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Searching The List

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Use the search box above to locate the page where your dog's information is stored by typing in the left ear tattoo number or racing name.

Go to the suggested page/pages and use your browser's find function to narrow down the search as follows:

Go to Edit (with your cursor), click on Find, and type in the LE tattoo number. LE 1111 NOT LE1111, remember to include a space between LE and the number. Then click Find Next, if that number is on the List it will come up, if it doesnít come up, your pup and his or her littermates have not been registered on this List.

Should you find your pupís number on the list but its name is not included among the littermates listed under that tattoo number, your pup may not have raced. If this is the case, the NGA may be able to help you. The LE tattoo number is the Litter number and is the link to your pupís past, the RE tattoo number indicates the month, year and order your pup was born or tattooed in.

Another way to search this List : You can type in the racing name of your pup, however, it has to be correct.  For ex., if his racing name was Imgonawin do not type in Iím Gona Win, you will not find a match.  You can type in the name of your pupís sire or dam; however, this can be very laborious if either have had a lot of litters.  You may notice, some folks have registered their pups without numbers for ex., LE  RE - this will not help you find littermates, as LE numbers are the window to your pupís past!

If you have any difficulties searching the List, please contact us at and we will help you through it.

Greyhound Littermates' List - Table of Contents

If the search box above did not give you any results, your dog's littermates may not be listed. If you want to search each page of the list just to make sure, or just wish to see all the dogs listed, click on a link below to start your search.

LE Name Search LE ZZZ - AAA LE 19999 - 00001 LE 29999 - 20000 LE 39999 - 30000 LE 49999 - 40000 LE 59999 - 50000 LE 69999 - 60000 LE 79999 - 70000 LE 89999 - 80000 LE 99999 -90000


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