eagles Kennel)


Flying Hurst male

LE 87904 RE 40D

Christa Lane FL (TN)
I Run To Win (Sidney) female DOB 4/14/00
(NGA Owner: Sharon L Williams)
Sire: Ohpa's Badboyblu and Dam: Watchme Runtowin

Cleared to Run female
Blame Less female

LE 87886 RE 40D

Robin Ciskowski AR (TN)
Tom S Macaroon (Callie) female DOB 4/15/00
(NGA Owner: Sugihara Greyhounds)
Sire: Black Streaker and Dam: Tom S Megan

Tom S Mystery male

LE 87879 RE 40C

Shari Harper FL (VA)

I'm All Business (Blaze) male DOB 4/11/00
(NGA Owner: Frank Pelletier )
Sire: Castor Troy and Dam: Leaders Courtney

Broken Spell male

Silent Sin female

LE 87877 RE 40E

Allison & Christopher Rynne AZ (San Diego CA)
BC Dun Well (Logan) male DOB 4/5/00
(NGA Owner: Bernard M Comeau)
Sire: Dungaree and Dam: Dill Weed

BC Dill Aimee female
BC Dill Kathy female
BC Dill Mary female
BC Dill Peggy female
BC Dun Bern male
BC Dun Brian male
BC Dun Goode male

LE 87852 RE 40A

Rebecca Provost (ON)

Rooftop Gadzooks (Zooks) male DOB 4/6/00

Sire: Splishin Vallie and Dam: Dewey Fine One


Rooftop Dolly female RE 40C

Rooftop Hottopic male RE 40B

Rooftop LuLu female RE 40H (retired)

Rooftop Posh female RE 40F (retired)

Rooftop Re Anne female RE 40D

Rooftop Smiley male RE 40E

LE 87850 RE 40E & E

Tina & Eric Sellka (Oakville Ont)

Full Tilt (Tilt) male & Sidetracks (Saraha) female D)B 4/00

Sire: Splishin Vallie and Dam: Giddyup Calamity


Doc Onapaw male

E Crouch male

Liptrix Onapaw female

Muffitt Onapaw female

Wilma Onapaw female

You Have It male

LE 87833 RE 400F

Tricia Olson FL (TN)
System Seebee F (Bebe) female DOB 4/11/04
Sire: System Carl and Dam: System Could Be

(NGA Owner: Hermitage Kennels Inc)

System Seebee A male
System Seebee B male (Colby adopted by Sheryl & Ray Vona Philly PA)
System Seebee C female (adopted by Terry & Susan Wimberley)
System Seebee D female
System Seebee E male
System Seebee G male

LE 87832 RE

James D VanDerMark

My Man Quinn (Quinten) DOB 09/02/90

Sire: Planet Boy and Dam: My Foxy Veda

(NGA Owner: Bill Woodall)
My Calhoun male
My Festus male
My Profit Maker male
My Sanity female
My Sassy V female
My Lady Veda female

LE 87819 RE 20D

Patricia Jason (WI) IL
Mean Streak (Monty) male DOB 2/2/00
(NGA Owner: John Henry Jr)
Sire: Evening Memory and Dam: Midnite Sal

Knight Lighter male
Steel Phantom male

LE 87792 RE 40B

Paul McGucken AZ (CA)
WD's Sugar Tree (Sugar) female DOB 4/8/00
Sire: WD's Santiago and Dam: WD's Wisteria


WDs Vociferous male

LE 87781 RE

Jan (WA)
(Andre) Different Winds male DOB 8/22/90

Sire: Me Sompin and Dam: Mistisuze
Different Colors
Different Dreams
Different Heat male
Different Shadow female
Different Swirl female
Different Waters female
Driven Class (Henry) male RE 80B (adopted by Edith Gutierrez Olympia, WA)

LR 87755 RE 40B

Sarah Friedman KS (NJ)
E's Tabby (Tabby) female DOB 4/3/00
(NGA Owner: Bill A Elliot)
Sire: Jet Set Mr Tea and Dam: E's Easy

E's Aqua female
E's Downy female
E's Holiday female
E's Treasure female
Jet Set Colton male
Jet Set Rascal male
Jet Set Winsor male

LE 87754 RE 40D

Sue Knorr NH (Galloway NJ)
Pa's Fiona Flyer (Fiona) DOB 4/10/00

Sire: Daleys Flyer* and Dam: Finah Dinah

(NGA Owner: Pierre Amestoy)


Pas Bioncee Day female

Pas Daleys Dina female

Pas Daleys Jet male

Pas Daleys Race male

Pas Dinah Dian female

Pas Finah Tina female

Pas Flyer Fire male

Pas Jermy Flyer male

Pas Night Flyer male

LE 87751 RE 40F

Kathryn McDermott FL (NC)
Itsa Wild Vision (Astro) male DOB 4/9/00
(NGA Owner: Melvyn Drayton)

Sire: Ace a Matic and Dam: Circle of Wisdom


Itsa Quickster male

Itsa Wild Affair female

Itsa Wild Child female

Itsa Wild Fling male

Itsa Wild Time male

Itsa Wild Tri mal

LE 87709 RE 40I

Christina Levy AZ (AZ)
RD's Levy (April) female DOB 4/4/00
(NGA Owner: Gloria Dorsey)
Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: RD's Whoopie

RD's Ditka  male
RD's Landry   female
RD's Parcells  male
RD's Reeves  male
RD's Shanahan  female
RD's Shula  female
RD's Vermeil  male

LE 87660 RE 79A

Jennifer Watkins

Task Nile River (River) male DOB 7/11/99

Sire: Task Born Ringer and Dam: Task Neon Tara

(NGA Owner: Max E Gessier)


Task Neon Rose female

LE 87623 RE 30H

Marsha Raybourn AZ (CA)
HC's Patten Lady (Lacey) female DOB 3/22/00
(NGA Owner: Homer C Harwell)
Sire: Class By Design and Dam: Metro Side Show

HC's Bandit male
HC's Big Jake male
HC's Delta female
HC's Dixie Rose female
HC's Sophia female

LE 87579 RE 30A

Whitney Raines KS (MO)

Crystal Starwars (Starwars) male DOB 3/26/00

(NGA Owner: Robert Childs or Patricia Stover)

Sire: TNT Starwars and Dam: Crystal Dancer


Crystal Asteroid male

Crystal Aurora female

Crystal Meteor female

Crystal Eclipse female

Crystal Nebula female

Crystal Sirius male

LE 87563 RE 40I

Sam Pagano MA (NY)

Drydor (Monty) male DOB 4/1/00

Sire: Greys Flamebeau and Dam: Sisapoo


Bienfait male

Dacco male

Ehad male

Hoife female

Jamere male

Lettus male

Mallika female

Michanna female

Pileomena female

Prizmatic male

LE 87555 RE 30C

Eileen Saks KS,IA (PA)
Quick Change (Curly) male DOB 3/29/00
(NGA Owner: Robert Crossland)
Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: Inavale Bar B

Miss Cobblepot female
Miss Louise female
Miss Mitchell female
Miss Turner female
Stringer male

LE 87491 RE 30E

Sherri Willson MX (CA)
Its Eagles Panda (Cody) male DOB 3/25/00
(NGA Owner: Wayne R Ward)
Sire: Kelsos Kingpin and Dam: Its the Eagle

Eagles Incahoots male
Eye of the Eagle female
Into Trouble female
Its Eagle Ian male
Ww Incognito female

LE 87479 RE 30B

Audrey Lochansky FL (NC)

Ono Snakeyes (Buddy) male 3/1/00

Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Ono Flash (adopted by Dan in Erie, Co)

(NGA Owner: David Koch)


Ono Adena female

Ono Allegro female

Ono Fourspeed male (adopted Orlando, FL - Dan)

Ono Kela female (adopted AZ - Dan)

Ono Renegade male

Ono Royal female

LE 87471 30F

Lisa & Joshua Plummer AZ (Oceanside CA)
WW Dancin Clancy (Clancy) male DOB 3/21/00
(NGA Owner: Wayne R Ward)
Sire: Scott Free and Dam: Joint Assets

Gene's Champion  male (active sire)
Hello Clarice  female
Razz Ama Chaz  male (retired)
Ww Chauncy Girl  female
WW Classy Girl  female
WW Free Chatter female
Ww's Chase Is On male

LE 87462 RE 30B

Karen Williams NH (MD)

Craigie FlyAztex (Marx) male DOB 3/1/00

(NGA Owner: John C Boyd)

Sire: Flying Train and Dam: My Azalee


Craigie Flyall male

Craigie Flyanti female

Craigie Fly AA female

Craigie Flyastar female

Craigie Flyalpha male

LE 87452 RE 30B

Mike & Shannon Malat FL
Magic Senorita (Maggie ) female Whelped 3/16/00

Sire: Moonshine Scott and Dam: Magic Protege

(NGA Owner: Haber Kennels Inc)
Alex Far male

Magic Return female
Magic Riptide male
Magic Shane male
Magic Sheila female

LE 87444 RE 30A

Patricia Peirce FL (NJ)
Osceola Merrill (Murphy) male DOB 3/00
(NGA Owner: Robert E Gurley)
Sire: Malawi's Prince and Dam: Dizzy Miss Lizzy

Osceola Maggie female
Osceola Magnum male
Osceola Merlin male
Osceola Molly female
Osceola Mabel female

LE 87424 RE 30H

Lois Niven AZ (CA)
WW Supreme Taco (Sydney) female DOB 3/16/00
(NGA Owner: Wayne R Ward)
Sire: Fortress Imports and Dam: WW Luck Bea Lady

I'm Not Tardy male
Lucky Taurus male
Trendy Boy male
WW Hole In One male

Tampas Bay female

WW Lucky Tandy female

WWs Lucky Tico male

LE 87416 RE 30B

Laura Renke (Walton, KY)

JNMs Tinyblu Fox

LE 8739 RE 95A s/b 59A

Jeanni Davis (North Eastern PA)

Namora (Kassidy) Female Whelped 5/06/99 MA

Sire: Tuffolo Dam: Cloudy Gem

(NGA Owner: North Shore Kennel)


Maritza Female?

LE 87374 RE 30H

Jennifer Dulebohn FL (DE)
Candy Star (Deb Deb) female DOB 3/20/00
(NGA Owner: Billy K Adams)
Sire: Twilite Flyer and Dam: Cimaron Star


Atlanta Star male (adopted)

Bingo Jan Star female

Cory West Star male

Magic Kay Star female

Rebel Joe Star male

Snazzy Star male

LE 87369 RE 30A

Brian Thomas CT/FL (CT)
System MJ Jonny (Jonny) male DOB 3/19/00
Sire: System Henry and Dam: Morning Jade

LE 87354 RE 30B

Kirsten Winter NH (MD)
Fortunate Donna (Donna) female DOB 3/3/00
(NGA Owner: Robert Godman)
Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: Forced Absence

Fortunate Eric male
Fortunate Gail female

Fortunate Freda female

Ironboy Lenny male

Judsta female

Trevs Fortitude male

LE 87352 RE 30C

Adrienne Menn (PA)

Shannon Peel male DOB 3/8/00

Shannon Millie female RE 30B

Sire: Voyageur and Dam: Chosen Beauty

(NGA Owner: Patrick Guerin)


LE 8735 (8733) RE 91A

Cherie Damron NH (OH)
Ricochet Guess (Merlin) male DOB 9/91

LE 87342 RE 30C

Brenda Stacy FL (FL)
JR'S Spike (Spike) male DOB 3/17/00
(NGA Owner: Mitchell Ballard)
Sire: Molotov and Dam: Genuine Genius


Jrs Scratch male

Jrs Sure Cash female

Jrs Swift male

Jrs Special female

Jrs Super Star male

Jrs Sean male

Jrs Sparkle female

LE 87328 RE

Jean Pletl
Select the Level (Mercury) male DOB 9/7/90

Sire: Hootari and Dam: Dory's Comet
(NGA Owner: Warren Jenkins)

Cotari female
Major Surprise
Shows Sign male
Single Element male
New Line female

Jade Turdor male

Dont Interfere female

Is Needed female

LE 87323 RE 30A

Kim Briggs
Sky Rocket Sam male (Special boy Sam) 3/19/00

(NGA Owner: Max Friedman)

Sire: Itsaclever Catch and Dam: Kgr Rustilina

Showgirl Sadie female (adopted Kent & Michele Kasper ?)

KGR Biker Babe male

KGR Brownie Bear female

LE 87252 RE 20E

Megan Horan (MA)
Rhoda (Rhoda) female COB 2/15/00
(NGA Owner: Donald Burk Jr)
Sire: Digicom and Dam: Platinum

Dreamcast female
Reba female
Reese female (adopted)
Revel male
Reverb male
Rhythym female
Rouge female

LE 87242 RE 20A

Jackie Dornhoefer (NJ)
PS Faith (Faith) female DOB 2/10/00
(NGA Owner: Holman/Stover)
Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: PS Queenofdenial


PS Forgotten male

PS Stan Getz male

LE 87226 RE 30A

Janet & John Selman (West Lawn, PA)
Teddy Thomas male DOB 3/15/00
(NGA Owner: Holman Racing Greyhounds?)
Sire: Delatite Boy and Dam: TX's Suzuki

Candy McCain female
Coaloil McCain male
Coaltrain McCain male
David McCain male
Donny McCain male
Patricia McCain female
Teresa McCain female

LE 87223 RE 30H

Sally Harper FL (FL)
Kiowa Hix Holden (Holden) male DOB 3/9/00
(NGA Owner: Randall Ward)
Sire: Cajun Deception and Dam: Kiowa Hagar Hix

Kiowa Hix Hacker
Kiowa Hix Hamm
Kiowa Hix Hobby
Kiowa Hix Hunt
Kiowa Hix Hunza
Kiowa Hix Hustle
Kiowa Hix Hyrax

LE 87183 RE 30B

Bonnie Ashmore-Davis MA (MA)
BI's Cardin (Guillaume/Guy Noir) male DOB 3/8/00
Sire: Flying Highball and Dam: Bl's Citation

BI's Cambridge male
BI's Castello male
BI's Carlina female
BI's Carbon male
BI's Capello male

LE 87181 RE 30G

Michael & Margie Fox FL (IN)
Okie Darby (Darby) male DOB 3/8/00
(NGA Owner: Gaylan Edwards)
Sire: Runnin For Mon and Dam: Okie Lelia

Okie Don Juan male
Okie Joyce female
Okie Kyle male

Okie Mackie male

Okie Kenny male (adopted by Michael & Margie Fox FL)

Okie Lonny male (Okie adopted in OH)

Okie Skye male RE 30C (Sailor adopted by Emily Jetton)

LE 87175 RE 30D

Soren Schreiber-Katz MA,RI (ON)
Sumazo (Haka) male DOB 3/7/00
(NGA Owner: W H ODonnell)

Sire: Cruce and Dam: Important Step*

Aleeya female
Ayanna female

LE 87141 RE 20E

Patti Moylan FL (NJ)
Hey York (Luke) male DOB 2/4/00
(NGA Owner: Champions Racing Team Inc)
Sire: Hey Big Gun and Dam: Miz Bertha

Hey Yanoss male
Hey Yulie male
Miz Yocum female

LE 87139 RE 30?

