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About the Littermates’ List

How It Started

This site is dedicated to finding long lost Littermates of our beloved retired racing Greyhounds. The List began in July 2001, while I was trying unsuccessfully to find out if our adopted Greyhound, MPS Gideon’s (pet name - Champion) Littermates were available for adoption. Since then, the List has grown to include 2000 families and over 9000 pups looking for Littermates. This List includes adoptive families living throughout the United States (from 46 States & DC) and Canada (from all 10 Provinces) Ireland, England, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands & Madagascar, with ex-racers from the US, Australia, Ireland, Spain & Great Britain

If you are looking for Sires & Dams we suggest you look at the site Kate Shue created which is entirely dedicated to finding Sires & Dams at


I would like to give a special thanks to the trainers and NGA Owners who have provided updates for me.  I am thrilled with how much you love your pups!! Also thanks to the Greyhound Tracks/Parks that promote adoption of retired Greys.

Goal of the Littermates’ List

To find and reunite Littermates and their adoptive families.  Since Greyhound Litters are raised together for at least the first 18 months and sometimes until retirement, it stands to reason they would not easily forget each other.  Unlike other breeds of dogs or cats who are only with their Littermates for the first 6 or 8 weeks of their lives.  We will not be including half sibs on this web site.  Although half sibs may share the same sire or dam, they are not littermates and therefore did not share any time together.  As of  May 2, 2007 almost 500 families have found Littermates since this site went on line May 18, 2002!!!

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July 18, 2007