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Greyhound Litterates List

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Littermates’ List

***First line of each entry represents Tattoo No.s of Left Ear (LE) & Right Ear (RE)

If LE #. is not available, please search by Dog’s Race Name

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fyi…  American and Australian dogs’ LE/RE Tattoos will be up to 5 numbers (0-9)

UK (Overseas) dogs’ LE/RE Tattoos will be letters (A-Z)



Kate Echeverria AZ (CO)
Ole Chipshot (Ole Chipshot) male DOB 6/3/96
(NGA Owner: Ben & Kate Echeverria)

Sire: Ole Chip Away and Dam: MT’S Rebecca


Ole Chucka Luck female

Ole Push Back male

Ole Sip Away female

Ole Starto Pass male

Ole Tear Away female

Ole Tex A Go male


Nancy Tanana NH (MA)
Jerry Springer (Jerry) male DOB 7/6/97

Sire: Evening Memory and Dam: Kacy Justice


Denises Girl

Denny Hackney male

Devin Hackney

King of Fools

Melissa Hackney

Rippin Good

Three Striker

LE RE 23

Annette Mattson WV (IL)
Cab's Peg Bundy (Scarlett) female DOB 2/93


June & Barrett & David A Walker

Ultra Silver (Cleopatra) female DOB 6/22/95

(NGA Owner: Craig Reynolds)

Sire: EF’s RZ Man and Dam: Contessa's Day


Blue Malibu male

Bookem Dan male


Dale NH (Toronto)

Go On Boop female DOB 3/19/95

Sire: Donnas Heart and Dam: Betty Boop Boop

(NGA Owner: Thomas Carey & Ronald Vieira)


Boston Brewer male

Edsel F male

Nervous Norma female

Chicky’s Canine male

LE   RE 47C

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Ripley Full Bore (Beau) male DOB 4/17/97

Sire: Blendway and Dam: Ripley Rachel LE 56059 RE 48A (adopted Jennifer)

(NGA Owner: Robert E Ruggles)


Ripley Flat Out (Precious) female RE 47B

Ripley Fiddle female

Ripley Rare Form female

Ripley Rite Move female

Ripley Rorshach male

Ripley Rosie O female

Ripley Tickle female

LE  RE 49F

Kellie Snider (TX)

Bravo ? (Bravo) female DOB 4/99

LE   RE 76A

Andy Man Can (Eliot) male DOB 7/11/96

Sire: Evening Memory and Dam: Nancy’s Star

(NGA Owner: Judith Moore or Karolyn Van Winkle)
Immy Emmy female
Oscar Award male

Shamus Amos male
Yuma Yancy female

LE   RE 37C

Jacqueline Snow-Dornhoefer (South Jersey)
Tb Seminole Moon (Pebbles) female DOB 3/26/97

(NGA Owner: Thurman Baird)

Sire: Tb Lakota Chief and Dam: Tb Racing Moon
Tb Seminole Hawk male
Tb Seminolechief male
Tb Seminolequeen female

Tb Seminole Fox male

Tb SeminoleBrave male


Cindy Evans

Katina (Megan) DOB 8/5/91

Sire: Vaporize and Dam: Finessed

LE   RE 13E

Lynne Welte AL
SG Rude Dude (Ruby) male DOB 1/17/93

(NGA Owner: Martha H Freeze)

Sire: Whelped To Win and Dam: SG Flying Bye
SG Cappucino female
SG Irish Mocha female
SG Master Blend male
SG My Buddy male
SG Sno Lady female
SG Swiss Mocha male
SG Tooties Boy male


Edward Stephans  (Warren, OH)
TW Samta  (Santa Fe) male Whelped 10/12/98

Sire: Santa Fe Rufus and Dam: Riever Doon


TW Lace female

TW Ribbon female

TW Rocky male

TW Suwanee male

LE   RE 106B

Mark & Barbara Draa (Pittsburgh PA)

Nodak Oscar (Oscar) male Whelped 10/15/96

(NGA Owner: Marvin Opp)

Sire: Fortress* and Dam: Nodak Breezy
Nodak Olivia female

LE   RE 97A

Crystal Zwart (CT)

Burmar’s Zodiac (Hewey) male DOB 9/29/97

Sire: Burmar Sundown and Dam: Field Flower

(NGA Owner: Joanell Egan Godick)


Chayse N Flite female

Nada Sleeper male

Tyco Rebounder male


Karen NH (Jacksonville FL)

Jon Bone Jovi (Handsome)


Janis Dorfeld (NY)

Sr's Norma (Harley Anne) female DOB 4/2/98

Sire: Halloween Spooky and Dam: Sr's Notary

LE    RE

Bill & Leigh DeBall AL (AL)
Meda’s Bayou Boy male DOB 5/1/90

Sire: Odd Spotliter and Dam: Incredulous

(NGA Owner: Meda Boyette)
Gary male
Desert Saudi female

LE    RE

Rachel Hopple FL (Tiffin OH)
High Definition (Boomer) male DOB 12/12/88

Sire: Flak's Tiger and Dam: Washington Whiz
Armbro Tiger male
Fast Contessa female
NY After Hours male
NY Icecapades male

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