Greyhound Friend of the Gulf Coast AL & AR (LA)
Friskywithagrin (Allen) male DOB 3/5/00
(NGA Owner: Robert Thorne)
Sire: ML Bobackstretch and Dam: Maryville Banner*

ML Bannerville female (Angie adopted by Mike Topper MI)

Sail On Duke male

Rudysfishabitin male

Ladys Pride female

R Fetch Puppy female

LE 87136 RE

Meredith E Pickering (Cape Cod, MA)

Char Super (Cooper) male Whelped 8/26/90 DOD 10/24/01

Sire: Char Columbus and Dam: Almost Red
(NGA Owner: Cary Alsobrook)

Niagara Action female

Char Rocket female

LE 87136 RE

Bill Dinsdale IA (Manitoba)
Rico Swavay (Rico) male DOB 3/7/00
Sire: Scott Free and Dam: Sister Kate

(NGA Owner: James Lovely or Arden Phifer)

D O Double G male (adopted)

Falco Scores male

Katies Chopper male

Katies Kahn male

LE 87111 RE 90C

Nicole Butler (TX)
Char Go Jo (Sandy) female DOB 9/2/90 DOD 12/4/03
(NGA Owner: Cary Alsobrook JR)
Sire: Char Cruiser and Dam: Char Marla

LE 87061 RE 20E

Butch & Briana Johnson (SC)
Timbermeshivers (Timbers) female DOB 2/24/00
(NGA Owner: Bruce Caldwell)
Sire: Unruly Storm and Dam: Beverly Crusher


Skullncrossbones male (adopted Penny)

Keel Haul Ya'll female (adopted Penny)

Mutinous Mariner male

Yohonabottlearum female

LE 87032 RE 40C

Connie & Vic Renz (WA)
HC's White Scar (Scar) male DOB 4/00

Sire: Lks Phantom and Dam: Brazo Bob Ett


HCs Bandit Lady female

HCs Ivory female

HCs Little Bit female

HCs Smoker male

HCs White Rain female

LE 86991 RE 20C

Jennifer Watkins

Bustinout Pebles (Pebbles) DOB 2/21/00

Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: Junes Bustinout Adopted


Bustinout Dom male (up for adoption WV 9/13/02)

Bustinout Galena female

Bustinout Stoney male (adopted Carolyn Noesen, Sandy OR)

Bustinout Aggie (still racing as of 10/4/02)

LE 86927 RE 20C

Lacey Powers-Wesley (Grand Rapids, MI)

Kelli Mackey female Whelped 2/14/00

Sire: Johnny Cochran and Dam: Dakota Fantasy

(NGA Owner: Mary Mackey)


Devies Athena female (adopted)

Devies Oliver male (adopted)

Devies Twist male (adopted contact Jennifer)

Devies Unicorn (Smiley) female RE 20E (Adopted by Jennifer in MI)

LE 86893 RE 20B

Deborah Irmiter IA,CT (NJ)
Fliowa Kail (Gavin) male D)B 2/21/00
(NGA Owner: Robert Lorber/ Harold Fisher)
Sire: Okie Kail and Dam: Jimbo Pamala

Fliowa Fred male
Fliowa Pamala female RE 20A
Fliowa Donald male
Fliowa Hank male
Fliowa Eugene male (adopted?)
Fliowa Christie female
Fliowa George male

LE 86845 RE 20G

Gail Ross (Port Charlotte, FL)

Whisperingbrooke (Brooke) female Whelped 2/15/00

Sire: Evening Memory and Dam: Whisper H

(NGA Owner: Sharon L Williams)


A Dogs Gotto Do RE 20E male (5 others in litter not named)

LE 86820 RE 20B

Linda & Woody Cummins FL (NC)
Starwind (Star) female DOB 2/2/00
(NGA Owner: Jack R Hills)
Sire: Wigwam Hoss and Dam: Arjo TV Vicki

Kumba Alexander male

Kumba Carmela female

Kumba Feola male

Kumba Mateo male

Kumba Nicola female

Starspeed male RE 20A (Star adopted by Nancy Passage FL)

LE 86799 RE

Jackie Weaver CO,FL
Local Sugar Plum (Krimpet) female Whelped 2/1/00

Sire: My Saturn and Dam: Local Resident*

(NGA Owner: Doyle W Patton)


Local Tavern male

Local Littletree male

Local Hot Spot female

Local Blackjact male

Local Triton male

LE 86782 RE 20B
Candy & Jerry Beck AZ (Albuquerque, NM)
Flying Alabama (Penny) female DOB 2/15/00

(NGA Owner: David Blair)
Sire: Barabuzz and Dam: Flying Charlotte


Flying Auburn female

Flying Georgia female

Flying Ole Miss female

LE 86754 RE 20C

Diane Grimes VA (VA)
Primed To Be Sly (Foxy) female DOB 2/15/00
Sire: My Rooster and Dam: Cheyenne Prime

Sly Cheer female
Sly Cody male
Sly Dee Ann female

LE 86737 RE 119D

Jeannie Wehrman

Nina's Bandit (Teddy) male Whelped11/23/99

Sire: Byron's Boy and Dam: Oshkosh Lois

(NGA Owner: LL McKay Jr)

Nina's Ebony female

Nina's Mimi female

Algoa Mimi female

Algoa Ivory male

LE 86722 RE 20C

Glynis Berger NH (VA)
Liborio (Wendel/Winslow) male DOB 2/15/00
(NGA Owner: Glynis Berger)
Sire: Fortress* and Dam: Sherlena

Egzurt male
Kamelflague female

LE 86705 RE 10A

Patty Edwards FL (SC)
Forever Crystal (Crystal) female DOB 1/2/00
(NGA Owner: Grid & Assoc)
Sire: Kiowa Wrench and Dam: Running On E

All Pumped Up male
Alone At Last female
Black Magic Babe female
Diamondsandpearl female
Kiowaslittlegirl female

LE 86685 RE

Shannon Talanca CT (PA)
Jimbo Albert (Jim) male DOB 2/6/00
(NGA Owner: Harold Fisher)
Sire: Molotov and Dam: Inkan Chantilly

Jimbo Alice female
Jimbo Annie female
Jimbo Jess male
Jimbo Lancelot male (adopted)
Jimbo Mayer female
Jimbo Red Rose female
Jimbo Still male

LE 86665 RE 20G

Julie & Russ Herbert WI (OH)
Whata Moneymaker (Farley) male DOB 2/15/00
(NGA Owner: Tim Waller or Willis E DeWitt)
Sire: Voyage Seeker and Dam: Sam's a Keeper


Whata Pumba male

No Trouble male RE 20A (Tigger adopted by Julie & Russ)

Whata Tornado male

Whata Fast Boy male

Whata Voyage female

Whata Shy Shy female

Whata Pumba male

LE 86655 RE 20A

Susan Lambertsen (FL)
KW Rockabilly (Moose) male DOB 2/1/00
(NGA Owner: Hermitage Kennel or Dr C War)
Sire: Rocksteady Eddie and Dam: Please Cathy

KW Cotton
KW Rock
KW Eddie

LE 86654 RE 20B

Charm & Gary Norris FL (SC)
KW Betty (Betty) female DOB 2/15/00
(NGA Owner: Carl E Ward)
Sire: Asti Abner and Dam: Reward Factor


KW Abner male

KW Factor female

LE 86653 RE 20D
Fiona Phillips FL (Charleston, SC)
System CH Chucky  (Chucky) male Whelped 2/05/00
Sire: System Henryand Dam: System Chinastar
(NGA Owner: Heritage Kennels Inc)
System CH Carly female (adopted contact Penny)
System CH Champ male
System CH Charm male (adopted contact Penny)
System CH Charro female
System CH Happy female

LE 86588 RE 20D

Susan Prepejchal Iowa (Iowa)
Doctor Doug (Doctor Doug) male DOB 2/1/00
(NGA Owner: Greg A Schipull)
Sire: EJ's Douglas and Dam: Mesa Should Be

Drivin Dave Ungs male
Soda Pop Sandy female

LE 86578 RE 100B

Patti Trakney FL (FL)
Red Violator (Red) male DOB 1/27/00
(NGA Owner: Susie C Morris)
Sire: Bomb Threat and Dam: Common Violator

Ms Violator female
Violator Girl female

LE 86573 RE 80G

Cathryn Campbell Holdgraf

Shadow Whelped 8/14/90

Sire: River Dandy and Dam: Brazos HB

(NGA Owner: Tom Scaggs)


LE 86568 RE 20D
Chrissie Gregory FL
Impede Female DOB: 2/2/00
Sire: Scott Free and Dam: There's A Liz
(NGA Owner: Leland R McGinnis)

Scott's Liz Female
There Goes Scott Male
Bravura Male
Counter Male

LE 86526 RE 20C

Nicole Coulombe MA (NB)
A Bar Sunny (Sunny) male DOB 2/2/00

(NGA Owner: James Allen)
Sire: Greys Flamebeau and Dam: A Bar Rockie

A Bar Cloudy
A Bar Rainy

LE 86522 RE 20B

Cathy Hanratty WV (VA)
Oshkosh Kazoo (Grady) male DOB 2/1/00
(NGA Owner: Larry Pollard)
Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: Oshkosh Truth

Oshkosh Kingdom male
Oshkosh Kool male

LE 86516 RE 203

Angie Villeneuve FL (ON)
SS Coffee Pot (Coffee) male DOB 2/3/00
(NGA Owner: Gary Ballard)
Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: SS Chrissy

SS Cobble Stone male
SS Terra Cotta female
SS Cherry Berry female
SS Awesome Style male
SS Brown Sugar female
SS Spot male

LE 86504 RE 10G

Betty Blair FL (PA)
D's Honey Money (Velcro) male DOB 1/26/00
(NGA Owner: Betty J Blair)
Sire: Magic Vincent and Dam: Deviltry

Aloha Oio female

Hedi Salami female

Ohana Ala Wai female

Phantom Ghost female

Ds Aston Aloha male

Magic Skimpy male

Hidden Words male

LE 86465 RE 20B

Eric & Jenny Horn AZ (San Diego CA)
Notorious Viva (Dottie) female DOB 2/3/00
(NGA Owner:  Michael B Williams)
Sire: Maricopa Pepsi and Dam: Maricopa Lovely

Notorious Devo male

Notorious Eve female

Notorious Izod male

Notorious Matrix male

Notorious Moet female

Notorious Sosgp male

Notorious Twism male

LE 86465 RE 10F

Erica Milyo FL (GA)
Jc's Dollar Chip (Provo) male DOB 1/18/00
(NGA Owner: Gulf And Bay Kennel)
Sire: RGS Chippewa and Dam: Viv's Faith

Jc's Cheery Chip male
JC's Chip Ahoy male
Jc's Chip Away male
Jc's Cocoa Chip female
Jc's Paint Chip male
Jc's Slot Chip male

LE 86437 RE 20C

Bryce Mazur TX (SC)

Kweezen Art (Max) male DOB 2/3/00
(NGA Owner: Bryce Mazur)
Sire: My Mr. Bocephus and Dam: Slatex Robin

Roberta female
Gold Rush Fever male

LE 86436 RE 20D

Jayne Wallace PA (PA)

Okie Expedition (Contessa of Pocono Park) female DOB 2/1/00
(NGA Owner: G Edward transferred to Wallace's)
Sire: Okie Kail and Dam: Okie Lace

Okie Riviera female

Okie Suzie female

Okie Queenie female

Okie Jeep male

Okie Camaro male

LE 86426 RE 20B

Tom McDonald MA,NH (VA)
Twilite Zen (Zen) male DOB 2/1/00
(NGA Owner: Twilite Kennels LLC)
Sire: Flying Train and Dam: AR's Lovee

Twilite Augur male

Twilite Shox female

Twilite Singe female

Twilite Triax female

LE 86410 RE 80G

Julie Rowe FL (FL/TX)

Double Flash (Flashy aka Angel) female DOB 8/1/90 Died

Sire: Seeinandbeinseen and Dam: Cajun Martinique

(NGA Owner: Stephen ODonovan)


Seecajin Flash male

Seecajin Jet male

Talkinabout female

Riteback female

LE 86405 RE 100B

Helen & Hagan Iowa (Toronto, ON)

Elegant Memory (Gazzel) female DOB 1/24/00

(NGA Owner: Thomas R Wagner)

Sire: Evening Memory and Dam: Noble Gertrude


Aloha Kamila female

Mutual Memory male (adopted by Helen & Hagan)

Noble Memory female

LE 86402 RE 10D

Laura Renke (Walton, KY)

My Mega Girl female Whelped 1/22/00

Sire: Fortress* and Dam: Greys Exultation

(NGA Owner: Carol L Bean)


Bitsy Time female

Diginmon Didit male

Trader Jack male

Star Packing female

Hard Way Around male

LE 86378 RE 10A

Theresa Ross CT (NJ)
BR's Indianmaid (Indy) female DOB 1/27/00
(NGA Owner: Ronald G Phillips)
Sire: Blazing Desire and Dam: Meadows Twist

BR's Indian Joe male

LE 86369 RE 10F

Lisa Parran NH (MA)
Algoa April (Pearl) female DOB 1/24/00
(NGA Owner: Parran)
Sire: My Rooster and Dam: April Yvette

Algoa August male
Algoa May female

LE 86303 RE

Brent & Judy
Tibby (Josie) DOB 06/17/90

Sire: Ross and Dam: Princess Vavarro

(NGA Owner: Robert V Rider)
Flyin Foot male
Girl About Town female
Gridiron male
Letterpress male
Sugarfoot Doll female
Weekend Hope female
Winston Express male

LE 86292 RE 10F

Kristen Bartell AZ (Glen Grove CA)
TV Fat Fanny (Raven) female DOB 1/18/00
(NGA Owner: Maxine Willis)
Sire: WD's Early Lad and Dam: TV Blossom

TV Aidyn female
TV Andrea female
TV Macks Legacy male
TV Tommy Cox male

LE 86287 RE 10A

Brigitte Davis AZ (CA)
Coldwater Ofelia (Bellanca) female DOB 1/19/00
(NGA Owner: O Henderson or G Medis)
Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: Coldwater Flamin

Coldwater Citrin female

LE 86268 RE 10B

Vicky Edmondson (Ontario)
Rockin Big Mike (Vern) male DOB 1/5/00
(NGA Owner: Ronald W Stewart)
Sire: Blazing Desire and Dam: Greys Excursion

Americabeautiful female
Proudtobamerican female
Rockin Big Dano male
Rockin Sockem male

LE 86228 RE 67D

Kimberly Thompson Abarr
(China Doll) Sidehill Sadie female DOB 6/97

Sire: Rawhide Riley and Dam: Arjo Softie
Sidehill Streak male
Sidehill Speck male
Sidehill Sledge male

Sidehill Sister female RE 67A (Zoe adopted)

LE 86204 RE

Craig Laginess LF (MI)
mp's captain (Captain) male DOB 12/26/99
Sire: Wigwam Wag and Dam: Exceptional Girl*

(NGA Owner: Joe Birch)


Aly Marie female

MPs Taffy female (adopted contact Penny)

Not The Wag male (Wag adopted by Beth, Wayne & Kayla in IN)

LE 86184 RE 80C

Jennifer Watkins

Wishbone Jenna (Jenna) DOB 8/1/90

Sire: Aggressive Style and Dam: Coop Jana

LE 86181 RE 70H

Jamie Johnson
Sports Charm DOB 7/29/90

Sire: Sun Burn and Dam: True Charmer

LE 86152 RE 10D

Robin Ciskowski AR (TN)
BB's Turbo (Argus) male 1/2/00
(NGA Owner: Bussmann-Balakas LLC)
Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: Hilary Pride

BB's Jitter Bug female
BB's Nassau Don male
BB's Metro Bill male
BB's Tango female
BB's Rumba female (adopted Penny)
BB's Christine female
BB's Patty Wagon female
BB's Pokadot female
BB's Durango male (adopted Penny)

LE  86110 RE 10D
Melissa Raney-Davidson (Canal Winchester, OH)
What A Warrior (Caymus) male Whelped 1/15/00
(NGA Owner: Tim Waller Or Willis De Witt)
Sire:  Fortified Power and Dam: Leaders Carol
What a Exception Female
What a Train Male

LE 86094  RE 10A

Tom & Trish Neary FL (Catonsvile, MD)

Roar Milky Way (Milky Way) female DOB 1/1/00

(NGA Owner: Arnell Connell)

Sire: Design Time and Dam: Dory's Partydoll


Roar Tiffany female

Roar Moon Glow female

Roar Party Time female

Roar Hot White female

Roar Holly Berry female

LE 86058 RE 10C

Kat Klinger WI (WI)
Motley Missle (Dewey) male DOB 1/3/00
(NGA Owner: Armand Faber)
Sire: Fortress* and Dam: Milo Missy

Loop Hole Wally male
Loop Hole Willy male
Loop Hole Vicki female
Motley Starburst male

LE 86053 RE

Amy Salas TX (TX)
Tyville Tingle (Elaine) female DOB 1/4/00

Sire: Minaki Zeke and Dam: Yo Bundy

(NGA Owner: Carol Bean)


Tyville Rugrat female

Tyville Ontime female

Tyville Hunter female

Tyville Bitsy female

Tyville Mr. Tibbs (adopted by Rachael & Darren Binning)

Tyville Power

LE 86049 RE 10A

Diane Cienki AZ,TX (Oceanside CA)
Zero Effect (Emma) female DOB 1/8/00
(NGA Owner: Carol Bean)
Sire: Unruly Thomas and Dam: Tyville Twist

Finest View female
Twist of Luck male
Unruly Twist female

LE 86048 RE 10B

Lynn Hartsough WI  

Aa's Bailey (Bailey) male DOB 1/9/00

Sire: CJ Pepto Geno and Dam: Its Divine Light

(NGA Owner: A Hill or A Yates)


Aa's Adam male

Aa's Geno male

Aa's Faith female

Aa's Eden female

LE 85995 RE 10H

Cathy Daniels (Canton, OH)
I'm Tempted female Whelped 1/7/00

Sire: Its Aclevercatch and Dam: Buzz Again

(NGA Owner: H Hal Gill)


Crimson Bucz female

Holy Dream female RE 10A

Pecan Pointe female

Loaded Dice RE 10C male (Jeffrey adopted by David & Penny OH)

LE 85963 RE 129J

Melissa Cook MA (MA)
Revenge (Avalanche) male DOB 12/99

LE 85943 RE

Robert Goulet CT (Ontario)
Millertime Murph (Murphy) male DOB 1/14/00
Sire: Unruly Rascal and Dam: Ion Misfit

Fast Eddie J male
Ion Kaboom male
Irate Irene female
Thatrascaldigger male

LE 85871 RE 129D

Eliza Cioccari FL (WVA)

Ruff Rhodes (Chase) male DOB 12/23/99
(NGA Owner: Ralp Centalonza Jr)
Sire: P's Raisin Smoke and Dam: Ezee Aim

Roadrage Rudy male
Cookin Lady female RE 129B (Cookie adopted by Eliza Cioccari)
Slick Bridges male
Flamin Damsel female
Smokin Lady female

LE 85823 RE

Sandra Salmaso

Cruising Sun (Bruiser) male DOB 12/23/99

Sire: Tuffolo and Dam: Tarnished Sun

(NGA Owner: Daniel Contillo?)


Bubba Sun male

Roscoe Sun male

Shy Sun female

Snazzy Sun male

Sun Cat female

Sun Jack male

Tarnished Star female

LE 85822 RE 129E

Margery Nagel MX (CA)
Itis (Jack) male DOB 12/24/99
(NGA Owner: Bill Ralston/Margery Nagel)
Sire: Rong Jones and Dam: Azuree
Clunn male
Emilyna female
Enshore male
Etrex male
Matinah female
Purrsonel male
Stradic male

LE 85816 RE

Pat Tarditi (PA)

BBSueBob (Zeus) male DOB 12/17/99

(NGA Owner: Philip M Pruett)

Sire: Kelsos Idlewood and Dam: Eunice Burnett


Im Mario male

LE 85814 RE

Lori Crippen FL,WV (PA)
Pat C Ashes (Jet) male DOB 12/13/99
(NGA Owner: Patrick Collins)
Sire: Santa Fe Rufus and Dam: Pat C Charming

Pat C Coquette female
Pat C Kenya female
Pat C Warlock male

LE 85812 RE

Jane & Paul Van De Velde Iowa (IL)
Cubby Bear Tad (Cubby) male DOB 12/18/99
(NGA Owner: Dorothy Roban or E Rettenmeier)
Sire: Gabes Software and Dam: Iruska Excalibur

Jen's Mom female
Part Wheeling It male
Kristen's Mom female
Coffee N Rolls female
Ben Dare Dunit female

LE 85803 RE 129E

Donna Deskin MA (PQ)
Dg's Sling Shot (Ricochet) male DOB 12/21/99
(NGA Owner: Keith Putman)
Sire: Molotov and Dam: Dg's Shiney Deal

Dg's All That female
Dg's Dana female
Dg's Fly By female
Dg's Rockford male
Dg's Theodore male
Dg's Yamaha male
Dg's Scooby male

LE 85793 RE

Vernon Maher MD (WV)
Big Cheese (Chester) male DOB 12/20/99
Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: Theregoesheather

Beau's Ghost female
Destiny's Girl female
Doc Mok male
Fancy and Free female
Itron female
Jimmy LEgs male

LE 85770 RE

Terri Onorato

Rodeo Socks male DOB 7/16/90 DOD 6/26/01

Sire: Bronco Buster and Dam: Indian Lore
Rodeo Sport Page female

Rodeo Update male

Rodeo Payroll male

LE 85743 RE 129C

Patti Trakney FL (FL)
Moody Blues (Pugs) male DOB 12/1/99
(NGA Owner: Russell S McElhinny)
Sire: Evening Memory and Dam: Sego Honey Grove

What About Now female

LE 85735 RE 129B

Kayla Jackson TX (TX)

Cool Man Gone (Bailey) female DOB 12/17/99
(NGA Owner: Gary Kron)

Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: My Cool Runner


Dream Runner male

Snowy Owl female

LE 85731 RE 129C

Michelle Allen OR (OR)

Forecaster (Jake) male DOB 12/14/99
(NGA Owner: Plum Creek)
Sire: Foretress and Dam: Extra Progress

Extra Lines male
Gradient Wind male RE 129F (Grady adopted by Michelle Allen OR)
Uncle Kracker male
Valid Point  male

LE 85702 RE 119A

Laurie Palmeira & Michael Tabone NH (Milton NH)
It's Your Dime (Potter) male DOB 11/20/99
Sire: Silver Tongue and Dam: Oklahoma Sand

Honored Guest female

LE 85688 RE

Sarah Friedman AR (NJ)
Bob's Turk (Pharaoh) male DOB 12/14/99
(NGA Owner: Robert Stokes)
Sire: Molotov and Dam: Bob's Naco

Bob's Dunn male
Bob's Starstruck female
Bob's Unity female
Bob's View female

LE 85683  RE 70E

Nancy & Scott Lassiter (Anderson, SC)
Shotgun Liz female DOB 7/1/90

Sire: Clay More Kelly and Dam: Shotgun Betty
(NGA Owner: Henry Miller & Pat Ball?)


Hazel Bowman female

Norma Bowman female

Shotgun Big Jake male
Shotgun Bowman male

Shotgun Major male

LE 85683 RE 129B

Cindy Moody & Nik Miliotis FL (Toronto, ON)

Twilite Sister (Cissie) female DOB 12/17/99

Sire: Greys Flamebeau and Dam: Twilite Reese

(NGA Owners: Twilite Kennels LLC)


Twilite Rulo male

Twilite Raymond male

Twilite Freddie male

LE 85681 RE 70D

Jennifer Watkins

Dollie (Holly) DOB 4/17/97

LE 85680 RE 129A

Helene Drinkhouse FL (NJ)
RV Mahogany Lady (Lady) female DOB 12/16/99
(NGA Owner: Robert C Nadort)
Sire: Mahogany Fire and Dam: John M Snow Lady

John M Maureen female
John M Pearly male
RV Mahogany Man male
RV Mahogany Sir male

LE 85650 RE 129C

Sarah and Bill Krouse WI (Green Bay, WI)

Devie's Naples (Naples) female Whelped 12/1/99

Sire: FMC's Wake Up and Dam: Garnet and Gold

(NGA Owner: Robert Mackey)


Devie's Zeus male

Devie's Wildfire female

Devie's Stephanie female

Devie's Redbaron female (adopted contact Penny)

LE 85641 RE 79A

Terry Garton NH (ON)

Timbucktu Mike (Sunny) male DOB 7/24/99

(NGA Owner: Patti L. Cobb)

Sire: SilverTongue and Dam: Ar's Little Jackie


Timbucktu male

LE 85636 RE 70?

(Patricia) Tissie Wunderlich FL (NC)
JRM's Roustabout (Roscoe) male DOB 7/1/90 DOD 2/2/04
(NGA Owner: JR Manning)
Sire: Sports Special and Dam: Cristin


JRMs Jacqueline female

Oh Hi Special female

Oh Hi Sport male

LE 85599 RE 129D

Robin Waldman CT (Kitchener, ON)  

Hallo Top Son (Phoenix) DOB 12/14/99

Sire: Leo's Midas and Dam: Starlight Classy

(NGA Owner: James E O'Donnell Jr)


Hallo Me Do female (adopted living in PA Robin)

Hallo Rags female

Hallo In The Sun

Hallo Glad Rags female (Katrina RE 129F adopted by Carol Koppel St. Louis)

Hallo Rags

LE 85552 RE 129G

Kristi Smith FL/AL (OR)

Granola (Granola) female DOB 12/6/99

(NGA Owner: Kristi Smith)


Cheerleader female

BP Red Thunder female

Patterson male

Poor Boy Joe male

Overtaker male

Tattoo Sue female

LE 85510 RE 129D

Audrey Sclater (NY)
Vosodel (Mesa) female DOB 12/1/99
Sire: Norva and Dam: Hybl


Aranto male RE 129A (Pete adopted by Charles Kouns Richmond VA)

Geezar female

Mattowan male

Miggens female

Orozco female

LE 85461 RE

Joy Dysert AZ (AZ)
OJ Lasief (Seymour) male DOB 12/3/99
(NGA Owner: D Figurilli or RJ Sack)
Sire: Scott Free and Dam: OJ Cordelia

OJ Townsend male

OJ Antima female

LE 85425 RE 119H

Kari Bradham FL (Ft. Lauderdale FL)
TX's Joker (Joker) male DOB 11/15/99
(NGA Owner: Carolyn Thompson)
Sire: Zangie and Dam: Ps Lori Rapido

TX'S Happy Jack male
TX's Jetson male
TX's Jockey male
TX's Justus male

LE 85417 RE 109A

Laila Barber NH (ON)
PS Online (Quix) female DOB 10/18/99
(NGA Owner: Patricia G Stover)
Sire: Crystal Firelite and Dam: Tx's Little Sue


PS Cache female

PS Hard Drive male

LE 85389 RE 129C

Loreen Balthazar MA (MA)
Power of Shazam (Shazam) male DOB 12/2/99
(NGA Owner: Anthony Napolitano Jr)
Sire: Molotov and Dam: Wild Spectator

Blow Em Away Bob male

Queenie Wahini female

LE 85384 RE 129C

Gabriella Carney NH (NJ)

Sable Juliet (Reilley) female DOB 12/2/99

Sire: Molotov and Dam: Cross Bay

LE 85372 RE 109B

Karen Dufault (MA)
Belle Star female DOB 10/99
(NGA Owner: Sarras Kennels)

LE 85327 RE

Diana Sheppard & Mathew Rose FL,OR,TX (TN)
Dusty Dan (Dusty) male DOB 11/12/99
(NGA Owner: Bobby W Davis)
Sire: Santa Fe Rufus and Dam: Little Carlin

Molly Meg female
Cruzin Carl male
Curly Cannon male
Pitch Black Lady female

LE 85252 RE 119B

Brigitte Davis MX (CA)
Dutch Ovation (Darcy) female DOB 11/27/99
(NGA Owner: Herb Koerner)
Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: Dutch Sierra

Dutch Freedom male

Dutch Alleyoop female
IZA Baby Cakes female (adopted The Greyhound Adoption League of TX)

LE 85236 RE

Laur (Canada)
Fuzzys Gladiator (Gilbert) male  DOB 11/20/99

Sire: Molotov and Dam: Westmead  Kit

(NGA Owner: Joseph M Frenette)


Fuzzys Midnight female

LE 85234 RE 119G

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Film Star (Bella) DOB 11/20/99

Sire: Speeds The Key and Dam: Aqua Bon Fire


Above The Rim female

Crash Course male

Rich Emotions female

LE 85216 RE 119E

Jim Bruce AK (TN)
BB's Silkandlace (Sassy) female DOB 11/17/99
(NGA Owner: Bussmann Balakas LLC)
Sire: Loxahatchee Dash and Dam: BB's Silkpuppy

BB's Goingmyway male
BB's Chopper male
BB's Slow Mo female
BB's Smokenspice female
BB's Triedntrue male

LE 85165 RE 119D

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Gateway (Gabe)

LE 85164 RE 119B

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Joe Peaches (Jak)


Keno Kathy (Kathy)

LE 85132 RE 119D

Kathy Exarhos CO (UT)
Sinnerman (Dweebis Kaneebis male DOB 11/18/99)
(NGA Owner: Plum Creek)

Sire: Public Figure and Dam: Test Me Out

Illmakeyoufamous female
Irregardless female
No Depression female
Since female RE 119E (Madison Calay & James Swift San Diego CA)
Double The Money male

LE 85072 RE 70F

Kathy Johnson
Greys Gold Rush (Tesla) male DOB 7/14/90 DOD 5/21/02

Sire: RR's Gold Boy and Dam: Bahama Honey

(NGA Owner: Gregory M. Boland)
Gold Nugget female
SamtheSeal sp? male
Layla female
Black Ghost male
Black Gold male
Maverick male
Golddigger female
Black Nite male
Somerset female

LE 85053 RE 89H

Linda Host WI (MI)
Reko Asia (Asia or Peanut) female DOB 8/18/99
(NGA Owner: Reko Enterprises Inc)
Sire: Fortress* and Dam: Reko Tara

Reko San Pedro male
Reko Club male

Reko Diamond male
Reko Sansalvador male
Reko San Juan male

Reko San Jose male

LE 85039 RE

Brian Surette NH (MA)
Abenaki Bonanza (Bonanza) male DOB 2/13/99
Sire: Kansas Look and Dam: Abenaki Princess

Abernaki Ebony female RE 119E (adopted by Hanaki & George Driscoll)

Abenaki Aztec female

Abenaki Cruiser male

Abenaki Sunshine female

LE 85023 RE 129G

Sandra Salmaso (Montreal, QC)

Chasing Sun (Bruiser) male DOB 12/1/99


LE 85007 RE 119F

Kris McAllister (Shelbyville, KY)

Hi Law male Whelped 11/1/99

(NGA Owner: Gene Butler)

Sire: CJ Pepto Bahama and Dam: RJ Double Dagger


Hi Solo female

Hi Tara female

Hi Speed male

Hi Spirit male

LE 84992 RE 119B

Susan & George Hughes TX (MA)

Texoma Tornado (Tornado) male DOB 11/13/99

(NGA Owner: Charlie Peevehouse)

Sire: My Broadway Joe and Dam: San Tan Baby


Texoma Tinker male

Texoma Baby female

Texoma Joey male

Texoma Rowdy male

Texoma Tango female

LE 84988 RE

Scott Kuhn FL (SC)
Jag's Dark Angel (Angel) female DOB 10/26/99
(NGA Owner: Alan Ryder)
Sire: Santa Fe Rufus and Dam: T's Body Language

Jag's Revenge male (adopted Penny)
Cowboy Diesel male
Doctor Diesel male
Smoking Diesel male (adopted Penny)

LE 84987 RE 60K


Gunnery Mate (Gunny) female DOB 6/24/90

Sire: Fastest Gun and Dam: Active Member

(NGA Owner: Mark C Adams or Fay H Smith)


Unruley Member female

Mesa Hillary female

Mesa Kelly female

Gun Bow male

LE 84984 RE 119A

Linda Bauman KS (PA)

Switzler Gabby (Demi) female DOB 11/13/99

Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: Switzler Snapple (Adopted)

(NGA Owner: Helen L Stout)


Switzler Chevron male

Switzler Doc male

Switzler Medley female

LE 84929 RE 89E

Erin Marling (RI)
BB Grego (Pulo) male DOB 8/3/99
(NGA Owner: Willima J Chamness)
Sire: Sorrento Warrior and Dam: Mitzi Mit


Christina female

Erica Lynn female

Rodrigo male

Im Reyna female

Little Lolita female

LE 84919  RE 119F

Bruce & Jennifer LaPlant Wisconsin (Twin Cities Metro, MN)

Abita Escapade (Jasamine) female 11/10/99

Sire: Wigwam Hoss and Dam: Disco Willow

(NGA Owner: John J Bladen or Mary Mackey)


Abita Dayna female sr

Abita Brandy female sr

Abita Fandango female sr

Abita Melody female

Abita Geronimo male

LE 84918 RE 119E

Megan Carlson MA (NJ)
Pat C Elko (Maddie) female DOB 11/10/99
(NGA Owner: Patrick Collins)
Sire: Wigwam Hoss and Dam: Pat C Perky

Pat C Hop Sing male
Pat C Joe Lil male
Pat C Mrs Ben female
Pat C Pondarosa female
Pat C Silvercity female

LE 84852 RE 119C

Julie Hebbard CO (WA)
Kids Calvin (Kalvin) male DOB 11/2/99

Sire: My Broadway Joe and Dam: Buzz N Luff
(NGA Owner: Mark Ryan)


Kids Abby female

Kids Deena female RE 119D (adopted by Rose Hedgepath?)

LE 84835 RE

Connie King FL/CT (PA)
La Millie (Millie) female DOB 11/6/99
(NGA Owner: Bruce A Arnhold)  
Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: Coleens Cookie

Aqualung male
La Interceptor male
La Intruder male
La Missy female

LE 84818 RE 109F

Jason Hancock FL (NC)
Answertoimposter (Emma) female DOB 10/30/99
(NGA Owner: Gregory J Arneson)
Sire: Circus chopper and Dam: Answer to Bear

Answer To Ironic male
Answerto Inertia male
Answertoinsanity male
Answerto Imagine female
Answerto Immense male
Answertoillusion female

Answer To Impact female RE 109G (Ellie Belly adopted by Dennis & Sue Deeley ON)

LE 84771 RE

Linda Traylor (IN)
MPs Isabel B (Isabel) female DOB 11/1/99
Sire: Rapido Rambo and Dam: Flying Flasher

Hope female RE 119H (adopted by Marc & Jennifer Flenar)

Constant Triumph female

Eclaire Corredor male

Eclaire Danser male

Mps Dawg male

Mps Frankie male

Ths Real Dog female RE 119J (adopted by David A Walker)

LE 84751 RE 109G
Jan Russell (MD)
Kadee's Simon (Mac) male DOB 10/31/99
Sire: Molotov and Dam: Mrs. Claws
(NGA Owner: Kent A Law/Deon M Parsons)

Kadee's Sadona female

Kadees Sawyer male
Kadee's Scooter male
Kadee's Scully female
Kadee's Sealy female
Kadee's Seawitch female
Kadee's Snake male
Kadee's Sonny male
Kadee's Syclonic male

LE 84712 RE 119D

Lauri Nader WI,FL (MI)
Flying kpl (Katie) female DOB11/99
(NGA Owner: Flying Eagles Kennel)
Sire: Flying Highball and Dam: Midwest Energy

La Pepper female
La Scotch male

La Whiskey male

LE 84685 RE 109D

Andrea Long CT (Fishkill, NY)

Chauelo (Chewey) male DOB 10/23/99

Sire: Rapido Rambo and Dam: Dicks Headache

(NGA Owner: Phil Pruett)


Antonia female

Roverto male

LE 84675 RE 109D

Cathy Riopko (NC)

CWC's Hefner (Hefner/Heffie) male DOB 10/25/99

(NGA Owner: Charles W Cassells)

Sire: Da Challenger and Dam: Lacy's Lucy


CWC's Blackshear male

CWC's Buck Bit male

CWC's Dee's Lucy female

LE 84654 RE 109D

Kristy and Tom Walker NH

NR's Michigan male DOB 10/27/99

Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: Passing By


NRs Huron female

NRs Ontario female

NRs Erie female

LE 84617 RE 109D
Dave & Barb Evans (London, ON)
Crystal Zsa Zsa (Zsa Zsa) female Whelped 10/27/99
Sire: Zangie and Dam: Crystal Bluebelle
(NGA Owner: C & J Kennel)

Crystal Zamboni male RE 109G

Crystal Zapper male

Crystal Zealous female

Crystal Zeus male

Crystal Zinger female

Crystal Zipper female

Crystal Zig Zag female

Crystal Zinger (Zinger) female RE 109D? (adopted by Steph Longworth Alberta)

LE 84556 RE 109D

Patti & Stephen Tripi (NY)
C's Royal Star (Ms Ruby Lee) female DOB 10/13/99
(NGA Owner: Colleen F Thomas)
Sire: Dungaree and Dam: SMA's Rockstar


Bs Dolly Levi female

Bs Ebony Charm female

Cs Air Jorden male RE 109A

Cs Krystal Star female RE 109C (Krystal adopted by Mark & Patty Bruno PA)

LE 84531 RE 109A

Linda Burch FL (FL)
Thrillofthefight (Rocky) male DOB 10/16/99
(NGA Owner: Linda Burch)
Sire: Trojan Episode and Dam: Kelso Jiffy*

Backonthestreet female
Havegutsnowglory female
Lucky Daisy female
Rockyrockyrocky male
Uptothechallenge male

LE 84501 RE 109D

Lisa Bielicke (St. Louis, MO)??

LGs Frito female Whelped 10/19/99 Kansas?

Sire: Pat C Mad Hatter and Dam: Waggins Da Tail

(NGA Owner: Lonny Geier)


GW Icewolf male

LE 84471 RE 109B

Gay LaNasa & Bob Klaus Ohio/CT (McLean, VA)

MB Chela B Ville (Chelby) female DOB 10/11/99

Sire: Jack Carlton and Dam: Mesa Mariah

(NGA Owner: Michele E Bowman)


MB Julianasjewel female

MB Famous Amos male

MB Renoirs Dream male

MB Cowher Power male

MB Miss Hannaray female (adopted in Michigan)

MB Vincent Vango male

LE 84396 RE 109E

Judy O'Data WV,FL (PA)
SE's Red Allen (Allen) male DOB 10/12/99
(NGA Owner: Edward J Zeroski Jr)
Sire: Kiowa Bet Dutch and Dam: Sarahs Shongum*

SE's Jim Barker male
SE's Lady Bug female
SE's Firefly female

LE 84395 RE 109B

Laura Murray CT (PA)
Ein's Sydney (Sydney) female DOB 10/1/99
(NGA Owner: Linda Jenson)
Sire: Tenthill Man* and Dam: Joels Ree Ree


Joels Angel female

LE 84334 RE 109D

Bonnie Dallaire (Trenton, ON)
Rieta's Lola female DOB 10/6/99
(NGA Owner: Rieta Dobesh)
Sire: Ab High Hope and Dam: D's Kacy-IU

Rieta's Pedro male

LE 84320 RE 109E

Bill & Jayne Baldwin (Hamilton, ON)

RJ's Arizona (Zona) female DOB 10/12/99

Sire: My Broadway Joe and Dam: P's Riteway

(NGA Owner: Randy Schaben)


RJ's Alabama female

RJ's Arkansas female

RJ's Idaho male

RJ's Illinois male

RJ's Indiana male

RJ's Iowa male

LE 84297 RE 99B

Tammy Holmstrom Davenport TX (Spring TX)
Robin's Ruckus (Rob) male DOB 9/30/99
Sire: Santa Fe Rufus and Dam: Snowball Ruckus

(NGA Owner: Charles Rusco)


Beckys Ruckus female

Kiowa Solo Fe female

LE 84289 RE 109B
Pandora Deichert AZ
Pat C Begin (Baby) female Whelped 10/1/99
Sire: Trojan Episode and Dam: Pat C Dawn

(NGA Owner: Patrick Collins)


Pat C Daylight male

Pat C Daytime female

Pat C Cristy female

Pat C Dawning female

LE 84286 RE

Tiffany Harden FL
Bravo Apache male DOB 10/1/99
(NGA Owner: Richard B Berndt)
Sire: Trojan Episode and Dam: Rm's Virgina

Unleashable Vun female 
Edna's Fantasy female
Grate Proclivity female
No Other Weigh female
Pearls of Paulen female
Pegs Bona Ventur female

LE 84267 RE 109B

Fern Houser (PA)
PHX Zaryona (Zoey) female DOB 10/8/99
(NGA Owner: Dennis Thornton)
Sire: Fifty Sev Chevy and Dam: Mesa Calico Gal


Phx Zaccrablu female RE 109A (Blu adopted by Clayton & Melissa DeGayner)

Phx Zackly male RE 109E

Phx Zavier male RE 109D

Phx Zobromby male RE 109F

LE 84250 RE 89E

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Rapido Actor (Actor) male DOB 8/99

Sire: Rapido Rambo and Dam: Bar X Celeste


Rapigold Phill male

Rapido Acacia female

Rapido Admiral male

Rapido Adonis male

Rapido Agatha female

Rapido Ms Alder female

LE 84247 RE 99B

Laura Hawkins CO (CA)
Kid's Phantom (Jett) male DOB 9/27/99
(NGA Owner: Mark G Ryan)
Sire: FMC's Wakeup and Dam: Bels Black Lily

Kid's Claton male
Kid's Ronni female
Bels Dahlia female RE 99C (Leyla adopted by David & Beckie Biddle San Diego)

LE 84227 RE 78F

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Kees Freddie (Lotto) DOB 7/28/98

Sire: Seek The Speed and Dam: Dreamer


Kees Gretchen (Gretchen) RE 78G (Adopted)

Kees Holly (Holly) RE 78H (Adopted)

Kees Arlie (Arlie) RE 78A (Adopted)

Kees Diamond (Diamond) RE 78D (Adopted)

Kees Bonnie (Bonnie) RE 78B (Adopted)

LE 84218 RE 109C

Allison Phears

Woods Red Baron (Junior) male DOB 10/99

Sire: Woods Dustbuster and Dam: Eur a Rose

(NGA Owner: Janet & Walter Woods)


Woods Cherokee male

Woods la Nina female

Woods Willie Win male

Woods Dragonwagn male

Woods Dusty Rose female

Woods Silverdust male

LE 84205 RE 109F

Will & Peggy Santor CO (Burlington, ON)

Nodak Jaws (Jazz) male Whelped 10/4/99

Sire: Molotov and Dam: Canadian Driver

(NGA Owner: Marvin Opp)


Nodak Mackeral female

Nodak Perch female

Nodak Sardine female

Nodak Shark male

LE 84203 RE 109E

Michelle Thomas & Jeremiah Cook FL (IN)
Rage of Power (Toby) male DOB 10/6/99
(NGA Owner: Michelle Thomas)
Sire: Molotov and Dam: She's My Leader

Hempstead male
Kiss a Native female (adopted MI?)
Legacy Rage male
Mazatleca female

LE 84152 RE 109G

Brenda Stacy FL (FL)
Winners Look (Toby) male DOB 10/4/99
(NGA Owner: Denny Graham or Eric S Rosch)
Sire: Mocan Try and Dam: Over My Shoulder


Flagsawaiven male

Late Train female

Montauk Scoot female

Time Machine femal

Star Hit female

LE 84144 RE 59G

Suzanne McCubbin (KY)

Wheres Too Nice (Anna) female DOB 5/22/99

Sire: Scott Free and Dam: Dutch Lora


Wheres Too Fast male

Wheres Too Busy male

LE 84078 RE 99C

Pamela Congersky NH (Spotswood, NJ)

SNB Little Annie (Annie) female Whelped 9/17/99

Sire: Dutch Billy Boy and Dam: Black Eyed Susie

(NGA Owner: Elizabeth J Israel)


SNB Lee's Sue female

LE 84071 RE 109B

LindaKaye Brown AZ

Easy's Dyese (Baby) Whelped 10/10/99

Sire: Rapido Rambo and Dam: Easy's Lassie

(NGA Owner: Julie Yearling Jr)


Easy's Ram female

Easy's Pibo female

LE 84049 RE 49E

Irene Moisl Connecticut (New York)

Rancho Say No (Alice) Female DOB 4/18/99

(NGA Owner: Andrew T Powell)

Sire:  Flying Neptune and Dam; Rancho Seyward


Pazzo Sapphire female

Rancho Foxy female

Rancho Roxie female

Rancho Said Who male (adopted contact Penny)

Rancho Say What male

LE 83990 RE

David A Walker

Beau Belle female DOB 9/30/99

(NGA Owner: Margaret A Cummings)

Sire: Great Son and Dam: Sassy Shannon


Carmella Bucci female

Holly Jean female

Lesil female

Aspen Son male RE 99A (Aspen adopted by Angela Alexander PA)

LE 83966 RE 99C

Erin Schommer Iowa (WI)
Linzee Larue (Linzee) female DOB 9/21/99
(NGA Owner: Kenneth P Le Febvre)
Sire: LPD Makers Mark and Dam: Jody Jo Di

Heather Heart female
Her Final Answer female

My Haylee female

Teacher Tara female

Wannabee Willy male

LE 83962 RE 99E

Laura McKee FL (SC)
Reko Argentina (Ginna) female DOB 9/25/99
(NGA Owner: Reko Enterprises)
Sire: Reko Explosive and Dam: Reko Queen

Reko Arabia female

Reko Donesia female

Reko Quebec male (Galen adopted by Laura McKee FL)

Reko Venezuela female

Reko el Salvador male (Sal)

LE 83960 99A

Laura DeFraia WV (VA)
Dabble Along (Dabble) female DOB 9/15/99
(NGA Owner: Wayne Ward)
Sire: Royal Duke and Dam: Mohican Sequence


Royal Sequince female

Royal Wayne male

Dallas Royale male

Destryridesagain male

LE 83954 RE 99B

Debi Wilson WV (TN)
CT's Fast Jack (Jack) male DOB 9/8/99
Sire: EF Racey Blenway and Dam: ML Etta Jo

(NGA Owner: Carl E Tomblin)

CT's Foxy Lady female
CT's Ashley female RE 99D (adopted)
CT's Betty Lou female
CT's Madonna female (Madonna adopted by Sandra Gorman)
CT's Princess female
CT's Proud Mary female
CT's Speecster male
CT's Yo Mamma female

LE 83920 RE

Marjorie & Joe D'Ariano NH (London ON)
LPK Snowman (Bennie) male DOB 8/22/99
Sire: My Mr Bocephus and Dam: Morella*

FWD Margaret female
FWD's Zain Train male
Jack Hammer male
La Ty Law male
LPK Mr Cableman male
LPK Snow White female

LE 83883 RE 99E

Tracy Berryman AL

Thanos (Emmit) male Whelped 9/14/99

Sire: Grey's Excalibur and Dam: Pensecola Girl*

(NGA Owner: Teri Kraft)


Elisha female

Tehva female

Tinsey female

LE 83867 RE 89C

Nora Rutter WI (IL)
Devie's Jetstar (Jetstar) female DOB 8/1/99
(NGA Owner: Mary Mackey)
Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Fortress Flair

Devie's October male
Devie's July female
Devie's February female
Devie's November male
Devie's December male
Devie's Sierra female
Devie's March female (adopted contact Penny)

LE 83853 RE

Maggie Finlay NH (NH)
Chef Salad (Chef) male DOB 9/11/99
(NGA Owner: JM Melillo Or Sue Boatright)
Sire: Moltov and Dam: Darlin Delta

Pasta Salad male
Garlic Salad male
Garden Salad female
Fruit Salad female
Deli Salad female

LE 83739 RE 99A

Kelly Sullivan WV,FL (PA)
Cee Bar Harsh (Nash) male DOB 9/4/99

(NGA Owner: SJ Scheibmeir, MJ Fynmore)
Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Cee Bar Smoke


Cee Bar Hannah female

LE 83737 RE 99C

Maureen Sampson (MD)
Kiowa Wind Bid (Mr Murphy) male DOB 9/7/99
(NGA Owner: B Dalton)
Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: TM's Misty Wind

Kiowa Wind Babe male
Kiowa Wind Below male
Kiowa Wind Bless female
Kiowa Wind Bliss male
Kiowa Wind Blow female
Kiowa Wind Best male

LE 83721 RE 99C

Judy Scharmach FL (Syracuse, NY)

Krafty Inertia (Bili Ruben) female D)B 9/1/99

Sire: Minaki Zeke and Dam: Iruska Alexa

(NGA Owner: Sam E Kraft)


Krafty Ichor male

Krafty Imitator female

Krafty Impact female

Krafty Itchy female

LE 83716 RE 99B
Gwen Blumenauer WV (Ohio)
Kianna Gold (Kianna or Kia) DOB 9/12/99 female
(NGA Owner: Teri Kraft)
Sire: Beam's Full Moon and Dam: Minaki Gold
Kearney Gold male (Kearney adopted out by Greyhound Friend of the Gulf Coast)
Kieran Gold male
Kinner Gold male (adopted)
Koby Gold male (adopted)

LE 83702 RE 50E

Jenny Haverland (North FL)
JJ's Imari (Taylor) female Whelped 5/19/90

Sire: My Starchaser and Dam: Miss Smoky Jeno


Pava female (Adopted North FL)

LE 83698 RE 30C

Jeanni Davis CT (North Eastern, PA)

Geno Green  (Geno) Male Whelped 3/16/90 Deceased

Sire: Black Lava Dam: Meadow's Innuend

(NGA Owner: Frank Funai)


Gussie Green female

Get Green male

Go Green male

Gracey Green female

Gary Green male

Gay Green female

LE 83681 RE 89C

Susan & Mike Smull NH (PA)

So So Joe (Joe) male DOB 8/20/99

Sire: My Broadway Joe and Dam: My T Zippy

(NGA Owner: Vincent Scott)

BC Gal female (still racing 11/30/02 at ShoreLine)
Delhi Cal male

Vs Slick male

DC Buckwheat male

LE 83677 RE 99B

Steve Reed VA

TB Lakota Wind (WindE) female Whelped 9/9/99

(NGA Owner: Thurman Baird)

Sire: TB Lakota Chief and Dam: Carrousel Eckert


LE 83668 RE 99D

Merle Carr CO (Alberta)
LL Piccolo Pal (Pal) male DOB 9/8/99
(NGA Owner: Blanch Or Chesler)
Sire: Galilee and Dam: Mag Marcia

LL Marcia female
LL My Man Multz male
LL Myrnas Moose female
LL Perfecta Pat female
LL Piccolo Vince male
LL Trifecta Tim male

LE 83660 RE 99H

Diane Cienki FL,CO,AZ (Oceanside CA)
Marks Harley (Sam) male DOB 9/1/99
Sire: Castor Troy and Dam: Icanflatout Fly

Candance Can Fly female
Courage Juice male
Dappled Out male
EMC Dishitoutflo female
EMC Orderupalice female
Gp's Tasha female
Pac Bell female

LE 83652 RE 99J

Katie DeWitt FL (CO)
Out of the Mist (Dylan) male DOB 9/7/99
(NGA Owner: John W Terrell)
Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: PJ's Off Misty

Myakka Covair male
Myakka Flex male
Myakka Puzzle male

LE 83648 RE 99A

Allen Schneider FL (MI)
Sassy Hillary (Allie) female DOB 9/7/99
(NGA Owner: Allen T Schneider)
Sire: Cody Crow and Dam: TJ Roys Knockout


Jim Knockout male

Knockout Ann female

Last Chance Jim male

LE 83642 RE

Tiffany Harden FL
Barkeeperjim male 8/25/99

(NGA Owner: Phillip C Kribbs)
Sire: Jack Carlton and Dam: Miss Jenarho
Mo Bingo female
Homerunwalker male

LE 83598 RE 89G

Hilary Sortor CT,FL,AR (NY)
System Mr Emmy (Emmy) female DOB 8/28/99
(NGA Owner: Hermitage Kennels Inc)
Sire: Rocksteady Eddie and Dam: System Melsister

System Mr Eddie male (adopted Penny)
System Mr Emily female
System Mr Eppie female (adopted Penny)
System Mr E Bay female (adopted Penny)

LE 83588 RE 99E

Barbara Greene (MD)

Shata Nevada (Nevada) male DOB 9/4/99
Sire: Blazing Desire and Dam: OHK Steamboat

Shata Dakota male RE 99D (adopted by June Ansaldi)

LE 83563 RE 89A
Sandy Baer FL (PA)
Hey Mikee (Mikee) male DOB 8/28/99
(NGA Owner: Champion Racing Team)
Sire: Hey Big Gun and Dam: Miz Amoco

LE 83550 RE 99C

Diane Knight AZ (San Marcos CA)
Truthatanycost (Apollo) male DOB 9/3/99
(NGA Owner: Plum Creek)
Sire: Pioneer Pride and Dam: Feeling Better

Admiral Indy male
Eternal female
Golden Gear female (adopted?)
Hold for Gold male
Slow Train male RE 99D (Taffy adopted by Janine & Jon Wright San Diego CA)

LE 83527 RE 89G

Lisa Gilmer (SC)
AMF Gunslinger (Ginger) female DOB 8/28/99
(NGA Owner: Tom Ferris)
Sire: Grey's Statesman and Dam: AMF Abba

AMF Archer female
AMF Sniper female
AMF Unibomber female

LE 83515 RE 98F

Heather Murray
Hallo Star Lass (Star) female DOB 9/98? Or 3/98?

(NGA Owner: James E ODonnell Jr)

Sire: What the Hail and Dam: Starlight Tisha


Hallo Hail female

Hallo Star Lady female

Hallo Starlight female

Hallo Sugar female

Hallo Tish female

LE 83507 RE 99A

Jana Jill Snyder (Oceanside, CA)

Efs Fastroddie (Becks) male DOB 9/3/99

Sire: Randy Handy and Dam: Vals Redhot Mama

(NGA Owner: Leslie Erwin)


Efs Butinloose male

Efs Fleaflicker male

Efs Freakylings male

Efs Nakatine female

Efs Roadrage male

Efs T Bar female

Efs Tangsicyhot female

LE 83501 RE 89C
Karen Binnebose TX (DE)
LM's Night Flyer (Buddy) male DOB 8/29/99
Sire: Standonit Alvin and Dam: AZ Princess Lynn
(NGA Owner: Louis Mettille)
Algoa Moon male
Algoa Sleet male
Algoa Stars  female

Algoa Rain male

LE 83484 RE 99A

Jennifer Christianson NH (ON)
Golddust Cadilac (Cleo) female DOB 9/1/99
(NGA Owner: Nadine Rigger)
Sire: Blazing Desire and Dam: Greys Blu Fox

NR's Flaminraymn male (adopted)
Golddust Bronco male RE 99B (adopted in SC)
Nr's Step Aside female
Nr's Way to Go female
NR's Watermanjim male
NRs Smoothharold male

LE 83467 RE 89F

Valerie & Michael Gustovich NH (Parma, OH)

Herehere LeClaire male Whelped 8/7/99

Sire: Wigwam Wag and Dam: Jimbo Rosey

(NGA Owner: Paul D Sovie)


Archie Delivers male

Bighilandkiller male

Good Guy Elkind male

Larg Rog Isback male

Nasty Eddie Buco male

Taylormadepappas male

LE 83460 RE 89K

Patti Moylan WI (NJ)
Pazzo Cola (Gracie) female DOB 8/17/99
(NGA Owner: Gail Toenges)
Sire: Wigwam Wag and Dam: Blitzin Lilly


Pazzo Cole male
Pazzo Fresca female
Pazzo Mimosa female
Pazzo Mr Dew male
Pazzo Peppercorn male
Pazzo Wag male
Pazzo Yen female

LE 83430 RE 89E

Jaeda Burkey AK

It Was Marlo (Kashmir) female DOB 8/22/99

Sire: Bold Braz and Dam: It Was Mary

(NGA Owner: Bill A Elliott)


Contrary Carrie female

Bold Alvin male

Bold Jethro male

Bold Bart male

It Was Mae female

Bold Stud male

Bold Teddy male

LE 83425 RE 89B

Jean Bell FL (NC)
Mega Galloway (Galloway) male DOB 8/20/99
(NGA Owner:  Max Gessler)
Sire:  Mega Gordy and Dam:  Mega Heather

Mega Gallagher male
Mega Garbo female
Mega Gene male
Mega Gentry male
Mega Ginger female
Mega Gregory male

LE 83380 RE 89E

Dawn Cooke FL (Ridgeway VA)

Bets On Alicia (Sophie) female DOB 8/23/99
Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Fastern Fire
(NGA Owner: SE Schmidt or MJ Fynmore)

Bets on Mike male RE 89F (Mikey adopted by Hannah Roach SC)
Bets on Matt male (adopted by Hannan Roach)

Bets On Timberly female (died due to broken neck)
Bets On Whitney female (adopted?)
Bets On Carrie female (adopted ?)

LE 83349 RE 50D
Gloria J Dorn (IN)
F J Stackie (Blue Girl) female Whelped 5/20/90
(NGA Owners: Frank Stack & Helen White)
Sire: Dark Rumor and Dam: Frictions Holly

LE 83311 RE 89D

Gene Dickey FL (NC)
Bayou Dazzle (Dazzle) female DOB 8/16/99
(NGA Owner: Joseph S Becks)
Sire: BR's Blue Chip and Dam: Bw Sagittarius

Distant Quasar female
Maple Grove male
Time is Tight female

LE 83292 RE 89C

Glory Jacumin (SC)
AMF Lemony (Joy) female DOB 8/99 (adopted)

Sire: EJs Douglas and Dam: AMF Sweet


AMF Minty (adopted NC)

AMF Sugary (adopted PA)

AMF Bittersweet male (foster Glory)

AMF Tangy male (adopted by Aaron Embry)

BB Sweetypetie male (foster Glory)

AMF Pungent

AMF Salty Dog

LE 83257 RE 69C

Joey Knopp (MO)

Terry Episode (Savana) female DOB 6/1/99
(NGA Owner: Lisa Tater)
Sire: Wigwam Wag and Dam: Clearlakeepisode

Camy Episode female
Corduroyepisode male
Denim Episode male
Jersey Episode male
Lycra Episode female
Rayon Episode male

LE 83237 RE 89C

Jody Sampley NH (CA)
Island Daisy (Daisy) female DOB 8/21/99
(NGA Owner: James E Knowles)
Sire: Bee Lite and Dam: No Fruits

Island Blossom female (adopted)
Island Rose female

LE 83222  RE 89A

Ronda & Jim Corey (WA)

DB Little Gerri (Gerri) female  DOB 8/1/99

Sire: Mighty Sparrow and Dam: DB First Lady

(NGA Owner: Duran Bros)


DB Jesstopo male

DB Rosalinda female

DB Bullish male

DB First Star male

DB Uncle Sam male

LE 83176 RE 89G

Patricia B Wunderlich FL (NC)

Mesa Rickie (Sambo) male Whelpled 8/9/99

Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: Mesa Jet

(NGA Owner: Mark Adams)


Mesa Acurace Male
Mesa Can Do Girl Female
Mesa Dallas Male
Mesa Elle Female
Mesa Flyin High Female
Mesa Honorable Male
Mesa Inkjet Babe Female

LE 83154 RE 89F & 89D

Jayne & Bill Baldwin (Hamilton, ON)

Hampton Hoopla (Blaze) & (Cruiser) DOB 8/8/99

Dam: Wd's Darling and Sire: Kiowa Majority

(NGA Owner: Robert E King)


Hampton Weaver female

Hampton Albert male

LE 83122 RE 89B

Cathy Daniels (Canton, OH)
Rushmore Pride male Whelped 8/1/99

Sire: Montechina and Dam: Flying Colonial

(NGA Owner: H. Hal Gill)


Flying Buick female

Flying Pontiac male

LE 83117 RE 89E

Elizabeth & Steven Brown FL (OR)
Pak Wicked Ways (Midnight) female DOB 8/1/99

Sire: Pat C Montecarlo and Dam: Buzzette

(NGA Owners: Eric Frick or Dr Jeffery Mize)


Pak Coyote Ugly male

Pak Yeabut male

Pak Rising Tide male

LE 83110 RE 50B

Robin Norton

Sara McFly DOB 5/19/90

Sire: Hondo Barbarian and Dam: Grannys Shadow
Hurricane McFly Male
Kona McFly Male
Max McFly Male
Mippy McFly Female

LE 83106 RE 89D
Mike & Bobbye Fisher TX
Damon Lois (Dancye) female DOB 8/3/99
NGA Owner: Melvin Katt)
Sire: Wigwam Wag and Dam: TK's Skidaddle
Damon Dee Female
Damon Cheetah Male
Damon Sydney Male
Damon Dealer Male
Damon Salsa Male

LE 83091 RE 89J

Jennifer MacLean FL (MI)
J's Fear Not (Chase) male DOB 8/9/99
(NGA Owner: John Cargal)
Sire: Grey's Statesman and Dam: J's Comearunnin

Js Coupe male

Js Cruise male

Js Harmony female

Js Jaci female

Js Joeli female (adopted)

Js Julio male (adopted)

Js Lani female

J's Scooby male (adopted MD)

LE 83079 RE 89D

Amy Zimmer NH (ON)

LRs Candy (Cleopatra) female DOB 8/4/99

(NGA Owner: Lance Robelia)

Sire: Evening Memory and Dam: P's Nexus


LR's Fury female

LR's Juliann female

LR's Seeker female (adopted Penny)

LR's Suzie female

LE 83052 RE 89A

Lesley Dupuy IA (MI)
Street Magic (Scarlett) female DOB 8/13/99
(NGA Owner: Robert Hardisonor Tyville Inc)
Sire: SC's Mask Rider and Dam: Commanding View


Street Talk female

Street Freak male

Street Ways female

Street Rider male

LE 83028 RE 89B

Josie Hampton FL (NC)

Little Biggie (Bambi) female DOB 8/10/99
(NGA Owner:  Sharon Williams)
Sire:  Molotov and Dam: Ims Not Easy

Biggie Little male
Little Biggie (Bambi) female DOB 8/10/99

LE 83024 RE 89E

Colleen Stevens KS (MA)
Banesa female Whelped 8/4/99

Sire: Follies Bergiere and Dam: Duchessodisaster

(NGA Owner: Philip M Pruett)


Yesica female

Cesilio male RE 89I (Lio adopted by Cass Ross in Halifax NS)

BB JoPaul male

Sonia female

Bb Peterpam female

Banesa female

LE 82972 RE 89G

Jessica Buczek MA (NY)
Me Go Bugs (Bugsy) female DOB 8/99
(NGA Owner: Gerald Marten)
Sire: Blazin Blitz and Dam: Bare Footed Kick

Chemar Launchpad male
Che Mar Blues male
Che Mar Lil Dixe female
Che Mar Roamer female
Chemar Cottonsox female
Chemar Tru Value male

LE 82940 RE 50E

Dan Krapf FL/NJ (Santa Cruz CA)
Smooth Jon Rand (Trailways) male Whelped 5/18/90

(NGA Owner: Dick Andrews)
Go Little Tuscar
Island Chopper
Smooth Randy
Smooth Vicki

LE 82934 RE 79C

Jennifer Lapum CT (ON)
Emerald Bluebird (Raya) female DOB 7/99

Sire: Wigwam Wag and Dam: Okie Cruiser

(NGA Owner: Eric Lathrop)


XL Mamas Boy male

XL Blondie female

Emerald Bluejay female

EJ Sweet Hanna female

Emerald Dove female

Emerald Eagle male

Wag Marijean female

LE 82929 RE 79B

Marina Green NH
Hey Camila (Willow) female DOB 7/23/99
Sire:Way Ofthe Dragon and Dam: Untangle

(NGA Owner: Phillip M Pruitt)


Memo male

Sidro male

LE 82925 RE 89F

Margery Nagel (CA)
WB Not Forgotten (Gracie) female DOB 8/4/99
(NGA Owner: Bill Ralston/Margery Nagel)
Sire: Wd's Early Lad and Dam: Wds Sweet Thing
Beverlys Express female
Haily's Sweetness female
Olde Hopeful female
WD's Casey Niell male
WD's Kerosene female

LE 82902 RE 89E

Rebecca & Rob Lariviere NH (London ON)
PS Emily (Emily) female DOB 8/2/99
(NGA Owner: Patricia Stover)
Sire: Zangie and Dam: Nita's Holly

PS Big Ed male
PS Holly's Anne female
PS Holly's Bea female
PS Holly's Dream female
PS  Holly's Huitt male
PS Sweet Mama female

LE 82872 RE 89E

Barbara Wall CT (Ontario)

Sandy Pads (Maddie) female DOB 8/2/99

Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Red Nitro


Easy Breezer female

Teasing Tara female

Dine With Wine female

LE 82853 RE 79H

Melanie Bryan (WV) VA
PF Skylark (Finnegan) male EOB 7/26/99
(NGA Owner: Dick Figurilli)
Sire: Stone Buick and Dam: Ancestor


PF Bigtodd Buick male

PF Century male

PF Grand Sport male

PF Le Sabre male

PF Park Ave male

PF Regal Ltd male

LE 82844  RE 79B

Liz Pelletier MA (Raynham/Taunton)

JG Quick N Fast (Finneas) male DOB 7/25/99

Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: LZ Miss Quick H

(NGA Owner: Joe Gosselin)


JG Quickflash female

JG Quickwink female (adopted by Liz)

JG Zachary male (adopted by Shauna Savoie, NB)

LE 82829 RE 79F

Kaleigh Cheeseman KS (Windsor, ON)

Okie Zona (Zona) female DOB 7/27/99

Sire: Montechina and Dam: Okie Rochelle

(NGA Owner: Gaylan L Edwards)


Okie Dierke male

Okie Janet female

Okie Kieran female

Okie Brodie male

Okie Dawn female

Okie Playboy male

Okie Noel male

Okie Lasse male

LE 82823 RE 79A

Sharon Diebel (Phoenix, AZ)

Desert Diplomat (Dippy Blue) male Whelped 7/28/99

Sire:  TV Darrell and Dam: Evasive Emma

(NGA Owner: Ralph J or Michael J De Polo)


Desert Devil male

LE 82790 RE 79I

Megann Polak NH (Ontario)
K'S Wings (Gracie) female DOB 7/18/99
(NGA Owner: Trendsetter Kennels)
Sire: Fortress* and Dam: TM'S Honor Roll

K'S Elite female (Ellie Sue, Bill & Nancy Mickey MI)
K'S Capote male
K'S Honcho male
K'S Jewel female
K'S Machou male
K'S Max male
K'S Woopie female

LE 82763 RE 79F

Denise Capton NH (ON)
Legs Eudora (Dora) female DOB 7/21/99
(NGA Owner: Lloyd E Green)
Sire: CJ  San  Kee and Dam: Legs Serena

Ernie male
Legs Earlybird female
Legs Elam male
Legs Elliot male
Legs Energy male
Legs Evelyn female
Legs Ezygoing male

LE 82788 RE 79B

Meredith Hocking (MO)
(?Jane Doe) (Jane) female DOB 7/99

LE 89284 RE 60C

Hope Shultz (VA)
Dolly Parton (Dolly) female DOB 6/1/00
(NGA Owner: Lawrence B Hamilton)
Sire: Wigwam Hoss and Dam: Dutch's Princess

Dan Miller male
Dormont Hoss male
Christians Bud male
Dream Angel female
Dream Princess female (retired)
Freckles Brown male (retired)
Jim Shoulders male
Oklahoma Hills female
Tuffy Hedeman male

LE 82732 RE 79E

Rebecca Baird FL (PA)

Bel's Tundra (Belle) female DOB 7/21/99
(NGA Owner: Anne or Earl Hickman)
Sire: Castor Troy abd Dam: Bel's O'Grady

Bel's Frosty female
Bel's Glacier female
Bel's Iceberg male
Bel's Igloo female

LE 82721 RE 79A

Heather Powers AL (MS)
Augie Dogie (Augie) male DOB 7/18/99
(NGA Owner: Robert Boerner)
Sire: Molotov and Dam: Arrive Early

Lofty Girl female

Als Jewel female

Bobs Girl female

Miss Gheptto female

Molly Dolly female

Snobby male

LE 82693 RE 79G

Stacey Venhuizen WI (MI)
Dear Ms Genna (Genna) female DOB 7/19/99
(NGA Owner: Trudy Neely)
Sire: Greys Bustnloose and Dam: Catcha Callie


Dear Mr Al male

Dear Mr Hobo male

Dear Ms Carlotta female

Dear Ms Ellie female

LE 82686 RE 79C
Erica & David Puopolo FL (Edison NJ)

Oak Knoll Dash (Charles) male 7/21/99
(NGA Owner: Margarett Melba Foster)
Sire: Loxahatchee Dash and Dam: Checkered Flag

Oak Knoll Tressa female
Oak Knoll Casey male
Oak Knoll Hagan male
Oak Knoll Joltin male (adopted contact Lisa Hern)
Oak Knoll Melina female (Mel adopted by Lisa Hern Grand Rapids MI)

LE 82671 RE 79B

Lisa Kelly FL (Lebanon, PA)
Onedearful Champ (Champ) male Whelped 7/16/99
(NGA Owner: James Kamerzel III)
Sire: Flying Train and  Dam: Ion Sugar Plum

Bm Sundance female

Hug Doctor male (adopted by Chuck Hadaway Jr)

Iou A Win female (died due to bad injury)
Punky Girl female (adopted?)

Red Red Wine male (adopted by Julie Collins Valparaiso IN)

Tuf Wolf male (adopted by Rick Wear Birmingham AL)

LD's Millennium female (Daisy adopted by Jonathan Hopkins Georgetown TX)
Geaux Biggmary female (Brandee adopted Peter & Betty Bateman Vermilion OH)

Toms Out male

Ray Allen male

LE 82663 RE 79B

Ashley Turcotte (MA)
Geo Dude (Chui) male DOB 7/16/99
(NGA Owner: )
Sire: Mohagany Row and Dam: Boutique Dawn


LE 82644 RE 35C

Sue Wentz KS (WI)
Good Answer (Simon) male DOB 7/17/99
(NGA Owner: Sue Wentz)
Sire: Mocan Speed and Dam: Kansas Creation


LE 82601 RE 79E

Rowan Job-Julian MD (CT)

Easy Lovin (Easy) female DOB 7/10/99

(NGA Owner: Robert L Jewell)

Sire: Twilite Reward and Dam: Hiheelsinmotion


KL Badtothebone male RE 79B (Becker adopted by Rowan)

KL Cash Reward

KL Actionjackson

KL Ginger

LE 82581 RE 79D

Michelle Allen OR (OR)
Rank Outsider (Frankie) female DOB 7/14/99
Sire: Oswald Cobbelpot and Dam: Leslie Visser

Zoomin by male RE 79G (adopted by Patti Packham)
Bryan The Lion male
Frolicking male
In Crusiecontrol female
Movin Like A Winner male
Should Have Bet Me male (adopted)
Simply The Best female
Staright A's female

LE 82560 RE 79C

Nancy Schwerdt AZ (CA)

Coldwater Donley (Bremen) Whelped 7/9/99

Sire: Santa Fe Rufus and Dam: Coldwater Albina

(NGA Owners: Oscar Henderson or Georgia Medis)


Coldwater Prima female RE 79E (adopted by Ken Isaak & Cheryl Scherr)

Coldwater Groom male RE 79A (adopted)

Coldwater Season female RE H

Coldwater Seali female RE G

Coldwater Alpha female RE F

Coldwater Vision female RE I

Coldwater Haskin male RE B

Coldwater Conoco male RE D

LE 82549 RE 79C

Jennifer Alexander NH (London ON)
Jahoda's Richie (Icarus) male DOB 7/15/99
(NGA Owner: Richard Arno)
Sire: Wigwam Hoss and Dam: Dlb's Electra

Jahoda's Lady D female RE 79D (Sasha adopted in Manitoba)
Jahoda's Elect male RE 79A (Orion adopted by Jennifer)
Jahoda's Remy female (Remy adopted in IL)
Jahoda's Airmax male RE 79? (Maximum Bob adopted in ON)
Jahoda's Spanky male RE 79H (Atlas also adopted by Jennifer)
Jahoda's Maxwell male RE 79I (Riley adopted in ON)
Jahoda's Limon male
Jahoda's Clark male

LE 82544 RE

Glory Jacumin
Vamosse Kid (Brat) DOB 4/1/90 DOD 12/06/02

Sire: Tight Schedule and Dam: Pasha Critter

(NGA Owner: Albert R Sapp)

Big Emma female

Freerolling female

Delicious Dee female

Hotfoot Allen male

Hotfoot Grey male

LE 82531 RE 79G


Zoomin By (Flash) male Whelped 7/14/99
Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: Leslie Visser
Bryan The Lion Male
Frolicking Male
In Cruisecontrol Female
Movin Likawinner Male
Rank Outsider Female RE 79D (Frankie adopted by Michelle Allen OR)
Should Of Bet Me Male
Simply The Best Female
Straight A's Female

LE 82510 RE 50D

Liz Hurd
Joanna Cruz female 5/1/90

Sire: Tight Schedule and Dam: Crete Express


Cachimba Cruz male

Carrie Cruz female

Kitty Cruz female

Nena Cruz female

Peggy Cruz female

Rubideen Cruz female

LE 82499 RE 79A

Susan Smith MA (NJ)
Wildfire Walt (Precious) male DOB 7/16/99

(NGA Owner: Walter E Cryer)

Sire: Real Economy and Dam: Toast

Wicker Wonder male
William Lee male

LE 82497 RE 50D
Gloria J Dorn (IN)
Uncle Paddy male Whelped 5/1/90 DOD 1/4/02
(NGA Owner: Dick Andrews)
Sire: Peaceful Paddy and Dam: EC Angel


Paddy's Angel female

Peace Dove female

Peace Message male

Angel Candidate female

Angel Lass female

LE 82496 RE

Paul Mills FL (Philadelphia, PA)
AB Valid Trick (Trick) female Whelped 7/5/99

Sire: Circulate and Dam: Gorun Rainytex

(NGA Owner: Ronald W Stewart)


Packin Jackie P female

Rashebas Baby female

AB Valid Heart

Not Joes Baby male

AB Valid Chant female

AB Valid Devine (Devine) female RE 79B AL (adopted by Martha Landsiedel)

AB Valid Genius male

LE 82491 RE 79B

Dayle Kelloway FL (FL)
Jams Curt Towne (Curbee) male DOB 7/16/99
(NGA Owner: Joe & Martha Rothenberg)
Sire: Jams Cal V and Dam: Jams Carrot

LE 82466 RE 79B

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Radar Ranger (Ranger) DOB 7/10/99

Sire: Fortress and Dam: Rapido Nikki


Hot Lips Hulahan female

Lets Go Nell female

Nanny female

Rebeccas Secret female

LE 82466 RE 79A

Laurie Palmeira CT (NH)
Lets Go Nell (Nellie) female DOB 7/10/99
(NGA Owner: Darrell Pranke)
Sire: Fortress* and Dam: Rapido Nikki

Hot Lips Hulahan female
Nanny female
Rebecca's Secret female

Rapido Davenport male RE 79D (Grappa adopted by Gary & Lana Henley TX)

LE 82437 RE 79C

Cyndi Wilkins FL (SC)
My Cory Star (Cory) male DOB 7/13/99
(NGA Owner: Sharon Wray Kelly)
Sire: My Rooster and Dam: Sharp Star

Beaming Star male
Bill Masterson male
Flittering Star female
Greenhaus Lobell male
Joe K male
Sharpest Star female
Stareyed female

LE 82430 RE 79F

Rosemarie Grimes (MA)
(Kira) female DOB 7/2/99
(NGA Owner: Kevin M Holliway)
Sire: M's Jake's Light and Dam: Little Fiber

LE 82424 RE 69G

Catlin & Al Struelens AZ (San Diego CA)
Gilbert's Tiger (Layla) female DOB 6/12/99
Sire: WD's Santiago and Dam: McNally's Caper


Brophys Broncos female

Centrals Bobcat female

Hamilton Huskies male

MT Pointe Pride male

MT Ridges Lions male

Paradise Trojans female

LE 82407 RE 799E
Natalie P LeVasseur & Harry Wiersema AL (Knoxville TN)
C Ya Rapid Fire (Amikino or Miko) Female DOB 7/3/99
(NGA Owner: Rodrick H or Darin D Neal)
Sire: Flying Neptune and Dam: Ogallala Paige
C Ya Crossfire male
C Ya Fiery Heart female
Night Shift male
Third Degreeburn male

LE 82371 RE 69A

Nathalie Jacob (New Brunswick)

Coba Lil Bandit (Danja) female DOB 6/20/99

Sire: Flying Train and Dam: IFB'S Ms Thekla

Coba Holy Cow female

LE 82368 RE 79F

Terri Lillis FL (NC)
Go Wild (Hasset) male DOB 9/3/99
(NGA Owner: Amy Birnbaum)
Sire: Wild Scuffle and Dam: Melody


Do The Wildthing male

Totally Wild male

Wild female

LE 82356 RE 79D

Jaeda Burkey FL

SJ Wild Man (SJ) male DOB 7/4/99

Sire: Foxy And Smooth and Dam: SJ Jessica

(NGA Owner: Stanley Jacukowicz)

SJ Baby female

SJ Orange male

SJ Victory male RE 79C (Adopted by Jaeda)

SJ Yeller male

LE 82349 RE 69B

Linda Russi TX (TX)

DDMs Oreo (Bavlee) female DOB 6/18/99

Sire: JNJ Satin Prince and Dam: Danas Sheniah


DDM's Ben Hur male

DDM's Centurian male

DDM's Nile Queen female

LE 82330 RE 79B

Nancy Shook AL (MS)
CD Byte (Bert) male DOB 7/1/99
(NGA Owner: Earl Landers)
Sire: Evening Memory and Dam: Speeding Haley

CD Irene female
CD Laser female
CD Memorex male
CD Online female
CD Printer male
CD Scanner male

LE 82307 RE 59F
Pamela Korte NH (Rochester, NY)

Chelsehama female Whelped 5/3/90
Sire: Dutch Bahama and Dam: Lady Black


Alahama male

Beckyhama female

Flying Aztec female

Juliehama female

LE 82299 RE 59D & 59C

Michael & Cheryl Gill FL (MI)

Wild U S Babylon (Baby) female & Wild U S Ezra (Ezra) femaleDOB 5/24/99

(NGA Owner: John Taylor)

Sire: Molotov and Dam: Kiowa Bel Shirl


Tt Torgerson male

Wild U S Genasis female

Wild U S Isaiah male

Wild U S Malachi female

Wild U S Psalms female

LE 82243 RE 79C

Tiffany Rene Hammock Missouri

Myty Mansredfire (Monty) male Whelped 7/12/99

(NGA Owner: Wayne Keltner)

Sire: Myty Slam Dunk and Dam: Honee Kool


LGs Hector male

LGs Henrietta female

LE 82214 RE 79H

Carol Sahlfeld (TX)
HI Handy (Lance) male DOB 7/1/99
(NGA Owner: Gene Butler)
Sire: CJ Pepto Bahama and Dam: HI Charming


BR Queen Of Mean female

Hi Accord male

Hi Badge male

Hi Elect male

Hi Famed male

Hi Grand male

LE 82137 RE

Cara Nicks TX (AB)
San Tan Buster (Buster) male DOB 6/1/99
(NGA Owner: Kenneth or Janet Allen)
Sire: San Tan Savage and Dam: San Tan Surely

San Tan Action male
San Tan Callie female
San Tan Deva female
San Tan Graceful female
San Tan Hardtime female
San Tan Surefire female

LE 82134 RE 20B

Marylynne & David FL (KY)

Waycross Atlanta (Lanna) female DOB 2/2/90

Sire: Cebo Delegate and Dam: Pendant

(NGA Owner: Jimmy Titsworth)

LE 82129 RE 79G

Jennifer Gomez FL (NY)

Wheres My Money (Truman) male DOB 7/1/99

Sire: Molotov and Dam: Hondo Charbaby


Call Me Wildfire female

Dark Molli female

Guaranteed male

Navigator male

Spot Cash female

Temptation female

LE 82115 RE 69D

Cheryl Tarlaian NH (RI)

Sober Sandie (Sandie) female DOB 6/23/99

(NGA Owner: Harvey O Maupin Jr)

Sire: Dutch Billy Boy and Dam: WIX Copycat


Sane Shady male

Shady Shelly female

Shake Up Shaky male

Special Springer male

Successful Sally female

Super Surely male

LE 82071 RE 69C

June Ansaldi CT

Nightmare Nellie (Nellie) female 6/19/99

Sire: Volatile Stu and Dam: Countess Fantasy


Jetrocket John male

Fantasy QB male

LE 82066 RE 69E

Rebecca Rollison NH (DE)
Carolina Heron (Eagle) male DOB 6/22/99
(NGA Owner: Charles Rink)
Sire: RM's Davey and Dam: Corky Robin

Carolina Dove female
Carolina Crow male
Carolina Hawk male
Carolina Falcon male

LE 82062 RE 69A & 69D
Ady Cerreta (Atlanta, GA)
Kmax Starlite (Star) female 6/10/99
Kmax Sunlite  (Sun) female 6/10/99
Sire: Final Ascent and Dam: Brides Maid (Brandy) 4/5/92 (Adopted by Ady)
Kmax Flashlite male (Flash adopted by Ady)

Kmax Moonlite female

Kmax Spotlite female

LE 82038 RE

Cindi Parker ?

Kiowa Kim Kan male (Jessie James) DOB 6/15/99
Sire: Wigwam Wag and Dam: D's Kim

(NGA Owner: Smith Greyhounds or RJ Ward)

D's Sara Bella female
Kiowa Kim Sheri female
Kiowa Kim Kelly female
Kiowa Kim Says female
Kiowa Kim Wigwam male (died 2/1/03 cancer)
Kiowa Kimmie female

LE 82035 RE 69G

Evelyn Gilleland TX (TX)
Stat D Shorty (Kiki) female DOB 6/5/99
(NGA Owner: Roger Sifferman)
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Hondo Donder

Stat D Sally female
Stat D Sandy female
Stat D Shakey female
Stat D Travis male

Stat D Vic male

LE 82024 RE 69E

Jill Fitzpatrick KS,IA,FL (NJ)
Barts Freedom (Shadow) male DOB 6/19/99
(NGA Owner: Travis Bartley)
Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: Blackberry Fizz

Barts America female

Barts Justice male

Barts Liberty female

Barts Vote female (adopted by Pam Stephens in Nashville)

LE 81978 RE

Nadine Caldwell FL (NC)
Lisbon's Abel (Abel) male DOB 6/13/99
(NGA Owner: Paul Klauer)
Sire: Flying Voyager and Dam: Flying Highball

Lisbon's Attaboy male
Lisbon's Angle female (adopted ?)
Lisbon's Arthur male
Lisbon's A OK male

Lisbons Abby female

Lisbons Amy Lee female

LE 81976 RE 69F

Vicki Silvis TX (TX)
CTW Cute Barmaid (Annie) female DOB 6/15/99
(NGA Owner: David R Peck)
Sire: Blazing Desire and Dam: Ring U Babe*


CTW The Bailiff male

CTW Baby Cakes female

CTW Slow Dog male

CTW The Bachelor male

CTW Boast Alot male

LE 81971 RE 69D

Patty Luter KS (MO)
Just In Dallas (Roy) male DOB 6/20/99
(NGA Owner: Seastrom Kennels)
Sire: Epic Prince and Dam: Justa Teaser


Just In LA female RE 69C (Ellie adopted by Donnie/Sandra Fowler Kingsport TN)

Just In Austin male

Just In Fargo female

Just In Houston male

Just In Tampa male

Just In Vegas male

LE 81933 RE 69C

Angela Eubanks AZ (San Diego CA)
Bacopa Doc (Hansel) male DOB 6/11/99
Sire: Mankato and Dam: Kiowa Pecos

Bacopa Frankie male
Bacopa Ryan male
Bacopa Sal male
Lady Mae Emma

LE 81899 RE 69

Heather Powers AL (MS)
Avago Moggie (Moggie) male DOB 6/15/99
(NGA Owner: Terri Kraft)
Sire: Abita Simon and Dam: BI's Jenkins

Fair Dinkum Mate male (adopted)

Avago Mick male

BIs Flyinglady female

BIs Flying male

BIs Flying Act male

LE 81892 RE 69I
Carrie Vottero WV (Greensburg, PA)
Craigie Peeper (Meadow Grace) female DOB 6/13/99
Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: Craigie Kelly
(NGA Owner: Steven A Boyd)
Craigie Class male
Craigie Clever female
Craigie Client female
Craigie Clipper female
Craigie Coast female
Craigie Cobalt male
Craigie Cobbler male RE 69E (adopted by Gennafer Selembo Greensburg, PA)
Craigie Cobble male
Craigie Cobra male
Craigie Flow female
Craigie Scarlet female
Craigie Clover female

LE 81819 RE 69G


CT (Long Island, NY)
Deb Buzzme Dimpe male (Riley) DOB 6/10/99

Sire: Buzz Around and Dam: Our Hollie Lyn

(NGA Owner: Doyle Eugene Beeman)
Deb Buzzme Rache female
Rapido Logger male
Rapido Lingo female
Deb Buzzme Suzze female
Deb Buzzme Jean female
Deb Buzzme Darr female
Deb Buzzme Gary male
Deb Buzzme Johny male

LE 81777 RE 69A & G

Juliana & Terry Christy FL (Greensville, SC)

Ww Highlite RE 69A
Ww Trade Wind RE 69G

Sire: Wind Fall and Dam: Kansas Cupid

(NGA Owner: Wayne R Ward)


Ww Ramrod
Ww Commando
Ww Landslide
Ww Boomerang

LE 81774 RE 69G

Kathlyn Ferrari CT (Feeding Hills, MA)

RJs Starlight (Cole) male DOB 6/11/99

Sire: Solitary Runner and Dam: PGA Robin

(NGA Owner: J Sanderford)


RJs Sady female

RJs Sarge male

LE 81764 RE 59A

Lois Niven AZ (CA)
JNB Return Cash (Sienna) female DOB 5/26/99
(NGA Owner: Joyce Burford)    
Sire: Zingo Casey and Dam: RC Ronni B

JNB Rebel Cause male

JNB Royal Casey male

LE 81714 RE 69G

Annette Goldwyn (FL)
Ss Sweet Kiss (Sweet Kiss) female DOB 6/8/99
(NGA Owner: Gary Ballard)
Sire: Twilite Reward and Dam: SS Candy Lane

Ss Skyway male

Ss Nite Flight
Ss Candy Kiss
Cherry Kiss
Jet Set
Star Kiss
Sky Jet
Ss Rewind

LE 81693 RE 69H

Tony & Kati Giannasi AL, FL (LA)
Eg Rain Dust (Camella) female 6/1/99

Sire: Tempo Rocketfire and Dam: Fairy Duster

(NGA Owner: Janet E Cason)
Eg Tidal Wave male
Eg Misty female
Eg Stormy
Eg Sunny female
Eg Gusty female
Eg Cloud Cover male
Eg Wind Shear male

LE 81595 RE 49C

Brent Hamilton FL (SC)

Double Jeopardy Female Whelped 4/1/99

Sire: Fused Energy and Dam: Rufflemyfeathers

(NGA Owner: Joanne Saslovsky)


Double Energy Male (Adopted living in NJ)

Jojo's Missy Female

Double Deuce Male (Adopted by Brent)

Zigazin Female

LE 81570 RE 59C

Angela Eubanks AR,AZ (San Diego CA)
RD's Adidas (Adidas) female DOB 5/27/99
(NGA Owner: Gloria Dorsey)
Sire: RD's Cutter and Dam: Rd's Verlaine

RD's Converse male
RD's Hush Puppy female
RD's Keds female
RD's Nike female
RD's Puma female
RD's Reebok male

LE 81540 RE 599A

Judy Parsons (CO)
Raising Jazz (Jazz) female DOB 5/1/99
(NGA Owner: NW Ashford)
Sire: P's Raising Cain and Dam: Easy Pearlmom

Raising Mask male
Cain's Fury male
Cain's Wrath male

LE 81507 RE 59E

Russ & Nancy Passage (FL)
Jimbo Earl E male  DOB 5/28/99

Sire: Devilish Episode and Dam: Jolly Wit

(NGA Owner: Harold Fisher)


Jimbo Chief male
Jimbo Daisey female
Jimbo Duke male
Jimbo Prince male
Jimbo Lady G female
Jimbo Wit male

LE 81498 59D

Noreen & Michael Marshall (Orchard Park NY)

Jc Its Cerah (Cerah) female Whelped 5/1/99 Died 7/18/02

Sire: Flying Elite and Dam: Whats The Limit

(NGA Owner: Joseph Castro)


JC Whatsthelimit male

Jc Leaveittosara female

Jc Melmypal female

Jc Redwhitesox female

Jc Elite Jaws male

Jc Fat Fernando male

LE 81486 RE 59F

Kate Honebrink FL (MN)
Fountain of Youth (Lily, Lilith) female DOB 5/25/9
(NGA Owner: Bahama Mama Greyhounds)
Sire: Oneco Cheerio and Dam: Fortress*

Adayattheraces male (adopted)
Cheers My Dear female (adopted)
Crazy Bartender male (adopted)
Pathfinder male (adopted)
Winds of War male (adopted)

LE 81473 RE 59D

Blanche Fedor FL (NC)
Perfectly Dry (Sport) male DOB 5/22/99

(NGA Owner: Peter Sarin)
Sire: Unruly Storm and Dam: Catch A Comet

Perfectly Bold female
Perfectly Golden male
Perfectly Easy male
Perfectly Fast male

LE 81449 RE 59C

Parise Coulombe CT (Quebec)
Mc Bo Bower (Mery-Hotep) male DOB 5/24/99
Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Lady Valerie*

Mc Roger and Out male
Mc Rattlesnake male
Mc Simply Alex male
Mc Tony Sea male (Tony adopted by David Nelson RI)
Mc Slippery Fish male

LE 81442 RE 59D

Vicki Holmes NH (ON)
Kiowa Green Gun (Baby) female DOB 5/22/99
Sire: My Mr Bocephus and Dam: Mohican Green

Kiowa Green Gate female
Kiowa Green Gary male
Kiowa Green Gail female RE 59A
Kiowa Green Girl female
Kiowa Green Good male
Kiowa Green Goto male
Kiowa Green Good male

LE 81432 RE 59E

Janet Shaffer FL (Ont)
SS Tal Iano (Jake) male DOB 5/15/99
(NGA Owner: Gary Ballard)
Sire: My Broadway Joe and Dam: Oprah's On

SS Broadway Jan female
SS Broadway Moe male
SS Day Day male
SS Gizmo male
SS Indiana Joe male
SS Rita female
SS Stinger male

LE 81424 RE 59C

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Kiowa Green Gate (Gabbie) female DOB 5/22/99

Sire: My Mr Bocephus and Dam: Mohican Green


Kiowa Green Gail female

Kiowa Green Gary male

Kiowa Green Girl female

Kiowa Green Goto male

Kiowa Green Gun female

LE 81407 RE 59G

Shanna Smith WI (MI)
Dear Ms Glory (Glory) female DOB 5/29/99
(NGA Owner: Trudy Neely)
Sire: Waubun Kid Zach and Dam: Catcha Dolly

Waubun Bucky male (adopted contact Penny)
Waubun Butch male
Dear Mr Spuds male
Waubun Mare Faye female

LE 81391 RE 59B

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Turtle Toast (Turk)

LE 81378 RE 59G

Gayle Shriver OR (OR, FL)
Husker Taylor (Taylor) male DOB 5/24/99
(NGA Owner: Gayle R Shriver)
Sire: Fortress and Dam: Circus Fleet

Husker Disco female
Husker Tanner male

Husker Ron male

Husker Flamenco female

Husker Bosa Nova female

Husker Hula female

Husker Chacha female

LE 81370 RE 59B

Lorie Broomhall FL

Tuxedo Junction (Pluto) male DOB 5/4/99

Sire: Tribute to Dad and Dam: M's Jumpin Judy

(NGA Owner: La Rosa Enterprises)

LE 81345 RE 59E
Jenn Aite Iowa, TX/MX (CA)
DK's On Line (Onix) male Whelped 5/22/99

Sire: Epic Prince and Dam: Invincible Star
(NGA Owner: D Mleynek or R Hardison)

Dk's Hollywood female 59G (adopted by Jenn)
Dk's Star Power female
Dk's Mad Dog male
Dk's Tuf E Nuff female
Dk's Flying Star female
Dk's El Nino male

Dks Star Fly male RE 59A

LE 81335 RE 59D

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Flying Overhard (Olivia) female DOB 5/1/99

Sire: Fmcs Wake Up and Dam: Flying Oriole

(NGA Owner: Flying Eagles Kennel)


Flying Overeasy female

Flying Poached female (adopted Quad Cities Rock Island IL)

Relaunched male

Flying Scrambled female

LE 81177 RE 59C

Vicky Wagner KS (St. Peters, MO)

Duke of Feathers male Whelped 5/16/99

(NGA Owner: James L Morgan)

Sire: Epic Prince and Dam: Champion

LE 81090

Michel Truhlik (Austin, TX)

Premier Cruiser (Harry) male DOB 5/2/99
Sire: Gable Cupid and Dam: Cebo Wild Rose
(NGA Owner: Premier Racing Kennel Inc)


Premier Hunter male

Pin Oak Cameron male

Premier Huggyboy male

LE 81056 RE 59I

Eric & Melissa Painter WI,CT (PA)

RTs Rascal (Rascal) female DOB 5/12/99

Sire: Molotov and Dam: RTs Sweetasgold

(NGA Owner: Russell Traphagan)


RTs Stinker (Ruby) female RE 59J WI,CT,FL (adopted by Eric & Melissa)

RTs Uno

RTs Spud

RTs Bear RE 59B (Jessie adopted by Abbey Zap FL)

RTs Tangles

RTs Impatient

RTs Doozey

RTs Spanky male (Ben adopted by the Emert family South Park, PA)

LE 81045 RE 59F

Mary Ann Dituro (FL)

Got To Be Real (Orley) male DOB 5/11/99

(NGA Owner: Amy E Birnbaum)

Sire: P's Raising Cain and Dam: EE's Speed Star


Main Feature female RE 59G

Main Star female RE 59A

LE 81036 RE

Linda Traylor (IN)
MPs Buster (Buster) male DOB 5/99
Sire: Kiowa Majority and Dam: Flying Airstream

Cherry female RE 59C (adopted by Marc & Jennifer Flenar)

MPs Jake male

LE 81034 RE 59A
Nina Howe AZ (Alberta)
D's Red Baron (Bear) male DOB 5/9/99
(NGA Owner: Ralph or Michael DePolo)
Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: Red Light
D's Red Ambers female
D's Red Wine female

LE 81029 RE 59E

Kathy Huelsemann WI (WI)
RJ's James (James) male DOB 5/10/99
(NGA Owner: Randy Schaben)
Sire: Cee Jay and Dam: Disco Dez

RJ's Fred male
RJ's Han female
RJ's Jen female
RJ's Jewel female

LE 81021 RE 59F

W Fred Shotwell Brood (PA)
Oneco Classical (Classi) female DOB 5/4/99
(NGA Owner: Patrick Begley)
Sire: Trojan Episode and Dam: Dalcash Vixen*


Oneco Blues male

Oneco HipHop male

Oneco Jazz female

Oneco Music female

Oneco Reggae male

LE 81003 RE 59E

Amy Nelson & Gary Kaschak FL (York, PA)

Rooftop Elmer (Nittany) male Whelped 5/6/99

Sire: Jack Carlton and Dam: JB Sally Wag

(NGA NGA Owners: Fay H Smith & James L Potter)


Rooftop Amos male

Rooftop Carl male

Rooftop Debbie female

Rooftop Draw male

Rooftop Fred male

Rooftop Gloria (Adopted)

Rooftop Helen female

Rooftop Irlene female

Rooftop Kate female

Rooftop Leroy male

LE 80997 RE 59G
Nancy Ort CT (Bellefonte, PA)
Luisa female DOB 5/3/99
Sire:  Mohagany Row and Dam: Eunice Burnett
(NGA Owner: Philip Pruet)


Isreal male

Clara female

LE 80967 RE

Jennifer ?

BD Dakota Boss male Whelped 5/1/99

Sire: Flying Train and Dam: Dakota Fantasy

(NGA Owner: Keith Biehle)


BD Dakota Lass female

LE 80926 RE 59A

Carol Strovers CO/Tijuana (CA/NM)
Buffalo Rain (Rufus Buffalo) male DOB 5/6/99
(NGA Owner: Weitner & Erwin)
Sire: BB's Indian Scout and Dam: Red Fox Rain

Tee Pee Rain male (adopted by Carol)

Samuel Rain male
Rain Fox female
Rain Scout female

LE 80923 RE 59A

Vicki & Roland Vanderperk FL (St. Augustine FL)

Bing A Ling (Bing) male DOB 5/10/99

Sire: By Tar and Dam: Bok Tower

(NGA Owner: Ronald G Beckner)


Pilgrim Rain male

Mayflower Rain female

LE 80909 RE 59F

Kerry Dangos KS (MS)
She B Tricky (Ali) female DOB 5/9/99
Sire: Dungaree and Dam: Fortunate Lee


He Be Mickey male RE 59C

He B Ching Ching male

He B Sporty male

She B Easy female

She B Elite female

LE 80902 RE 49E

Luellyn Leonard AL (MS)
Enuf Copper Top (Copper) male DOB 4/29/99
(NGA Owner: Thomas Mosley)
Sire: SMA's Boaz and Dam: Enufzenuf Drive


Alaqua Flair female

Alaqua Vanity female

Enuf Shytown Fox male

Zenuf Pegasus male

LE 80895 RE 59D
Rick & Fran Weaver CO
Nate DOB 5/99

LE 80880 RE 190B s/b 30B

Gloria Ford (Somerset County, NJ)
Barian's Bochino (Bambi) DOB 3/20/90

Sire: Hondo Barbarian and Dam: St Cuileen's Bell
(NGA Owner: Eileen or Sumner Siegel)

Barian's Afashia

LE 80878 RE 59F

Dana Peele FL (NC)
Last Dollar (Dollar) male DOB 4/21/99

(NGA Owner: Seastrom Kennels Inc)

Sire: Gofrit Al and Dam: Chance Cash


Last Cash Chance male

Tarnished Silver female

Scarred For Life female

LE 80843 RE 49E

Linda Lowrie FL (VA)
Runabunch (Cairo) male DOB 4/26/99
(NGA Owner: Linda & Kenneth Lowrie)
Sire: EJ' Douglas and Dam: Dory's Partydoll

Mindy Motormouth female

Brass Taxes female

Pads Ej Douglas male

Playing Politics male

Sure Of You male

LE 80842 RE 59A

Amy Price (MA)

Quiet Chaos male DOB 5/10/99

Sire: EJs Douglas and Dam: Mocan Sun


Darkside Stride male

Taz The Devil male

LE 80789 RE

Kate Shue WV (WV)
CJ's Angel Buns (Mike) male DOB 5/8/99
(NGA Owner: Shue/Bowman/Thompson)
Sire: Wigwam Wag and Dam: My Sweet Angel

Gotta B An Angel male RE 59A (Gabe adopted by Kate)
Sweetys Angel female (adopted)
Wags Angel female (currently brood matron)
Protect My Angel male (adopted Nova Scotia)

LE 80788 RE 59F

Suzan M Gieser
Twister Fran female DOB 3/99

Sire: Splishin Vallie and Dam: Hydro Fancy
(NGA Owner: Mary F Martin)

Twister Callie female
Twister Demi female
Twister Denver male (adopted?)
Twister Rocky male
Twister Splash male
Twister Vallie male

LE 80784 RE 59B

Annette Frattini NH (NJ)
Dear Mr Basil (Basil) male DOB 5/01/99
(NGA Owner: Trudy Neely)
Sire: Areomass and Dam: Flying Basil

Dear Mr Areo

Dear Mr Cyclone

Dear Mr Dynamo
Dear Mr Fireman

LE 80743 RE

Sue Silvester AZ (BC)
Coldwater Darwin (Darwin) male DOB 4/25/99
(NGA Owner: Oscar Henderson)
Sire: Santa Fe Rufus and Dam: Coldwater Nelda

Coldwater Carmen female

Coldwater Quirt male

Coldwater Icaro male

LE 80739 RE 59A

Jeanni (PA)

Namora (Kassidy) female

Sire: Tuffolo and Dam: Cloudy Gem


Maritza female

LE 80724 RE 59C

Sheryl Waldher CO (WA)

Kiowa Magic Pall (Nikki) female DOB 5/1/99

(NGA Owner: Smith Greyhounds Inc)

Sire: Flying Train and Dam: CTW Magic Genie


Kiowa Magic Pot female

Kiowa Magic Pam female

Kiowa Magic Pete male

Kiowa Magic Poo female

LE 80712 RE 49 B or G

Annie Swift FL (BC)
Bet The Max (River was Dale) male DOB 4/26/99
(NGA Owner: Randolf Tullous)
Sire: Heavy Z and Dam: Dewey She Cat

Hearts Delight female
Rascal Darla female
Vegas Nights male
Underwriter female

Rockys Title male

LE 80697 RE

Flo Rink (LA)
MPS Foxie Lady female

Sire: P's Raising Cain and Dam: MPS Pennyannie

(NGA Owner: Myrtle I Piper)
(Adopted by Chad Wellbrock, New Orleans)
MPS Manley male
MPS Raising Pay male

MPS Garth male

MPS Gift male

MPS Broadwaystar female

LE 80685 RE

Kim Coyle Iowa (MT)
Craigie E Hitec (Argus) male DOB 5/1/99
(NGA Owner: Steven A Boyd)
Sire: Evening Memory and Dam: Holiday Forecast*

Criagie E Hello female
Craigie E Holly female
Craigie E Hope female
Craigie E Hydro female

LE 80676 RE 59E

Lawren Jones CT (VA)
BJ Irish Bubba (Boogie) male DOB 5/2/99
(NGA Owner: James F Byrnes?)
Sire: Fortress* and Dam: Offside

BJ Darling L female

BJ Jimmy N Bill male

BJ Waki Nancy female

Nana's Danielle female

LE 80649 RE 49B

Beverly Ulp KS (PA)

Ale Homer Joe (Blaze) male DOB 4/14/99

Sire: Flying Callaway and Dam: Flying Merit

(NGA Owner: Sparkman & Ertl)


Ale Gramma Sis female

Ale Merit Award male

LE 80635 RE

Cryptic Creations WI (MN)
Indio Starr (Lil Joe) male DOB 11/89 DOD 8/01

Sire: Pecos Rodriquez and Dam: Indio Accent

(NGA Owner: John Creek or Edward Trow)
Indio Amigo male
Indio Bambi female
Indio Big Daddy male
Indio Blue Angel female
Indio Easy Blues male
Indio Red Rock male
Indio Sioux female
Indio Storm male
Indio Yellowstone male

LE 80635 RE 49E

Keri Tomsic FL (GA)
MaryLou Sox (MaryLou) female DOB 4/99
Sire: Simon Phoenix and Dam: Glenda Sox

(NGA Owner: Carl S Livingston)


Simon Sox male

Marshall Sox male

Geraldine Sox female

Sylvia Sox female

Carole Sox female

Boss Sox male

LE 80568 RE 49D

Tori Hess AL,TX,AZ (Oceanside CA)
Br Sayso (Sayso) female DOB 4/25/99
(NGA Owner: Gina Butler)
Sire: Later Gator and Dam: Gable Sunshine

Br Handy male
Br Harlyn male
Br Titan male
Memphis Miracle male

LE 80544 RE 49D

Donna Kuslo CO,AZ (Carlsbad CA)
System GD Allen (Abby) female DOB 4/20/99
(NGA Owner: Hermitage Kennels)
Sire: System Carl and Dam: System Gina Dan

System GD Dolby male
System GD Gina female (adopted Penny)
System GD Hector male
System GD Niles male

LE 80479 RE 49C
Barb & Dave Evans (London, ON)
Y Two K King (King) male Whelped 4/30/99
Sire: My Broadway Joe and Dam: Oklahoma Rose
(NGA Owner: Patti L Cobb)


Broadway Duster male

LE 80474 RE 49G

Christine Meister CT (PA)

Jimbo Zeppliin (Jett) male DOB 4/16/99

(NGA Owner: Harold Fisher)

Sire: Wigwam Wag and Dam: Honourable Pride


Jimbo Flight male

Jimbo Centex male (adopted Penny)

Jimbo Silk female

Jimbo Moth female

LE 80469 RE 30A

Jennifer Gomez (NY)

Roseys Tommy (Midnight) male DOB 3/14/90 DOD 5/6/02

Sire: Kelsos Hot Rod and Dam: Farleys Lady

(NGA Owner: Dick Andrews)


Dublins Rose female?

Alfreds Martini female

Farleys Hotrod male

LE 80465 RE 49C

Joan Hammer AR (AR)
BB's Whassup (Toby) male DOB 4/19/99
(NGA Owner: Bussmann Balakas LLC)
Sire: Loxahatchee Dash and Dam: Imokie Cher


Bbs Motorola male

Bbs Morebaileys female

Bbs Show Queen female

Bb SuperBowlRams male

LE 80458 RE 49C

Linda Hess AZ (Oceanside CA)
KK's Peaches (Peaches) female DOB 4/16/99
(NGA Owner: Kenneth E Or Kathleen Swetman)
Sire: WD's Santiago and Dam: KK's Gena

KK's Andrea female
KK's Big Blue male
KK's Dandy male
KK's Gerty female
KK's Jasmine female
KK's Molly female
KK's Sampson male

LE 8041 RE 81A

Brent & Judy (Judy Pfaff-Schlappy)?? (Montana)

Cavatelli (Cissie) female DOB 8/30/91

Sire: Standingapplause and Dam: Nettie Noodles


Macaroni male

Rigatoni male

LE 80403 RE

Robyn & David M-K (Iowa)
Blacks Andy? Male DOB 4/99

Sire: Black Streaker and Dam: Balidancer*

(NGA Owner: C Black or R Black)


Black Delhi female

Blacks Ross male

Blacks Sophie female

Daphne Dear female

LE 80401 RE 49E

Karen Landon (FL)
AC Entail (Goofy) female DOB 4/19/99
Sire: Flying Highball and Dam: Ann Check

(NGA Owner: Lawrence D Henry)


Ac Alpha male

Ac Beria female

Ac Dial female

Ac Foochow male

LE 80395 RE 49F

Rachael Roloff FL (Rockledge FL)

ICU Firestone (Fire) male DOB 4/1/99

(NGA Owner: Bradley J Scholtz)


Icu Fine Thing female

Icu Mountain Man male

Icu Darlin Dog female

LE 80364 RE

Erica Milyo FL (GA)
Cc Callenia (Cruz) male DOB 4/15/99
(NGA Owner: Lawrence Henry)
Sire: My Mr. Bocephus and Dam: Cee Carol

Cc Amour male
Cc Baron male
Cc Dissipate female
Cc Egyptian female
Cc Fire female
Cc Gamma female
Cc Hespurus female

LE 80343 RE 19F

Cathy Riopko FL (NC)
Valid Splash (Splash) female DOB 1/7/99
(NGA Owner: Team Greyhound)
Sire: Greys Fifth Gear and Dam: JR's Tendertarah

Valid Princess female
Valid Sail female RE 19B (adopted by Cathy Riopko)
Valid Sailor Mon male (Sailor adopted)
Valid Streaker female
Valid Warrior male

LE 80336 RE 49D

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Double D Fantasy (Rex)

Sire: Fifty Sev Chevy and Dam: Minaki Mask


Double D Classic male

Double D Moves female

LE 80327 RE 49F

Ellen Vukovich AZ?CA (CA)

Ole Face It (Sage) male DOB 4/7/99

(NGA Owner: Gregory S Wood)

Sire: Wigwam Hoss and Dam: Ole Bright Flame


Ole Bright Move female

Ole Black Foot male

Ole Risky Risk male

Ole Bright Light

Ole Roomfor More male

LE 80313 RE 49E

Vanessa & Ben Metzger NH (Durham Region, ON)

Hallo Escoba (Chyna) female Whelped 4/7/99

(NGA Owner: James E O'Donnell Jr)


Hallo Upset female

Hallo War Star female

LE 80309 RE

Valerie DeLisle FL (DE)
BB Sir Gary (Rusty) male DOB 1/14/99
(NGA Owner: W Lambert IV)
Sire: Task Haughty Do and Dam: Task Charley Gal

BB Queen Jordan female
BB Camelot Ladd male
BB Crown Royal female
BB Princess Kit female (adopted Jacksonville Beach)
Task Bye Charley female RE 19A (adopted by Barbara Abelhauser)
Task Chillfactor male

LE 80298 RE

Anne Greene

Flying Lynch (Lynch) male DOB 4/16/99

Sire: Flying Oak and Dam: Flying Moorea
(NGA Owner: Mary Mackey)

Flying Jaffray male
Flying Jenrette female
Flying Schwab male
Flying Witter male

LE 80280 RE 49E

Shari Keach KS (Alberta)
Kmax Lugwrench (Spike) male DOB 4/13/99
(NGA Owner: Robert M Lindahl)
Sire: Dutchman's Baron and Dam: Kmax Betty Lou


Kmax Chainsaw male

Kmax Holly Hitch female RE 49H (Peanut, Mary Anne & Gerald Marble WA)

Kmax Kandy Kane female

Kmax Pikes Peak male

Kmax Teri P female

LE 80270 RE 39B

Kim Kalinoski WI (IL)
Nimby Kathy (Maddison) female 3/18/99
Sire: Ronco and Dam: One Night Grace

Nimby Twyla female
Nimby Tanner male
Nimby Minnie female
Nimby Willie male

LE 80252 RE 49I

Janis Little FL (GA)
Maryville Red (Maryville) female DEOB 4/1/99
Sire: Molotov and Dam: Oh So Frisky

Emerald Arcanine female
Emerald Merlin female
Emerald Runaway female
Emerald Spitfire female
Maryville Joey male
Maryville Orla female RE 49H (adopted by Don Caldwell)
Maryville So male
Maryville Villa female

LE 80250 RE 30B & RE 30A

Cindy & Kerry Montgomery
Burmar Mariah (Mariah) female RE 30B DOB 3/2/90

Sire:  Sports Review and Dam:  Sunshine Silver Female


Burmar Greywolf (Wolfie) male RE 30A (adopted by Cindy & Kerry)

LE 80181 RE 39A
Lucy Rosenthal CT (NY)
Sparkplug Scott (Riley) male 3/12/99
(NGA Owner:
Sire: Chick's Racey and Dam: Facetious

Interceptor Irv male (adopted Plainsfield?)

Greenlight Greg male

LE 80173 RE 19E

Cheryl & Steve Cook (Canyon County CA)
Hemadethebet (Kali) female DOB 1/17/99

Sire: Harkin Banks and Dam: As Summer


Inthejockeyclub female RE 19D (Rosie Rose adopted by Pat Lynch & Ron Stolt Sun City CA)
Curious Georgett female
Dirk Diggler male
Youcalledmebabe female

LE 80163 RE 49A

George Papacomas WI (Toronto ON)

Texlan Red (Red) male DOB 4/13/99

Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Lz Miss Quick G


Notch male

Rancho Nice Guy male

LE 80157 RE 49B

Donna Logsdon WV (KY)
JNB Out Lawcash (Cash) female DOB 4/8/99
(NGA Owner: Lester S Raines)
Sire: Minaki Zeke and Dam: Olexa

Jnb O Magic Lady female
Jnb Ok Morgan female
JNB So Cleaver female
Jnb Osage Rocket male
Jnb Ok Zeke Go male
JNB O So Cleaver female
Jnb Our Delight femal

LE 80147 RE 39B
Nina Howe CO (Alberta)
Cold Cash Chris (Chris) male DOB 3/1/99  DOD 2/11/03
Sire: Flying Carefree and Dam: Jackie Joyner K
Carbon Paper male
Care To Fly male
Classy Chick female
Crossfire Frank male

LE 80145 RE 39D

Mary Anne & Gerald Marble (WA)
I Know Steph (Stephanie) female DOB 3/4/99

Sire: RC Prime Time and Dam: RC Dingy Diane


Disastrous RE 39L? (adopted by Brian & Andrea Stewart)

She Stays female RE 39B (Lucia adopted by Jamie & Katy Smith, LA, CA)

LE 80137 RE

Sherry Neiderhiser
Demon Daisy female Whelped 4/1/99

Sire: Fantastic Memory and Dam: Galina Lea

(NGA Owner: Jo Ann Dixon)

Hillary Lea female

Blanche Lea female

Buffy Lea female

Abigale Lea female

Cozy Charlie male

LE 80127 RE 49B
Betsy Appelbaum AZ (Paradise Valley, AZ)

SJ Bethany (Beth) female 4/5/99
(NGA Owner:
Sally Wynn)
Sire: WD's Bucharest and Dam: Buffie's Pet
Rennee Lee female
SJ Amelya female
SJ Evangeline female
SJ Fannie Mae female

LE 80112 RE 39G

Susan & Mike Smull WV, FL (PA)
MN's Pier Eleven (Bailey) male DO3/16/99

Sire: Evening Memory and Dam: MNs Trapped

(NGA Owner: Stavros Racing Inc)

MN's Bingo Diva female
MN's Body Shot mlae
MN's Night Dream female
MN's True Heart male

Mns Big Ed male

Mns Amigo male (adopted)

LE 80095 RE 86G

Wendy Sanderlin FL (FL)

???Dillon??? (Dylan) male DOB 8/96

LE 80079 RE 49K

Dan & Bonnie Winter WI (WA)
By's Shiloh (Shiloh) male DOB 4/6/99
(NGA Owner: Barbara Marie Yeats)
Sire: By's Jon Anthony and Dam: By's Suzzie Q

By's Sailor male
By's Savannah female
By's Shauna female
By's Sinbad male
By's Sunny female
By's Syrah female

LE 80053 RE 49A

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Klotsky (Max) DOB 4/1/99

Sire: Its A Lucky Deal and Dam: Garontee


Buffs R Great (Tiny) RE 49G Adopted

Buck Jones male

LE 80048 RE 39A

Gail Gustafson CT (NY)
Fortress Lea (Kimme) female DOB 3/31/99
Sire: Fortress and Dam: Rancho Kuanah

Lyra female
Medic male
Mescal male RE 39B (adopted ONT)
Mesdemoiselle female (Gigi adopted)

LE 80004 RE 20A
Kandi Norrell
Tula Sunrise? female DOB 2/90 DOD 1/31/03

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